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Lumia 650 officially goes on sale in the U.S and Canada at the Microsoft Store

The unlocked Lumia 650, running on Windows 10 Mobile is now officially on sale at the Microsoft Store in the U.S. and Canada. The phone is priced at just $199 (opens in new tab) in the US and $199 CAD (opens in new tab) in Canada.

The version on sale is only in the color black and only dual-SIM.

The Lumia 650 has a 5-inch 1280x720 display, along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 1.3GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. You can read our Lumia 650 review to learn more about the smartphone.

  • Nice phone for the price. Only one complaint so far. Battery is clearly worse than on the Lumia 640. Probably has a lot to do with Win10 and should/I hope gets better with Redstone.
  • Yes they have compromised on battery to make the phone thinner
    650 is the thinnest Lumia ever
  • How's the feel from the back when you hold it? 640 is pretty slippery.
  • Same exact feel.
  • After the build news I wonder how many will still want to buy a Lumia
  • Or a Windows 10 PC. They didn't even talk about new Windows 10 features or ziggzy gosh bang new animations and other fluff. It's almost like this was more about the developers, tools, and new features devs can use to write apps. Microsoft is so fail. No Lumia 950 Ultra., Pffft.
  • Ok, I am rephrasing, there was no development regarding the mobile part when it comes to corporations. The InTune solution lacks so many things on Windows Mobile.
    The company I work for cannot migrate to Windows mobile devices because their environment is subpar.
  • Since you're there on the ground, whats the mood of developers with regards to developing for W10M? Its easy to pick apart comments here but thats where the real impact could be so what are they saying?
  • I get the feeling Daniel is tired of the "WP is dead" comments. I didn't find Florin_Anghel's comment to be overly negative or snark provoking.
  • Well in Daniels defense.  W10M is not the center of focus for build. Really no single product other than developer tools are. We all want news about what we see as relevant and when we dont get it we get a bit whiney. We draw conclusions on speculation that really make nothing into some thing.  I agree there was no snarkyness or negative vibe from the Florin_Anghels comment. That being said Im not sure  how the release of the phone and its sales have anything to do with Build. The majority of consumers have no idea build exists or is even going on.   I dont know about Daniel but I for one am tired of speculation and conjecture becomeing a headline which is then accepted as fact.     
  • The internet is filled with folks of various opinions. The internet is not for those with thin skin. /snark
  • Microsoft explicitly stating that W10M is no longer a focus really was a disastrous thing to go and do.
    There are some things that are better left unsaid.
  • Yep, being complete and fully honest will leave you lonely.  Myerson lost his place during the keynote, just seemed off (maybe tired), and then worded his response horribly.  He should have said, "We have heard the call for more and better Windows phone applications.  This week is about getting with out developers, and showing them how to use Microsoft tools, and how to build great Windows 10 applications.  And, as part of the Windows 10 family, Windows 10 Mobile will be running those apps."
  • Lol
  • Yeah pffft.
  • Daniel, I understand what Build is. I thnk you are being a little harsh Florin. It seems to me that W10M is still not ready for your daily driver. The lack of news/"focus" about W10M OS  or Phones at Build leads me to think W10M and devices are on hold. Best to wait and see for another year. Yes, I wonder how many will still want to buy a Windows Phone right now. I am interested in a 650 only because I would like to try W10M. (My current devices are 512) I would be more interesed on a 650XL. I am in the wait and see camp. If my phone dies before MS gets some focus, I will then think about a new windows phone or something else. Untill then I am on the sidelines. (AutoDesk won't certify Windows 10 yet, so as an Autocad user am am on the desktop sidelines with Windows 8.1)
  • There's and Autodesk 360 app in the store right now built for windows 10 mobile. I have it downloaded on my 1520 running 14295 right now. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • You are correct. I understand it is a pretty good program. It is not full AutoCAD. It does not do what I need. I searched a little more on line and about half of the 2016 AutoCAD based products support W10. Civil 3D, which I use does not, so I am on the W10 sidelines. Civli 3D 2017 will probably support W10 when if comes out in a couple of weeks. I can then test  it and W10. Most Civil 3D users do  ot update until SP1 is released.
  • W10M devices are on hold? Someone tell HP, Acer, Coship and a host of others that news.
