Prep for Lumia 950 & 950 XL: Wireless charging & what charger to get

The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL both support wireless charging, so you can just place them on top of supported wireless chargers instead of getting tangled with cables. It can get complicated on what type of wireless charging technology is being used or what chargers to get, but we'll try to explain here.

The unlocked Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL both support the Qi wireless charging standard. The Lumia 950 from AT&T also supports the PMA standard in addition to Qi, but Qi wireless chargers are more widely available.

What wireless charger to get

Extra Features: Nokia DT-903 Smart Wireless Charging Plate

Nokia DT-903

This wireless charger is compatible with any phone that supports Qi wireless charging. It also lights up when your phone is charging. If you pair your Lumia 950 and 950 XL with the DT-903, a soft light will appear beneath the charger when the battery is low. There's also a notification light for missed calls, text, and emails. Microsoft is replacing this model soon with the DT-904, which is very similar, except that there will be a Microsoft logo, instead of Nokia. Check out our hands-on video of the Nokia DT-903! Price: $59

Buy the Nokia DT-903 wireless charger from Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Minimalistic: Anker PowerPort Qi Wireless Charging Pad

If you need to simply charge the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 wirelessly without all the extra fancy features mentioned above, this accessory from Anker is a good choice. It's a lot cheaper too. You can buy four of these chargers and still have money left over compared to the Nokia DT-903. Price: $12.49

Buy the Anker PowerPort Qi Wireless Charging Pad from (opens in new tab)

Dock: Qi-infinity T900 Folding Qi Wireless Charger Dock

Qi infinity T900

If you need to look at your phone while it is wirelessly charging, we recommend this charging dock. It can support any angle up to 90 degrees during charging which makes it easier to watch movies or read emails. Price: $44.99

Buy the Qi-infinity T900 Folding Qi Wireless Charger from (opens in new tab) 

For the car: Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder

In addition to charging your phone wirelessly while driving, you can tap your phone on the NFC logo on the car holder to launch an application of your choice. You can set it up so that your phone opens the Maps apps. Price: $59.99

Buy the Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder (opens in new tab)

Wired or wireless?

Even though the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL both support wireless charging, don't forget that they also support fast charging with USB-C Fast Charger included with the phones. Microsoft claims you can get up to 50% capacity with just 30 minutes of charging. Are you going with wired or wireless charging? Fortunately, it doesn't matter since you can use both methods!

