Lumia 930 goes up for pre-order in Malaysia

The Lumia 930 is slowly but surely making its way to more regions, with Malaysia the latest country to offer the device. Nokia's latest flagship is available for pre-order to the tune of around $620 (RM 1,999).

Malaysian retailer Storekini is offering incentives for the first 20 customers pre-ordering the device in the form of a RM 50 rebate and a free Boombot1 speaker. The following 30 customers will also get a RM 50 rebate, but not the speaker. All subsequent pre-orders will be eligible for a RM 30 rebate, and the retailer is also offering a fee case, screen protector and a power bank with every purchase of the Lumia 930.

Interested? Head on over to Storekini's site from the link below to pre-order the Lumia 930.

Thanks Wuik for the tip!

Source: Storekini

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • How long before it comes to India?
  • C'mon.. Is Microsoft making a special edition of nokia Lumia 930 for India?? Why is it taking too late??
  • Lol indian edition? :D
  • too little too late. this launch is a fail. looking forward to 935, 1030 and 1530...
  • Yeah. I'd rather wait for the McLaren.
  • Sounds like the McLaren is a watch/band, not a phone?
  • Lol, no.
    Curious as to where you read it though.
  • Not sure why you would wait for the 935... You already know it's gonna be the same as the 930 with a different design... I would wait for the mclaren!
  • I take your point on the specs of the phone - if the situation with 920/925 repeats itself then this time I would find it dissapointing - 930 is just not a breaktrough in anyway and I would argue that every flagship should be in one way or the other. However, the 925 design made all the diference for me and it's still my favourite WP. As ever, time will tell.
  • Agreed, the specs are very disappointing for a high end model.
  • 8.1 please
  • Lumia 1520 gets lumia cyan update in TURKEY.
  • OMG, u guys already got the update, how's everything overall performances? The Wi-Fi connection improved?
  • Does the screen over sensitivity fixed?
  • Shame on Nokia Australia, NOTHING yet
  • UK the same, not even pre order! Edit, can pre order on expansys but no price announcement yet??
  • I can't believe it's taking so long to bring this phone, announced months ago, and adjust available in the USA as the icon for ages... By the time it comes out, Microsoft would have announced the next big thing and no one will want it!! Come on Nokia!! I called a Three last week and they hadn't even heard of the model, let alone have a preorder system for it :( Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Indonesia? Oh please, it's so close!!
  • I hope that :D
  • I've heard from someone that the chance are slim for the 930 to be sell in Indonesia. Does anyone can confirm this? If that's true, I will upgrade myself to 1520 after my 920 is unusable (all 920s in my family has start to failing).
  • Hah? Failing? Kerusakannya gimana?
  • Jatuh atau batere bocor. Ya keleus>ㅁ
  • Di 2 lumia 920 yg saya miliki, terdapat warna kuning yg permanen, semakin lama semakin keliatan dan menyebar ke bagian layar yang lain. Di lumia 920 yg lain, terdapat jejak "gosong" di layar. Ada yg punya pengalaman yang sama?
  • Semoga anda mengerti perkataan saya, karena saya berbahasa indonesia. Itu yellow tint dislpay, itu terjadi di saya, memang ada kelemahan di IPS screen, anda bisa klaim garansi di toko Nokia care (you can claim your warranty for display replacement to Nokia Care) dan tak diberi biaya.
  • Good price!
  • Yeah yeah "pre-order" everywhere.. Here in France it was announced for mid-June, then end-June, now July.. No one touched the damn device already but it's available everywhere for pre-order.. 
  • Yeah, same in Russia. Was supposed to be sold today, now rummored for mid-July.
  • Privet ;) Well this is very very annoying and frustrating, hang on mate !
  • Bonjour! They've just stated the 7th of July as the begining of sales in Russia. They are also providing 40$ voucher for marketplace as an excuse for delay.
  • Same here, delivery expected July 7th, but I don't believe them anymore... No voucher here, but device is supposedly coming in a package including Nokia coloud, wireless charger and mini speakers.
  • Come on guys why its taking more time to launch in India. Launch with some great amazon or flipkart deals
  • I am being off-topic but when are we gonna see apps for other mobile nations website!?? Android central, iMore, crackberry and connectedly??
  • Android Central, AFAIK, just talk about new high-end android phone launches and unknown changes in Google privacy policy.
  • Yeah! But still we need (atleast i need) an app for sister sites!
  • I understand. While there's no android central app for WP, you can still use Magnify BETA (search in store) and read android central articles in it.
    Here's how:
    In Magnify BETA app, tap "add content" > "custom" > add source > enter RSS:
    Select group > okay
    Restart the app and it should work fine ;)
  • Some additional info: If you pre-order in Nokia Transformer Roadshow at Lowyat Plaza from 30th June until 6th July, you will get additional free items: 1. Nokia Treasure Tag 2. 4400 mAh powerbank 3. Flip cover 
  • Yup, that's what I saw in their local FB page
  • Hope they got lostsa discount for other item as well
  • All I hear is pre-orders pre-orders, I 've been hearing it since April. When will it finally come out? I mean walk into a shop and actually buy it ?
  • Finalllly!!!!!!!!
  • Pre ordered the green one in Denmark yesterday!
  • Cool
  • Nice finally its coming but I will settle with my 1020. Wish other ppl will take up
  • AND In Thailand, they go up for the preorder, too!
  • Yeah, same in SG. personally I find it annoying that shops have dummy phones and brochures in store with no info on availability. Isn't that poor marketing judgement? Ppl thinking of buying a current model will hold off, but then get frustrated cause its been a month of teasing with no new info.
  • Haizzzz!!..... Starhub better get the green one sooon! My contract gonna end in september.
  • Bing it on
  • The price is a little high.
  • Yeah it's as same when I purchased 920 when it first arrived *sigh*
  • Wow.! Is it any wonder Nokia failed as a company? They still don't get it.
  • My next phone.
  • Hopefully when someone goes missing with it, they can finally use "find my phone" to find them.
  • Gz Malaysia