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Lumia 920 starts receiving Lumia Denim update in several countries

It looks like the Lumia Denim update for the Lumia 920 is rolling out to several countries around the globe. We're received tips from our readers stating that the update is now available in Greece, Netherlands, Norway and the UK.

The update commenced rollout in India yesterday. Based on information we've received thus far, it looks like EE started rolling out the update to its Lumia 920 in the UK, with several country variants across the region getting the OTA update. Microsoft's update tracker (opens in new tab) also highlights the rollout, so if you're rocking a Lumia 920, now would be the time to check if the Denim update is available on your device.

Are you seeing the Lumia Denim update on your Lumia 920? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

  • EE UK, I have it on mine this morning
  • I received mine last night though I didn't get the 'welcome to Denim' notification as my phone was already denim from PfD I think? Though when I opt into PfD my phone goes back to Cyan.
  • Power it off and back on again after enabling PfD. Mine did the same thing and now it shows denim again.
  • Thanks for the info. I'll do that when I get a chance at my 920 is my backup device. I have a 1020 as my DD with PfD and it presents the same as my 920. I'll try your method on it to see if it works.
  • That didn't work for either my 1020 or 920. Doesn't matter though as denim is only name worthy for these devices.
  • Still recieving w10 update
  • No, you're not. No 920 is getting the W10 update yet.
  • Look here
  • Not getting on mine for some reason! :-/
  • Lumia 920 AT&T , When Denim Update Will Come out? In canada Rogers have alreay provided Denim Update And in the rest of country it has been updated to Lumia denim. Why At & T Not Providing Denim Update to Lumia 920
  • In México too, since yesterday.
  • I want denim for my country variant 1020 in Mexico.
  • It does not appear on my L920 from Telcel... what variant are you using?
  • Not yet in UAE
  • Have a dubai 920. Using it in India. Not received an update yet. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for QWBASIC :|
  • I know its been asked a million times, but do I need to downgrade from the DP to get Denim on my UK CV 920?
  • You should turn off pfd... I guess then check for the update.
  • No + having the latest version of PfD means you have Denim
  • PfD and Denim are to different things. One is a Operation System update the other one is a firmware. Having PfD has nothing to do with Firmware.
  • Amber, Black, Cyan and Denim aren't just the names of firmware, but the name of updates which include both new OS version and firmware. However, for most phones (except only 830, 930 and 1520 I think), Denim includes no new firmware version, just the WP8.1.1 OS update. So Denim is just the name for the OS update on all other Lumias. Firmware version stays the same as Cyan.
    And from developer preview we got 8.1.1 already months ago. We didn't have the official Denim update, but we were on "Denim spec" already. This means PfD effectively gave us Denim.
  • No it doesnt put your phone on Denim specs. It updates your operation system to the lastest build. it didnt give you any features that are bundled with the firmware update denim.. and yes I know there is no advantage for the 920 resulting through the firmware update of Denim other than the OS update that is bundled with it
  • No, your not understanding, your 920 litterally got NO firmware updates with WP 8.1.1, jsut the 8.1.1 update, as every single denim firmware change is specific to the 830/930/ and 1520 (nothing at all is added or change din any other device, litterally, denim is just a name for the other phones) in most cases, you'd be right, but in the case of denim, you are wrong.
  • Absolute rubbish...
    The 1020 for example has a revised firmware that fixes the constant freeze problems (confirmed by MS/Nokia team in Espoo!!).
    I dare say the 920 likely has the same revision to its firmware as it seems to have been suffering the same software problems.
    If Denim was just an OS update rather than a firmware one, it wouldn't require carrier approval!
  • Was this the "colored pixel static" freezing bug? Looks like an old cathode ray tv getting colorful frozen static on my 920.
  • I thought one ot the Windows Phone updates was supposed to come with a new  YouTube app???
  • There is no firmware update bundled in the Denim update. Only OS. Firmware build number is the same as it has been since the Cyan update, so there is no Denim firmware update.
