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Microsoft Lumia 950: A year later and a world apart

The Microsoft Lumia 950 is a year old this week, which is pretty unbelievable considering it feels like just yesterday many of us were blown away by the Lumia 950 XL's "liquid cooled" Snapdragon 810 and Windows Hello integration. As a Windows phone fan myself, the Lumia 950 series was exactly what I was hoping for from Microsoft at the time of announcement.

But it didn't take long to realize that the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL were plagued with a number of launch issues and general software bugs that Microsoft had missed with Windows 10 Mobile, so much so the Lumia 950 was basically unrecommendable for several months after launch.

It's been an entire year since then, however, and I thought it would be a good idea to take a second look at the Lumia 950, a year later, to see how things have improved or gotten worse.


When launched a year ago, both Lumia models were rocking the latest from Snapdragon. The 950 features a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, with the 950 XL packing a "liquid cooled" octa-core Snapdragon 810, both rocking 3GBs of RAM and 32GB of storage with QHD screens.

Although no longer the latest from Snapdragon, both the 808 and 810 hold up pretty well with Windows 10 Mobile. In fact, thanks to a number of software optimizations done with the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL actually run better than ever. But when compared to the competition, the Lumia 950/XL is no longer "up there" compared to devices launching with the Snapdragon 820, which is to be expected.

Battery life has also improved thanks to the Anniversary Update. Using the Lumia 950 with a 3000mAh battery, I can get through an entire workday very comfortably with medium usage. The 950 XL lasts longer, due to its 3400mAh battery, meaning you can get through an entire workday and then some pretty easily. I have no complaints regarding battery life.

The Lumia 950/XL run better than ever with the Anniversary Update

Lumia cameras have always been a point of pride for Windows phone fans, but the competition has worked hard and indeed caught up — the Lumia 950 no longer sports "the best" camera on the market. Apple and Samsung and others have stepped up their camera game, so much so our recent blind test comparing the Lumia 950 with a number of rivals confirmed that the Lumia 950 failed to keep up with the latest flagship devices released from this year.

Lumia 950 camera app

Lumia 950 camera app (Image credit: Windows Central)

That's not to say the Lumia 950's camera is atrocious, because it most certainly isn't. It's still one of the most approachable, easy and configurable cameras you can get on a smartphone, it's just no longer the very best. That was always going to happen eventually, so this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. I'd still recommend the Lumia 950 for its camera, even with rival smartphones offering better alternatives, because the camera on the Lumia 950 is still excellent.

Check out sample shots in our Lumia 950 review


But hardware isn't all about specs, there's a design element that's important to many as well. When the Lumia 950/XL launched, it was immediately criticized for its design, and rightly so. It was a boring, industrial plastic design that was turning no heads in a busy crowd. To some, that's perfectly fine, but to others, this was simply unacceptable considering the Lumia line of devices used to be known for their outlandish designs and crazy colour configurations.

Although Microsoft still sells the boringly designed Lumia 950/XL, third-party manufacturers like Mozo have stepped up and created a number of unique, classy and crazy shells that many Lumia fans have come to love. One of the most popular options from Mozo is the leather shell with silver rim, making the 950 series look and feel much more premium.

Microsoft's Lumia 950 design hasn't held up too well over the last year.

But those that have stuck with the back that came in the box, well, those haven't held up well over time. Many Lumia 950 users have complained about creaking at the corners, and an odd issue with my 950 XL caused the vibrate motor to stop working when using the Microsoft-made shells. Not everyone has suffered from these hardware issues however, so your mileage may vary. The Mozo shells don't creak nearly as much, if at all.

Other smartphones released this year are also simply more appealing when it comes to design. The iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel among many others are simply more attractive smartphones. Microsoft's design for the Lumia 950 isn't winning any awards in this department.

If you're looking to buy a Lumia 950 today, I wouldn't suggest so based on design alone. I'd definitely recommend you buy a Mozo shell, as they really do wonders spicing up and making the Lumia 950 look and feel much more premium. If design isn't something you care about however, you should be good to go on this remark, however keep in mind the standard shells from Microsoft might not hold up well in the long run.


When the Lumia 950 first launched, it was plagued with a bucketful of software bugs that made the entire 950/XL experience dreadful to many. Windows 10 Mobile wasn't ready for primetime back then, with the 950 launching with the Windows 10 November Update. Some issues included random and frequent reboots, the camera being slow, leggy and constantly crashing with save errors, Store app failing to download, apps duplicating themselves on the Apps List with no way to remove, and a whole lot more.

You'll be glad to hear that the Lumia 950/XL has improved the most in this space, so much so I can actually recommend the Lumia 950 series now. At launch the software was so bad I couldn't recommend the 950 to anyone, but those issues have been rectified up through to the Anniversary Update released earlier this year. Windows 10 Mobile performs a lot faster, with a number of much-needed changes and improvements making the Lumia 950 a much more usable and enjoyable Windows phone.

Features such as Glance screen, which were peculiarly missing from the Lumia 950 when it first launched, are now here and working much like you would expect. Pretty much all of the software issues have been rectified, and this experience should only get better as time goes on thanks to Microsoft supporting Windows 10. Microsoft is working on the next software update — the Creators Update — that will feature even more changes and improvements to Windows 10 Mobile, and that update will be available on the Lumia 950 on day one.

The Anniversary Update makes the Lumia 950 a much more attractive buy a year after launch.

It's encouraging to see Microsoft working to fix all of the original launch issues, making the Lumia 950 experience basically pleasurable to use, assuming you're okay with Windows 10 Mobile of course.

Microsoft has also introduced tap-to-pay on the Lumia 950 since launch, which is a big deal to many. Unfortunately, it only works in the United States right now, but it works very well and has Windows Hello authentication built right in. This is just another example of improvements that have shown up on the Lumia 950 since it launched.

Some issues that aren't directly related to the Lumia 950, such as the app-gap, are still apparent and haven't really improved much. On the bright side, Twitter and Facebook have introduced new Windows 10 specific apps which work great on the 950, whilst other developers, like banks, have been pulling their apps. It's not terrible, but it's not great either. If you're an avid app user, it's still hard to wouldn't recommend the Lumia 950, or any Windows 10 Mobile device for that matter.

Final Thoughts

The Lumia 950 has improved so much over the last year, it's actually pretty amazing. Buying a Lumia 950 today is like buying a whole different phone from the one that hit shelves a year ago. Back then I couldn't recommend the Lumia 950 to anyone based on a sea of software issues and lackluster hardware design, but Microsoft has done well tackling and fixing all the software issues, and third-party manufacturers such as Mozo have stepped in and improved upon the 950 design.

If you're a Windows phone fan and are on the fence about buying a Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL, I wouldn't hesitate to endorse that decision. If you're still using an older Lumia, then this upgrade will be worth your while. If you're coming from other platforms however, it's a different story.

If you're all-in on the Microsoft ecosystem and apps aren't a huge deal to you, absolutely check out the Lumia 950. It's the best Windows 10 Mobile experience on the market right now. Sure, there are newer high-end devices like the HP Elite x3 and Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10, but if you want a full, all-round Windows 10 Mobile experience, the Lumia 950 is exactly what you should get.

It all comes down to what you need from a smartphone.

That's if you can find one to buy, as Microsoft no longer manufacture the Lumia 950 series. They're also dirt cheap these days, with many deals offering the 950 for under $300. That's a stellar deal if you're looking to make the move from an older Lumia, and one you should definitely snap up before they're all gone.

