Cyan and 8.1 on the AT&T Lumia 925

AT&T will start rolling out the over-the-air Windows Phone 8.1 update today to its customers who own the Lumia 925 and the Lumia 520 smartphones.

This new update follows on the heels of AT&T offering Microsoft's latest mobile OS for the Lumia 1520. According to AT&T:

"The Windows Phone 8.1 update for the Nokia Lumia 925 and 520 brings you a personal smartphone experience that puts the people and things you really care about right at your fingertips. Great new features like Cortana, a personal virtual assistant built around you, is the only smartphone assistant who can set reminders by people, as well as by time or location. She can remind you to pick up your dry cleaning on the way home from work or remind you to text or call your grandma and wish her a happy birthday."

As we have mentioned before with previous OTA updates to Windows Phone 8.1, anyone who has the Lumia 925 and 520 and has already downloaded and installed the Developer Preview version needs to downgrade to Windows Phone 8.0 before they download the new over-the-air update to 8.1. Will you be updating your AT&T Lumia 925 and 520 phones today?

Source: AT&T; Thanks to everybody for the tips!