  • MS devices appear to be on hold. I do not think we will see any of the above devices before Redstone or the anniversery edition of W10. I will  consider them when  they become available. Having learned from history I will want them to do everthing I need at the time of release/purchase. I have hi hopes for the 950 and the 650, but do  ot know if we can count on even them being updted beyond Redstone. I do not think we can count third party manaufacturers for updates. I am on hold.
  • Wow, take a deep breath Dan. Regardless of what you want it to be, perception is reality. Build being for developers or not, throw the community a bone and get devs a little excited about the platform. The silence is saying volumes regardless of the conference focus. Given the state of WP, it's no wonder everyone is antsy. 
  • I know I'll be running my L920 straight to the ground on my way to Android. Mobile Phone market/platform isn't a top priority for the folks at Redmond. I'll put my hard earned cash where Mobile is at the forefront. Someday I hope to sail back on this side of the ocean. I could also wait until this go for around $140.
  • The 920 is still an amazing phone...even after all these years. That in itself is amazing.
  • Well I made the move (after being with WP since WP7) not because I don't like the OS, its that the App/Eco envirnoment is non existent.  I'm taking a two year break to see if they get their act together.  I went to Andriod Sony Experia Z3 Plus or $350, Snagdragon 810, thin and light, excellent camera and Unlocked.  I loaded up all the MS apps, which by the way work better on Andriod that their own platform (go figure) and I'm good to go.  Good luck
  • Impressive, I see a lot of former Windows Mobile users switching platforms, maybe this is a clue of what will happen in the next months. 
  • Me
  • It was the news I needed to buy, TBH (that MSFT doesn't have some new hardware immediately on the horizon.) I'm shopping for one today.
  • I'm questioning the accuracy of the tech specs page. For example, it says: "Front camera video resolution: 720p (HD, 1920 x 1080)" WCDMA/3G band support for US carriers is extremely limited, and seems to only work with AT&T in areas where they're using band 5. It also doesn't list any LTE bands. I'm assuming it's pretty bad. GSM support is standard.
  • This leaves me to wonder if the connectivity specs are correct or not because wtf if they are. Why would I spend $200 for a phone that I can't even get LTE on? That's the defintion of a fool. Especially if you can get another phone (lets include used here) that will get LTE.
  • Was wondering the same.  You can get a 1520 for about $150 right now.
  • ^ This. The 650 was the phone I was seriously considering until I saw the band specs. Seems to be missing a lot of TMoUS bands.
  • Aside from the metal body, it's still pretty comparable to the Lumia 640 (which is dirt cheap), right?
  • I bought a L640 for my wife for Christmas and put W10M on it before she even saw it. Works well, and supports a huge range of GSM bands. At least all TMoUS bands are supported. Thought about getting a L640 for myself. Good phone, but my understanding is that it will not get Redstone. The L650 will be getting Redstone.
  • Where did you see that 640 wasnt getting Redstone? I thought it was on the list
  • Runs great on mine! Windows Central App
    Alcatel Fierce XL (Redstone)
  • My mistake: L640 is apparently still on the list for Redstone.
  • You mean 2,4 and 12? Like...all of them. Windows Central App
    Alcatel Fierce XL (Redstone)
  • What they have listed are the specs for the single-sim. If you search for the specs for the dual-sim it shows a list of LTE bands that are supported, plus AWS bands for 3G for us T-Mobile users. I wonder why the discrepancy though. Seems strange to me.    
  • Oh there we go. Now it looks better. No band 12 LTE which could take a hit on some T-Mo and AT&T users in some areas. And no band 17 support. Definitely not the most US-friendly of devices.
  • Yep, this is a fail considering that even the 550 has Band 12! Welp, I considered buying this to play with it, but I'm done buying phones without band 12. (Not just for WP, but in general). The fact that it doesn't even have band 17 too is a double fail.
  • Yeah, I only bought one for international travel. I have a single-sim L950 for a daily driver. I spend 3-4 months every year outside the US and the dual-sim comes in handy especially with T-Mobile and their free unlimited international roaming.
  • The question is since you apparently have both a 650 and a T-Mobile Sim does it work on TmoUS? Windows Central App
    Alcatel Fierce XL (Redstone)
  • I'll have to reply once it arrives in the mail. I preordered a while back and just got a shipping notification this morning.