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I think it's fair to say Microsoft has done very well in fixing a lot of the launch issues the 950/XL suffered from. I honestly believe the 950 is the best all-round Windows phone you can buy right now, and one you can buy knowing you'll be supported for the next couple of years. If you're still rocking an older Lumia, like the 930, 1520 or even older, the 950 is an excellent upgrade for you.
  • Need to replace my AT&T 950 with a broken screen, but haven't seen it for less than $300.  Where are they selling for less?
  • I've seen a few deals pop up here and there. Can't pinpoint a specific one though.
  • I had the same issue,bought one at Amazon for $90 and got it within 4 days
  • @nick popplewell 
    I had the same issue, bought one at Amazon for $90 and got it within 4 days
      What, a brand new 950XL?!?
  • 1) they never mentioned a 950XL, just a 950. And 2) that is the price for a 950 replacement screen / digitizer on Amazon.
  • ...that is the price for a 950 replacement screen / digitizer on Amazon.
    1) OP never asked where can he get a replacement screen/digitiser either, he just said he had an AT&T 950 with a broken screen, & asked where can he get a whole 950 for less than 300. So when the respondant said "...bought one...", I was thinking, huh, bought what, a whole 950(XL)?!? Thanks for the clarification.
  • Just have a look on eBay. Lots of choices there and you can get the unlocked version.
  • I had the screens shatter on both of my phones and bought the OEM screens they have on Amazon. They are about $100.00 and fairly simple to swap out as long as you have the right tools. Keep in mind that these replacement screens may or may not come with replacement speaker, vib motor, and audio flex cable. However, these can be removed from your old screen and applied to the new one with little work. I just recommend watching the complete teardown video on youtube to learn how to do it.
  • Haven't dropped by 950 yet knock on wood! But this is what I loved about Nokia & Microsoft phones. Before we upgraded our kids from 520's to 640's, I could replace digitizers for $2.00 or less including shipping and could complete the job back to logon within 4 minutes.
    Now it's a bit more pricier and a bit more complicated with the newer phones but just swapping out the whole LCD and digitizer isn't so bad.
  • Check B&H photo. Sometimes they also have open box items for even better deals. I have bought "9" rated used items (phones, tablets) from them on multiple occasions, and I couldn't even tell the items had been used. 
  • take it to a repair shop. There's a couple in my city that repair Windows phones for less than $100 each and competitively priced to fixing Android and Blackberry phones.
  • The AT&T 950 is 246$ on right now.
  • ebay
  • If you are ok with a used one, I just switched over to a new android phone for work reasons. I have one in good condition I would be willing to sell (AT&T 950 with Tech 21 Case). 
  • I agree entirely these phones are great.
  • A better all rounder than the HP X3?
  • The Elite x3 is very much orientated towards business. It's big and heavy, camera isn't amazing, plus other small things that the 950 just does better.
  • Yeah just look at the price. When the Lumia 950 dropped to £250 w/ Display Dock in the UK (At times it's had a £40 cashback offer too, making it more like £210) I think it became the best value W10M device for sure. HP Elite X3 is great and all, even if it's business focussed but there are things the 950 does better than may be more important to consumers.
  • The HP Elite x3 was a much better phone at launch. It’s the big reason I bought one because my 950XL was constantly restarting. I would recommend the HP over the 950s if taking pictures is not a priority. The HP is a big phone. Thin but larger like the 1520. That said after reading this article I’m going to get out my 950XL. And update the software. You are also right about the Mozo cases. I have the leather backing and it really made the 950 a premium looking phone. That’s something that HP always lacked for their phone. There are very few accessories for the x3. 
  • of course it is, it's best windows phone to get no questions asked, for the price an what you get, indeed, if you looking for bigger, just get XL version.
  • As long as you have $2000+ and are wanting to use HP Workspace for x86 virtualization :)
  • $900 phone + $500 lapdock + $300 accessories + $349 desk dock + .... It all adds up!
  • While the X3 is a really nice phone, it may be too large for many. Myself included.
  • Thanks for the article. I've had the 950 since it was launched and use it as my daily driver. My experience on the phone has improved over the least year. But, to say that all the software issues have been resolved seems like a bit of a reach to me. W10M is still maturing and it feels that way to me. If you can find this phone for $300 though, that is a great deal and I would recommend it to someone already committed to W10M.
  • Question for ya. How has the battery lasted? I just had to ship my 950xl as the battery crapped out after 8months.
  • My 950's battery started swelling a couple of months ago to where my Mozo back cover no longer was flush on the side.  I wasn't very happy that I could not get a replacement battery via OEM channels, but ended up getting what is most likely an authentic OEM battery via AliExpress.  I did do a lot of wireless charging and let is sit on the charger overnight.  I'm changing that behavior now....  
  • Could you please provide a link to the battery you found? I might buy 2, just in case we need a fresh one, should be getting close to needing a new one now, almost been a full year!
  •  100% Original Battery BV-T5E For Microsoft Lumia 950 RM-1106 RM-1104 RM-110 McLa 3000mAh Should work as a search term on AliExpress. You would need to wait till tomorrow night for a link.
  • You legend, thanks mate!
  • The battery for my 950 is still going strong. However, I just took my wife's 950XL into a Microsoft Store a few weeks ago because of constant reboots and a mess of other issues. The tech blamed it on a bulging battery and replaced it for us. So far her phone has been working much, much better with the new battery.
  • I need to take a look at my battery, anybody got a picture of what this "bulging" looks like? I've got a second battery on the way anyway for being able to swap it out if I run out of juice when out and about, that's happened to me on a few nights out recently and my only portable charger right now is a 21,000 capacity to a little bulky, easy enough to swap out to a 100% battery
  • To be fair, I don't think he said that all issues were fixed.  He stated that the software was improved the most and all "launch issues" were fixed.  Which I agree with having also purchased a 950 as soon as they became available.
  • Hi Zac! I'm rocking a 950 since February and love it more and more with each software update. Definitively recommended to WP lovers still using older Lumias. You mentioned in your article about MS improving MS mobile a lot with Creators Update but so far Fast Ring builds have been pretty meh to say the least. Do you know if really cool and useful features are to be expected with regards to mobile in Creators Update? I know you probably can't talk about that for NDA reasons and such, but a simple confirmation would do fine. :)
  • Well desktop hasn't seen any new features either yet...
  • You can hide "All Apps" in the start menu, and on mobile you can lock the phone screen and keep Continuum running, they are pretty much the two features that come to mind but not many others really. I think in terms of PC the biggest updates are actually the apps and support for new hardware more so than the core OS getting new features, and for mobile the biggest things are Continuum windowed apps which we haven't seen a peep of yet since the early demo - Feel like we need to be seeing that in builds before New Year if it's going to be ready for public release in late Feb
  • I'm surprised at some of the core issues still in the Fast Ring (Which has me worried for some of the more complex updates coming such as the Windowed apps in Continuum making it into RS2 as expected, we need to be seeing this soon really). In the past the core changes seem to have been sorted a couple of months before release, with the Xmas/New Year break they may lose a couple weeks of productivity too.
  • I never had creaking on my stock 950 back cover but my mugenpower extended battery back cover definitely creaks
  • This is such typical Windows Mobile news. Just when MS gets the 950 series to something maybe worth buying, they basically stop selling it. 
  • do we have actual proof they won't be selling it? i heard rumors but is it true? they still selling through their website
  • They have stopped making them. They will continue to sell them as long as they have them in stock.
  • I think they have a hard time selling them, in Canada for cyber Monday, there was a sale where if you bought a 950 xl, they'd give you a 950 along with it, so two phones for the price of one.
  • They usually do those promotions,they did in January ,Easter ,now Black Friday
  • I think they actually ran this promotion earlier this year as well.
  • it's third time they are running it to my knowledge, first time i missed out, I got in on the 2nd one in April, my neighbour and myself went in on the BOGO deal, i got the 950 then,he took the XL, Black Friday deal I went ahead and got BOGO deal again, this time, give my girl my 950, i'm gonna get 950 XL this time and my assistant at work will get a new 950,i then gonna sell my neighbour who got 950 XL previously the dock for 50 bucks, win win situation for everyone
  • Well luckily for us fans not many people want them so the stock should last :-)
  • It's double tap to wake that was added later with a firmware update. Glance was there from day 1 and working fine, until Microsoft screwed it up with Anniversary Update.
  • What happened to glance?  Mine is still working.
  • In my case the double tap broke completely the stability or whatever they put in that firmware apart from that.  After double tapping the probability to have a random restart is almost 25%. But it is something related with the restart from sleeping screen, because even without double tapping I still have chances of have a random restart waking up the phone.
  • Did you perform a complete reset (Factory reset) after Anniversary update, which was the suggestion by MS?
    If not try that. I haven't had any problems since. Actually as I am also participating Insider program, I have seen the improvements in many areas since Anniversary update, so keep waiting, there are more stability coming.
  • I've never seen the suggestion to Factory Reset when a new public build comes out....Also never had to do it either but in some cases it can help and is worth doing if there are specific issues. I wouldn't default to doing it though
  • It's funny I was at a meal after a meeting the other day and a few others had Samsung phones, they all had the Glance Screen feature and I had a little chuckle thinking about how long that's been a core feature in Nokia/MS phones. REALLY hope they keep Glance in any future phones.
  • Poor back cover but a great phone. But what about warranty?
  • I'm on the 939, and don't see a reason to switch.
  • Hey Zac. Really enjoyed this article. I'm still interested in getting 950XL for some sort of office on the go. Are Lumias still overheating after those recent updates where you could keep the screen off?
    Also have you laid your hands on 950xl in terms of using continuum? I wonder if there is much difference.
  • Continuum experience is great.  I only had issues with lagginess if I used Groove while trying to work in Office, but other than that, even the novelty is worth the price of admission in late 2016.
  • In deed, it is. Pity though MS is not doing as much to support Android, Ios etc that it is to assisting them to run MS programmes
  • Definitely agree with this comment. Only thing I'd say about the camera is that "failed to keep up with the latest flagship devices" can sound a bit worse than it is, I have the same argument about it that I do with the HP Elite Camera that just because something isn't the best/the winner in a head-to-head doesn't mean it isn't "good enough". I know you weren't criticising the camera or anything and the statement is valid that it's not as good as newer flagships from others, but phone cameras are kind of getting boring now IMO as they reached the point of any non-budget phone being fine for non-pro photos. Same can be said of phones getting "boring" in general, I always keep an eye on Non Windows phones and don't see anything there to pull me away from W10M, I will be keeping my eye on what Apple do with the iPhone 8 (10 year anniversary after all, so maybe they'll surprise with something awesome) and if MS come out with anything in late 2017-2018 I think it will be when they have something a bit unique to show off.
  • Having bought the 950 XL at launch and having such a horrid experience, as much as I want to upgrade my 1520, I almost feel like I shouldn't get one again out of principle as much as I'd like to.
  • Believe it or not, and like it or not, the Lumia 950xl design is stunning right now and it has aged very very well. Why you ask? Because everyone is going after glass backs and metal. Almost all look the same. And when I remove my 950xl from my pocket, STILL, the faces turn and I see eyes on my phone. Yes, the back is plastic and creaks, but they don't know it creaks. And the camera bump just screams that it means serious business. And also, best camera or not, one thing you CANNOT ignore is the megapixels! 20 megapixel. The amount of zoom I get, even s8 owners marvel at it. So, I would say, lumia 950/XL are the rare phones that actually "aged well." Really well.
  • I really wish that dev's embraced 10. Too bad, left the mobile platform for dead. The 950xl is an amazing phone. I love it. But lack of most every app that is on my iPhone keeps me from moving to it.
  • When microsoft said these were released for the Windows fans, they weren't kidding. It seems they didn't advertise them one bit. Market share went down and we lost some good apps like amazon, ebay, delta, etc. Not good. They really need to work on increasing market share or allow android apps to run on it again.
  • Yeah, and they didn't mean for the "fair weather" type of fans either.
  • I hope they never go down the route of Android apps. It didn't help Blackberry and it won't help W10M - Sure, have tools to port them but not any form of Emulation IMO. The Facebook owned apps ported with OS Meta are getting better (Especially Instagram) and I think it shows that porting can work. Even the feel of scrolling has improved in the Instagram app
  • Why would dev's embrace 10 when there's almost no new hardware being released? And that was is being released is targeted to very small markets: Elite X3 = enterprise, Alcatel Idol = a single carier in a single country, and then some phones that were Japan only. I think that's about it. As a result market share has crashed. And no market share means no devs.
