Optus to be the first to stock the Lumia 930 in Australia

Microsoft's flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 930, is making its way to multiple regions. We're sure you're sick and tired of reading about which countries will be able to purchase the Windows Phone soon, but we have just one more for you, targeting those Down Under. If you simply cannot wait to get one for yourself, Optus will be the first Australian carrier to stock and offer the Lumia 930 on July 11, while both Telstra and Vodafone will follow on the 15th and 16th respectively.

The Lumia 930 will be listed at Telstra for $75 per month (24-month contract) and Vodafone will have the flagship Windows Phone on its Red plan for $76 per month. Optus has failed to share pricing details as of yet, but the company has revealed that consumers will be able to purchase the handset through the carrier before competitor networks. If you'd rather go for outright purchases, Telstra will have the device listed for $729, and Vodafone will bloat the price up to $899.

We'll recommend that you double check with carriers come July 11th to see what your options are.

Source: PC World

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Great
  • That phone is so sexy
  • My ovaries just exploded:/
  • What!? 
  • Thank you Rich for the changing the Picture of the lumia 930. Always seeing the same picture for every post regarding L930
  • F#ck that! Is Vodafone out of their mind or just blatantly ripping peeps off!!!
  • Have a look at what's included in Vodafone plan tho, unlimited talk and text unlimited mms 300 mins international calls and 3 GB data. Plus first two months get unlimited data as part of their data workout offering. Yes its a bit more than Telstra are offering it for but I know where my money is going. Also Allphones will have it outright from 14th at $679.
  • The Vodafone price is outright so plan info is kinda irrelevant
  • I'm on Optus $2 Days which is heaps better. I get unlimited talk, text n data for $2/day n I always buy my phones outright. Subsidized phones are the reason phones are so expensive!!
  • Lord bless that i'm on optus ^_^
  • I'm using my orange 930 right now. Such a great phone :D
  • Should i get this or a second 1520?
  • If you don't mind missing a micro SD card expansion, Glance and another big screen...
    Then go for it. The 930 is the best choice
  • Oh,that's good enough
  • Is that for outright sales as well?
  • I'll buy mine from Harvey Norman. F#ck giving telcos more power. If peeps stopped buying subsidized phones the prices would come down. Vodafone charging nearly $200 more is ridiculous and clearly a ploy to make it impossible for their customers to buy them outright. Something needs to be done about prices in Australia and it looks like it's the same in NZ:(
  • The phone should be around the 670 mark for both Optus and Telstra, why would you spend more at Hardly Normal?
  • Coz that's where I always get my tech shit. More outta habit than anything else but they know me there n look after me. I don't mind paying $40 extra if the service is good
  • Ive never had a good experince at HN, guess you got lucky :)
  • I have had mostly goood experiences at HN. You do need to research pricing first though.
  • Allphones have it at the $679 mark
  • Yeah I was just looking at that, pretty competitive price
  • Every second year I buy my next handset from HN every other year I update my Telstra contract.. Harvey Norman is the best place I have found for WP, they know more about the handsets than Telstra!
  • Yeah ur right, they are very knowledgeable in regards to WP but obviously not as much as me lol but the store at Martin Place lets me preorder without putting $$$ down coz they know me n know if I say I'm gonna buy something I do!
  • $75 per month, on 24 month contract? What is included with that price tag, as far as wireless plans go?
  • I know with voda its $70. 3GB and unlimited standard national calls and unlimited text here and overseas. But its 6 bucks for the phone
  • I was gonna early upgrade from my 1020 but Telstra are gonna charge me $500. So ill just wait for McLaren. Ha
  • Finally! A at date! I can go get one put on hold so I can get it the day it comes out!
  • Damn I got to wait till December before Optus will upgrade me with no penalty.   Dunno why the 1520 wasn't carried by any of the major telcos in Australia.
  • Just join the "waiting for McLaren" club. I'm in the same boat. 3d touch will be worth it though :)
  • One more for the club here!
  • Deal!!!!
  • Yup me too!
  • Today bought 930 in Georgia :) perfect phone !
  • No microSD, not perfect for me :\
  • I just recieved a confirmation email that my Nokia Lumia 930 has been shipped to me. Should be arriving at my home tomorrow. I live in Sweden. :)
  • Also pre order the 930 with Telstra on the 10th to get a JBL power up speaker!
  • Well looks like ill be preordering tomorrow woop, thanks for the heads up
  • Just been on Telstra 24/7 Chat.. Early termination fee waived, only had to pay remaining handset payments.. You can also outside pre order today though the 24/7 Chat but you in doing so loose the free JBL Speaker
  • Just spoke with the Optus shop and price is $689. Wouldn't go into plans
  • That's a pretty good price
  • $672 Outright on Telstra.. Pre Order Online tomorrow and get free JBL PowerUp speaker.. Deal..
  • Apparently the speaker is only available to those signing up to a plan for 24 months, not to those purchasing the handset outright
  • Harvey Norman only has black and white - no orange or green.
  • Have just picked one up from an Optus store, only had black. The best part is that it came up in their system for just $240!!!! Score!!! Pity the other one they had was already spoken for
  • Telstra online chat today confirmed that the lumia 930 has been delayed till august 5th due to qc failure! Reminds me of the 1020 that they cancelled....