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AT&T announces that the Lumia 1520 Windows Phone 8.1 update is now live

Starting at 1PM ET today, AT&T has announced that the Lumia 1520 is cleared to receive the Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan update.

Owners of the Lumia 1520 can head into their Settings > Phone Update > Check for update to begin to receive the latest OS from Microsoft and new firmware to enable advanced features from Nokia.

AT&T did not comment on timelines for their other Lumia phones, though presumably they are not too far behind the Lumia 1520.

Our in house AT&T Lumia 1520 is not showing an update is live just yet, but our phone is running the Preview for Developers. It is not clear if we need to rollback the Preview in order to pull the update, though we will follow up shortly on that matter.

For more information about the Lumia Cyan update, please see our tracker page for all the latest.

  • Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan update tracker

Customers can also head to AT&Ts Community blog (opens in new tab) and software update page ( (opens in new tab).

Final Update: Microsoft is advising those with the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview enabled to downgrade the OS first before getting Cyan. More information can be found here.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • With AT&T beating expectations this time, it's worth getting a new phone just to update it :D
  • The 520 is a good phone and gives access to Microsoft's services.
  • I paid $99 for my 1520 and I love it except for the neutering I still have to undo for Qi.
  • Was that a green lumia 1520?
  • Paid $125 for my 1520 off contract and added Qi so I am delighted :)
  • TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO HAVE A GOOD DAY! I have the 1520 running the Preview(and a 1020 which I'm not ready to update.)
    I LOVE the 1520! If you'd like to read my story of how I arrived at one of the BEST Windows Phones EVER read here!:
    My Road to the Nokia Lumia 1520
  • I'll actually ready this
  • Great piece
  • I got mine 3 weeks ago w renewed agreement 99.00
  • OMG, I'm gonna call and tell them I lost mine so they'll send me a replacement. You pay for the new one. I think it's like $125. Whachusay?
  • The will lock out your original 1520, so it will become a wi-fil only toy, but yes, you can do it
  • InfiniteRefrain, they won't lock it. I reported my 920 and they wanted to give me some Android phone but I told them that I wanted a Windows Phone so they send me a 1020. The 920 I sold to a girl and all she did was put a Straight Talk SIM card and it works fine. It's still going to this day. I know a lady who lost her 1020 a couple of weeks ago and they didn't have it in stock so they sent her a 1520. I know cause I found the phone and I know the lady so I gave it back. That's what you do when you live in a small town of 1800 people.
  • So you commited fraud?
  • essentially what he is suggesting!
  • It's OK though, he's from a small town.
  • Lol
  • You can interpret it how ever you wish. You've never downloaded an MP3 from the internet and didn't pay for it? You don't use torrents neither? If the chance is there, why not take it?
  • I have never downloaded an MP3 and have not paid for it.  I always pay.
  • So you are why my deductibles are so high. Thanks, thief.
  • I got a solution to not having high deductibles... Leave the company and go to another one or pay full price for the phone. We only live once and if you're not willing to break any rules, you'll get no where. I've just been pushed too far already. You think AT&T isn't making any money off of us?
  • Really? That is your answer? Life is too short to not be a thief? Wow.
    Edit: Also, it is AT&Ts job to make money off of you, that is sort of the point in a company. Thief.
  • Oh no!! Please don't cut my hand off. Thief? I paid for both phones. Maybe a little dishonest... I'll give you that.
  • More than a little dishonest. You are obviously lacking any kind of moral compass. Yes, you are a thief.
  • Care to elaborate more on the thief part?
  • You fraudulently gained a product. That is stealing. That makes you a thief. Theft by deception, fraud, whatever you want to call it. You are a thief. Even worse, you can justify to yourself why that was ok, that makes you a dishonest person. As you even, sadly admitted to.
  • Well, I do pay for insurance. The option is there. But if you're going to label me as a thief then I can label you as a scapegoater... Right?
  • The NSA knows. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Nice Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I was debating whether or not to do this with my 13 month old 920 just to try and get a 1520 but really don't want to part with my 920, like ever.  Lol. Also there is some new thing with AT&T and Assurian insurance where the deductible for phone claims actually drops less than $125 depending on how long you've had you device. I think it goes into effect Aug 1 or something.
  • Where did you find that?