  • very much a vicous cycle that Windows phone has been stuck in for years, but I do agree with your analysis and I think it was a bad mistake on the part of Microsoft to stop manufaring their own phones, announce this retrenchement to everyone, and leave us all in a lurch until some unspecified time in the future for the mold breaking phone of the future.....  
  • and by "mold breaking phone of the future", please read sarcasm.....
  • What are the main apps you are missing? The only app I'd use every now and again that I don't have is one for The Train Line in the UK, as the WP8.1 app can check times/prices but can't store your E-Ticket. Their site makes it sound like you need the App to store the ticket too....Even though they can email it to you just fine, so maybe next time I'll just do that. Sometimes an email with the ticket is just better
  • again, as said many times, Just because YOU don't use apps, does not mean everyone don't use them. I have about 30 apps on my iPhone that are not available on windows mobile. I wish they were, I would be back in a second.....but I use these very regularly.
  • Yes people also say this many times but never come back with specific examples. It wasn't a dig or saying you are wrong.....Just want to get a picture of what it is others need that they don't have out of interest.
  • sirisus xm, ebay, amazon, paypal, air miles, MEC, texture, Disney maps, SPG, national car rental, westjet, ebates, shomi, NHL, Montreal Canadiens, Bay news 9, Shoppers Drug mart, Esso Extra, speedpass, Sobeys, NL classifieds, Kijiji, PC plus, wayfair, Canada post, autism parenting, Doki, MUNmobile, Sportsnet, Coast 101, IHG, Indigo, .......Shall I Continue??????? I use most everyone of these on a regular basis....and regular I mean at least 3 times a day. We travel a lot, so I am always booking hotels, flights, cars etc...I use my apps on my phone since we are on the move most of the time......
  • Dan????? paging Dan Harris??????
  • He calls me out regarding the apps, and then just comments regarding what we were talking about....Oh well!
  • Point proven, thanks for proving I am right once again! peace!
  • The Lumia 950 is $660.07 in my country! Unfortunately
  • which country is that? isn't it possible to purchase online and use courier company to ship phone to your country?
  • Namibia. Most online shops don't ship here and if they do the price is generally the same or even more!
  • Buy mine for $600. It been in use but I give it with continuum dock
  • I really like mine, but without my Mozo leather back, it felt weak and low quality. I was surprised that changing a back cover could change a device that much, but fact is it now feels rock solid and properly balanced. It should have been included with the phone (along with the dock), making it premium instead of partly unfinished...
  • agreed, MOZO makes the 950/xl a sweet device.
  • Correction on the specs: The 950 had a hexacore Snapdragon, where the XL had an octacore Snapdragon.
  • Doesn't the 950 have the hexa core and the XL have the Octa core?
  • The 950 its a super Phone! but the super phone dont work 4 nothing, i love it but a couple of minimun things u do and get so fu... hot and good bye battery, i mean compared to my 640, my 950 only survive a couple more of 8H and i mean im working so i can use it only 1H of 8H... and i try updates, hard resets and all, i mean im not the only one
  • um.. We have tap to pay now?  When did that happen?  How do you set it up?
  • we've got tap to pay for quite sometime, and the 950/XLs have it, the HP Elite 3 and Alcatel doesn't, indeed 950 is best windows phone to get hands down.
  • If you care about tap to pay. I don't. It's a feature I will nver use.  I'm very happy with my Idol 4S which has more RAM, more storage, better processor. If the price goes down on the 950, I will get it as a backup phone.
  • The Alcatel is Great phone,all around 950 is better but Alcatel is Great phone to hold ,that feeling in hand
  • I love the new Alcatel idol 4s! I owned the Lumia 810, HTC M8, And a Lumia 640XL. Just switched to the Alcatel idol 4s... And I love it... Got a phone case to cover the glass cause of the finger smudges. But I love it! Fast smooth very beautiful! I always wanted a Lumia 950. I'm glad the whole bugs are fixed on there! I'm a tmobile carrier and luckily I could get a Alcatel idol 4s. I'm glad they released a new mobile... I think it should be everywhere... Not just tmobile... Cause it a nice phone. 😍
  • If the actual specs were the only thing to consider though then the iPhone wouldn't do as well as it does. It has a tiny battery, fairly low res screen, small amount of RAM - Luckily for them their OS doesn't need all that stuff but I think you reach a point in W10M too where those extra specs don't improve the experience right now - If more 3D stuff comes to W10M with the creators update that could change, and obviously for future Continuum the Idol 4S will be fantastic
  • via the newer Wallet app. Unfortunately, it is also limited by the bank that you use.
  • And country, they did say at some point it will roll out to other countries but they won't give any sort of update on that. They may not even be actively working on doing that.
  • I might see if there's a way to feedback to my bank via their app, they did a UWP app and really support Windows extremely well here in the UK, their old 8.1 app even got pretty much all the features of iOS/Android even if it was a month or two later. Just to see if letting them know people want it could get some discussion going at MS.
  • You do in the US yeah
  • I enjoy my 950XL, too bad there isn't a verizon version.  I have used it when traveling in Europe, popped in a different sim, and was good to go.  We used it as a WiFi hot spot all over Italy and it worked pretty well even though GSM leaves something to be desired.
  • Yeah, lack of Verizon support is the problem for me -- only Verizon (and CDMA carriers who roam on them like Sprint and US Cellular) works in my part of the country. Very frustrating to be stuck with the Lumia Icon for so long, though I admit the Icon remains a very good phone to this day and runs Windows 10 beautifully, but no Continuum or other new features.
  • Windows Mobile OEMs, such as Microsoft, HP and Alcatel's are purposely staying away from CDMA carriers. The cost of CDMA certification is reported to be higher than GSM. Also, Verizon Wireless will be capping it's legacy CDMA network in 2019 when it opens up it's next generation network. My guess is that will be the time new Windows Mobile devices will come to VZW...assuming that there is anything left of it by then.
  • @dexman335, that certainly seems like a reasonable explanation for why no CDMA versions, but I've not seen that anywhere official. Do you have a source for that, or is it just speculation? Note that even though Verizon supports LTE, their band of LTE (13) is also not supported on these phones. Also, if 2019 is the date at which things should change, it seems inconsistent with Microsoft's position to wait that long. Windows 10 works fine with CDMA (as in all the old phones that have updated to Windows 10 that run w/o problem on Verizon, including my Lumia Icon), so it's just validating the hardware. Well, the Alcatel Idol 4S is very similar to their Android model. Surely, someone could just stick Windows 10 on an Android handset approved for Verizon and be done with it. Even a re-filing fee should not be an issue in a case like that where certification is guaranteed (because all the components have already separately passed). I have no better explanation than yours -- all explanations don't seem to make sense. I had originally thought that MS was leaving room for OEM's on Verizon so they wouldn't have to compete with Lumia, but with the X3 and Idol 4S both being GSM-only, that hypothesis seems out the window too...
  • Hi Colin, I don't have an official reference to support my post. The position comes from what I have read online about certification cost disparities and what others have revealed over on the Verizon Wireless community forums. There have been some lively discussions over the lack of Windows Mobile devices for VZW customers and the reasons behind it. Technically, all of these new handsets do have the ability to operate on CDMA networks (with some minor modifications). But, unless the manufacturers submit the units for certification and play licensing fees to Qualcomm, they won't be allowed to do so. Microsoft did say that it was taking a restricted approach short term. What wasn't given is the time line. Add to that, the lack of CDMA variants of the new HP and Alcatel seems to point to the desire of the OEMs to not spend the extra money to get the phones onto networks where they will not sell well. Also throw in that VZW is upgrading so why spend the extra money to put phones onto networks that will be capped off in the near future?
  • My 950XL is still a great device for me, I never had as many bugs in the early days as reports would suggest but it's definitely still feeling a lot more solid and refined nowadays. Even still using the original cover (though with a rubberised hard case over the top, so I don't actually see much of it). Just waiting for tap to pay here in the UK.
  • love my 950xl, only issue i had was the battery. a few month ago i was getting horrible battery life, and eventually noticed that the battery started swelling. it was hard finding a place that was selling a replacement. eventually found a place and now its running great again
  • Wish they sold replaceable batteries. One of the main reasons I got this phone
  • Think you might be able to find some on Amazon. Maybe not direct from MS, but official batteries nevertheless.
  • AliExpress...  got an OEM battery for the 950 for $15.00
  • I haven't seen pro camera features(shutter speed, iso) in most other devices except Lumia. Adjustable HDR/rich capture mode also seems unique.
    After anniversary update, only one app(Mobikwik) in the all app list is duplicated and I find no way to fix it.
  • Take a look at LG. They offer the pro camera features on their phones
  • The back cover was/ is rubbish. The screen is outstanding! The camera is finally without glitches. The whole experience is certainly seamless now. I want a 950XL as they are now 499 in Australia. They should hAve been this price from the beginning. The amount of people that have asked about my 950 is amazing. Few people have them in my circle, only Android and I phone as far as the eye can see. I hope Windows Phone gets better with time. I will certainly keep buying them. Bring on the Surface device.
  • The software bugs like those related to the camera and more (wifi connectivity, sd card, Store, etc) are still there for my L1520 running W10M. I would guess they are not fully solved on the L950s either?
  • No such issues on my 950. Bear in mind that W10M isn't optimised for x20 devices.
  • Yes, after the anniversary update the 950xl was amazing. Then Microsoft produced a small update and my SD card has not worked in the phone since.
  • The 950 is the first high end phone I've ever owned,I've always used Windows Phones and everyone talks smack about it till they look at the graphics and then the camera and video shooter,very impressive,I tell ppl it's a Ferrari for phones
  • I think the fact that WC did not review the XL at all, was telling of the device at launch. However, my XL is great. Screen is the perfect size, and my battery lasts very well, doesn't get hot unless under severe load, and even then not hot hot. The camera is superb, and I love the results. Apps, well that is a platform wide issue. But, the Nat West and RBS apps have been recently updated, and work superbly. Sad to lose the Rightmove app though, as it was so nicely designed. The only app I really miss is Snapchat.
  • Got a lucky strike on eBay about 5 months ago - 950 for £180, received it and discovered It had the SIM fault where phone calls wouldn't work (data/txts fine)... anyway, was still in warranty and ended up with a brand new 950 for only that £180! Love it, great device! (But, unfortunately would never have paid the full asking price for this phone, standard case/style or the *still* in development OS).
  • I bought a 950 a couple of months ago when Microsoft decided to clear stocks and reduced the price to £249 including the Display Dock for Continuum. I upgraded from a much loved 735 and I do like my phone. Yes it gets hot when using it a lot but I am happy for what it is and will certainly tide me over until I feel I have a genuine reson to either upgrade to a new, feature device (possibly a Surface Phone or some-such consumer model) or.... God forbid... I eventually give up on W10m and migrate to Android. I really want to support the format through this dark time and I honestly believe and hope that there will be a bright future.
  • Yes. Someone, we, have to support mobile or there will be no future for mobile. Think about it. (No trolls need apply.)
  • Still happy with my 950XL. Heck, I'm still happy with my older Lumia 930 as a back-up. I see no compelling reason to upgrade mobile device whether it's same O/S platform or one in Android/Apple camp.
  • "The iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel among many others are simply more attractive smartphones." Google Pixel an attractive phone? Don't think that is correct. Still use my 950XL for photos...great camera.
  • The Pixel looks exactly like an iPhone from the front. And people say iPhones are attractive, it's all subjective of course
  • I don't think subjectiveness applies to brainwashed sheep.
  • Attractive is subjective in terms of useage as well. I find the pixel and iPhone much more attractive than the 950/xl, or any windows phone for that matter right now because of overall usefulness. Apps are a thing, and the main driver for phone useage right now. Windows10mobile devices have near no apps in the system right now. That's part of the others "attractiveness!"
  • Yes it is. Have you actually used one? I have. It's a great phone.
  • I wish somebody hacked a way to DualBoot this. I have one but I miss so many apps. Recently I bought a Cheap Android for my wife during the BlackFriday SnapDragon 821 (Leeco Le Pro 3) for $249 and now Im envy of her phone. :)
  • Don't be envious...Just man up and buy one. Its not the end of the world NOT using an windows mobile phone. I have arrow launcher on my NOTE 1, and its quite nice.
  • I really want to love my 950 a year on, but I'm really falling out with it these days. I find it sluggish a lot of the time, processing photos takes forever, opening apps like Facebook can take up to 15" (I've counted), listening to music on Bluetooth often skips whilst using other apps if it will play at all and there's still massive feature parity and app quality problems compared to other platforms... I'm beginning to lose patience with it. Battery can be as low as 5 hours with moderate use and I've never been inspired by the physical design... For the first time, I find myself struggling and really disappointed with a Windows phone and am seriously considering jumping ship as anything better seems so far off, if it exists at all. :(
  • I feel the same as you. I find my 1520 running 8.1 to be far more usable. It's just feels faster or at least more reliable in regards to software, than even Anniversary update of W10M.
