Lumia 920, 820 launching in India next week

The Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 Windows Phones are slated for a mid-January launch, confirmed by a live chat session with a Nokia Care representative. January 11th was the date provided in the chat window, which solidifies the information handed out previously. It was said Lumia Windows Phone hardware would be heading to the market early 2012.

Now solid dates are out in the open, consumers will be able to look forward to being able to purchase the Lumia 920 and 820 shortly, with the rest of the family following after. We've seen the flagship Windows Phone from Nokia suffer from shortages in multiple markets, so it'll be interesting to see how the company tackles India.

Lumia Live Chat

As well as the main Lumia hardware, Nokia has also kicked off marketing for the Lumia 510 with the 'Trendify' promotion campaign. This has seen a video being published that shows off the social features of the Windows Phone with a number of hand kissing. An effective way of building brand awareness in India, we're sure.

Source: Mobigyaan; thanks, Amol, for the tip!

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  • I just hope they are able to meet their demands.
  • They have already started TV ads on some Indian channels. I just saw it a couple of times on the music channel MTunes.
  • Cool!
  • That hand kissing is hawt!
  • Are you serious?
  • You forgot to add the /s ?
  • Netherlands as well, finally.
  • Nokia, no love for Brazil.
  • Just got my Lumia 920, white. Love it. It is really a work of art.
    Any suggestion on how I can transfer music from iTunes to Lumia? Thanks!
  • Try this link:
    I am not sure if you are using Mac or Windows but this should be a good place to start. I would search the forums if you are having issues. Good luck!
  • I use Windows.
    I will give it a try. Thank you.
  • I just got my black one and can't put it down.
  • I use a black one as well and it is absolutely amazing
  • This is huge news. I hope Nokia did not have enough handsets to satisfy demand because they were stockpiling for India and China. Middle class in both nations is strong and growing. And I hope they can increase capacity to attack Brazil as well.
  • With Godspeed.
  • Nokia is HUGE in India. Hope the 920, 820 and 620 can penetrate the market. Will be a boost for WP8.
  • They like yellow down there: I hope they have at least 10 yellow 920's ready for launch (that's twice as many as for the US launch).
  • NO WAY!! that's too much for Lumia 920 stock! impossible!
  • I inquired with Nokia priority dealers here in India..and they assured that 920 will launch on 11th in three colors..white,red and yellow. would be available only to those who have preordered it..and they couldn't give an exact price, there are still inventory issues from Nokia's end.
  • There sure are. My friend have been waiting for his Lumia 920 for 2 weeks already and i waited for my Lumia 920 for  2 weeks. 
    Adding India and other markets are not going to help this. 
  • In India its unlocked and in store only unlike US, so people will buy it if they find it.
  • I hope we will get definite release dates as well here in Manila. There were rumors that that the 920s and the 820s will be released on the 13th but no official announcements yet from Nokia Philippines :(
  • It will not be on 13th. Probably the week after.
  • Local blogs suggest a 13th January release. But since Nokia store reps still have no idea of the exact release dates when asked, it'll probably be pushed back to the third or even last week of the month. (and I still haven't noticed any Lumia 920/820 ads in local TV)
  • UGHHH I'M SO CLOSE TO NOT BUYING THE LUMIA 920 ANYMORE.... LIKE ALMOST ALL OF MY FRIENDS :( We have waited a long time now for it to come in manila... half of us gave up and bought and iphone instead....
    stupid low stock strategy... i hope they realize that if they continue this they'll finally lose the smartphone race and eventually lose everything. :(
  • *an
  • Same here. I never really anticipated any phone like this before. This is my first windows phone but has been a heavy nokia user in the past. It's disappointing that they can't release a definite date. My bestfriend and I are tired of waiting.
  • so true! I've been searching everyday for just the smallest announcement... too bad i'm stuck with drooling over reviews and stalking "love my new phone" tweets :( this sucks...
    our deadline would be on the last day of january... if it's not yet released, iPhone it is! :)
