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Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL getting double-tap to wake, WiFi fixes in new firmware

Besides a new Fast Ring update today owners of the Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL should check for something else. New firmware with the build 01078.00053.16236.35xxx is now live for many devices in different regions regardless of Insider-status. However, this will be a rolling update (our AT&T Lumia 950 is not seeing it) so not all available devices will receive it today.

New features include the return of double tap to wake to modern Windows 10 Mobile devices like the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL and the fix for recurring Wi-Fi disconnections. Here is the full changelog posted by Microsoft (opens in new tab):

  • Wi-Fi connectivity improvements, including fixes for Wi-Fi connection dropping randomly and Wi-Fi scan occasionally not returning any results.
  • Support for double tap to wake enabled.
  • Bluetooth connectivity improvements.
  • Stability and reliability improvements.
  • Camera improvements, including improved image and video quality, improved Auto-focus and fix for a problem that was causing slow motion capture to skip frames for some users.
  • Cellular connectivity improvements, including fix for a problem that caused occasional network loss for some users.
  • Audio quality improvements, including fix for a problem that caused voice call audio to get scrambled for some users.

Microsoft cautions:

The availability of the update may depend on your phone model, region or network service provider. Starting today, the update should become available for the first batch of phones and the remaining ones are expected to receive the update gradually.

To get the update go to Settings > Update & security > Phone update > Check for updates. If eligible you will see MICROSOFTMDG update waiting. We already have numerous reports of the firmware being live now for the phones as mentioned earlier.

Assuming your phone's region and model number are supported Insiders (Fast, Slow, Release Preview) and non-Insiders should be eligible for the firmware. There is no need to reset or rollback your phone using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. For those on AT&T or phones that do not yet have the update, it should come out over the next few weeks. AT&T's turn-around time is usually about 10 days, though it can vary.