    Bacause of this, 8.1.1 + Cyan firmware can be considered "Denim spec". And we had that for months already thanks to PfD. Edit: Asskickulater nailed it in the comment above.
  • The 1020 and 925 definitely do have a revised firmware. So I wouldn't be so sure in your analysis
  • yes its the same no usb setting and all  
  • amber, black, cyan and denim always includes the firmware, it is the firmware, and it includes the os, when using pfd you normally only get the os, but in this case denim will also come even if you didn't turn pfd off, if it's available for your device
  • No. Amber, Black and Cyan included new firmware. Denim does not. We know because the firmware build number is the same after the Denim update as it was after the Cyan update.
    That is unless you have one of the newer Pureview phones (830, 930, 1520), in that case Denim includes new firmware.
  • "because the firmware build number is the same after the Denim update as it was after the Cyan update" Actually thats not entirely true. I checked the update page for Cyan and Denim 920 phones, and they indeed seem to be different: the Cyan has:     3051.50009.1424.xxxx
    while denim has: 3051.50009.1451.yyyy xxxx and yyy just differentiates the providers, so it can be ignored for the comparison The bold part of the version number is the significant part, and its conesquently matches for all cyan and all denim in different countries. So while you dont get noticeable new features, something seems has indeed been done under the hood.
  • Not sure about the 920 but on the 1020 the one noticeable thing i see with the denim update is the camera load time is quicker.
  • The 1451 firmware is the same as on the 1020/925 -- a revised firmware that was released specifically to solve the constant freezing issues.
    So with a bit of luck, the new Denim firmware on your 920 will fix the freezing issues in the same way it fixed them on my 1020 :)
  • If your phone gets the Denim later in the release process, there is a chance that the corellated OS version build is also slightly higher, so you may benefit from being the last in the game, compared to those who got denim earlier, but with a lower OS version number.
  • A couple weeks ago when Denim first came out for 520, 620 and 720, I scanned the update page for version numbers. Firmware build number was identical in many cases between Cyan and Denim, and the ones that were different only differed in the end (region/carrier specific variation). Fast forward a couple of weeks until the first 925s get Denim. I go to the update page and check if the firmware is different, since I assumed that if there actually is a firmware update I will get it for my 920 also. I found only one 925 with Denim in the list and compared its build number. The build number was intirely identical to many 925s with Cyan, I am completely sure since I checked it many times. So that is the info I go by. Unfortunately I didn't check my own firmware number before I got the Denim update late last night, since I was already in bed and half asleep.
  • Seems like I was wrong about it the update not including new firmware for 920/925/1020, since it seems (according to the Microsoft update availability page) that all of these phones with Denim has build 1451, while the Cyan ones have 1424, as ricsip pointed out. However, I am entirely certain that when I checked the list when Denim was released for the first 925s, the firmware version for Denim phones listed was exactly the same as for Cyan phones (1424). This made me assume there was no new firmware coming for these phones, but it seems things have changed since then.
  • there's no usb in settings tab as compared to denim update in 535 ive checked it  usb was hiddden in cyan update and now it disappeared 
  • No, you just need to uninstall the preview for developers app.
  • Lumia 630 me jab se ga...yr
  • No. You don't have to downgrade. Just untick subscription in preview for developer app and check for update in setting >phone update > check for update.
  • Awesome, thank you!
  • thanks
  • On my 520. I wanted to get Denim before I downloaded Windows 10 preview. It was bricked, and I used the recovery tool. When I first used the tool and downloaded Windows 10 I got Denim in the last 8.1 update before the first preview build. After they had the issue where you couldn't go to the latest build without starting over, I decideded to do the developer preview first, and I never got denim. So, I used it again and went straight to the Insider program, like I did the first time. 
  • The original "ICON".
  • True.... True
  • What is the size of Lumia denim update?
  • Around 625.75 MB
  • 91 mb if you have already in pfd
  • Still not is South Africa
  • Say that again. My 1020 is waiting impatiently here... Vodacom is busy picking noise, not releasing the update.
