Lumia 930 flip cover shown in green

It looks like Microsoft and Nokia have a new Lumia 930 flipcover that complements the phone and brings the color aesthetics from the device to the protective accessory. As its name implies, the Flipcover is a case that Lumia 930 snaps into and has a protective flipcover flap that will protect the screen when the device isn't currently in use. The cover has cutouts that provide easy access to the ports, buttons, and of course the 20-megapixel PureView camera on the rear.

In the image, it looks like the bright green hue of the phone is carried on to the flipcover so you can have a case that matches your phone, especially if you're choosing a device that has a lot of color personality like the green or orange 930.

Lumia flip covers for the Lumia 930

For owners of the Nokia Lumia 1520, the flipcover for the Lumia 930 is built around the same idea though unlike the official Lumia 1520 cover, the cover flap doesn't fold to create a stand for the phone.

And given that the Lumia 930 is the international variant of the Lumia Icon, a Verizon Wireless exclusive in the U.S., the flipcover should work on the Icon but at this time we don't know if Microsoft will bring it to the States. Right now, we still don't know much about the cover nor its pricing or availability, but it looks like a promising accessory option for users who want official accessories from the makers of their phone.

Thanks, Linh, for the tip!

Source: via WinPhoneViet