  • Agreed. I LOVED my 930. I tollerate my 950.
  • Same. My Elite x3 and even my NL640XL seem more stable for some reason. The size of the 950 os excellent though, hence why I still use it most of the time.
  • Wipe everything from the phone and restore from backup. Took me 5 hours total to get it back to normal but I chose to do other things while it happened so it essentially felt like I never left but now the phone is much faster and less buggy
  • I have no issues at all with my 950xl   Farcebook takes about 4 seconds to load, and battery life is really good, is about 40 to50% in a day with moderate use.
  • I have a similar feeling. I recently updated my 1520 to win10m and apps like Facebook and Instagram take longer to load than on 8.1 my battery life has gone way down and Microsoft maps compared to here drive in my opinion is horrible. Hate how if you switch to another app it doesn't run in the background and give you voice commands. Also find my apps close out alot more frequent. I ended up rolling back to 8.1 I also really missed city lens and all the other here/lumia apps
  • exacty all this. Microsoft fixes these 3 things and it would kick ass.
  • "Resuming..."
    *hurls phone from window*
  • i get resuming in only apps that are designed for 8.1 on my 950, devs to blame for some
  • I find the worst culprits are Facebook's apps (FB, Messenger, Instagram).
  • I agree, mostly everything has improved but battery life is still poor to the point I have to keep a charger at work because my phone will be dead for the drive home, it still gets warm doing almost anything. I'm waiting till I can trade it in and I will move on, no mater how much I like he os, battery life is he killer for me
  • Yeah same. For that reason, I can't make myself actually go through with buying it again. With the price drops, it is so tempting but why spend $$$ for a phone with battery life that is weak for your usage, when there are phones that cost the same and provides decent battery life.
  • Agreed Libra, the ole ip6s is awesome....hard use daily and I have 40-50 percent battery left at the end of the day, I am using it streaming Sirius xm , or apple music EVERY time I'm in the car, plus screen on a lot throughout the day....It really is an awesome device. I have no reason to get a new phone either. I will probably get the 7s when it comes out just because I can. My son's ip6s cracked and they sent a brand new phone to me no cost. Great customer service at apple. Just sayin! As I mentioned before, yep the OS is somewhat basic, BUT that is overridden by having EVERY app, WEARABLE, ACCESSORY available to your device. Plus with 3d touch, and all the extras now, the OS is VERY VERY GOOD.
  • Did you try a new battery yet?  for $7 its worth a try. Plus they are so easy to change.
  • :P
  • I had these issues too. Back up your phone, make sure you have all your photos off of it and then go to settings > about > reset phone and then restore from backup. My phone now is relatively glitch free and it runs fantastic.
  • I'm actually doing that this very evening to see if it helps. Not the first time I've tried it though, and I'm not holding out much hope. Hopefully it gets a bit of a kick though! :)
  • It helped IMMENSELY after the last few release preview cumulative updates. I also hadnt reset it since about june
  • Interesting, thanks Chris! I'm on Release Preview too and have seen none of the reported battery improvements etc. I'll report back!
  • UPDATE: Nope. Generally a bit smoother but otherwise pretty poor performance.
  • Thanks for the update. Shame that it didn't improve anything.
  • Isn't it just!
  • I tried the factory reset myself on the 950xl. It did run a bit better, but it still lags where my 1520 didnt. Like when going to the home screen after checking a text it still shows the text on the live tile for a couple seconds. That was never an issue with 8.1.
  • Given my experience your on the opposite end of the spectrum? Everything from photo processing times to generally stability had been flawless. With medium to heavy use I'm averaging 2% per hour battery drain? With light use I.e. 40 mins calls, txt/MMS and pushing emails from two accounts my batt is lasting 4 days???? I could not be happier...
  • i own a 930 and i love it. the only reason to up for a 950 would be the price. Since in my country few shops still have it and its about 450-500 euro there is no need to get one.
  • Can't get 950xl from at&t just 950 is available.
  • That's why you buy unlocked from anyone but your phone company.
  • You know, I'm a huge MS fan but I can honestly say, I have never gotten along with this camera. I take pictures of product all day everyday for listing on various auction sites and to me its crap. Terrible focus is my main complaint. Maybe someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong. I've also recently (1 year almost to the day) have started having serious issues with random reboots, etc. I was on the fast ring and I assumed that was it. Waited for a new build and the same thing. Reinstalled with the recovery tool and on the release branch and still the same thing. That said, I'm committed to WP. I don't even notice the so called app gap. Sure I'd like my bank to offer something but responsive sites are getting so much better that I just pin the site to my start screen. The big one for me was Starbucks and now its here. I think that apps are becoming less relevant but that's just an opinion based on my usage. I'm about to change my phone and I think this time I will go for style and try out the Alcatel. I think its important that we also support manufacturers when they bring on a new device if possible. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.
  • Great comment. Worth more than 2 cents.
  • The 950XL really was crazy bad when it launched. Memba everything that was broken and missing?
    - no double tap to wake
    - no visual voicemail on the dual sim model
    - echo during phone calls due to some Hey Cortana interference
    - bluetooth connect/disconnect issues At the time I returned my original 950XL, but ultimately I bought another one, and I still use it as my daily driver. What I wrote at the time still holds (edited to include Pixel). TL;DR. Still like the phone, apps seem to be sticking around, iPhone and Pixel are just too pricey for now. "I only want a 'first party' phone, so Pixel, iPhone, or Lumia. The 128GB Pixel and iPhone models are crazy expensive. The 950XL offers micro SD card expansion making it very cheap to get to 128GB+. It has has wireless charging (Pixel and iPhone don't), optical image stabilization (Pixel and iPhone 7 don't, 7+ does), and dual SIM (Pixel and iPhone don't). Plus I still love the tile interface." And as I wrote on the forums, my most used apps are mostly going to stick around: Built-in/Microsoft, not going anywhere:
    Edge (MS)
    Outlook (MS)
    Phone (MS)
    Messages (MS)
    Photos (MS)
    Camera (MS)
    Weather (MS)
    Calendar (MS)
    File explorer, OneDrive, Office (MS) UWP apps, here to stay:
    Spotify (UWP)
    mTalk (UWP)
    Twitter (UWP)
    Share To Speech (UWP)
    Package Tracker (UWP)
    NextGen reader (WP8 for now, UWP Desktop only atm, unlikely to leave) Other apps, status uncertain:
    WhatsApp (Facebook. They already have a Windows App, so UWP later seems likely)
    Waze (abandoned, not likely to stay/improve)
    Podcast Lounge (abandoned?)
    Stacks for Instapaper (abandoned) So out of my most used apps, Waze getting fully killed is most likely to hurt. Otherwise I'm pretty much OK.
  • Wait...when did Spotify become UWP?
  • Oops, my mistake. I use it both on the phone and on my destop, so my brain said "obviously UWP". Turns out, there's such a thing as desktop apps as well. :)  Well, in that case let's hope they don't get rid of the phone version any time soon!
  • Spotify is a Windows 8 app
  • I was using the device for 8 months but unfortunately I had to switch to iPhone 7. The main reasons are: 1) No apps and in time most of the companies are leaving the field (It is not the device fault, but sometimes I was wondering how awesome could be use that device with great apps)
    2) There is a big heating problem with device which becomes very annoying IF you are still fan, or you don't care for the apps I totally recommend it.
  • To be honest, my Mozo case sits in the drawer. I love how thin and light, but substantial my 950 feels with the original case. I had been carrying an android phone along with my 950 for several weeks with the thought of changing phones. I found that except for the actual Google apps and possibly one other, that I simply missed the Windows Mobile OS. Sorry iPhone and android. The Windows platform is superior for getting information quickly. The icon-centric platforms don't cut it for me. The simplicity of my 950 wins the day. And despite the fact my wife constantly derides my Windows Phone, she marvels at how my videos and photos far outshine those of her iPhone 6.
  • I'll take your mozo cover if you don't want it
  • Well he can put in eBay
  • Or sell it on the Marketplace :)
  • I really like my 950xl. My biggest issue with it is how easily the scren breaks.   Even with a tempered glass screen protector and a rugged rubber and plastic case on it I've managed to break the screen twice, one time was a fall less than 2 feet!
  • Solution: stop throwing & dropping the phone around? I mean...
    (no really, I'm constantly amazed by how some people handle their possessions. Maybe I should go fund a startup that sells sticky handgloves or something...)
  • agreed, we have a mini computer in our hands with photographic capabilities, why risk it falling down,i try not to always hold my phone in hand,once i'm done doing what i have to i put in pocket, my left pocket, nothing else goes into my left pocket ,just whichever winows phone i'm using.
  • Yeah I drop and throw it around on purpose just for giggles. Get real, accidents happen.  <removed>.
  • I bought mine a month ago and I am happy with it, except vpn bug. It's about 800$ dolar in Turkey. Half of the price is tax.
  • Just picked up two 950s for my kids on eBay for ~$200 each. Thats a great deal IMO.
    ​These are to replace the HTC One M9s I got them several months back. They wanted apps their friends have on iOS/Android. Both are asking to go back to Windows Phone. I can still sell the HTCs back on eBay for pretty close to what I paid for the L950s.
  • Wow nice deal!
  • I'm not denying the design was dull but calling out the Pixel for its design prowess is not working for me. 😋. The rest of the review is spot on though, both the 950 and XL variants are great phones although I think the quality control is somewhat lacking, my XL heats up with a number of apps and the battery life suffers.
  • I've had my 950 since early August when I got it as a warranty replacement for my ATT Nokia 830. I looked at getting this when first released but the OS was nothing more than a bad beta at that time so I held off. Overall I'm very happy with the 950 and would definitely recommend it. It performs very well with WP 10 and all the updates. It's very stable, hardly any random reboots. I rarely need to reboot for performance reasons. A couple of issues for me: I'm not that happy with the camera. I go to a lot of concerts, the 830 was much better for concert photography. Also, the bluetooth connectivity with my car for listening to music or podcasts is lousy. Disconnects frequently. That may be an issue with the OS as that didn't happen before the AU.   
  • LOL.  "Hardly any random reboots".
  • "Hardly" because my 830 was constantly rebooting by the end, or requiring me to reboot just to open apps. To clarify, I've had maybe 2-3 instances of the 950 rebooting in almost 5 months. I'll take that.
  • which firmware you have?
  • 16236.35035
  • I liked this. I didn't have the same battery experience as you though, even with the same anniversary update. I can agree that the OS has improved a lot from launch.
  • Would you recommend changing my, still awesome, 1520?
  • I like my 950, but LOVED my 1520. If youre still happy with 1520, I say stick with it.
  • Short anwser: No! Long anwser: That depends!
    I got my 950xl last friday, sweet deal for 249 €, because my 1520 has sevreal issues! Battery goes bye bye, memory card is defect or the slot for it. And some random reboots occur weekly in the last month or two.
    Windows 10 Mobile was never so smooth on the 1520 as Windows Phone 8.1 was but it was fine enough. Some Apps had to go or are still unbareble (yes windowscentral app i am talking about you) on the 1520 under Windows 10 Mobile.
    The 950xl however perfoms very smooth under Windows 10 Mobile and all the apps that i used so far run fine, even the windowscentral app. If this is important four you, then the 950/xl is a good upgrade for you. Now the buts!
    When Microsoft announced the 950/xl i didnt liked them very much!
    First the hefty price tag, yeah it is common for a new highend device but in opinion it was much to high. But that has changed, as expected.
    Second, really a amoled display, really MS ? Okay i like IPS display much more then amoled ones. This is a personal prefrence issue. Yes the colors on the 950xl are a little more virbrant and black looks a little more black as it should be. but as soon as i tilt the device just a little bit all the colors go wrong(red gets washed out and everything becomes more blue). This is a big issue for me at the Moment.
    Next on screen keys and QHD. There is still enough space under the display to put the keys there, but no there are on Screen and i often touch them accidently when i'll try to tap on something in the app. I'll probaly get more used to that and have less accidently touches.
    But whatfor QHD a FullHD display would be really great and the battery would last longer. More is not allways better even Samsung on ist Galaxy S7 sets in the new Andoid cersion the default resoultion Setting to full HD on the QHD displays to save battery (hey Microsoft can you make that aviable an Windows 10 Mobile?).
    And thats the next issue battery life, my 1520 was running two full days sometimes three. Best runtime with one full load was 4 days and 20 hours.
    The 950xl has more capacity but can not compete with the runtime from the 1520. The 950xl brings me through the day but then it has not enough battery left to substain the night and some action in the morning. But on the plus side the wired charging is super fast, with QI ist is even longer than the 1520 but that is for the higher battery capacity normal. And maybe with some more loading cycles the 950xl will last a Little bit longer.
    The WiFi issue: when i first got my 1520 it was running fine but after a month i had to send it in because it constenly lost the WiFi Connection. When i got it back it was not 100% fixed but got much better (instead of 40-80 reconnect trys in one houer only 2-3). After i switched the WiFi-AP from 2,4 GHz only to 2,4 and 5 Ghz the problem was completly gone. Untill the 950xl it worked fine for the first two hours in the 5 GHz WiFi but the it was constenly reconnecting. So i had to switch to the 2,4 GHz where it is stable. But installing all the apps and maps took a very long loading time (5 hours) and then again 3 hours after an Windows update the maps where deleted and over 40 apps had to be updated.