  • Newsflash you're not missing out on anything, your life will not improve once you get it
  • I'm missing an update here. What you saying. Even if it was "bug fixes". Its Still is an update...
  • There aren't even bug fixes for L920, nor are there firmware updates. If you are on PfD, you have all of the features the denim update will bring.
  • You don't know what you are talking about.
    The Denim firmware update has FINALLY fixed the constant freeze issues on 1020/925 devices that first came about with the Cyan release (confirmed by Nok/MS r&d department in Espoo).
    It is an important software release!
  • MTN is just as bad.
  • Poland 920 denim is here^_~
  • For T-Mobile, Orange and Country Variant so far. Polkomtel (Plus GSM) and Play are still on Cyan.
  • I have Orange L920 on PLAY and still no update. Is the update dependent on the active carrier or the software installed? Does the Developer Preview have anything to do with the update?
  • Update is having cyan bug. Still store problems not solved, phone restarting lot of times
  • Me happy, you sad. We talk, like tribesmen. Sun hot. Water wet.
  • Oxygen supplies: low. Must conserve breath.
  • Turf of PfD, and check update, when I do that denim show up;)
  • download last night 920 cv UK..
  • Available in Israel since this morning but cannot find Cortana on my Lumia 920.
  • Did you look in the app menu❓❓❓
  • Cortana only works on certain languages like Usa and UK. Also you have to have the right regiong settings on. If you have some of these settings wrong you cant see cortana app at all
  • GB-CV. Although puzzled as MS said it was in name only.
  • Firmware-wise, yeah, it was only the name that changed. But GDR1 is also packaged for those who don't already have it.
  • R u sure denim is 625 mb ?
  • @nikhil: The update is much smaller if you have pfd.. Took 10 min on 3g
  • How have you downloaded it over cellular data? It won't let me... It starts and then just stops :/
  • Will Cortana work in India?
  • Yes it should work.
  • Where 1320 India denim update
  • Please help me how to fix 8018830f error, not use FLASH ROM, thanks!!!
  • Did it say "the update was downloaded, but couldn't be opened"? I received that message with the same error number. If you did, I suggest using Software Recovery Tool, but that erases all data.
  • It is like runtime error. Connect to a reliable high speed internet.
  • When start denim in ksa
  • It's live in Sweden!
  • Yes available in Morocco...installed yesterday.
  • Cortana works in India by selecting speech to UK
  • Yep.
  • available in Germany for CV
  • When will released Lumia Denim for Lumia 1520 in india
  • When will released Lumia Denim for Lumia 1520 in india.
  • Still waiting to receive on my 520. CV Malaysia, region United Kingdom
  • Hungary T-mobile done!
  • When will it be coming for lumia 930 in pakistan ?
  • Still Malaysia..
  • True.. Keep checking, and checking, and checking.. Go for teh tarik first. .
  • This grandpa here is waiting too...
  • Waiting too. Went to check when I saw this post but unfortunately Malaysia's 920 still need to wait.
  • Now downloading for my 920 UK country variant, first tried with PFD on but there were no updates. Turned it off and tried again, took a long time to check but now its downloading. On a side note, I'm not in UK, but from the Maldives.
  • You guys should add the uncheck information as I too was trapped intro it.
  • You would expect people that know enough to opt into the preview to understand how to update the official firmware releases by now
  • True...
    Unfortunately they don't...
    Much like people downloading the technical preview of W10 and complaining about it messing up their devices, lack of features and bugs....
  • So I have a Lumia 920 purchased at the Sydney airport in Australia (the make shows RM_ANZ, etc.) but I use it in India. Will I be getting these updates as per release in India or release of Denim in Australia?
  • Australia, you can't "cheat" by changing your location.
  • The netherland, got it
  • Yes me too!
  • My Lumia 620 not getting denim even when I have disabled pfd .. Please help ..
  • This article is about Lumia 920...
  • My 920 Italy version received the update yesterday but they already has the denim update
  • What's the size of Lumia denim update?
  • It must be 600mb
  • ???