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  • I am really hoping Microsoft is going to cut prices here in the Netherlands. Currently you can't get a 950XL cheaper than €699 which is insane given that even the dollar prices are lower.
  • The price is the same here in Finland... BUT, keep it in mind, that the US price is before sales tax, so it is like if they'd tell you a price in Europe before VAT (I think the whole system is insane, but they seem to be happy with it).
  • We have to do it that way in the U.S. because each state sets their own sales tax rate.  Microsoft would have to list the prices for each of the 50 states if the prices included taxes.
  • But that doesn't explain why physical shops don't show prices including sales tax? Or at the very least show both... I agree with the OP - an insane system, where you're never quite sure how much you'll have to pay when you get to the counter...
  • Well.... while it's true the entire system is insane, it's not true that you don't know how much you'll have to pay until you get to the counter. It's quite simple actually. Just lookup the sales tax rate for the state, county, city, and whether it's food item or non-food and then just plug it all in to a calculator and ta-da! You now know how much you'll have to pay before getting to the counter. Alternatively you can get a rough estimate by adding in 10% of all the prices added together and you'll get a slightly higher dollar amount than what you actually have to pay. But I do agree, the system is insane. And for what it's worth Microsoft would not have to list each state's price. Only Microsoft's price which should be based off of their headquarters location.
  • That would be toally nuts if I had to first know the sales tax of the headquarters location, so I could remove that from the price, then add my local sales tax to the price.  It doesn't matter what the phone costs in Bellevue, Washington unless you are buying the phone there.  It's much easier the way it is now, where you see the base price and can multiply by the tax rate in your particular location.  If you choose, you can travel to a state without a sales tax and pay the listed price.
  • Like what Matthew Fifer said below. It's localized for the tax rate and if you live in a particular region you should know what your tax rate is. I never said it wasn't nuts lol. Anyways my comment about the headquarters location of Microsoft was in regards to Microsoft's online store. It shouldn't have to be localized for your particular area. It should be based on the location of where the goods were sold. And for that matter it's why I do a lot of my shopping on Amazon because a lot of their products like TV's, Computer's, etc have 0% sales tax. Talk about sticker shock in a good way!!!
  • That's not how it works any longer.  There was a time where retailers were not expected to care about the tax rates elsewhere but now individual states have enacted laws basically forcing the retailers to charge at least state tax in order to do business in the state.  It mostly (seems) to impact businesses that have a physical presence in the state even if that's not the branch of business performing the transaction.
  • Fair enough, it does depend on where you live, but for me it still is 0% sales tax if I buy through Amazon.
  • RTH314 is half right.  Each State set's its own tax rate, BUT it depends on the state whether the state sets the tax or it's localized.  For instance, I live in Chicago, Cook County tax rate is 9.5%.  If I were to go out to a neighboring county it would range from 7-9%.  The state does not maintain a consistent Sales tax in Illinois, it is all dependent on location within the state.  Counties further downstate that are mostly rural farm land range as low as 6%.   However, I grew up in Indiana and they have a set rate for the entire state (7% currently).  In other words....unless for some reason you are driving hundreds of miles to buy something, or are brand new to the county/area you live, you SHOULD know the tax rate and know what you will pay.  
  • Or, you could just live in a state that has no sales tax. If you are buying online, you are charged sales tax for where the item is bing shipped to, IE where you live, so it is pretty simple. The only time i get thrown off is when I am traveling. Since I live in a state with no sales tax, I can buy somthing form a state with sales tax, and as long as it ships to me, I still dont have to pay sales tax.
  • same with Canada, since taxes are collected differently depending on which province/territory you're in.
  • Pre-Ordered my $649 950XL which became $687.94 with sales tax! Yikes! And dealing with pennies. Really wish tax was built into the price to avoid sticker shock.  Oh well.
  • States like Oregon, New Hampshire, Delaware don't have any sales tax, so of course prices are only listed w/o tax. Also, it's damn nice to know how much cost the government is adding to the transaction. If the tax is buried in the price, many won't realize how much of their money the government is taking and adding cost (friction) to the economy. By adding it afterwards, we know how much of our wallet pain is government-based. Also, the dollar is strong right now, so there's only a 6% delta (.94 euros = 1 US dollar) based on today's exchange rates. It's not the 20% it was a year or so ago. At that small a difference, even before VAT, you'd expect prices to be about the same between the two currencies.
  • Sad thing is that lower end orange Lumia in the picture looks more exciting than these two new high end devices.....
  • I have a Lumia 735 and I think a Lumia 950XL looks even better. Both great looking phones.