    Another very minor point are the "eerie" location of the Buttons. It is minor because i'm starting to get used to that, so hitting no or the wrong button happens less and more less.
    The 1520 is larger than the 950xl and if oyu are used to the the size of the 1520 the 950 and the 950xl will feel small! The Buttons on the 950xl are easier to reach with the thumb (if you are right handed, i dont knwo how leftys do it). But that is another thing i got used to reaaly quik, the smaller size.
    The design of the phone was allready mentioned in the article, it is a very small point for me because it is not so important for me and easly fixed with a mozo cover(which are now cheaper and usually in stock). But one Thing starts to bother me just a little thats the front microphone opening! There is a hole in the brazel under the screen that pops into my eye, on the 1520 it is a tinier opening on the lower edge on the screen. Something that you normaly dont see.
    On the other hand the 950/xl have Windows hello and finally the "Hey Cortana" feature is working in my country and language. I would like that Windows hello on the phone would allow me to keep my phone at my usual distance but a part from that it works fine right now.
    Another thing that bothers me is the automatic brighness control. It's always on its default setting and it takes a couple of second to adjust the brightnes. Especially at night first it nearly blinds you you with to much brighness and then when your eyes have adjusted to that its lowers the brighntness a little bit to much. But if lock and unlock the screen now it will do that all over again. If my 1520 where not dieing the 950xl where not a good option for me even for the 249 € price tag and that is a very good price for that piece of hardware, i would not have switched.
    I did not mention the continum feature because i have no dock right now and it would not allow me to do something that i would need to do.
    Other things with the 950xl i have still to test (cant wait to test in the summer in the brightest sunlight, that was something that my 920 and 1520 handled so very well it blowed me away every time) or simply have to test more!
  • Stay with the 1520. If my screen hadn't cracked on mine I wouldn't have switched to the 950xl.
  • Too bad, you can replace the screen on the 1520 fairly easy if the build is the same as the 1020.
  • Wonder sometimes what will be the outcome of all this. I can't believe that releasing a phone that already suffered from an app-gap as well as being so, so far from ready for prime time, was the best decision MS could make, especially considering how its market share has withered. That said, I still bought the 950xl brand-new and indeed, it really was disappointing, not because of its design, but because of its utility. But Zac is right, it has come miles since then. I hope somehow WP survives, it just has such a wretched rep, deserved or not. It has the ultimate marketing challenge ahead of it, if indeed a goal is some market share.
  • I have had my 950 for a year now and have decided to switch platform until MS releases their next phone. Just too many daily bugs; unresponsive, touch not working, camera button sometimes not working, several bugs in outlook, buggy photo viewer, ... Just having a break.
  • The app gap is the most noted item anyone has with WP. I really don't hear that people don't like the platform, just the lack of apps. Apple and Google seem to have 50 for each problem but I think that the idea of icons and apps is or certainly will become less relevant over time. I think we are on the verge of something new and exciting. Just a matter of if we can hold on long enough without an official tease of what's in the pipeline.
  • It has evolved pretty well but I still have issues even after hard resets. Windows Hello makes my display unstable over time: Then it activates slowly but is responsive to touch and brightness is no longer changeable. There are some minor issues with the camera and photos apps, they both crash or the latter just displays black instead of a photo when taking many pictures and switching both apps frequently. Hey Cortana does not always work for me at all, and when I train it for my voice it frequently does not recognize my voice and when set for everyone Cortana reacts too sensitive to many words not related to Hey Cortana. Overall, sometimes it is frustrating.
  • At least you can train your voice.ive been unable to since I bought 950 in march.had all update and on insider also
  • Awww, but it is surprising that it is still able to get worse ...
  • What you're talking about is auto brightness issue,its not Windows Hello is the problem
  • I was unsure about what the culprit is. Good to hear that here are also some affected by it.
  • I've had the 950 since last year and three things to add: - I don't think the battery life has gotten much better. It seems to change from update to update, though. If I don't use the phone much at all during the day, I can get through a whole day. But as soon as I start doing basic tasks, it seems to drain pretty quickly.
    - Back in the Summer, my camera started to act up and not work properly anymore. It wouldn't focus and was making a mechanical clicking sound all the time. So over Thanksgiving, I went to a Microsoft kiosk, and they replaced the phone no questions asked. They had plenty in stock to do so. They just made me keep my original battery. Maybe it was a refurb they gave me?
    - That being said, once I got the new phone, and updated to anniversary right away, the phone is much better than my old one. I had been on the insider program for a while, and never had the time to do a hard reset. If you're on the fence about doing it because of performance issues, do it. The only thing that hasn't come back are my texts, which sucks. But I do agree with most of the assessments here. Other than lack of apps, it's still a great phone, and I'm very happy with it!
  • My phone had same focusing issues but didn't have same at launch,I got my cousin from USA to go in MSFT store and get replacement,I live in Caribbean ,they then sent phone with friend who was coming my side,bought a Lumia 650 and used during phone was being replaced which I gave to my mom when new 950 came
  • Don't buy one stick with android, I'm writing this on an 950 xl and I moved from android and it was very hard and not with it. ❤ android... Ps Microsoft fan boy...
  • After I have enjoyed the 4-days battery life of the Lumia 1520 it's very hard to go for anything less. This is now one of the major criteria I look at when considering upgrade to my next phone.
  • I didn't get on with the Facebook app. The old Microsoft one worked better on my 950. I deleted the app it was just so slow. I use the mobile web version instead
  • I bought this phone last year december and never had any major issues. It seems to get better with each update, great battery life and a fantastic camera. I'll keep my 950 for another year as current flagships from samsung and apple dont interest me.
  • Do regular gloves work on the Lumia 950?
  • Yes
  • While many software bugs were fixed, the app situation has remained the same, if not gotten worse. It's not what I expected to see when W10 launched and I just feel very disappointed with it.
  • Really only for Windowsphone fans. I have a 950 but despite trying to use it there are many problems. Windows 10 Mobile was basically a beta release product for months on end. Whether it was memory problems, freezes, camera issues and so on for most people it was unreliable. Cortana still remains missing features outside the USA. Even here in the UK.  Across the built-in apps there is poor support for non-US users. Maps is awful and fails to integrate with local transport services. When I was in London navigation was very poor.  Tap to pay is common in the UK with both Android Pay and Apple Pay being available for a long time. Microsoft apparently has tap to pay in the USA but with no roll out here if I want to have it another phone is needed. My bank withdrew it's Windowsphone app this year too. Most British banks dont have mobile apps. The new phase of mobile financial products are not avalable on Windowsphone.  Local transport companies have no apps for Windowsphone. Apps that do exist are either "beta" for years or simply a generation or two behind Android or IOS. Facebook is a particularly sluggish app.  Microsoft have been pretty lukewarm on their hardware. Lumia is now even dead to them and maybe these models will be the last phone with some Surface "device" rumoured for months. I can't understand how any developer would be interested in a platform the manufacturer has no plans for! I love the UX of Windowsphone. I have bought a load of them. However a buggy device, with few apps, apparently no manufacturer support means that my practical daily driver is Android. I do salute those sticking by the platform but apart from a ever smaller minority of enthusiasts and journalists most people have moved on out of practical necessity.  My Lumia 950 comes out of the draw along with the 930 every few weeks and gets updated. I check out what's new in the vein hope Microsoft might inject some enthusiasm but that seems unlikely as they have moved on to apps on IOS and Android.  
  • One year later, I've just sent it back to Amazon for a full refund: I sent it to MS repair center in Europe ( because audio was cracking during recording, I got it back with the same problem. Too bad I had to return my 640 Xl for another problem too. I'll miss MS, but I think the time has come to switch to iOs or Android. And I really hate to have to make this switch. I can't wait for the Surface Phone to appear, but Microsoft definitely needs to promote its phone: here in Italy basically I've never seen a single ad about the 950 series.
  • I wish I could agree with your assessment. My time with the 950XL has only been going downhill. I think my initial assessment would be the same, but since then crashes have gotten more frequent (usually 2-3 a day) and battery life is atrocious. And heat? Unbearable. Basic web surfing and the phone heats up to > 130F. I'm going to assume its related to battery life, but when that happens, I struggle to get half a day before having to recharge. On top of that, I seemingly get random problems like notifications from 3rd party apps not coming in until I do a hard reset. Then, there's other issues too that are frustrating, such as taking a picture with HDR on... the Photos app refuses to hide duplicates anymore and it's been that way for a couple of months. Really wonder if my phone is just defective? The only thing I can think of that might cause issues is that I updated from a WP8 backup rather than starting fresh.
  • I concur. I have had about 7 Windows phones and have been involved in the Windows Insider program, hoping to be a part of the Windows Mobile revolution. Unfortunately I feel let down for the most part. the 950XL has been my latest phone following ongoing problems with my 1520 and the OK use of the 640XL. My battery heats up considerably to the point that the phone shuts itself down. On a bad day I have 4 - 5 hours battery life. On a good day, 8 hours. I also wonder whether the overheating has played havoc with my SD Card, as it sometimes doesn't save files.
    My case cracked and the third party vendor I bought it from was convinced that I had dropped it. The case looks tacky and cheap compared to the 1520 and even the 640XL. I don't know if the replacement alternatives mentioned in the article support wireless charging or not (something I loved about the 920 and 1520 phones)
    There are also some basic functionality concerns that I have with the phone, such as integration to my laptop. Syncing photos seems to try and reload the photos already copied from my phone, so I end up with multiples of the same photo.
    I persevere, but some days I wonder if it is all worth it.
  • Fight the good fight... but for me, I couldn't take it anymore. I'd been unhappy for a while, and it's completely as a result of my problems with W10M and the 950XL... never felt that way with my Focus, or Lumia 900, or 920, 520, 1020, 830, etc etc, etc. Losing the Fly Delta app was kind of the last straw for me as I depended on it even it its garbage state. Switched to Android over the last week (OP3T to be specific) and it's somewhat bittersweet. It's a great phone with 2 DAYS of battery life. Apps as far as the eye can see. I really do miss live tiles though and I much prefer how notifications are done on W10M as opposed to Android. Maybe it'll get better with Nougat. Hopefully one day MS gets their act together and whatever mobile iteration of Windows is a viable alternative to come back to, but I'm really not holding my breath. As others have mentioned, really seems like Nadella has all but abandoned this space and stabbed all the "enthusiasts" in the back.
  • From 3 of these 3 950xls within my family I can report these are all crap. Far too buggy. Tap to pay is broken currently. Camera has been working as bad as it did on day one for me all of a sudden. I can't find too much to like about these devices anymore when apps I want to use on a daily basis are just horrible with no love from the developer. 2 of my phones are on release preview and the rest are not in the insider program
  • I have a 950 that I got a year ago. I have been very pleased with it and it has done everything I have wanted from a mobile device. I keep it on Release Preview and I am happy with that. My old 1020 runs TH2 and I have a 640 for running the fast ring builds. The 950 has been stable and I am enjoying all the APP Updates and I can see me enjoying using this phone until I am due another upgrade In a year or so. The phone has matured well with all the updates. I put the phone in a flip case cover so I have not had any issue with the build quality. I stuck a Sandisk 128GB MicroSD card in it that I use for movies.
  • Awesome good stuff
  • I, however, vehemently differ in opinion.  My wife and I both made the mistake of getting the 950.  As someone who has LONG been part of the preview/insiders cadre, I've come to expect glitches, etc.  I accept that.  What I don't accept are conscientious choices in design, in hardware, UI and software.  My wife and I both LOVE WP8 and Windows 8.  We both HATE W10 and W10M.  And we've had nothing but a horrible experience with the 950 and W10M.  We're both running the absolutely latest build and STILL these phones are SLOW.  Every time we turn around this app or that freezes momentarily or crashes altogether.  The Camera app or Photo app freezes and causes a reboot.  And, once in a while, the devices just reboot all by themselves. Battery life is STILL horrific.  Under medium usage we can never go half a day without scrambling for the nearest charger.  Wifi is dodgy, driving us to turn off and then back on wifi or airplane mode just to get a connection.  Wordflow, or whatever Microsoft is calling it is nothing but frustration.  We're not even trying to write technical terms, but the stupid thing gets half the words wrong and absolutely REFUSES to even INCLUDE the right word regardless of how many times or ways we try to sketch the word. Live tiles are completely hit or miss.  I have ZERO notifications on the Skype Preview live tile, and I have ONE notification on the idiotic Facebook Messenger tile even though I have no outstanding messages.  The People app is useless, particulartly compared to how incredible it is on my 1020 (which is still running WP8.1).  As for the camera....will, it's a shame.  I LOVE the 1020.  I had the expectation that the 950 would be a successor to the 1020.  It's anything but, even a year later with various updates.  And the 1020 just LOOKS better compared to the boring, cheap-looking, cheap-built 950. My wife and I both tell people NOT to waste their money on the 950.