  • ?
  • Croatia, T-Mobile 920, got it last night.
  • What about 1320 in India....?? Only 2 days left now....
  • I'm deployed outside the US, have a unlocked AT&T 920. Checking for the update. No such luck.
  • the website still shows Cyan as the latest software, they do take their mfing time...
  • I use the 920 on AT&T in Kentucky (USA), no update as of this am.
  • I like your username. It guarantees spam for Google's servers :)
  • Available for Lumia 920 CV in Spain :)
  • So now finally my Lumia 1520 in Jordan is listed as Denim at Microsoft's website, but on my phone it's still not getting the update. Sidenote: I tried turning on/off developer preview with no luck. Is it something related to Windows Insider?
  • Here in Belgium on my 920 : Pfd uninstalled and Cyan move to Denim... So my phone was already updated.
  • First uncheck the box from pfd,n then check for update....i got in my Lumia 920
  • Lumia 920 users in INDIA receiving the Denim Update.
  • Lumia denim size-95MB
  • Somebody has rightly says that fool is not only born in April, therefore, MS had promise that it would release Q4 2014 for Lumia 1520
  • Serbia got it last night.
  • I've got it, in Spain.
  •     From Microsoft web: Spain Lumia 920
    Country variant
    3051.50009.1451.1005 Lumia 920
    3051.50009.1451.1015 But my 920 CV (PFD) doesn't found any update.  
  • Switch off PfD then check for updates. It'll take some time to download but it'll work.
  • Aaannd still no denim update for lumia 920 in indonesia
  • Yeah.. Hopefully it will be available in several days
  • Please tell what about Nokia Lumia 820 ?? when will update available for Nokia Lumia 820 ?
  • Well 820 got denim in India
  • Oddly, the Microsoft tracker site doesn't show anything for the 920 on Tesco, but does show Tesco with other Lumias :(
  • Tesco phones are CV. My contract 920 from Tesco mobile shows UK CV in the about page and I now have denim.
  • Ah ok, will have to check this. Thanks!
  • Please tell what about Nokia Lumia 820 ? When update for Nokia Lumia 820 will available??
  • ????
  • Slow down!
  • time line was added to LINE massenger 
  • +1
  • The Philippines is waiting in the queue...
  • Over the weekend, I was able to get the Denim firmware for both my 920 and 1020.  I had been trying daily for weeks, even though it was set to download automatically, and nothing. When checking my About setting, I realized I already had the Update 8.10.14219.341, which is synonymous with the Denim firmware, but I still had Cyan. Here's what I did: I disabled the Preview for Developers, and rebooted the phone. Sure enough, when it restarted, the Extras + Info now showed the Denim firmware.  Simple as that.  It seems the Developer Preview was blocking for some reason.  This was also the case on my wife's 520.  Same solution. Give it a try if you are on the Preview for Developers.  
  • Egypt here
  • Hi! T-Mobile Hungary have it last night! I ti is smoother, more responsive! It is great!!4 
  • When Lumia 1520 get denim update in India..???..
    I M waiting from long time..!!
  • Everybody with that phone is... Unfortunately, Microsoft is doing the dead opposite in releasing denim. When they announced the update, they said the L1520, L830, L930 will be the first one's to get the update and now see what's happening...
  • When does Lumia 925 Singapore?
  • Plz! Bring Lumia denim fr 520 in Bangladesh. Plz put your eyes on Bangladesh
  • Got it last night for Swiss cv
  • For Lumia 820...?
  • +1 Croatia
  • Anyone got updates for Lumia 820...?
  • 920 Vodafone italy also grabs Denim
  • Sweet, seems like I got it on My 920 here in Sweden. My phone is preparing the install ;) If I spell wrong anywhere its because I barely see the letters I havet pushed at My Surface SP2.
  • No update in Indonesia... Yet.
  • Updated it love it but they still have not fixed the turn off light option of the three main buttons
  • Also out for the last!
  • My 920 DK-CV is also downloading Denim now... :)
  • L820 T-Mobile Hungary also got the Denim!!!