  • I have been hearing from Nokia care center that the wireless charging pad would be free or as they say,included in the box. :-)
  • Yes a Nokia care representative told me the same. I asked for cyan ge said that only three colors will be launched initially(black, red, yellow) and cyan will be added into the pack later
    Guess I should wait for a while for cyan color
  • waiting for same. Lets hope cyan is not glossy. Wonder which colors are matte?
  • is matte if cyan comes in matte then I'll choose black..
    I like my cyan Lumia 800
  • It seems that Nokia will launch the Lumias only 820 and 920 in March in Brazil ...An important market despised by Nokia.  
  • How about Philippines????
  • I started seeing ads for 920 on TV last night, it was on star sports during the la liga match. So definitely launching next week in India.  Some shopping sites have the prices pegged at 40,000 INR which would seem a bit pricey and has a mental block on consumers for buying the 920, they will tend to go for the Galaxy S3 lineage which is under 35,000. Nokia need to price it under 35,000 for it to have a great launch.
  • Nokia priority reps told 920 price will be more than 40000 its packing some awesome specs and killer features so they pricing is reasonable compared to iPhone
  • Oh, thank god. I was worried they weren't going to ever get there.
  • I'm glad Nokia is launching in other markets, but can they fill the orders for all of us waiting for our 920 here in the U.S.A., still waiting for my wife's yellow 920.
  • My wife gave up and got a white one instead.
  • I hope Sri Lanka is next  :( 
  • I've been meaning to make this comment for a little while but a lot of people are complaining about lack of stock from Nokia. With the 920 each phone shop here in Australia got between 2 and 20 units on release day then a week later they got a few more units and a week after that they all seemed to have received a good amount of stock. Well with the galaxy Note 2 most of the phone shops are only getting 2 or 3 units every 2 weeks! One shop said they haven't had one for a week and don't expect any for another 2 weeks. So I think we should all stop complaing and assume there is just awesome demand for the 920. I'm sure that is the case because in the last few days 3 of my mates who have had iphones for the last few years all just got 920's. I think in the quarter to december report we are gonna see some nuts sales of the 920.
  • Nice info..
  • Yep spoke to a sales guy at the Hay Street Telstra store in Perth about whether it was low stock or high demand, as they'd sold out of both shipments in around 30 minutes. His answer was high demand. They had received the full complement of their order (20+ each time) but were just not prepared for the level of interest. Also a plus was that he now had a 920 as his own mobile and loved it.
  • Lucky Indians! I just asked Nokia again yesterday (here in the Philippines), and they told me that the release is pushed back to 1st week of Feb :(
  • I talked to an AT&T rep today and he was showing off the 920. I asked if I can play with it. It felt so good in my hands. Like the phone itself is thick but it felt like it had huevos haha and felt like it was built to last. It was not like the IPhone5 which felt sort of flimsy even though it is "thin". Definitely exceeded my expectations... Hopefully Windows Phone catches on to compete with ios and android. I am getting rather tired if seeing so many iPhones and Androids. Need something fresh like WP8. Heck I hope BlackBerry can make a comeback as well and mix things up...
  • is there any official release news of Lumia 620 in India ??
  • Possibility of launch in 4th week of Jan
  • Yeah there is a hint...the conversation shown in the article continues and they said lumia 620 will be available by 4th week of Jan...
  • Meanwhile, in Brazil -- the country where sales of winphones are higher than iPhones -- still is left without my so desired 920. C'mon Nokia! 
  • Earn and save money for my future L920. BTW, does it sell well in the Europe and USA? Guys there?
  • Thanks you come again!
  • lucky Indians? I don't think so.... Lucky Nokia, yes... they got their business with this kind of demand, I don't really know if they expected this kind of response to begin with, they are surely unprepared to cater the entire world market demand.
    I want to know the price difference between 820 & 620, though I am leaning more towards the 820 for the 1gb ram part of the specs, direct x gaming will need it tomorrow if not today.