  • I'll be looking forward to your reply. It's really disappointing about Band 12. I was waiting for this phone for some months now, kind of glad I quit waiting beforehand. Band 12 has made a huge difference in my area.
  • Huh didn't tmo add hspa pcs bands a few years ago? I even tried my pcs spec. dvp on it
  • Yeah, but it's not everywhere.
  • I've been trying to get a straight answer for this for a month. Microsoft says " Check with your Carrier" T-Mobile doesn't have any information, they say "Ask Microsoft" If you look at the specs for the 640 and 950's they both have extensive LTE connectively. What happened?! Windows Central App
    for Redstone
  • My guess: Microsoft decided the L650 is for "business" and decided no business does business with TMoUS, and so decided to save a little pocket change per phone on frequency testing and licensing.
  • I don't think you'll see a Lumia on display at a T-Mobile Store anytime soon. But not having the right Bands for one of the two major GSM carriers kinda defeats the purpose of getting an unlocked phone. Anyway I'm beginning to believe T-Mobile is going with another OEM for Windows Mobile. Enter Alcatel. Windows Central App
    Alcatel Fierce XL (Redstone)
  • Just order mine last week. Order has been shipped today via UPS. I'm curious if it's work well on Videotron Mobile, the spec says yes but if it's like my old 635 which has problem with LTE connection. For 200$ it's a deal. I paid the 635 this price in august 2014 and has 8 gig, no flash, 512 mb of ram and no front camera.
  • Did they win a bloc of 700?
  • I like it!
  • in Poland it costs 999 ZŁ (268$ USD).... just lol
  • Because Poland is an expensive country :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Was seriously thinking of placing an order for one as my 1020 is getting on in years and is a little beat up. I mean the price is good.
    Then I took a look on the Windows Central Store site for a case and couldn't find any, or even a listing for the Lumina 650. Guess it's too new. So I guess I'll wait. Because without a case I'd probably break it within a week.
  • You actually shop on the Windows Central store?! Amazon and Ebay have plenty of choice for you.
  • It's probably to support the site.
  • Same situation as you, my 1020 is a little too old for me now. But I think a 640 would be a better bet. $30 vs $199
  • Lol its because most accessories manufacturers bailed on our ecosystem because of MS ditching carriers
  • What carriers is this available on in the U.S.?
  • Rumor: Cricket. - Might work on: AT&T,- SOoL: Verizon, Sprint and apparently T-Mobile (Based on the LTE Bands in the Specs) Windows Central App
    Alcatel Fierce XL (Redstone)
  • No.
  • I dont see this being a better buy than the 640... Think I'll stay where I am
  • Waiting until it's carrier locked and at an enormous discount. 640 for eighty bucks last year, no regrets for the price. $200 is a bit much for this, even unlocked. Windows Phone is a discount brand now, no point in paying top dollar.
  • Agreed. Just got the 640 for $30 US. Had AT&Terrible unlock it. Nice phone. Sent from Windows 386
  • What is AT&Terrible?
  • His juvenile name for AT&T.
  • Also referee to in some circles as "Dumber" Windows Central App
    Alcatel Fierce XL (Redstone)
  • $199.00?
  • In the US, probably not as you can get a 640 dirt cheap.  In the rest of the world, where the 640's price is much higher (or unavailable), probably yes.
  • why is it there's no single sim variant for the lumia 650? and color choices? :( Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • or maybe it will come later :| Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • It would be laughable to think it could work on Verizon right?
  • Yep! Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • Extremely Windows Central App
    for Redstone
  • I'll post y the same at question here that I posted on twitter to both Terry Myerson and Satya. How is this a business phone with an under powered processor, inadequate storage/memory, and s screen that's too small? I'm an it manager/network administrator and need a phone with better specs and lager screen. Believe it or not, I have had to rdp using my cell and this little phone just won't cut it! I've also had to modify spreadsheets on my phone which did one fails at miserably. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • Not your type of use case their after I guess. Hell friend of my parents got a s40 kb device from their work
  • I think I will wait for the HP Elite. Sent from Windows 386
  • Looks like HP night support their device unlike any other WP OEM including Microsoft these days! The HP Elite X3 is the only intriguing WP that peeks my interest. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • For that price you could buy a couple of nice 640s which run 8.1.