  • I think my experience is very similar to yours... Did you start fresh on your 950 or install from a backup of a WP8 device? Trying to see if maybe that might have something to do with the uglyness of this phone.
  • I'm not him, but I didn't install from a backup and the battery life was still shameful.
  • Hmm... Will probably run the phone through WDRT and see if I can get one of the Microsoft stores to swap it out. With the number of people saying they absolutely love theirs I'm really starting to think the one I've got is defective.
  • I'm beginning to think there's a defective batch in the US. You're not the only one complaining. My 950 has had heating problems and battery drains until an update and a factory reset solved that. No other issues. Some software choices are a pain compared to W8 but I still like M10 enough to keep my 950. I hope that the Surface phone will be in time. Looking at the declining app support, I don't know if I can afford to stick to WM10 (been on WM ever since WM6). And now the Windows ecosystem is merging on Android, thanks to the MS apps, the last reason to stay with WM is vanishing rapidly. I regret that, I loved W8. 
  • Very interesting post, I think that what you're posting is showing a true experience of how Windows Phone 8 was better for smartphones than Windows 10 Mobile is.  Its such a shame that my Lumia 625 was stolen, when I upgraded to Denim it was a very nice phone.  That's probably my last Windows mobile I'll get, and this is coming from a Windows fan, however all the features that I loved on my Lumia device are now on my Android device so there is no reason to get on Windows Phone now. Of course this could change if iOS Bridge (Project Islandwood) is successful and you can finally have all the apps for iOS available on Windows Mobile.
  • I don't agree with any of your points... especially battery life. I forget to charge for a day or two at a time, and use my phone regularly. 30 minute charge and I'm good to go for another day or two. It's fast and *never* slow. I have had it reboot, but it's like once a month. I like W10M far better than WP8
  • I will get a 950 after my current 1020 dies, I can't find a new replacement 1020, and the 950 is under $150 new. Can't downgrade my camera zoom. Need that.
  • Nice article. I got my 950 back in april and love it. And what wasn't mentioned is that using continuum is pretty cool. I've used it while traveling a few times. Plug into a TV in a hotel room, and bring a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and you are good to go.
  • I love my 950, but I cannot stand not getting Netflix thru continuum! Heck, my 640 gets it fine! Is there a way to connect to big screen and get Netflix without continuum?
  • I just use edge for Netflix while using continuum. Works well. I believe it works on the 640 because it is just mirroring the screen and not actually using continuum.
  • "If you're an avid app user, it's still hard to wouldn't recommend the Lumia 950, or any Windows 10 Mobile device for that matter.​" For a journalist, you need to proofread more often.
  • I'm guessing that the sentence started differently but that word was forgotten. 
  • The AU is buggy as hell (on my L950). I had been running the insider previews for a while and got to the point where I was unhappy with certain things (my choice to use the previews I know), so I rolled back to the anniversary update, and this was just as bad in many ways. I now run the insider previews again, and I just live with the issues (which are less annoying than the ones present in the anniversary update). Though I do now use a L925 running 8.1 for the important work related tasks... Both the AU and the insider previews are not reliable enough in terms of taking and sharing photos in a consistent manner.
  • Had the 950 since Jan in Australia.
    W10m was a big backyard step from WP8.
    Yes lots of updates have fixed many things but many are still stuffed.
    If WP8 was an 8 out of 10 then W10m was a 5 out of 10 and has worked its way up to be a 7(and that's being kind)
    Camera still goes into "saving" after 3-4 photos in a row, which results in a 3 min wait.
    Browser is nowhere as usable as WP8.
    The phone is bearable now but I still use my old 930 as a bedside Alarm and music device, and browsing on WiFi(no sim) and it is still snappier and more elegant OS experience.
    One year later and nearly back to where MS was with WP8. Sigh. BTW IMO Apps are a "lock in" scam. Mobile browser should be the way to go but there's not enough money there.
  • Hi. Bought one in 04/ 2016. Works ok exect for problems the last 2 months. It reeboots and reeboots and reeboots and reeboots and reeboots and reeboots and reeboots and reeboots and reeboots and reeboots and reeboots and reeboots and reeboots and I am getting chracy over it.( Has sent it to repair shop) And here in Denmark companyes wont make apps for WP. ( Busses feks. and power companies ). SO next phone has to be ANDROID. Sorry Microsoft. You tried and You failed......... Regards Mogens Koed
  • I got a 950 along with the black leather Mozo case back in May for £300. Whilst the price was great for what I got, I've always felt underwhelmed with the whole package. ​Wireless charging is not as good as my 950 Design is bland and the Mozo case only partially makes up for this I miss the 2.5d screen Where has super sensitive touch gone Snapdragon 808 was a bit long in the tooth even back at launch. Software still seems buggy with camera app crashing phone, flaky continuum and screen brightness issues I'd suggest I feel borderlined betrayed by everything Satya and crew has done to the platform ever since. Now 1 year later and with the Lumia line retired and largely unavailable, I wonder where Satya's promised devices for enthusiasts are. Their hardware absence is undermining the whole platform and a slap in the face to those that invested in 950's  
  • I haven't used a 950, but I'm a big fan of the Lumia brand - I have and use a 1020, a 640, my partner uses a 1320 and a 650. I absolutely love the Lumia Pureview camera and have yet to see any phone I would consider using as an alternative.
    That said, the Lumia brand and with it the 950 are dead in the water. Microsoft have totally bungled the acquisition of Nokia. All the synergies that should have come from a great software enineering and marketing company, wonderful phone interface and OS - windows phone 8/8.1, combined with Nokia technology and market share have disappeared down the toilet.
    In the future, the Nokia/Microsoft fiasco will be taught at business school as a textook example of doing everything wrong.
    It's too depressing to go through every step of the failure that led from Winphone challenging Apple for market share to ending up with a market share that's unmeasurably small.
    I'm going to keep on using my Lumia 1020 till it fails. Then I'll buy a used one. So long as I can take pictures with it, I'll use it. But don't expect me to get excited about the 950. What a crock
  • It would be better to use a 950 then make statements
  • Been using the 950 since March when my 925's sim card contacts broke off inside the phone, and I love it. And then Saturday, I was getting out of my car, had the 950 in my pocket, and felt it fall in my pocket so that it was between my leg and the door frame as I got out. Sadly, I crushed the hell out of the screen. Now I'm using a spare 521 that I had in my closet (or would if T-Mobile would ever e-mail me the unlock code) until a 950 I snagged on eBay gets here.
  • Damn,sorry to hear,I try best to be safe sometimes when getting out of car cause it happened long time ago to another phone,I keep left pocket dedicated to my phone alone,nothing else goes in that pocket
  • I've broken my 1020 twice, and my 640 once. It's cheaper to buy replacement units than pay for expensive repairs, and no thanks, I don't want to repair my phone myself.
    I want phones that are rugged by design. They are going to be dropped. They are going to be stressed. Design in coping with that
  • This article makes me emotional :-( the 950/xl, in my opinion, isn't just best windows phone I think they are the best smart phones ever made. They did what no other smartphone could do. But then of course all veterans grow old.
  • Well said
  • Happy with my 950, dependable, reliable and for me, robust. My only gripe, not with tyhe 950 but MS Platform. It does not allow me to view my home security cam. When I spoke to a tech, advice given was get an android or I phone! MS does so much to allow THEM to use MS platforms, WHY NO RECIPROCAL agreement?
  • I did forum post about it,I got a recommendation,I'll link post later
  • I bought a Lumia 950xl a couple of months ago and replaced the back with a mozo back, the phone looks premium now. What i love most about it is the display screen and the fact that its dual sim, plus sd card, I don't have to sacrifice my sd card because i want a second line.
  • I have one problem with my 950 dual SIM (my neighbors says he has the same with his 950 XL) in that after a period of inactivity of a few hours, it does not reconnect to my home wifi, and attempts to connect manually fail. The only way to recover wifi connectivity is by restarting the phone. I have no such problem with my old Nokia Lumia 920.
    Also not only is there an application gap, but major applications that worked on windows 8.1 have not been updated and don't work there.
  • I want this 950 xl... Maybe.. I will... Buy it !.. But expensive in my country ! 300 dollar in USA v.s 630 dollar in Turkey !!! I m still cryyy.... :'(
  • Gotta be taxes and duty charges
  • Love my 950 but actually disappointed in the black leather Mozo shell I bought. Looked great for a while but the silver edge very quickly started showing wear with lots of flakes missing. I expected better quality for the price.
  • The black matt edge is the one to get. Premium.
  • I have 3 of them. The first 2 wore out and I bought the 3rd to keep in storage. To maintain the other 2 I bought a can of Krylon metallic chrome spray paint. I taped off the leather, lightly sprayed the worn areas, let it dry and removed the excess over spray paint on the metal. Looks good and paint was like $5.
  • Thanks will keep that in mind
  • Agreed,I noticed same with mine,feels good but for price should be little more of quality
  • Anyone buying one in Canada should be aware that it is ACTUALLY LITERALLY impossible to get them warrantied outside a physical store, and you can not mail them. I have spent 2 months trying to get mine warrantied, and even had Ben Rudolph looking into it before he was also unsuccessful. There literally IS NO WARRANTY IN CANADA. Band 2 stock is also missing, and I was told today that it might be a long time before they get me a new one to replace my broken one as that dept has ALSO been downsized. If you want any support for your products DO NOT BUY MS OUTSIDE OF THE USA.
  • Microsoft Lumia Warranty Repairs are handled through this website
  • If only that were true in Canada. You'd think that after literally dozens of hours and dealing with corp MS we wouldn't have tried that? in Canada they don't handle hardware warranties, only software trouble shooting. They simply provide the address of a private (not free) repair centre in Toronto. Talked to easily a dozen b2x agents, and kept chat logs where they repeatedly told me no hardware warranty support in Canada, though they do take care of it in the USA and other regions. They seem to think they may get it one day, but for now it's pay for repairs. It's absolutely a breach of contract, but they don't seem worried about it.
  • I bought this phone just after the anniversary update was released and updated to the latest build as soon as it was available publicly. The phone is now my daily driver and I use it regularly everyday. All the apps that I need for my lifestyle are already in the Microsoft app store :)
  • I had put my 950 on the shelf after the ridiculous amount of bugs and crap support, and bought an S7 Edge to replace it. Sounds like maybe I should give my 950 another shot...
  • You should
  • Brought my girlfriend a brand new 950XL to replace her 920 two weeks ago. Happy she is and I envy her, still using my 1520 with a screen crack. Photo results are a lot better on the 950 then on my 1520. And indeed, the price is a bargain now.
  • I love the part of the review where they say it's a great phone unless, you know, you use apps.
  • does it have gesturesd betta, the app that was fantastic in 8.1?
  • I really like my 950XL! I've had it about 4 months and works very well. The pictures it takes are amazing! At parties I take pictures and everybody wants a copy they look so good. They all say they like my phone and ask what it is. I tell them and they all thought MS was out of phones (thanks for nothing MS marketing). However, and I know I'm in the minority here, I like the phone with the original back cover. I had the black leather and chrome Mozo cover. I felt it made the phone heavier and bigger. I sold it on eBay for a good price. Right now I use a $1 thin silicon case from Ebay that will give a little cushion on the edges in the event of a drop.
  • Tech21 case if you don't mind that it makes your phone slightly bigger
  • Software issues resolved???? Most of them are still here and some have gone even worse. E.g random brightness stuck issue and unable to turn screen on while.unlocking the device. These two issues have gone worse for me after all those updates. I am not running insider program. Also the camera app has gone worse. It's sometimes embarrassing to use "flagship" device that fails on so Many important times in front of others.
  • Yep, absolutely agree.  With the last update, I have the same issues.  Screen brightness is random, takes several clicks to unlock the phone.  Still have the issue that in the mail app the last item you touch stayes highlighted.  Cannot always download attachments.  The screen timeout runs faster than the setting.  meaning, 3min is not 3min is is more like 2.   Browser sucks on many websites in the way it displays text.  And...the....list....goes on!  With zero feedback or commitment from MS to make those changes.
  • There's forum post concerning that issue,try disabling auto brightness
  • I'm still very pleased with my 950! Once they added double tap, life was complete. I've dropped mine a couple of times and no cracked screen. No creaking issues. The updates have improved the phone. It's still snappy and I can't say I'm personally missing anything. I'm not bored with it at all :)