  • Completely disagree.  And when you see the phones in person, you will see what I mean.
  • Let me correct your post: "Sad thing is that lower end orange Lumia in the picture looks more exciting TO ME than these two new high end devices" To me that phone looks like a toy, if you've seen the phones in at&t commercial for example they look very sleek, then again I guess it is a matter of taste.
  • don't forget that the $ prices do not include taxes as this varies between states! 649$ is 609.73€. there is 21% VAT in netherlands from what i found online. this means out of the 699€ you pay, microsoft gets 577€. this is actually less than they get from the US purchase. now depending on which state you buy it in, it might be cheaper than buying it in Europe, but Microsoft is not making more money from their sales in Europe
  • I wouldn't buy it for 699£ but it feels a lot cheaper 419£...
  • I wonder I those Palm wireless chargers we had 5 years ago will work? I have about 4-5 in a box somewhere.
  • If they use the QI standard, they should work.
  • They do not work. I recently unearthed an old Palm Pre to use as a trade and it really is a beautiful phone.
  • upsidedown is right -- they do not work with Qi phones. I also have them and have tried and confirmed this. While the Touchstone (Palm's name for that charger) was superior in many ways -- it held the phone at a great viewing angle, it magnetically locked the phone in place in both portrait and landscape modes (well enough to use on a dashboard of a car even on bumpy roads), and the phone would automatically change its display if it sensed it was on the Touchstone (no need to tap like with NFC), it also suffered from a very, very weak power transfer. If you were running battery intensive apps (say GPS navigation concurrent with a weak cell signal for the map data transfer), it could actually drain the batter faster than the Touchstone could charge it. I would love a magnetic-locking Lumia or other Windows Phone wireless charger similar to the Touchstone, but with the wireless charging strength of Qi.
  • Hoi Jasper,
    Where do you buy your Microssoft chargers cases etc. from? I already pre-ordered my XL from BTW
  • $1129.00 in Australia way too expensive for me.
  • Which is fastest, USB or wireless?
  • USB will be faster, but depending on ones situation wireless can be much more convienent. I have chargers at my desk and end-tables that allow me to simply set my phone down and have it charging. I rarely worry about power.    
  • My partner usually goes to sleep before me, and I usually wake up first. So using a wireless charger is pretty great, because I don't have to turn on a light or fumble for a cord. 
  • Lol well I doubt it would support the 9w(provided you're using something like the moto turbo charger which is now available in mob nations storefronts) gains from say the Samsung EP-PN920TBEGUS
  • USB definitely, and with USBTC it's gonna be like that for the foreseeable future..
  • Wireless will almost always be less efficient and therefore slower. Especially when one considers the inclusion of Qualcomm QuickCharge, which (as the article states) means it's possible for your device to go from 10% to 50% within 30 minutes. Pretty impressive, especially if you forgot to charge your phone and need a quick top-up before you rush out the door. However, wireless charging isn't really meant for speed, it's all about convenience. Wireless charging enables you to just plop your phone down and have it start charging, just like that. If you're at your desk, you can just set your phone down and have it begin charging without really thinking or putting any thought into it. This is especially nice if you're only going to be at your desk for 10 minutes: The slower charging speed is irrelevant in this case because most people couldn't be bothered to plug in their phone when they're only going to be there a short time. Especially if they're not terribly low on battery and/or don't have a charging cord immediately available. As such, wireless charging works best when you buy multiple charging pads and place them strategically where you spend decent periods of time. I.E: One at your desk, one on the coffee table in the living room, another on the bedside table, etc. Wireless charging also has the added benefit of doing less wear and tear on the charging port on the device, so it's less likely to wear out (That annoying situation when you've gotta hold your phone in a certain way to get it to charge). Of course, this depends on how aggressively you insert the charger, what quality chargers you're using, how frequently you're plugging and unplugging, etc. So you're own mileage may vary. So wired charging is for speed and efficiency (Also cheaper most of the time), wireless charging is more for convenience.
  • I have one of the original wireless chargers they sold for the Lumia 920. But, I wouldn't mind getting a newer one, if the price was right. 
  • I have one of the charging stands I got with my 920. Still my favorite.
  • DT-910. I have 2 of them (for me and my wife) Yep, great charging stand.
  • I have a couple of DT-910 Charging Stands and I just received my 950 XL yesterday. I placed it on the stand and it wouldn't charge.
    ​I found I needed to put the phone on its side to get the sensors aligned to start charging. That's a bit of a downer. One hope is that the Mozo replacement back I have coming has the sensors in a slightly different place. Is this the same for the 950? Or is it just a 950XL issue?  
  • I have two 903s, work and home. Nice. Just the right size for my 830.