  • That only run on AT&T
  • I bought 2 and unlocked them. In not using them on att
  • Unless you unlock it
  • Tonight I'm purchasing a smartphone, after a lot of research I finished with 2 choices Sony M4 Aqua (Snapdragon 615, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, water resistant, ANT+ support, 13MP camera) or the Lumia 650. Both cost the same price.  After I discussed with my wife she told me not to purchase the Lumia 650 since she has a bad impression that the Windows 10 Mobile is buggy and dles not run most apps that Android has.  So time is now, I'm switching platforms tonight.
  • picked up the 640 for $30.00 at Walmart. Don't see a reason to buy the 650 for $200 when it doesn't offer an upgrade from that.
  • You're switching from windows and you had no idea how w10m is. And you are on this site and you still had no idea how w10m is. Then you decided to switch because your wife said so, and she told you that windows don't have apps as much as android do. And the fact that your wife had to tell you windows doesn't have much apps, and you are on this site acting all clueless. I doubt you even had a windows phone before. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I had a Lumia 625 but it was stolen 10 months ago, I installed WP10 preview but my phone credit was lost so I rolled back to 8.1.  Looks like Lumia 625 was never a good choice since it had 512MB of RAM.  I still consider myself a fan of Microsoft and Windows ecosystem, but not for mobile, not until I see more iOS apps are available using iOS bridge, maybe in 2017, maybe later or maybe never if Windows Phone dies and Microsoft purchases Cyanogenmod and customizes it to use a Windows app store to sell Android apps.  
  • Seeing that Sony for $200, I assume you're seeing it on Amazon, as I saw it too. Looks interesting. They also have for $200 the HTC Desire Eye, which is almost as good as the M8. I wouldn't bother with the 650 at that price, though I wouldn't mind having one someday for under $100, which will happen should the phone ever be released on a carrier in the USA. 10 seems to be a buggy mess still, but is improving weekly, from what I see on here, but why pay full price for what is basically a beta OS... American WPs don't hold their value at all...see how cheap 950s are relative to their MSRPs on eBay.
  • Thanks for the reply, you look like a smart customer as I consider myself also . Sorry for bad english, it is not my native language.
  • Your English is quite good, everything stated clearly. Can't go wrong with that Sony based on compared specs.
  • Why would we support Microsoft by buying something that they admitted yesterday to not supporting?  
  • I'll get it when/if it comes to GoPhone. I'll even pay as much as $129 for it. Not more. I'm happy with my 640 so for once i feel like it's a buyers market.
  • I am 94.7% sure that the 4G LTE bands listed for the USA version of the Lumia 650 are incorrect. At a minimum, it has as many 4G LTE bands as the cheaper Lumia 550 and 640. The $30 price of the Lumia 640 made it easy to buy several so I could compare Windows 8.1 with Windows 10. As of April 1, Windows 8.1 runs more smoothly and some apps, such as TuneIn Radio, refuse to run properly on Windows 10. I am hoping that by Black Friday or by Christmas Windows 10 will jave irs bugs cleaned up and the Lumia 650 will be selling for about $100. Until then, the 640 will be my phone.
  • What they have listed are the specs for the single-sim. If you search for the specs for the dual-sim it shows a list of LTE bands that are supported, plus AWS bands for 3G for us T-Mobile users. I wonder why the discrepancy though. Seems strange to me.  
  • Knowing MS they already stopped manufacturing it so by bf it'll already be gone
  • Coming soon down under the price tag just under $400! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Want this phone. But not for $200 when the 640 is $30. I can wait. But eventually I will have one!
  • 650 has a much better display than the 640. Also much lighter. 640 is a brick. Has a last year vibe to it.
  • Americans should buy this if they are in Canada on vacation or visitng. Works out to $140USD with the exchange.    
  • Against all odds, Lumia 650 finally arrives in US! Only problem, it lacks Continuum. So if this is the last Lumia, Microsoft should have bumped the processor to S610 so that it could have supported Continuum. It would have been a nice farewell to a device that singlehandedly carried the weight of Windows phones.
  • Hopefully it becomes dirt cheap quickly so I can scoop one for 30 dollars #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • Just ordered this for someone still holding hope for Windows Mobile in our family.
  • OUCH! just baught it in Canada, Québec and i noticed that.... None of the frequencies are supported by Vidéotron! What a Bulls***! I Will have to return it as soon as i get it because apparently when you buy as a guest you can't cancel an order!