  • Please be careful with phone, use and put in pocket when not in use, So many people tend to like hold in hands when not in use and sometimes accidents occur
  • After 2 years on it, I just changed my Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) for Android...sadly.  My Lumia 650XL is the best phone I ever owned...coming from iPhones.  Oh boy I loved Windows Mobile OS and still love it but the app gap became a real problem.  There are even less apps today that there were a year ago when Win10M came out.  Official Facebook app is a joke like many others..they should have kept the MS Facebook app available for download.  Developers still haven't get to the platform.  No interest even from MS who did not launch a new phone for a year so far and there are no tangible future plan apart the rumored so called Surface Phone.  I understand they are still maintaining it because they will come back with the next big thing on mobile and I will jump back once it happens and the app gap won't be a problem anymore.  But by that time, I need to be able to do things that I can't do on Windows phone.  
  • App gap, yes a problem. But for another part, a big issue with the Windows 10 experience, both PC and mobile, thusly relating to the 950/XL is the lack of Cortana in many markets. I'm in the Netherlands and there's no Cortana. It can be made to work but in the long run that creates stubborn problems. The integration of Cortana for instance makes 1 simple option unavailable here, quiet hours. You can't use that in the Netherlands. If I tap it, it sends me to search options. When I had done the Cortana trick, I could use quiet hours. But that in itself, quiet hours, is a minor issue. The bigger issue is lack of Cortana as it should be. As it is advertised. What does amaze me still is Continuum. It's great, it works extremely well I must say, it doesn't lag, it doesn't hang, it doesn't feel like I'm using a smartphone, once it is up and running, with my PC keyboard and mouse, it feels like a PC, not a tricked out smartphone. With the continued updates, using the Fast Ring Insider Previews, my 950XL remains the best phone I've had.
  • I'm thinking hard about getting a 950/XL to replace my 1520+laptop combo for work Using Continuum is what I want.. Getting spare monitors and peripherals in the office won't be a problem. I'm unsure how it would work cos I'm a very heavy user of MSFT Excel, my bread and butter, so to speak... things like pivot tables and macros gotta work perfectly.
  • For the first time, I am thinking about leaving Windows Phone. I am completely Microsoft when it comes to the ecosystem. Been here since DayOne Zune. But now, I'm missing many quality of life apps that we had and are no longer supported. Hell! My bank (Citibank) doesn't allow you to log in from the mobile or desktop browser. So everything is just stacking up against me. Love my 950 though.
  • It's cool. Every Windows Mobile user has their threshold and know when enough is enough. They grit their teeth, purchase a new phone with another OS hoping to return one day.
  • Yeah, I started with Samsung Focus, HTC Arrive, Lumia 800, 925, 830, and currently 950. So I've seen it all.
  • If you decide to, MS services work great elsewhere. On iOS, it works slightly better.
  • agreed, MS services are awesome on my iPhone 6s. I have switched from icloud to one drive on it.
  • Thanks. I have no clue what the iPhone can do.
  • The thing with the IOS phones is, yeah, the OS is kinda basic....BUT, EVERY app is available, every wearable works on it, every accessory is available. Something that NONE of which is available on windows mobile devices....its like opening a door to the future from about 20 years past. when feature phones ruled.
  • Citibank is my bank also and I have never had problems to log in from mobile device (Lumia 925, 930, 950).
  • I'm on the fast ring. Plus, there are many others that have reported the website in the Feedback Hub
  • I got the 950 in the summer promo for $298 and I still tell my wife how I really like this phone. I've owned the HTC HD7 and the 920 and this is my favorite. I actually prefer this phone's design over the S7 when I seriously considered switching. Silly, but I like the round metal ringed camera. I would have liked another yellow phone but the white backing feels all right to me. The iPhone 7 or S7 are just so slippery without a case. Battery life has never been an issue after the first 2 days or so. Great screen. Great camera. Only flaw is my work doesn't support wm10 in our byod so I can't get work mail, but I'm unwilling to switch OSes for that at the moment.
  • Love my Lumia 950 But there is some space for improvement for Microsoft to take note
    1.Creaky battery cover, but it is better than XL
    2.running hot sometimes
    3.tech21 case is the best case I have found for Lumia 950, why not offer us a clear TPU case in the box? with WhatsApp to bring UWP app
    5.focus more on camera, this is why your high end Lumia sell to that small market share.
  • And by "latest" in the article you should read "latest to die" since, as pointed at the end, the phones aren't being manufactured AND they're also not being sold by Microsoft in most countries anymore. But if you're still buying Windows Phones in 2016 it means you're clinically insane and therefore I'm sure you'll find a way to get one.
  • Lol
  • Your comment is so you! lol
  • So you....or so TRUE????? ha ha ha!
  • Hmm, that's a fair point. I'm not ready to agree with the latter but totally DJCBS comment for sure.
  • Ah ha ha ha! for sure! I tell you one thing, totally off topic. Windows 10 has it all over OSX. I had to buy a new 10 machine. OSX was terrible. I am in the process of setting up a vm with sierra on it just so I can imessage and facetime my family from my dell. The other thing is I want garage band in my music room. So, better off just VMing it and do it that way!
  • I bought one last year, another one a few months ago for the wife, and I want to buy another one for my dad. The only thing insane is how insanely good they are to use. My wife is overjoyed after years of using crapdroids, and I wouldn't be caught dead with an isheep device in my home. I don't give a rats about apps (even though I have more than I can possibly use on my phone) and it does everything I want a mobile to do i.e. phone calls, text messages, internet, maps, Skype, One Note, a few games etc.
  • Quick answer, had my 950 from launch and still like it.  Yes, Windows Mobile at launch was, let's call it somewhat rough.  I'm happy that some of my favorite apps have been updated for WM10, like Chronos Calendar and especially Analog Clock Tile (Web-ideja d.o.o.). ​The phone is definitely better with a Mozo back,  I have the black leather one.  I was unhappy that my battery started swelling within the first year and that it was not possible to replace it via OEM channels (without shipping the phone in).   Overall I am satisfied with my 950, but then again I have been supporting Windows Mobile/Phone for years now and have zero interest in iOS, and only slight interest in Android.  I have an Nexus 7 (second version) tablet and that's it for my non Windows experience.  Other than that it is three Windows 1O PC's (desktop/laptop/HTPC), an HP Stream 7, a Windows Home Server 2011 Server, a Nokia 2520 and my now rarely used Band II.   So I am biased....
  • Wow, nice collection. "Rarely used band 2". That's unfortunate. I like it alot and use it daily, but it 100% suits my needs and perhaps not yours.
  • Yea, I wore it pretty much every day for about six months or so when the band started cracking.  I got it replaced under warranty and then only starting wearing it during the weekends or at night.  But over the last couple of months I've stopped wearing it at night as I kind of no longer need it to tell me that I don't get sleep worth @%^$#%^.   I'm not really dissatisfied with it, just got out of the habit of wearing it.
  • Lol, I don't sleep much and don't wear it to bed either. I figure best time to charge it.
  • duh... and Xbox 360 and Xbox One Elite...
  • I personally wouldn't recommend it. It's still just way too buggy and unstable.
  • When I first purchased the 950 a week or 2 after release "PISSED OFF" was an understatement. Camera would cause the entire device to freeze when used. The OS was slow, stuttered and the keyboard didn't work well. App crashes too. It was practically unusable. However, my experience has definitely improved quite a bit. I don't experience many issues as far as the 950 and the OS goes. The only issues that I have are with the FB developed apps. They freeze and a reboot is required, but I'm not a heavy FB app user. The messenger app tile won't update and continues to read 1 notification. Bluetooth has improved where my Motorola Whisper functions as expected. Fortunately my Wi-Fi has always worked well and no random reboots. The Mozo cover is a definite recommendation for purchase, however, it is slippery than I was use to and a week after putting it on I dropped my phone, cracked the screen chipped the cover, ATT sent a replacement phone a day later, I purchased a new Mozo cover and tempered glass. With the help of the Mozo cover and OS improvements (insider preview) my experience has been that the 950 looks, feels and operates like the premium device I anticipated when I first unboxed it. Using Continuum via streambeam 2 is fun especially with the MS bluetooth foldable keyboard and arc mouse. Yes apps like Netflix are not supported, but using edge solves that issue. I don't mind using the browser, however there are some entertainment apps I want that I have been waiting for so I have considered an iPhone for those when I travel 🚢, but still use the 950 as my daily driver. In the end purchasing a 950 with a Mozo case today wouldn't be a regrettable decision.
  • I much prefer the Microsoft Facebook app to the Facebook developed Facebook app. It is much smoother and smaller in MB. Also no annoying adverts or stupid "news" in my feed. If you have uninstalled the MS FB app, I believe you can recover it by resetting your phone (do a backup as usual of course).
  • Been using it for almost a year now, and I have never been happier with my phone. You are right that it is almost a different phone though that did not stop me from recommending it to everyone i saw. I would compete with my brothers and wife and demonstrate how the 950 is far superior to their iPhones. The journey as an insider has been fantastic. Here is to many more years with Windows 10 Mobile!! I hope they dont kill the Lumia line forever.
  • IMHO, Microsoft has not done enough.  Mail and Calendar while better still sucks.  The app gap sucks and with my company making apps for enterprise use, the Windows Phone is being left out.  Lets be honest, Microsoft has no commitment to the platform and neither do app developers.  Lets be honest, even the Microsoft apps on other platforms are better than the ones on the W10M platform in some cases.  Even Microsoft does not care. I will be moving to Android because I cannot stand iOS, but will keep my Windows Phone as a backup phone.  Actually, I hate Android too but there is no point to stay on W10M platform.
  • The title rocks!!! Now I will read the article.
  • The camera is the only saving grace for 950/XL.  W10M is still a buggy mess requiring frequent reboots, and that's if you are using the release builds. God bless you if you are on fast ring.  From  a hardware standpoint, an Android midrange phone will poo-poo all over the 950/XL in every aspect but camera quality.  Given the expansive app gap, no one should be recommending these devices to anyone except diehard Windows Phone fanboys.    
  • I'm on the fast ring, and it all works quite fine on my 950XL. No bugs or problems that are hampering daily use at all.
  • I never did get the hate on the design..
  • I know right? It's not even slightly ugly or worthy of derision. Half the clowns that hated it use a case on their phones anyway. I have a pouch/slip case so I can see the phone (950) in all it's glory - I love it!
  • If the HPx3 was out, I would've bought it instead even with the same Qualcomm package.
  • LOL like vultures! I do use it once in a while, but nice to know I have a market if I decide not to. Considering I have 3 Windows Phones in my grave yard, that my kids use for Minecraft and other games) my history of reselling hardware is not solid.
  • Just got a new 950 XL. I tend to switch phones after a few months so I am not a die hard fan of any platform :) After so much time since Win10Mo was released, I must say that performance and design wise is still far behind WP8.1. I really do not know what kind of devs and designers built this mobile OS, but after the current result, they look nothing else but a bunch of incompetents!
    Yes, my phone it's working fine, but wifi-calling is a mess, volte is a mess, wifi performance is very poor even on a 5ghz network, compared to every other android and ios devices from my home, Edge is heating up the phone like a grill and eating my battery like hell. Design wise, is a total crap, from the boring control center without even a small amount of blur/transparency to the horrible circle contact photos in People app, and the list goes on. Going to apps, I have what I need for now, but there are some apps that are simply garbage: the new skype looks the same as the entire OS: designed by morons, facebook and messenger apps by facebook inc. are a bunch of crappy low level things, the Lockscreen displaying the weather is completely unverified! Detailed info about weather is displayed on the lockscreen without Font Wrapping.
    Honestly, I have never seen such horrible quality in any other software release, meaning so many many things built like crap!
    I'll keep on thi 950 XL for now, I like the camera which if far better than any iphone out there and overall it's working fine. Maybe the day when MS will use some competent developers and designers for this OS, will come and this completely moron CEO is gone and he takes all his indian crappy quality with him.
  • The dev's and designers are all fired. this is just Nutellas family working on it now. Gotta keep them employed.
  • I upgraded from the lumia 920 to the 950 xl. Unfortunately, the promised gorilla glass which held great during 5 yrs on the 920 broke on the 950xl within 6 months. this is quite disappointing. the gap in apps is also quite disappointing - i do understand of course it has nothing to do with microsoft. another issue i am having with the 950xl is that sometimes it just stars to buzz non stop and it only stops once i pull the battery out - quite enerving. otherwise, i love my windows phones. wouldn't change - maybe if offered a million$$. :-)
  • Apps has everything to do with Microsoft and their failed platform and stubbornness to make any changes. After WP7 failed so miserably, they should have changes their approach. WP8 and now W10M are basically the same as the original WP7. They didn't changw their approach at all.
  • Mozo covers are really nice.
    ​But when your phone drops to the floor those do not protect the phone at all (on the corners). Some "premium" features are not always that helpful.  
  • They're not covers. They are replacement backs. They are not meant to protect. That should be obvious.