  • Yup
     I got one of those, it still works on my 830 and my wife's 1520  
  • I have 3 of the DT-910 since I had the 820. I can always have a look at Glance on the desk at work, in the living room and next to the bed as alarm clock in flight mode. For very long days outside I also have the expensive DC-50 wireless battery pack which I can put into a case together with the phone and don't have to worry about cables and plugs in the backpack. I don't need that too often with the 1520 of course.
  • i have a pair of fatboy wireless chargers.... one at my desk at work, and one next to my bed. i think i'm covered
  • Nice! Bought a black wireless charger from Nokia (the original one), and then a Fatboy pillow wireless charger in red. And my Lumia 920 came with a Man of Steel wireless charger (I had bought the Man of Steel Lumia 920)
  • Any recommendations on Qi wireless charging power banks?  I was going to get this one but some reviews on Amazon claim it exploded or caused a fire... Reviews of others always seem to have some negative aspect...
  • I just bought a Nokia power bank. It both charges your phone wirelessly and charges itself wirelessly, which is cool. In fact, it can do both at the same time, like a little charging sandwich. Once I get my 950 (or XL), my plan is to use that device on my desk at work as a wireless charger, where I can easily grab it before business trips to use both as a charging bank and as a wireless charger at the hotel. They're currently $30 at the Microsoft Store (discounted from $60), with free shipping. I used a $10 bing rewards coupon to snag it for $20.
  • Thanks for the recommendation.  I just bought one (white) from the MS store.  Wish they carried black (to match my XL), but oh well. 
  • I've had one since April. It's great because you can just throw it in a bag, when you need the charge, you put both in your pocket and go. One thing though: It's weird if the battery is fully charged when you add a phone: It's not quite smart enough to power from USB so you end up killing the battery. Easy problem to solve though: When you drop s phone on the fully charged battery, unplug and re-plug the battery. Also it'll grey over time but that's fine. #fyi
  • That is funny. One of the images for the product you are looking at on Amazon shows an iPhone being wirelessly charged without a case.
  • I am using for last three years and works great!
  • Wireless charging is my main method as I generally charge mine over night. If I have to charge through the day I'll use the usual charger as it's quicker.
  • I fortunately invested heavily in to qi wireless chargers, I got a nokia wireless charging stand free with my Lumia 925, I bought a second hand JBL PowerUP bluetooth speaker and the Nokia in car charger, unfortunately due to an accident and failure to repair, my wireless charging hasn't worked for almost 2 years with the wireless charging shells that you need for the 925. I'm hoping the in-car charger will fit the Lumia 950XL, and I can actually finally install it in to my car.
  • the shells are known to not line up the pins corectly, I had to put some tape on some corners just to move it slightly.   finally i just removed the 925 back and put the coil from the shell directly inside the 925. works perfectly since.
  • Same here. I put the coil inside a Lumia 925 first thing. Love it.
  • I'm also curious if the 950 XL will fit in the car charger. I've had a Lumia 1520, and as much as I love the charger, fitting the L1520 in there was less than pleasing.
  • Does not work. Not the right way up, not upside down. 
  • What happened to Qi 1.2?  It was announced like over a year ago, sounded amazing, but then haven't heard a darn thing about it since.  I've been eagerly waiting for this.  Looks like a much better platform for chargers hidden from view inside furniture and such.  The only thing better than a wireless charger is an invisible one. ​I did it on my work desk, but I had to chisel out a LOT of wood from the underside:        
  • Nice! Always wondered about doing the same on my night stand. Actually, now, why not? Weekend project! Thanks!
  • Wow.  That's some next-level ingenuity.  Achievement unlocked!
  • I carved out a book. Put in the charger and keep it on my night stand.
  • On topic: I have the Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder for my Lumia 920 and in 8.1 I have trouble with it triggering Cortana at seemingly random intervals. Makes it mostly unusable as a holder if I'm using navigation. Annoying because otherwise I really like it. Less topical: Are there reviews coming soon for the 950 & 950XL? It's days away from them shipping now and I haven't even heard rumours of review devices being out and about.
  • snapdragon 800+ has the "Hey Cortana" feature. so the 1520, 930/Icon and now the 950 and 950XL can be activated via voice from any screen even when on standby.
  • I don't have this issue with L930 and my Nokia wireless car holder.
  • We have to wait for our good buddies at Windows Central to get their hands on the units before we get a video review. Sadly, they probably won't have a unit until they are released to the masses, so if you plan to hold off buying until you see a video review...then you'll be waiting a bit.
  • Usually there's a review "embargo" on preview units until the device ships.  See e.g., last week's launch of the Ipad Pro, which coincided with ALL of the official reviews.  Pretty standard these days.  In fact, I think it's a condition of being given a pre-release unit. 
  • Hoping that my old Nokia DT-900 still works with the new 950 XL...
  • no reason why it wouldn't.