  • I got a letter in the mail from AT&T about it a few weeks back. Not sure if there is a Web page yet with all the details yet. I'll try to find it.
  • Spend a day with the 1520 and you'll never want to use the 920 again.
  • I agree, my 920 is a great backup though. better than any insurance that I paid for.
  • I would :) trouble is, it wouldn't fit in my jeans pockets... ;)
  • Are you sure? It fits on my jean pockets just fine
  • I have small pockets in my jeans for some reason.... My 920 barely fits in my jeans pockets...
    Weird, I know I mean, it fits but its kind of hard to sit down... So I guess a 1520 would probably snap if I sat down with it in my small pockets ;)
  • are you wearing skinny jeans????
  • Hahahaha xD My same reaction.
  • Nope. The company that made the jeans doesn't know what pickets when I get another type ill consider T 1520 :)
  • Why would you ever sit down with a phone in your pocket? Any size phone for that matter..
  • Why not?
    I sit through college all day with my phone in my pocket :) (I wear combats...) lol
  • I don't agree.  I have both the 920 and the 1020.  I spent more than a day with a 1520.  The camera is better on my 1020 (but not the 920), and the 1520 is too big to comfortably use one-handed.  So, no, not everyone will think the 1520 is better in ways that matter to them.  I wouldn't even trade my 920 in for the 1520.
  • I concur.
  • That's how I got two 920s I broke the screen on my first told att it broke paid 125 and went fix my screen now I have both and a 1520 now might try it again before I finish paying this one off via next program
  • Wonder if thats for all their clients cause rogers uses the same company. The other day they sent me an activation code for an android/ios app lol talk about dumbasses
  • Yep.. I feel you and feel myself
  • Yeah
  • Nothing for me yet
  • Nothing for me yet either. On DP.
  • Well MS screwed up. Get over it. Rollback to WP8 and you'll get it. It's that simple!!!
  • Never said I was under it :) I have wiped and am downloading an update now, not sure what it is. Edit: 8.1 it is
  • Can't one keep the Developer Preview OS installed and uncheck the checkbox in the DP app (unenroll)? Will that allow one to upgrade to Cyan?
  • No, tried it, uninstalled app too
  • says 1pm ET. Which just starts in a minute
  • Can confirm this.  My 1520 prompted me for an initial (pre 8.1 thingy) update earlier this morning.  It's done now and wnet on without a hitch.  :)   "Your update is all done!" Followed by... "You're all set to get new phone updates - including the latest one, Windows Phone 8.1!  We'll check for it shortly.  But if you can't wait, you can do it yourself by going to Settings > Phone update > Check for updates." Looking forward to meeting you Cortana.  ;)
  • It's allowing the full 8.1 phone update (first try) on my AT&T NL 1520 no problem.  Just request it manually if you want it NOW.    Bam!  Your request is granted. Downloading 75%... Preparing to install 13...96%...  Is Auntie Mame hung?!?  Naw, she's good! Tap install.  Agree to terms. Tap install. Agree to 15-30min time window!  Restarting...goodbye Winding wheels of progress takes over your screen...progress bar appears... TBC . 
  • It looks to have restarted... Nokia signage... Blue MS 4squares logo... AT&T logo... type in passcode again...   "We're getting there..." "...and it will be worth the wait."  Migrating your data (step 13 of 19) 52...76 (quicker step for sure) Migrating your data (step 15 of 19) 17...94%... Migrating your data (step 17 of 19) quickly to 100%! "Update successful" goodbye   Nokia letter logo again, MS 4 squares... AT&T world...start screen...passcode again "We've added a few new settings with this update.  Tap Continue to customize them, and then try out the new features on your phone."  *blue Welcome to Lumia Cyan notification flashes at top for a brief moment* New Settings: WiFi sense (helps you save data) Additional settings: Auto update store aps.  Ads across apps for experiences Microsoft account updates: Back ups now include your app content.  Some settings sync across devices.  All can be changed later. Tap done. Home screen! 
  • You'll notice a new medium sized Data Sense tile on your homescreen.  Flips to show your usage at a glance.  Off to the tutorials then... No issues of rme.  I'd allow plenty of time though.  Easily 30min to 45 min over WiFi on your lunch hour should be possible, but you'll need to stick around.  It doesn't run through all by itself! 
  • I'm really curious to see if preview devices really need to be rolled back, even if they don't use bitlocker. I really hope not... that's a lot to ask, and really flies in the face of how easy the preview program was.
  • So, I did the refresh and am now installing 8.1. Wonder if it will be pushed for DP or we just have to reset.
  • I have the RM-938, the Latin American variant of the 1520, AKA the 1520.3, AKA "the good one" (supports every common North American frequency over both LTE and HSPA, plus has in-built Qi charging). I purchased it used with the developer preview already on it. How do I know whether the update is available if I roll back? I don't want to lose the 8.1 DP if the final version isn't available.
