Nokia India publishes Lumia 510 'Trendify' social commercial

Don’t adjust your spell checkers folks, ‘Trendify’ could be the next buzz we've all been looking for. Nokia India has posted a new video showing off the more affordable Lumia 510.

It’s all fun and games during the segment but getting down to business they are touting the Lumia 510’s social side. During the video we’re seeing all kinds of crazy hand to hand kissing going on during the little video, check it after the break.

Trendify.In ( looks to be a way to aggregate your social connections in some way, if you click through to the site (once it's live - doesn't appear to be on our end) you’ll be presented with some more details on the Lumia 510 displayed in a range of colours.

The Lumia 510 is very similar in design to the 610 that came before it. The device has a removable 1300mAh battery, 256MB ram and 4GB of on-board storage. That 256MB of RAM puts it firmly at the low end of the market, but if Nokia’s previous 610 is much to go by that shouldn’t mean performance will suffer as a result.  We wrote about it recently in case you want to take a look.

While it’s easy for us to get swept away with Windows Phone 8, the previous generation of the OS will likely remain in the market for some time to come. Windows Phone 7 is designed to run on lower and cheaper hardware which will mean that the devices can be sold into developing markets and lower price plans.

Source: Nokia India YouTube

Robert Brand