Lumia 800 Windows Phone selling well in Canadian Walmarts

We've got some feel good news for the Monday morning with a Walmart employee revealing that the Lumia 800 on TELUS is selling well. The employee explained that the store only stocked Android handsets with the iPhone on the side for the past number of months. It would certainly be refreshing to see the award winning polycarbonate design and unique Windows Phone operating system arrive in stock.

As one can see from the photo, the Lumia 800 is available with TELUS for just $23.83 on a three-year contract, which is cheaper than going to the carrier directly. It's a good sign to see an employee of a retail chain to openly state that indicators point to Windows Phones selling well, and even the salesstaff who are selling the handsets are impressed.

Thanks Aaron for the tip and photo!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Great! I can't wait to see how the 900 does here in the US. Does anybody know how long it will take until we here some feedback on 900 sales?
  • This article is confusing. Is the phone currently in stock at Canadian Walmarts, or not? The article initially gives the impression that the 800 is selling well in stores, then goes on to say that it would be nice to see it in stock.
  • Its selling well at Canadian WalMarts, can't you read?
  • Oh, I can read just fine. You, on the other hand, can't. After the initial comment on the phone selling well, he said that "it would certainly be refreshing" to see it arrive in stock. Also, the photo that goes along with the story shows what looks to be an in store display for the 800. So, once again, I was asking if the phone is in stock, or not, because the things I just pointed out seem to contradict one another. It would be great if someone who isn't an asshole or a jackass would let me know if I'm the only one who finds the article contradictory, or not. Thanks!
  • I think the article's wording is a  bit ambiguous, but that it is offering up an opinion of how refreshing it must have been for customers who frequent Walmart to see something new stocking the shelves where previously only Android and iPhones were featured.  It's probably intended to be a partial explanation as to why they are selling well at Walmart.
  • So it's a tip from WalMart employee? Unless they release numbers its just speculation.
  • Every German sales rep I've asked said that the Lumia is selling badly :(
    Several even said people think WP7 is confusing - WTF was ny only reaction...
  • If anyone says WP is confusing they automatically lose credibility. Also when you look at the mobile IPStats by country, Germany has the 2nd highest % WP usage after Finland.
  • I was going say the same thing - WP7 seems to be doing well in Germany.
  • Though you need to remember where Nokia is coming from.
    Nokia dominated and is still the largest manufacturer in Europe. So ok WP sales with 3% marketshare might not be taken as one when Nokia is used to sell +20 million smartphones every quarter and central European countries used to be the biggest market for Nokia.
  • That 2% is nothing when you are used to have 60% of the market.
    Also if you check Vodafone or T-Mobe german sites. You are hard pressed to find Lumias there. That if anything tells it all.
  • Hi all, I'm in Calgary and will confirm with the sales staff if the device is selling well or not...I'll report back shortly.
  • Hi all,
    As a follow up I took a quick trip down to my local Walmart here in Calgary (Shawnessey) Canada and here are my learning's: Marketing presence-
    As I walked up to the electronics section and before I approached a salesperson I did a thorough review and didnt see a marketing presence. Meaning no Nokia signage and no Nokia/windows display case to be found. Physical phone presence-
    After approaching a salesperson and inquiring about the Lumia 800 the salesperson said they do have the Lumia, however, its behind the counter. He handed me a Lumia box and after opening the box I was surprised to see the phone was still wrapped in plastic. Which tells me that none of the sales team has taken the phone out and has even turned it on to play with it or learn how it works. Sales knowledge- The sales team had 0 knowledge about the phone. One guy said he thinks he saw the phone in a review one time. They stated they have not sold even one Lumia phone...gee I wonder why!
  • Morons... Why does people like that work with gadgets...
  • It is Walmart - Not exactly a place you go for tech.
    If it was at Best Buy or an actual electronics store, that would be a different story.