Chime in: Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update on IDOL 4S and Elite x3

The Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update has been out for a few months, so we thought it was a good time to check in with our readers and see how things are going with the latest version of the OS on flagship devices like the Alcatel IDOL 4S and HP Elite x3. Both of those devices were released in late 2016, and they come packing a number of bells and whistles.

Most notably, the IDOL 4S and the Elite x3 are both devices that feature the Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM, making them the most powerful Windows phones to date. Considering all that power, the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update has been operating great on our IDOL 4S and Elite x3 handsets.But what about you? There is a related conversation going on in our forums right now.

We saw many reviews when the Lumia 950, the Elite X3 and the Alcatel 4s came out all claiming great software and poor and buggy software. Well it's been a while now. How are those devices treating you? Still buggy and laggy or has the creators update made them better?


Even devices like the Lumia 950, which came out in 2015, were improved with the Creators Update. As we mentioned in our Lumia 950 review a year later, things have improved a lot since the 950 launched in late 2015. All of the launch bugs are no longer present, and things are operating much better. The Creators Update, for us at least, definitely improved things, including battery life and overall performance. We know that wasn't exactly the case on lower-end devices, but for the high-end ones, things are running buttery-smooth here.

What about you? How is the Creators Update for Windows 10 Mobile treating your IDOL 4S or Elite x3? Make sure you let us know in our forums.

From the forums: Lumia 950, Alcatel 4s and HP Elite X3, how's the Creators Update treating you?

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