Optus to be the first to stock the Lumia 930 in Australia

Microsoft's flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 930, is making its way to multiple regions. We're sure you're sick and tired of reading about which countries will be able to purchase the Windows Phone soon, but we have just one more for you, targeting those Down Under. If you simply cannot wait to get one for yourself, Optus will be the first Australian carrier to stock and offer the Lumia 930 on July 11, while both Telstra and Vodafone will follow on the 15th and 16th respectively.

The Lumia 930 will be listed at Telstra for $75 per month (24-month contract) and Vodafone will have the flagship Windows Phone on its Red plan for $76 per month. Optus has failed to share pricing details as of yet, but the company has revealed that consumers will be able to purchase the handset through the carrier before competitor networks. If you'd rather go for outright purchases, Telstra will have the device listed for $729, and Vodafone will bloat the price up to $899.

We'll recommend that you double check with carriers come July 11th to see what your options are.

Source: PC World

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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