  • It should. The Qi standard hasn't changed since.
  • Though there have been improvements. Samsung for example shipped a unit that supports up to 9w intput
  • 1.2 but, no sure if the 950 XL supports it...but, they would be backwards compatable...
  • It would.
  • Did it? I also have the DT900.
  • Anyone knows if the "Nokia Wireless Charging car holder CR-201” which I use with my L930 will also work with the L950 & L950xl? The potential issue I see is the camera button's location. With the L930 the holder's grip exactly fits next to the camera button. But if you put the phone just a little bit sideways in the holder the grip will press on the camera button and the camera app will start first thing in the holder... So... If 950's cam button is just a tiny bit off location compared to L930 the holder grip risk the press the cam button constantly.
  • Nope. Either way up it does not charge.
  • It works for me, but can be slightly tempramental occasional loss of power. (950, don't know about the XL)
  • One Fatboy red, one Fatboy Black DT901, one Nokia DT900 @work, one DT601 @travelling, one Nokia JBL PowerUP MD100W ...I'm ready for my 950. ;)
  • i wonder when fast charging will come to the wireless charging, if possible
  • Samsung shipped a unit in August but input is limited to 9 of the 15w that qc2.0 allows
  • I will be using the same charger I lay my 920 on every night.  I dont suppose the usb fast charge will work with lower output like comes from my car cigartte lighter usb plug but hopefully it will be sufficient to not drain the battery when using the phone for navigation.
  • I helped kickstart znaps a couple months ago waiting for the usb-c with the 950xl, thinking ahead of time.  I don't mind the wires.
  • Does anyone know if I can disable the light on the Nokia charger? It will disturb my sleeping
  • Tape
  • Or just pull out the plug! LOL
  • You can disable the light at night. Click the link to the video and you will go to the original article reviewing the unit.
  • Yes, it has a night mode. Go into the devices hub in your settings menu and select the Nokia charger. There is a night mode setting.
  • If MS releases a fast-charging wireless charger, I will get it. Otherwise, my free one from my 920 will be just fine.
  • Was about to ask if the 920 wireless charger can be use. If it does that would be great. Friday can't come fast enough... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The one Samsung released last August is capable
  • Let's see... since I bought my 920 at launch I got the free wireless charger, then I went crazy when AT&t had their fire sale ($5) last year. Now I have two charging stands (home office & work office) and five more flat chargers! I gave one to a friend who had a Galaxy S5, two are in use at home (nightstand/living room) and the rest are in storage.  Yeah, ready for my 950. But I'll wait a week, then get it for $99! They always drop the price soon after launch during the holidays! I actually got $50 back when they dropped the price of my 920 a week after I bought it!
  • I need a new adhesive disc for a nokia cr201 car charger to stick it to the windscreen, anyone know where to source them? Thanks
  • The Qi-infinity T900 Folding Qi Wireless Charger Dock looks really cool, i wonder if it charge faster than my old ​Nokia DT910 Wireless Charging Stand or the same
  • What about the wireless chargers used wih the Lumia 920s.  Would those work with the 950s?  No sense in buying a new charger if you don't have to ya know.
  • Yes they'll work
  • DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THE 950/XL supports the NEW QI 1.2 chargers ?
  • Hoping the MS store has a Christmas sale on the DT-903​ charger!
  • I bought one of the 'generic' round ones for cheap, then printed this holder at my local library to hold it. Cost to print around $3.      
  • Wow!  THat's really cool.  Nicely done. 
  • Or I can keep using $5 ones I stocked up on when at&t had a sale
  • I bought this one until MS releases a new Microsoft branded one to replace the old defunked Nokia branded ones:
  • Wow!  That's really cool.  Nicely done.
  • Works perfect with Toyota's new Tacoma built in Qi pad. New truck new phone sounds good to me.
  • i own all 3 TYLT VU wireless chargers. Love them all. Easily the best on the market!
  • Don't buy the car charger, I have one and the arm mechanism to close broke super easily.
  • I love wireless charging I have 5 DT-903 plates in my house. One I each room. So when I'm at home it be wireless. For my work I do a lot of driving and highly recommended the Nokia wireless car holder. I suggest getting the newest version as the older one doesn't support larger phones also broke from a design issue. When I'm at jobs I will be using the type C as I get time to play games and browse the web battery does seem to disappear quickly. I'm very excited to get my 950xl will be a good Christmas
  • Sadly my 950 XL won't charge with the Nokia car charger. 
  • Wireless all the way! My heavily taxed two year old 1520 hardly ever gives me battery problems since it's so easy to keep it topped up...
  • Only thing with wireless is that it seems you can't find good wallet cases that support wireless charging, or does anyone have a good reference? will it work?
  • How about the ikea charger?
  • The Ikea charges are awesome! I like the Jyssen. Planning to drill a hole in my bedside table, and spraypaint the charger the same color as the table. That'll be cool!
  • A must for wireless charging to is the portable wireless charger from Nokia. I got it free in the wireless bundle when I got the 930. Its really good for trips where a usb or plug is not available. Also if you get a rubber band but it round your phone and charger you can charge in your pocket.