  • The Lumia 950 has had 4 firmware updates and over 20 OS updates since launch, as far as I can tell. What other phones can boast so much post launch improvement support? I am really happy with mine, having upgraded from a Lumia 820 for EUR300. Waited until the price was right for me. My wife occasionally has problems with email attachments in Outlook, but apart from that, we don't seem to have any software problems. A colleague also bought one, following my recommendation. 
  • If something happened to my 950, I'd replace it with...  A 950..  One of the main reasons I wanted it was for the camera and it has not disappointed (especially after the firmware update to help with low ligh photos). I have gone into stores and taken matching photos using my 950 and S7 / Pixel / Huawei P9 etc and I'm sorry but the 950 still wins.  The S7 and Pixel do take nice photos but then have more limited zoom capability because they are so much lower in terms of megapixels.
  • That's an interesting question, what if something happened to my 950. I'd have to think long and hard about it. I've been on WP since Lumia 900/1020/950, and consider myself a pretty die hard fan. But the lure of some of these Chinese affordable flagships is pretty hard to resist. I might go with a One Plus 3T if my 950 bit the bullet. I would miss SD expansion and live tiles, but that's probably about it.
  • I have a new Lumia 950 to sell. Those you would like to purchase it, kindly reply to this comment. Oh and I'm from India.
  • Hey this is Puneet, i'm interested. do mail me latest pictures and known issues if any of the phone. You can reach me on 9858085832.
  • Let my company credit my salary, I Will through this peice of ****, been using windows phone from last 3 years and now i am done waiting for improvement and false promises from MS for app gap and smooth experience, will take up one plus 3t this time. Even your win 10 app is not working fine
  • I pre-ordered a 950 and was only able to last with it until March 2016 due to the not-ready-for-primetime software. I need my phone for my job, so to have to shell out for a new unlocked Galaxy S7 phone less than 6 months later was highly annoying. The 950 has been in my desk drawer since then as a backup if I ever need it, but Microsoft blew an opportunity. Pretty disappointing. Today, I would not recommend a Windows Phone to anyone.
  • pls sell it to me
  • Best phone I've ever had. By far.
  • Lol
  • I totally agree... I've had the 950 for a year and it's freaking amazing.
  • The 950 goes to sleep to quickly, which puts in in hibernation and that disconnects it from WiFi. Many apps start downloading while on WiFi and it completes using cellar data. I was informed that I'm nearly over my data limit for the month, because of it. I been sending feedback to have the time increased before the phone goes to sleep, the setting could be in network settings.
  • Waking the phone to end a call isn't easy, often double tap a few times, pressing power button all to get to the screen to end the call.  After receiving a text message the same problem shows.trying to view who sent the text.
  • I bought a new 950xl for 800usd last year - well this was the price at this time. all updates to win10 mobile (fastring updates) made it better and better. unfortunately I lost this perfect phone one month ago in italy, and I immediately bought a new one - this time for less than 300usd, because this phone is the best what I can buy on tthe market. I love wi10 mobile software, and the apps are very much enough - I do not need such apps to run through the landscape and looking for pokemons like an idiot. what I need is permanenet and reliable sync with mails, contacts, calendars, office files, officelens - my things and my collegues files. This is what Win10 mobile and 950XL does perfect. p.s.: what m$ should really be able to fix soon - to leave the beta status with irirs scan - it is a shame how unreliable this works; let me say it does not work at all.
  • Still rocking an unlocked 32G yellow Lumia 1520. No current Windows phone on the market has "wowed" me enough to warrant an upgrade. Patiently waiting for that "mythical" Surface phone in 2017.
  • Still no snapchat or the major banks.
  • Again, the app gap. My family have always used and defended use of Windows software. But my son, who's in college had to stop using his Windows Nokia phone to get an android phone to work for Lyft. It would have been the same for Uber. The lack of Apps for major businesses needs to be addressed as soon as possible.    
  • Hi guys,
    I found someone selling a second hand Lumia 950 XL for cheap. Its screen is a little cracked tough. The person says that the touch screen capability is not affected. Can someone tell me if a cracked screen affects the touch screen at all?
  • Save your money and buy a good one. Or, Replace the screen asap. Yes, the screen crack could affect the touch.
  • My 950 XL got a pretty bad crack on the top (barely missed the camera) because of a fall from high up.
    I didn't have any touch-issues. Also, my phone company told me that the repair would cost between 200-300, so a new one for a little bit over 300 was the way to go for me. (that way, i have a good, a little bit wrecked, replacement phone, if something happens :P)
    so, if the crack bothers you, better check how much the repair would be before you buy it.
    (prices from Switzerland)
  • It shouldn't, but every impact is different. My beloved 640 has a cracked screen top to bottom. (single crack, from a drop to gravel) It drives me nuts to see it, but works fine. I want to upgrade to the 950. I better hurry.  
  • Ha. Is it bad I switched to the Lumia 950 from Samsung? I had a older Samsung and I am not a fan of apple or Samsung and I had a upgrade for my phone at At&t ik there was a lot other phones that would probably have been better than this one but I just needed one soooooooooo I said screw it because I don't like LG and I don't like Samsung and I don't like apple (that is literally almost all the phones you can get at the AT&T store ik its garbage) but I'm glad I didn't go with those it gets boring sometimes because I miss changing the launcher every 5 minutes and everything but I don't like having apps I can't delete and I hate physical buttons
  • The world's biggest flagship failure?
  • Or maybe the Samsung Note 7 (due to slimness)?
  • Does anyone got the issue with location tag when capturing? There's no location tag in the image. I got this issue when upgrading to the Anniversary Update and the same in the latest build .448. Note: location service is on and camera app is allowed to access this service
  • Camera app is still buggy. When you have hurry to take pictures and swiping and looking them after taking snaps, the app just crashes. Overall experience is pretty good in my opinion. Battery last's easily a full day and camera takes good shots and so on. Lumia 950 owner!
  • The OS lacks any sort of meaningful gestures. Lacks gestures to open hamburger menus and all. Makes it difficult to use.
  • The Mozo black leather cover on my 950XL is creaking worse than the stock shell which came with the phone, but not because of any issue with the Mozo cover. The little plastic tabs on the phone itself which secure the shell in place have cracked off on the bottom edge, so there is nothing to snap onto. I'll chalk it up to the dry heat here in the desert southwest as many other electronics I've owned eventually suffer the same dry, cracked fate here in the blistering temperatues.
  • How warm does it get? At least your battery didn't explode ;-)
  • will there be crocodile skin pattern shells?
  • This article couln't have been more timely for me this week. I love last year's tech because it's much less expensive and is still pretty cool - and this article convinced me that it even improved! My Lumia950xl is in the mail. Hope I love it. I could have flipped over to an Edge7 pretty inexpensively, but I seem to be dedicated to this platform. 
  • I love my 950
  • me too.
  • Minor typo: "If you're an avid app user, it's still hard to wouldn't recommend the Lumia 950, or any Windows 10 Mobile device for that matter." Editor, feel free to delete this post after it is fixed (I'd just remove "wouldn't")
  • Windows Phone 10 is a great OS: I picked up a Lumia 640 and 650 from Cricket for $20 and $50 respectively, and they are both decent devices I could recommend to anyone who wants to be able to make phone calls, and use SOME modern smartphone conveniences like email, skype, maps, web browsing. No, if you need apps look elsewhere, but there are plenty of people who want a smartphone as opposed to a feature phone, and for them, Windows 10 is a great option. The platform will only get better as the x86 on ARM initiative bears fruit. I won't count Microsoft out yet: they WILL achieve 'parity' where Google and Apple both are not motivated to do so and aren't technically capable at this point. We are already seeing that mobile processors are hitting a ceiling on how much more powerful they "need" to get to provide desktop-like productivity, and with devices having 8 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage fitting in the palm of your hand, and wireless keyboards / displays being very practical, it will be pretty soon that it becomes truly practical to have one device with Continuum 3.0, no more syncing no more dependence on "the cloud" etc. That's the day I'm waiting for.
  • I love my 950 but think it was overpriced upon lauch. With the OS in beta it gave WM10 a bad rep. Was it the best looking phone? No but even today it holds its weight against many competitors out there. With the OS changing again soon.. .MS cannot expect to win the mobile race by going back to the starting line every couple of years.
  • I've seen the light! Picked up my first Windows phone being the mighty 950 some 2 months ago after years of iOS and Android. I feel like an 80's kid seeing space invaders fit the first time! There isn't one aspect of Windows 10 mobile i don't like! Simply amazing.. I ain't ever going back to the dark side..... My only complaint? Wish I had made the switch years ago.... Love it love it love it
  • I switched from Android to the 950XL, dumped ATT as soon as I could, and switched to Cricket. Now I use Continuum on a 50 inch TV and have 8GB every 30 days for $45 a month.  I dumped my $105 a month DSL/landline and I remote desktop into an i7 at my dads house for torrents,pron and anything else.  If only offline netflix would come to WIndows 10, I'd be set.  I dont miss any apps, and I've got Bank Of America, so, cool.
  • To the creator of this article, you must be either paid by MS or live in another reality. I have never used IOS nor android. And probably never will. I've been using W mobile since day 1 and Its nothing like you describe. The only things im using my phone for, are browsing, reading news, socializing and YouTube. And its a pain in the ...brain. W10 mobile is horrible! Not to mention the few devices running it. I only use the system out passion and devotion to a company that pioneered the computer world.
  • Well, this is a Windows review site.  I think most on here would disagree with you.  Most in "normal" society would agree, lol, but not in here.  You are outnumbered.  It's not the best, by any means, but a stretch to call the current state of W10M "horrible".  I'm actually just looking at this, because I'm considering a 950, after using a 640 on W10M as a daily driver for a few weeks.  I keep my S5A in my pocket for my work email, and better pics.  Other than that, have not needed it.  And the better pics is only because of higher resolution, the 950 will blow it away.  Yeah, app gap sucks, but everything I need works fine in edge if I can't find the app I want.
  • Well 2017 October, I am using  MyTube, Spotificast, OneDrive, Wunderlist, Facbook, Messenger, SlimSocial, Twitter, Instagram Skype, True Call, TED talk, Long Tweet, Socialize up, Day Counter, Amazon, Explorer for eBay, Amazon Kindle, Taking the best pictures EVER, recording videos in HD quality, reading news like NewTork times and CBS and Flipboard, I go crazy with Disqus and Dailymotion, enjoying awesome movies on NETFLIX, using the greatest fitness apps, playing Minecraft with my kids over the LAN, learning languages with Memrise, surfing the net with Microsoft Edge, STILL using MyFitnessPal, enjoying Gmail and Live mail in my inbox on the phone, using all the Microsoft Office programs when needed, making fine phone calls of great audio quality, sending and receiving sms going to pinterest with Pin.It, wacthing Coursera lectures with Socrates for Coursera, reading TripAdvisor reviews in the app, TwitchTV, great weatherforecast(Weather channel app), reading Xbox new in the Xbox app  with great enjoyment. Now could we stop saying that Windows 10 mobile is all bad all the time. The truth is that when I got my Lumia 950 XL a year or more back it was a fine phone with issues. Then the updates came one after one and it became more and more stable. I have been close to dish it a few times, but now I am happy I waited. It works damn well now. Windows 10 mobile is damn awesome now. And with all the many new Universal apps I have seen popping up here and there over the year I can no longer justify throwing this phone away as a Windows 10 desktop user... hence my phone kind of supports the whole system as it click damn well with my other machines.  Now some write that Windows 10 mobile is dead but that is hardly true with the universal apps coming out now, also this system will get updates untill 2019 July(I think), even after that time then the phone is still useful. As it is now the only two things I cannot do on Windows 10 mobile is snapchat and Pokemon Go. Both are not within my interests so I am all fine.  Is the Lumia 950 XL with windows 10 mobile perfect? Well perhaps not, but it is sure not horrible either. Also it came for a VERY fair price back then. Now it is even more cheap and the hardware specs are still decent. If you are a windows 10 user with a fair use of social media this phone is a fine choice.  Now with this: is a big mistake and I hope Microsoft has something up its sleave like a Andromada Windows 10 smartphone for 2019 or else they will loose big time as people slowly moves over to Google docs and Apple numbers etc. I do not believe that Microsoft is so foolish not to have some plan with a a windows 10 phone for the future. We are still many (potential) users. 
  • Bravo dwarfyking.....  You have sumed it up perfectly and i take my hat off to you brother for sharing your experience.  My 950 is a beast and i would even go so far as saying it's the best damm mobile I've ever used...  I ran with ios for a couple of  years then moved to android which was a hell of a lot better then i discovered wm through a  phone that was given to my wife for work.  needles to say i was  blown away and went out and bought myself a 950...  Best thing i ever did!  I'll keep on running this beast of a phone until i can't find replacement batteries or my unit dies and i can find another on eBay..  long live Windows Mobile and may she reign for ever and ever..  
  • I have actually just purchased an extra battery from ebay for just 12 GBP and they are damn easy to swoop. Gotta be handy when on the run and the battery is running low recording and taking pictures :O)