Nokia Lumia 820 coming to Mexican carrier Telcel

The only way the Windows Phone ecosystem can really grow is if there are handsets available to consumers in every market around the globe. So it’s a good thing that Guerrero Mobile, a distributor for Mexican telecommunications company Telcel, announced they will soon be carrying the Nokia Lumia 820.

Won’t fib, I mostly coasted through Spanish in High School with the help of the translation engines from Bing and Google. That said, I have an idea of the cost and when you can get your hands on the Lumia 820 south of the border and for those who are more fluent in Spanish, feel free to correct me below.


If my High School education is right, the Lumia 820 can be yours for 3969 pesos ($310) on a 24 month rental plan with 700 minutes. Which would make it about $13 a month. Did I get that all right? Feel free to correct me below.

In other news on the Mexican front, the Nokia website for Mexico also shows the Nokia Lumia 620 being available, but no word on when, how much or which carrier is involved.

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Sam Sabri