  • No
  • Not in Portugal yet
  • T-mobile is relasing denim For 920 everywhere but not in Germany?
  • O2 UK, received last night:)
  • Phone crashed the first time updating earlier in glance. Seems to update slow now in Gears. With the Preview for developers I had the Issue 0x80188308 error
  • This guys have totally forgotten about the African market. No denim for the 625 in most African countries and other phones too. I only notice India and Europe. Not good #keeping patient
  • Got it on my Italian CV 920.
  • I had 8.10.14219.341 (8.1.1 prdev) and now is 8.10.14234.375 firmware also changed from 3051.50009.1424.10362(cyan) to 3051.50009.1451.10458(denim) On preview for devs firmware of course was Cyan's one.
  • On my 920 (CV-NL) I went from 8.1.1 prdev to 8.10.14234.375 and firmware changed from 3051.50009.1424.10362(cyan) to 3051.50009.1451.1005. However 'extra's + info' still labels this as cyan! and not as 'denim'. I'm confused now.
  • disable preview for devs and look again
  • Power cycle the device. My 925 showed denim, then showed cyan again when I enabled the developer preview again. Turned out off and then on and out days denim Sal the time now.
  • Great! I got 'denim' now. Thx!
  • The update is available in France too =)
  • Philippines for Lumia 1520 country variant please...
  • No Update in Germany!!!
  • And Lumia 820 CV in UK getting Denim to.
  • On my 920 (CV-NL) I went from 8.1.1 prdev to 8.10.14234.375 and firmware changed from 3051.50009.1424.10362(cyan) to 3051.50009.1451.1005. However 'extra's + info' still labels this as cyan! and not as 'denim'. I'm confused now.  
  • L920 German cv. Got the update yesterday even with windows 10 installed.
  • Telia Sweden, got it this morning. :)
  • I cant find the denim update..i am a pfd programme..520 in India.. Still I am in cyan... Please suggest me...
  • Lumia 930 in Nigeria and Africa...please Microsoft!!!
  • Not yet :( checked 2 secs ago.
  • Over to you now AT&T
  • Got it now :) had to turn off developer preview for it to show up
  • Not on mine though :(
  • Nothing in Kenya
  • Just successfuly updated to Demin! Lumia 920 UK Country Variant. Had to disable preview for developers though as the phone was not finding any updates before.
  • Yep.
  • Nothing in Brazil yet... =(
  • Still waiting AT&T to push this update...
  • Yepp i received notice for updating my Lumia 920 - Italy
  • Yassssssss got it - UK
  • Africa??
  • Not yet in Cambodia
  • Lumia 920 cv-Greece updating.... But i had to disable my PfD enrollement first :)
  • I am from India having a Lumia 720 have yet to receive an update.
  • Just received the update for the 830 Austrian county version too :P
  • My Lumia 630 CV in Brazil just got Denim as well!
  • No denim for Lumia 720 india:(
  • I don't know if it is old news but I have just received Denim on our Lumia 820s, cv nl and cv Italy.
  • I got Denim today, Lumia 920, Romania. Might have been there for a while tho, I didn't know Preview for Developers has to be disabled. 
  • My phone is Lumia 820. But, Still I didn't get any update..? Why..? My device has Developers Preview OS.
  • Turn it off, I have it in Europe 820. 
  • Still not in Ireland, unlocked
  • Italy here, 820 no updates are seen like "hey cortana" probably wont be available for old devices..
  • Got the update for my 920 in Ireland. I have to say I am very unimpressed with it as the responsive of my is really bad since the update. Anyone else seeing this?
  • 6tag update and crash when try to open the app
  • AT&.....
  • Denim is available for Lumia 920 in Finland also. Been refreshing that update tracker site almost daily for a month... Finally :D
  • Armenia is still waiting
  • Nope, not on my unbranded 920 in Australia, hopefully we get it soon.
  • Nothing in Canada yet on the 920 on the Rogers network.
  • Us gets left behind again!
