Nokia Lumia 820 coming to Mexican carrier Telcel

The only way the Windows Phone ecosystem can really grow is if there are handsets available to consumers in every market around the globe. So it’s a good thing that Guerrero Mobile, a distributor for Mexican telecommunications company Telcel, announced they will soon be carrying the Nokia Lumia 820.

Won’t fib, I mostly coasted through Spanish in High School with the help of the translation engines from Bing and Google. That said, I have an idea of the cost and when you can get your hands on the Lumia 820 south of the border and for those who are more fluent in Spanish, feel free to correct me below.


If my High School education is right, the Lumia 820 can be yours for 3969 pesos ($310) on a 24 month rental plan with 700 minutes. Which would make it about $13 a month. Did I get that all right? Feel free to correct me below.

In other news on the Mexican front, the Nokia website for Mexico also shows the Nokia Lumia 620 being available, but no word on when, how much or which carrier is involved.

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Sam Sabri
  • Not bad Sam. Yes that's the price of the phone on a two year plan.
  • Smartphones and tablets in México usually are incredibly more expensive than in the US for example. Sometimes, when you want to get a smartphone like the 820 you'd need to pay the 3969 pesos to be get to contract the plan and after that you'll be asked to pay a monthly fee.
    I got a Lumia 710 around May 2012 for 4400 pesos (345USD) out of contract.
  • They are expensive because there's no competition. No wonder Carlos Slim is the richest man on Earth. He rips off his own people...
  • There is but ... the quality is almost the same so there not much to do about that...
  • The total price is $3969 pesos in one pay + $659 pesos every month during 24 months. The rental plan includes 700 minutes, 150 SMS, 600 MB + 250 minutes from Telcel to Telcel.
  • Sorry for my english, I'm from México.
  • Excellent English, understood every phrase and sentence.
  • ^^
    This! Even better than many English speakers here on WPCentral. :)
  • We respect you. Its good. I'm really looking forward for this phone.
  • Cellphones are expensive in Mexico. I bought my Lumia 800 for about $650 dlls back when AT&T was selling the Lumia 900 for $450 dlls.
  • Nokia should get their lower prices handsets to Mexico if they haven't already.
  • I believe they have the 505 already
  • Yes, but the 505 is kind of a crappy smartphone really. It has almost no storage and most apps crash because of the low memory. They should've just skipped it and launched the Lumia 620 instead.
  • I believe they have the 505 already
  • Nokia Lumia 505 is already selling in Mexico and is Exclusive to Telcel. It's also been sold in Columbia.
  • Boy that Lumia 820 looks good lying on a pile of Mexican leaves.
  • Its a 820
  • He said that...
  • A 920?
  • The guy said that the 820 looks good on leaves and the other guy said it was a 820. I think the other guy thought he said it was a 920.
  • Sometimes i don't understand why is so expensive sometimes , especially when there is more 100 millions of cellphone users here in Mexico  but anyway i'm gonna have to wait a little bit longer until the price is right that is too expensive especially pay a plan that cost around 700 pesos every single month =(.
  • You almost get it right.:) As you said, $310 dlls to get the phone with a 24 months contract, But... Paying $659 pesos a month, that means $50 bucks every month. Pretty expensive, don't you think? And you don't even get unlimited internet. 700 minute, 150 SMS and 700 mb
  • I went to Mexico last week, I'm going once a month and every time saw a lot of high end androids and iphones for sale on every carrier, but expensive, galaxy sIII or iphone5 for $11500 pesos ($920 dlls)
    and 4G LTE network is also available.
    why not the Lumia 920 or the htc 8x?
  • The cartels need there cut too...jk
  • Mexico is one of the fastest growing Windows market. It seems like Nokia have a good relationship with America Movil (Telcel parent) that they made an exclusive phone for them (Lumia 505). Nokia should rollout all of those Windows phones in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries (and Brazil) at the earliest to build market share.
  • Especially is because Nokia is a realiable brand so a lot of people like them for that and their smarthphones are cheaper and good quality most of the times =P.
  • Yeah, even here in Costa Rica's Claro (America movil) Nokia gave them in exclusive the 720, but at this moment there's no sign of any new lumia....
    Either way, I'm still in contract with Movistar for the 800 :/
  • No way, I'm also from CR and asked ICE whether they will be carrying "any" WP8, the representative told me MS is only producing W8 products...imagine that! so there's hope Movistar will bring them anytime during this year... I rock a Focus S, but with no signs of ATIV S coming America side there will be a Nokia for me and my wife next...
  • Y claro? No traera celulares WP8 estoy esperando el lumia 920 desde que salio el año pasado
  • Si van a llegar, pronto excepto en el ice, aunque siempre pueden comprarlo fuera del ice porque vendrán mas que todo en bandas de ICE/Movistar
  • Los del ICE nunca saben nada :P anyway, van a salir pronto... Ah y Pura vida mae? :D
  • I didn't expect it to be that expensive. It's not a bad phone, but we're talking about signing up for paying around US$300 for the phone, plus $50 each month for two years. Now I don't even want to know the asking price for the 920. (u_u)
  • Would be nice if you correct that $13 a month. Memopoblete and CronGM writes the real deal. I'm Mexican and knows very well Telcel
  • You got it wrong. As a lot of ppl say, you need to pay this:
    $310 equals $13 at month just for the device plus +
    $50 every month for 700 minutes, 150 SMS and 700MB
    At the end you have to pay more or less $63 every month. Or you can pay those $310 when you start the contract and you "just" have to pay $50 every month for 24 months.
    Do your maths, is high so expensive.
  • It's weird that Nokia website for Mexico shows the Lumia 620 being available, rather than the 820. I think they removed the "Soon" tag to the wrong one.