  • My guess is you will have to keep an eye on the update page and only roll back when your country variant is available. But, I am hoping MS makes some sort of statement regarding DP prior to my 1020 receiving the update. I will roll back if I have to, but I don't want to.
  • I don't understand this. People who recently had DP on Lumia 625 still got the cyan update. They didn't have to rollback. So unless it is an ATT thing I don't see why we need to rollback from DP 8.1 to 8.0 to get cyan. 
  • I am still waiting, resufing to rollback just to upgrate to Cyan. MS is just advising people to rollback then upgrade first, but I am pretty sure they are working on a solution to enable Cyan update on a 8.1 DP. (well, hopefully.)
  • Yes if you don't rollback the update will NOT be seen by your phone that's what I experienced tried once no joy reverted did the recovery setup installed 8.0 didn't even click update it just said update available And it started the update
  • Me either because my replacement is taking its sweet time on the dhl truck :(
  • I don't see the update either. I really hope I don't have to go roll back.
  • My carrier has the Black update available and my phone is still on Amber because it doesn't find any updates, I did a hard reset and still nothing. I guess we will have to roll back to get the updates :/
  • Connect it to the computer and update it that way.
  • Disable the Dve preview app then try again.
  • I did a hard reset and didn't install the Dev preview app again.
  • Try skipping logging in @ oobe it helped me recover from the same issue on my ativ s
  • You actually need to revert back to 8.0. A hard reset does not remove 8.1 just all your settings, apps and customizations.
  • Lies
  • Fabulous lies.
  • This lordrican dude is cool lol, that's normally my line!
  • Wow, guess AT&T beat most people's expectations after all!
  • That has yet to be determined. ;-)
  • +920 :-)
  • Only for the 1520.  But all the other Windows Phones are waiting.
  • Seems like the 1520 has the most to gain from Cyan over just the dev preview though, so they probably picked the right model to start with.
  • I hope rest of the phones will follow in next 1 week..
  • Or other variants of the 1520.
  • Seems faster
  • 8.1 is much faster trust me. I rolled back to 8.0 and oh man I miss 8.1.
  • Not on my 920 it isn't.  It's lag city.
  • Same on my 1020
  • Ditto, really hope Cyan or consumer release puts it back to what 8.0 was. I love 8.1 and am glad I did the DP, but it is not near as fast as 8.0. Not even close.
  • Do a factory reset. 8.1 works just fine on L920, but the way updates work things can sometimes get wonkey. Doing a fresh factory reset of your device should fix any weirdness and get things working smooth as butter like it should. For myself the core OS was working just fine and smooth with the 8.1 update, but the maps were getting all sorts of lost when using navigation. Factory reset and now it works perfect again.
  • In my phone lumia 520 it shows many copy of videos of songs, videos nd photos.. If i remove one of two both remove.. What is problem i dont get it..suggest smthing
  • Insert obligatory "soft reset" comment here. Runs perfectly fine on my 925, which is basically a redesigned 920, right?
  • Yea it's what I own a L925. I had no issues with the dev pre 8.1.
  • If it is faster, it isnt by much.  It performs relatively the same, the difference wouldnt be too much either way.  If anything, it is somewhat laggy on the 1020, all the apps takes time loading................... sometimes, it takes time for the app tiles to pop up and left with blank squares on the home screen.  Hopefully they fix with the official release. 
  • This is my experience on my 1020, 100%
  • I think the cyan firmware is really needed for the 8.1 update
  • Keep us updated if you do need to rollback to go forward, please.
  • My heart just jumped out of my chest!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Just in time for my NIN/Soundgarden concert in Atlanta! Yeah buddy!
  • Damn, you're old.
  • Nice!
  • @phil
    I'm jealous!
  • At least you're not old! LOL
  • If you haven't seen them live you're in for a real treat. I've seen NIN live twice and they've been amongst the best live concerts I've ever been too. And I've been too tons of concerts. Enjoy the show and your new phone.
  • Yeah, I've seen NIN live twice myself. Never seen Soundgarden though! Really looking forward to capturing some great video footage on my 1520. Especially with the new Cyan FW. DD 5.1!
  • Shit, why don't you send me some of that footage you take with your awesome Lumia 1520? I haven't seen Soundgarden live either but I bet it's going to be an amazing show. Rock on dude!
  • Sure thing! I had planned on uploading all my footage to my YouTube channel and then sharing the link on the 1520 forums. Concert is August 8th, so I will have footage that weekend!
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Awe. Some.
  • Nothing yet here, running on WP 8.1 preview
  • Download at 48% running 8.0
  • 8.1 and Cyan up and running:)Apps being updated as I speak.