  • Impossibile aggiornare a Denim, sempre lo stesso errore 801881d0 come lo scorso aggiornamento... Qualche suggerimento? Lumia 920 Italia no brand
  • Just updated my L920 with Denim. PFD has already given the features which were supposed to come with Denim. Nothing new. On top of that Gestures beta has stopped working after Denim update. Drats!!!
  • Denmark and denim on 920 here.
  • If my old 920 gets the denim update before my 830, I think my head might explode...
  • I live in Denmark, but in telefon region i have United States, how to update? Thanks...
  • And meanwhile, back in the U.S. ... Zzzzzzzz ....
  • nothing here in usa, new jersey
  • I don't get it. Why did Microsoft say all Lumia phone will get by end of this month? And it doesn't look like that will happen. This has been going on since November. Lumia 1520 country variant in Hong Kong hasn't got anything yet. What are they waiting for?
  • What on earth Denim improves Lumia 920? I updated it but seems nothing changed...(I took a photo before and after updates under almost same circumstances. Nothing really different)
  • My 820 updated to denim just now in india
  • 920 update when you come to middle east
  • I only got the update for my 920, after disabling preview for developer. Might work for those who still hasn't got the update.
  • Every phone in the world but the American ones are getting these updates. Ridiculous!
  • Can anyone tell what are the changes in new 14234 previously I was on 14219 via pfd...on my Lumia 920
  • Click bate
  • Isn't there a special type of lock screen that works on denim? Does anyone know the name of it?
  • Got it on my 820!! Netherlands here ;-)
  • When 620 users will have this update?
  • Oh man what a tease! The picture is an AT&T device, so I thought that meant att started rolling out denim (have the att 820 and 1520) but no att update upon reading the article!!!
  • OMG... So many confused readers... @WindowsCentral, time to post an update for readers to understand what the differences are between OS updates, firmware updates and the implications of running dev preview or not.
  • What exactly does DENIM do again? Its been so long...
  • For me, Denim? Still no. WP 10? Well my lumia have to stop dreaming
  • Is this update including"hey Cortana"
  • Should I keep the preview for developers on or off after getting the update
  • I receied it this morning. The phone is intended for Poland, but used in the Czech Republic.
  • A friend of mine got it too. Germany!
  • Hi everybody, Iget my Update yestarday finally I get Denim Update, My Lumia 920 is Country Variant Italy, I brougth on Colombia  I´m based in Colombia. My best regards,
  • I'm on pfd with all updates and my 820 updated to denim this morning
  • In Estonia Denim update for Lumia820 is also available. Finally! :)
  • Congrats Philippines.. u've been missed, HARD!
  • I haven't downloaded any updates. But when I disable preview for developer it shows denim, otherwise it shows cyan.
  • Now downloading for my 920 in Morocco :)
  • update my fone but still no sign of  lumia denim  
  • its showing me  lumia denim OS and firmware version but still showing the lumia cyan  y i sthat ?? after updating my phone still no sign of lumia denim
  • Got it! Phew !
  • When enables preview for developers it shows Lumia cyan ... Anybody has this strange thing ?
  • there's no usb in settings tab as compared to denim update in 535 ive checked it  usb was hiddden in cyan update and now it disappeared 
      tgis update is nothing jst waste of time 
  •  No update in Tunisia Lumia Denim ?
    By Nokia Lumia 920  
  • got it on vodafone, germany!
  • what about france ?  Lumia Cyan :'(  when is update lumia denim from france ?
    by lumia 920
  • Lumia 920. No Preview for developers. And im from India. Still haveny received the update. Somebody help?
  • L920 - Singapore Country Variant ...Still no Denim update receive..
  • Got denim update for my 920 last night. I live in Turkey.
  • Just got update to Lumia Denim on my 920 in Malaysia :)
  • just updated lumia 920 to denim in UAE (via Wi-Fi)
  • When It Will be available to AT&T LUMIA 920 (DENIM UPDATE)???????
  • when will att nokia luma 920 get the denim update?