The Lumia 950 is one of two Windows 10 Mobile flagship phones to be launched by Microsoft in October 2015, with the other being the bigger Lumia 950 XL.

During its development, it went by the internal codename Talkman, which originates as one of Nokia’s first mobile phones the Mobira Talkman 450 originally released in 1985. As such, it serves as a nice bookend to Nokia’s mobile history, matching their first and last phones designed by the Finnish company.

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The Lumia 950 is a continuation of the 9xx series of Lumia Windows Phones originally started by Nokia and now continued by Microsoft. It is considered a direct follow-up to the Lumia 930 even as it skips the 94x designation. The Lumia x40 series is already ten months old, so it makes some sense for Microsoft to go to the x50 series for Windows 10 Mobile.

Oddly enough, the Lumia 950 is a really good smartphone. It is just the lack of apps (and some services like payments) that are holding it back. It can get a lot done with a gorgeous display, excellent camera, and very good battery life, all of which used to be the criteria for a good review. But in 2015, you cannot discount the importance of the full ecosystem and what you are buying into when you commit.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Specifications

Category Lumia 950
OS Windows 10 Mobile
Screen Size 5.2 inches
Screen Resolution 1440x2560 (564ppi)
Screen Type AMOLED
Processor 1.8GHz Snapdragon 808 64-bit hexa-core
Internal Storage 32GB
External Storage microSD
Security Windows Hello iris scanner
Rear Camera 20MP ƒ/1.9 PureView camera, triple-LED flash
Front Camera 5MP, wide-angle lens
Battery 3000mAh removable
Charging Qi wireless
USB Type-C
USB-C fast charging
Height 145mm
Width 73.2mm
Thickness 8.2mm
Weight 150g

Microsoft Lumia 950 Video Review

Microsoft Lumia 950 Availability

Microsoft announced the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in New York City on October 6, 2015. In the U.S., AT&T first made the Lumia available in the US on November 17, 2015.

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