  • I will continue to use my DT910 wireless charging stand for overnight charging but a USB-C fast charging dock would be useful for the office. Are there any upright USB-C fast charging docks?
  • I hope the DT-904 comes in a black or dark gray. My white DT-903 is discoloring on the top and it looks bad. It almost looks as though the plastic is experiencing some sort of thermal damage color change. At any rate I would prefer a darker color for the office.
  • Great news.....I never heard that Microsoft has also wireless charging feature in their phones. I thought only Samsung is offering this feature in S6 as they introduced wireless charging......;-)
  • Cool; so this is assumed to work unless AT&T breaks the 950 the way they broke the 1520 by hopping into bed with Duracell and disabling the built in Qi wireless innards the phone came with from the factory, then requiring you to buy a Duracell case with the wireless embedded in it to use with the special Duracell wireless charging pad that cost twice as much as the Nokia versions. I won't be falling for that again...
  • Mark, Thanks for the info on the various wireless charger options- didnt know about Anker or the QI-Infinity folding charger - both of those look good alternates to the microsoft ones...
  • my Aunty Elise just got an awesome metallic Mazda CX-7 SUV just by part time work from a compute➨➨➨➨➨➨➨➨➨➨➨ w­­w­­w­.b­u­z­z­n­e­w­s­9­9­.­c­o­­m  
  • Ive got two dt 900 still in perfect condition. Will def continue to use those with my new Lumia 950 :)
  • Will the older Nokia wireless chargers with the Fatboy covers that I used with the the older Nokia Lumias work with this phone?    Will the Nokia 903 charger, charge more slowly than the 904, or is it simply a change in logo that we are waiting for? 
  • Hey Mark, What about the Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate DC-50 ? Why isn't that mentioned here? I was thinking of purchasing that for my XL.
  • Will the wireless charger of 920 work for 950 and 950 xl?
  • Please test the Nokia CR-200 Qi car charger with the 950 / 950xl.  Does the right side clip still hit the camera button like on the Icon/930?  
  • That was a real pain with the 930, but it's worse with the 950XL. It just won't charge in the Nokia car charger.
  • In my case the DT-910 Wireless Charger Stand will not charge my Lumia 950 XL. If it should I would like to know. It does charge my Lumia 820 and 930 without any problem.
  •   Same problem here. It starts charging if you put in on the stand on it's side (buttons facing up), but the charging takes ages, most likely because reception is bad. I think the antenna is too far up that it doesn't "see" the antenna.   Also it fails to charge on my CR-200 and CR201, most likely for the same reason. It does charge fine on the IKEA chargers though. I truly think this is a design flaw. They should change the location of the antenna, and maybe even make the cover slightly thinner. It would be nice to see Microsoft replacing the covers for ones that work properly.
  • same problem here with my Lumia 950 and my CR201 ... is not matter of power?
  • no. problem is in lumia 950 size... try move phone on charger and charging start but you cant fix phone in this position...
  • The Nokia Wireless Car Charger is not compatible with the 950XL's size. Either way up the charger doesn't pick up on the mobile device.
  • is compatible, but problem is in size... you can charge phone but cant fix it without rubber bands :D LOL
  • I bought two of the Qi-infinity T900 chargers.  Got them yesterday.  Tried using them with both the 950 and 950 xl and the phones and the chargers got pretty darn warm.  Like scary warm.  Anybody else have this happen?  I'm thinking of sending these back unless someone can say that that heat doesn't hurt both the phones and the chargers and/or is normal.  When plugged into the USB chargers that came with the phones, they don't get hot very much at all. The other thing I wondered was about the plug at the wall.  The T900 comes with a couple of USB cables that plug into the T900, but nothing to plug into the wall.  I took a plug that I used with the USB cable for the Lumia 928.  I hope it doesn't matter what that "plug unit" is.  Otherwise, maybe I have to get a new one of those, too. Any words of advice?
  • When I plug in my 950XL using the charger that came with it, it gets warm. It gets about as much warm when using the wireless charger. Just ensure you're using 2amps+ inwall psu.
  • car holder CR-200 not working with Lumia 950 XL... phone is too big. if i move phone 1,5 cm down, charging starts but cant fix phone in that position. seems Microsoft forgot to place coil in right position for car holder charger
  • Tried the qi infinity on two lumia 950 XL : NOT CHARGING ! Not compatible with the 950xl
  • Try the samsung qi wireless car charger s.
    Works with 950, i heard it also works with the xl.
    The power button seems to be lightly touched but it doesnt get pressed no matter how strong the Phone is in the mount.
    Also u can put the phone a little higher in the mount so the arm of the mount is exactly between the button. Still charging.
    Also the car adapter gives more power and it is cheaper, look for it on amazon.
    Totally happy with it!
  • Both Nokia Car charger CR-200/201 are not compatible with Lumia 950/XL!!!! Please update the article!
  • I found that they are but the phone coil is too highly mounted to level the qi coil ... Im working on moving the coil in the phone... Seems to work!