Thanks, Alessandro and Jorn, for the tips

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • good news Dan thanks
  • i got "Windows Phone MICROSOFTMDG-update" and im from Finland i dont have insider windows 10M on my phone
  • That's because firmware releases are no longer tied to builds, i.e. today was a coincidence.
  • Downloaded on UK :)
  • What network / unlocked device?
  • Unlocked 950xl on Vodafone
  • Me same as you but no update here
  • I have AT&T and checking daily only to see Your device is up to date.It's deressing to know it's available, but stilll not receiving it.
  • I best add, dual.sim phone from France if that makes any difference...
  • Nothing for me. Lumia 950 EE UK factory unlocked.
  • It seems like the rollout started in Europe...
  • Yes! 950 might be my next phone because of this! Still happy with my new 1020 for now.
  • i was using nokia lumia 1020 until lumia 950 released and i can tell u... ull love this lumia 950 what ive noticed is that lumia 950 video recording sound isnt as great as nokia lumia 1020 and now on lumia 950 we're getting double tap wake back just like in nokia lumia 1020 :)
  • the camera is just superb on the L950/L950Xl initially i thought i would miss my old L1020 but the camera of the L950XL can actually at times produce better images than my main daily driver Samsung S7 Edge. i find my self using the L950XL more throught the day than my S7 Edge :)
  • love the camera too,  The only complaint woudl be the auto focus on mine cant seem to ever focus right.  I have to tap to focus on almost every picture or just go to manual focus. :(
  • I was having issues with sould on my 950 videos as well. When I played the files back on PC I was only gettign full sound our of the right speaker. I found the culprit. There are littel O rings that surround the mics under the  the back shell.  Pop your  shell off and inspect the two lics.  One is just noprht of the camera and flash. The other is near the bottom just south of the edge of the battery and sim slot.  These O rings can migrate over the mics to cover them up.  Just carefully push it back into place.  I have to do this every month or so. Hope that helps!
  • Amazing list of feature !!! :-o
  • Funny story, but it had me pissed off... I showed my supervisor my new 950. He says "you know WP is going away, right?"" I said "what, have you been reading phone arena again?"".... He says "no Lionel said that Nokia bought MS's WP OS, and they are killing it off!"" I said "what? Lionel doesn't know what I know, and you're better off trusting me.. Windows Mobile is in full development right now""... He says "well Lionel used to work for Nokia, so I think he knows what he's talking about... Lol❗❗.... "the only reason they are giving y'all updates is to prepare you guys for Nokia's takeover"".
    Wow! It was funny, but also annoying. SMDH.
  • Who's Lionel, the office idiot? Jebus...
  • Ahhh,  no.   Lionel is intellegent by the sounds of it....
  • Rodney didn't you just re purchase the 1520? What made you get the 950?
  • Anybody confirm if it's available in WDRT?
  • yeah it's there, I almost pull the trigger right before they announced the new build today. :-)
  • Awesome!
  • It will vary by device model/region. My US devices (unlocked/locked) do not have it listed OTA or WDRT. Heed caution.
  • #SadTrombone
  • installing right now in India, hope it will fix issue with camera related problem, such a good camera but the w10m does not look like perfectly leveraging its capability.
  • Chandan, which provider? Mine is Airtel and am still stuck at 218 OS build (no 3 or 4 series updates yet). This firmware update also am not seeing. 950XL/India/Airtel/NonInsider here!
  • Airtel, but I don't thinks it matters in india. I m not insider
  • I got it too in India. The carrier isn't an issue here in India.
    P.S feels cool too double tap to wake up.
    Loving my 950
  • Is any one facing issues with glance? After latest update glance has ceased to work nor double tap is working :(
  • same issue here. I did soft reset couple of timies, glance works but double tap to wake NOT working :(
  • Doesnt matter which provider. I am on Vodafone.. Getting the update..
  • Doesnt matter which provider. I am on Vodafone..Getting the update..
  • The carrier should not be an issue . on airtel myself and i got the update last night itself. maybe u should connect to a stable wifi network?
  • Lumia 950XL NL CV getting both updates!
  • Any words on the availability of Double Tap to Wake on Lumia 650 devices? Waiting eagerly for that feature.
  • Neither in Canada.
  • Hi @Daniel : Two things 1. When clicking on comments page navigation i.e '1 2 3 next> Last>>' , its returning a '.json' file instead of showing comments at that page.
    2. Do you have any update on this(Double Tap to Wake OTA update - 950XL ) , as I haven't got this update till yet Thank you :)
  • Thank you USA AT&T device...950
  • I dont see any difference even after the update. I did update my 950 xl unlocked with OTA update today. Deal breaker double tap to wake not working :(
  • Downloading on my 950 in Germany ...
  • Meany pants! Not downloading on my (unlocked) 950 in Germany ...
  • Weirdly I always find with my UK Unlocked devices I would get the firmware later, which always seemed unusual
  • I'll do this trick like in the restaurant when you decide to go smoking and halfway through your ciggy your meal suddenly arrives! Restarting in 3 - 2 - ...
  • It's there, but weirdly it seems that if you install the new firmware (which requires also rolling back to the current "Release" build of the OS, 10586.13169) and then re-enroll in the Insider program, it reverts you back down to firmware version 1078.00038.16082.36005 and you will no longer have tap-to-wake. There doesn't seem to be any way to update the firmware without also going back to the non-insider release build of the OS, and no way to keep the updated firmware if you do go back to the preview builds. At least that's what happened to me with my 950 XL. Your mileage may vary.