  • That's the one I'm waiting for. I'm already due for an upgrade, so I think I'll get the 620 as longs as it's free or really cheap. Although I think I read somewhere that the 620 is coming to Movistar? Hope Telcel gets it as well. Flagship phones are extremely expensive even on contract.
    **Sorry for my bad english. I'm from Mexico too**
  • And wait for the price of the 920. My thoughts are: $600 cash, plus $60 monthly for 24 months...
  • LOL You probably got it right
  • IF we ever get the 920, f*** Telcel or Nokia, whoever's responsible lol.
  • I'm Mexican. The price is too expensive for a phone that is not a a flagship. The 820 will be selling here for almost the same as the SGIII and the iPhone 5.
    As others have said, paying almost USD $55 a month for the Telcel 700 plan after adding USD $310 USD as the upfront payment is too much. This phone should sell here for USD $200 if they want to be competitive. Nokia should take this seriously if they want to make a dent in the Mexican market Windows Phone in Mexico.
    Telcel is known for managing their prices as they want, there's no standard pricing for phones like other countries. Example: you can go today and pay USD $200 for a phone only to return next week and see they are offering it at half the price.
    I ordered an HTC 8X as soon as they came out because I had no hopes of it making its way here fast enough. I'm paying USD $28 for 475 minutes, 75-100 SMS and 300MB, which is the best bang-for-your-buck data plan as of now. The better way to have a flagship phone is to buy it somewhere else and then buy a plan that fits your needs. You can also take one of the free phones that they give you with a plan and sell it (USD $400-450 phones) to recoup some of the money you spend on a high end phone.
    I'm wondering how much they will ask for the Lumia 920 and the 8X when they become available
  • Are there cellphone stores in Mexico where you can buy phones unlocked? Or can you not order these phones unlocked in online stores?
  • I'm no Mexican but costarrican, but I've been in Mexico city and there are a lot of stores... Expensive ones, but they exists.... Just the same here in CRC
  • Yes there are ways to get a unlocked phone online that is where a lot of people get their phones , but sometimes is hard to get it cheap ....
  • Absolutely agree. You're on Telcel 300, right? Me too. I'm also thinking about getting one of the free phones when they come out. Probably the 620 or the 8S. If it works well, I'll keep it, otherwise I'll just give it to my girlfriend (she won't mind it's not a flagship) and buy an unlocked one in the US.
  • It is also the first Windows Phone officially offered in Paraguay by Personal
    It is 12x 30 USD plus 37,86 USD in a 18 month contract.
    Glad to finally see a Windows Phone here
  • Question: Anyone who knows the answer can jump in here... Are these phones so expensive because of mandatory tariffs or import taxes? Some countries customs have agents that demand extra cash on top of the import fees, and there's little to do about it. They won't release your merchandise if u don't pay up. Is that what's going on here? If so, they have to charge more to make up for import fees...
  • It's like that here in Costa Rica. I don't know Mexico it should be the same... Sometimes we pay 50%+ just in taxes
  • That's sad...Are those fees off the record, like you have to pay in cash?
  • Probably is because is not like the in the US that the carrier subsidize part of the phone so i can be cheaper , but not in Mexico and you add the import fees so that why is probably that expensive get a good smarthphone around here.
  • Nah, most companies import under the NAFTA rules, so most of the times there's no duty or tariff at all. Some are even manufactured in Mexico. I believe that's the case for Nokia.
    The problem here, if you ask me, is that mexican (and latin american in general) companies just love to make a quick buck. They are extremely greedy and people will just complain but buy anyway, so why bother to offer lower prices.
  • the last december, i bought my 820 in the US and the import duty was around $1000 MXN. The devices cost me around $6000 MXN. The total I paid was  $7000 MXN and i can bid telcel will offer the 820 higher than that out of contract. And no matter if you paid a lot of money for a off contract device, you can't be able to use LTE because you need it in order to access to LTE service.
  • I glanced at the headline quickly and read "Windows Phone coming to Mexican Cartel", I was thinking MS was looking ANYWHERE for sponsors!
  • I know this is a little off-topic, but Lumia 920, 820 and 620 are already available in Dominican Republic from Orange Dominicana. The Lumia 620 is 10,000 DOP (250 USD) off-contract. Is a very nice deal
  • Wow really? Nice to see DR with some Windows Phone!! are a lot of people buying? I hear the Iphone is whats in now, and ofcourse were obsessed with Blackberrys :p
  • $50 montly plan + $13 (phone) equals to $63 a month for 2 years = $1512 <--- Expensive!
    probably is not so bad for a high end device on unlimited data plan, but this is for a non high end device on a montly plan of 700 minutes, 150 SMS and 700MB.
  • Well it's good enough and probably you will not use the 3g too often 'cause the speed just sucks XD, most of the people prefer to use the wi-fi than the 3g 'cause if you are lucky you will get 1.5 megabyte on the 3g conections and that's all...
  • Well I find it a little bit expensive, specially for those like me that don't like those plans. I wonder how much will the Lumia 920 will cost... I'd rather get it unlocked from the US I guess.
  • Hello Sam Sabri... Could be great if WP Central make a section for latin american users, we don't have too many posibilities to know about WP products. Here in Costa Rica everybody talks about android and IOS only... We have a great market and we can help WP growing.
  • Just to clarify the ~3900 pesos are to be paid to get the equipment, and the plan 700 plus it's ~50/month which includes 700min 600mb and some other things
  • I got mine for 3,700 (aprox) on Internet Ilimitado 2 (103 minutes) ... with a 18 month contract...