Lumia Creative Studio Beta app adds Windows 10 Mobile support

If you are a Windows Insider and have Windows 10 Mobile installed on your Lumia smartphone, you can now check out Microsoft's photo editing app Lumia Creative Studio Beta for the first time. The app now supports Microsoft's upcoming mobile OS and can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

Aside from that, the new version number of doesn't appear to add any new features to Lumia Creative Studio Beta. If you do notice anything new after you install it on your Windows 10 Mobile device, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Download Lumia Creative Studio Beta for Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile

QR: Creative Studio Beta

John Callaham
  • Now bring back all the others Lumias apps, I can't even download Lumia Cinemagraph!
  • Yes please!
  • Not to mention Lumia Camera!
  • Lumia Moments!!! :(
  • Mix radio. :(
  • Lumia selfie????
  • Waiting for the new build..
  • HERE Transit and HERE City Lens please
  • THIS! Especially transit. It beat all alternatives hands down.
  • Lumia Camera Classic! PLEEEASEEE!!!!
  • And it's crashing before even loading................
  • Seems faster :D
  • I already have Lumia creative studio on my w10. What is the difference between that and beta version.
  • I have it too. Always have.
  • Yeah ive got all the others to, cinmagraph, selfie, the (apperently) old creative studio...
  • I have the HTC one M8 and it also downloaded to my phone so maybe just not for Lumia's any more also. Never mind. Doesn't run though.
  • Force Close after select "show all photo".
  • any solution for error code 0x80073d01 ?? install location is set to phone, doesnt happen with other app install UPDATE: fixed; switched application storage from phone -> memory card -> phone ..
  • Try reboot phone and install it again.
  • Beta is me
  • Question. Do you guys at WC have the developer option enabled on your phones? Reason I ask is because there quite a few people that aren't getting these updates. I have complained about the Store being crap, but this is kind of ridiculous. I continue to send feedback on it and Edge daily.
  • Ms, let just develop os, the rest pass to Nokia.
  • Lumia camera please. I miss it in windows 10
  • Is there a Windows 20 (pc) version, or something similar?
  • The app crashes to start screen when 'see all photos' is tapped.