  • Thank You Microsoft! The WiFi bug has been killing me.
  • Yay! And this just hours after my Wi-Fi thread went berserk in the release candidate article earlier. Daniel, you just made my day. I'm actually tearing up a little this is making me so happy. And the return of double tap to wake?... it's like Christmas in this firmware update!
  • Update: Okay, maybe more like Christmas Eve, since I keep checking and it's not available on my phone yet (US unlocked dual-SIM Lumia 950).
  • Ayy lmaoo
  • So it looks like Santa took a break from delivering these gifts. Has anyone else with an unlocked US Dual-SIM Lumia 950 received this update yet?
  • Still anxiously awaiting the update on my US Dual Sim 950XL as well.
  • Still nothing here Lumia 950xl unlocked dual sin AT&T Maine.
  • Nothing yet on T-Mobile (950xl)
  • Do you receive the update? Because I have exactly the same 950 but nothing yet.
  • Nope. Still waiting. It showed up in the recovery tool on Monday, though, and usually the over the air update is not far behind.
  • You know what's funny? A month or so ago I switched out my old wifi network (some Belkin access points) for some fancy (and expensive) Cisco ones. I've been having these random WiFi disconnection issues where my 950 would say it was connected but I didn't have an Internet connection - only restarting the device would fix it. I was cursing these new wap's as I never had the same issue with the Belkin's. I didn't even realise that other people might be having the same issue, and it must've coincided with a previous update on my mobile that introduced the issue. Similarly, I've been having some random disconnections from my mobile carrier network... but they've been doing network upgrades in the past few months so I thought it was due to that! I was even tempted to call them up to ask why their network is so ****** all the time :P I'm pleased that it was just an issue with my phone, but it's also slightly annoyed at the same time haha
  • I have never had WiFi issues before the last couple of builds. My symptoms are the same: WiFi connected but saying that there is no internet connection.   Only re-starting fixes it.  :-(
  • Good for them
  • You too if you pick up one of these awesome devices! :D
  • Downloading together with the new build :-)
  • Thank you Microsoft for Double Tap To Wake.
  • Hope the Bluetooth fixes help Band 2 connectivity - notifications, keyboard, working with headsets, etc.
  • Amen, brother (lama)!
  • Nope, not with me I'm afraid. So frustrating
  • Still overheating when using Edge?
  • Hasn't for months now.
  • Until with the last build again
  • Yesssss ...installing on 950DS :) - Germany
  • ATT is downloading 14383.0 this morning.  Fast Ring.  Hope its the same stuff, different build.
  • That's the new Insider OS.  These fixes/features are firmware related.  Prolly'll have ta wait a few days on AT&T......"few days"
  • Microsofts 10 days and AT&Ts 10 days are 2 totally different time lines. I have an AT&T 950 and I am expecting it to take more like 100 days to see Microsofts firmware update to drop from AT&T.
  • When will the unlocked LUMIA830 is getting a FW update which was released back in Feb 2016 on AT&T LUMIA830 only?
  • The unlocked Lumia 830 doesn't need that firmware. The ATT Lumia 830 was released with a crippled version of Lumia Denim and that firmware update was just bringing it up to date. Only the ATT version will get it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • LOL, genius !
  • DAMN!  
  • Hope AT&T move fast on double tap to wake feature, because I missed this so much from my 1520.
  • I miss the "Hey Cortana" feature from 1520.. You'd think 950/950 xl would have it...
  • 950/xl has had Hey Cortana since day one....
  • Don't tell him...
  • I've had my L950 over 7 month now and hey still not working
    Ms are are looking into it
  • Ummmmm it does
  • It does and u can just say Cortana. Do a search in this app for Cortana on l950 settings and there is a how to to enable it. It's not in the same place as the 1520 but it is more reliable and better. Infant I think sometimes it knows my pc or Xbox are around and ignores me infavor of those but only can hope.
  • It does have it and has for quite a while now. Open Cortana and go to the hamburger menu, settings to set it up.
  • Ermmm it has for a hell of a long time now...
  • Ermmm it has for a hell of a long time now...
  • You never looked it up, huh...
  • 1520 has it already. 
  • I saw WiFi in the title and I immediately thought WiFi calling. Well shucks....
  • That would make too much sense...
  • Well, maybe this is operator depends as I have been using wifi calling on my L950XL since day one (EE UK).
    In the settings->network->mobile & Sim->Sim Settings-> WiFi calling...
    When I am out of mobile signal, my calls are connected via wifi (a small phone icon appears on bottom left pf the wifi signal icon).
  • Ah, I completely forgot that EE UK has it! We're not so lucky here in the US unless you get an AT&T branded 950.
  • Firmware for unlocked Nokia Lumia 730 please !?
  • I would like to super size my meal please.
  • What are you hoping from the firmware...? :/
  • There is still issues with GPS. Location point doesn't move when I am in moving vehicles.
    For camera, there is issue with post processing. Images are little yellowish washed.
  • I don't think it needs anything
  • Does glance work on any version of Windows 10 Mobile? I'm still on WP 8.1 and I'm curious. I use double tap to wake and glance all the time.
  • It works on all versions. If your phone supports it Glance is there. It actually upgraded the Glance Screen on my Lumia 640. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sure, it's been there since day 1 on 950 and XL.
  • Yes, but the peak mode is gone.
  • Peek mode where it turns on if you wave your hand over the sensor/take it out of your pocket? It's still there just might not be called peek any more
  • It woks fine, I have ser to the 5 mins, then gestures brings glace back up, turns off in pocket etc too, perfect
  • Yeah it is there, but it will ALWAYS be on when charging if you are on a recent Insider build. As a result, I've turned off Glance entirely...
  • This. And as a "bonus" the clock isn't moving across the display. A perfect combination for OLEDs.. Display burn in, you're welcome!
  • not true... mine moves all the time... just the first few minutes it wont move and then it does... give it a few minutes.
  • Are you on fast ring? Because this bug is only on redstone.
    Nevertheless, I know that on TH2 it takes around 15min to start moving, but here on RS I gave it more like an hour and it still didn't move.
  • On my 950XL there is an option to turn Glance off whne charging.  Extras-->Glance screen-->Turn off Always show glance screen when charging.  It looks like the default is turned on.
  • By your "extras>glance" I'm assuming you are on Production ring. The issue is present on Redstone build.
  • Hasn't hit my 950XL CV here in the UK yet... hope it does soon, double tap to wake is a great feature. Disabled it on my 1020 because of battery life, interested in testing how it affects the XL and whether I can keep it on this time.
  • Tap to wake up will be nice. I love that feature on other phones. I haven't had too many problems with my phone sense the last major update. My phone does turn on every now and then trying to find me "Hello" without me turning it on. Constantly locks
  • How about wifi fix for other older phones? It's affecting all kinds of phones according to the bug thread. They all need FW update?
  • This firmware is only for the 950 series devices. Other phone won't get this update
  • I know this update is for the 950. I'm just saying it's more wide spread and other phones need this fix also. I thought it would be a single OS update but looks like they all need a separate FW update, which may explain why it took so long.
  • Lumia 650? We want double tap to wake... My old 80$ lumia 435 had it :(
  • This! I want that too!
  • Yes!  Double tap and Wifi fix for 650 please
  • Nice, hope we get it soon
  • Still waiting in line.... Lumia 650 dual-sim
  • Lumia 650 single-sim needs that too!
  • I was literally sitting here at work and scream out "YES ... ******* YES!" The double tab to wake is one of the features from my L1020 that I missed the most since moving on to the 950XL. I am so in joy right now! :)
  • Yes!!
  • Can't wait to get tap to wake as I've never got hey Cortana to work.
    So if I need to open phone whilst driving I have to push side button to open lock screen
  • Ya "Hey Cortana" works once for every 15-20 attempts.
  • WhatsApp didn't open on the 950 win 10 it fixed?
  • Works for me
  • Redstone build on the bloody 920...does whatsapp work?
  • Not sure about the 920, but don't see why not. It works on 435, 1020, 930 and 950 for me
  • It does guess im retrying that..
  • How did u get Redstone on the lumia 920? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ditto, i'd love to get redstone onto my 920 that my mum uses, thought it was imposible??
  • When in my Icon?
  • I give up. When are you in your Icon?
  • I haven't yet got Windows Phone MICROSOFTMDG-update​ in the UK, but I am currently downloading 10.0.14383.0
  • I had a MICROSOFTMDG update yesterday but dont have tap to wake
  • under Settings > Extra > Touch?
  • Slightly related - I do not see the option to display an image on the glance screen under Extras. Was this removed?
  • I believe that is available in redstone.
  • I have an option to enable background image under glance screen settings. either black and white or colors. It uses the background from lock screen.
  • I have usa version unlocked 950xl. Didn't get any update
  • Me neither
  • usa seems to be running behind everyone else for this update for some reason. Although that has kept the "why usa first" whiners somewhat muted
  • Canada has been skipped as well...
  • And a few other countries as well. It seems weird with the way it's rolling out, but I'm patiently waiting my turn to get the new firmware :)     Can't wait to have DttW back!
  • Is this the same firmware update that was available on the windows recovery tool a few weeks ago?
  • No it there was a new one last weekend in WRT with DTTW.
  • Anyone noted anything other than listed changes.. M just downloading now :)
  • My 950 XL single SIM (production build) feels somewhat snappier, especially the screen rotation.
  • No update on my factory unlocked 950XL yet. Not interested in double-tap to wake as it tends to turn on in my pocket and start pocket dialing/texting WAY to much, but I am interested in all the other features I did and didn't know were coming!
  • Not the case at all
  • Double Tap to Wake Up uses the proximity sensor to not wake up in your pocket...
  • Bluetooth got worse foe me
  • Thank you MS for double tap to wake. Though, I dont have this yet on my phone, happy to learn that this feature is back on 950 series.  Now if you could, please release 950 and 950 XL for T-mobile with Band 12 and WiFi calling support
  • It has Band 12...
  • I have wifi calling since day one on my 950XL (EE UK).
  • Is there any link to which device are receiving this update? Checked both phones OTA and not update.... not ready for wdrt yet though!  
  • I don't whine much, but now I can admit to missing dttw from the day of launch. Now I need to retrain myself for that glorious feature. :)
  • You don't need to retrain yourself... it's easily adaptive and highly addictive feature!!!
  • Yes, love double tap
  • To me the phone is also a