  • did att remove data sense?
  • Still there:)
  • Does this include the 1520.3 with an AT&T SIM? That's a critical detail.
  • Definitely not.
  • That's discrimination! Lol
  • It is based on the phone's existing firmware. It needs AT&T firmware to get an AT&T update. It has nothing to do with what SIM is in it, otherwise we'd all just put different SIMs in our phone to get the update.
  • This is something I haven't been totally clear on. Using a 1520.3 with an AT&T SIM, am I correct in assuming I have to wait until either A) The US country variant is released, or B) The Latin American carriers release the update?
  • You will have to wait until that CV gets the update.
  • Is it known whether or not a rollback would be required? I'm still seeing no update.
  • I rolled back my MEA region 1520 in anticipation of an update only for Nokia software recovery tool to flash it with an O2 euro_1 ROM. I've reverted back to dp, but I'm not sure who'll get the update 1st, my original region or current one. Pissed. I hate carrier flash startup screens
  • If you bought a region unlocked phone then you will have to wait for the regional variant release directly from Nokia. If you purchased a phone that is branded with/by a latin American carrier then you will need to wait for that carrier to release their update.
  • I believe the country is Italy. Under Extras + Info/More Info it says Manufacturer Name RM-938_Ita_Ita_905. I think Ita stands for Italy unless I'm wrong.
  • I think that's actually "ita" and not "lta." It's a lowercase "L," as opposed to an uppercase "i." That, coupled with the Mobile Operator of "000-22," means that we're waiting on the Latin America country variant. Unfortunately, which country variant is up in the air. More information from
  • I don't believe so as that is my situation as well. The 1520.3 is a country variant, but I'm not sure how to determine which country. If I had to guess, we will get the update after the carriers push theirs out.
  • I believe the country is Italy. Under Extras + Info/More Info it says Manufacturer Name RM-938_Ita_Ita_905. I think Ita stands for Italy unless I'm wrong.
  • Actually, that first letter is a lower-case 'L,' not an upper-case 'i.' 'lta' stands for Latin America, not Italy.  
  • Ah, ok. Thanks for the info! So wait, what country then should I be watching the Nokia page or will any do in that region?  
  • How do you know it's not the number one (1)?  Stupid sans-serif fonts, should be illegal... j/k
  • Lumia 1520.3, a.k.a. RM-938 is a Latin American variant. IMHO, lta stands for Latin America.
  • The region originaly stated on the 1520.3 is Mexico. So CV Mexico.  
  • Do you have a source on that? I've never heard this before. Might be promising, since a few Mexican carriers have Cyan available for certain models.
  • That's an "L" rather than an "I". "LTA" is for Latin America.
  • Dumb way to check...but install the tapatalk app. And look at the settings to customize your forum signature. Tapatalk by default puts a "sent by tapatalk using nokia blah blah device " . There's probably an easier way to check... Your phone should have an "RM--xxx" model number. Check in phone settings to find out what the xs are...then Bing it
  • I really don't want to have to rollback. I don't use Bitlocker.  Please don't make me rollback.
  • Will not going to roll back if required. Heck with ATT. I do have 64 GB worth of apps on SD card with their information/data. If this is the case ill stay on Preview.
  • Apps or data?  If its apps, it will get reinstalled if you choose to wipe the SD card when asked. If its data, you can tell it NOT TO wipe the SD card.  I've reset a bunch of times and this behavior is consistent.  I can't say, however, if this update will offer such an option if it requires a special process for previewers.
  • Will whatsapp data be retained if its on SD card
  • ... so set your backup point, roll back to 8.0, do the update, then reset the phone and load your backup. Shouldn't that apply the updates and bring back all of your apps/data automagically? Granted I am sure it would take some time.
  • Not yet. Do we have to go back to 8.0?  
  • COM'ON 1020!!!!!
  • Lol. I'm ready to go buy the 1520 on my way home from work despite the size.
  • Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!! :)
  • Hope WC team will make a camera test... Really curious how it will be with the new firmware :-)
  • Hey, does anyone know if we can restore our DP 8.1 layout/apps if we roll back to 8.0 then update thru at&t over-the-air to 8.1 Cyan?
  • Trying that now. I reset after getting cyan
    it made me enter emailed verification code like on pc
  • Nothin here for me either
  • Great news for windows phone, hope Verizon gets the icon updated asap too
  • Is there data sense app?
  • I have this same question. Is AT&T still ripping out Data Sense?
  • Data sense is there. ATT didn't rip it off.
  • Great!! thanks for the info.
  • hey if you watch the video  . she shows a green 1520 ;)
  • sexy phone
  • I don't want to rollback just to get the updates
  • I'm not seeing the update. Please, God, don't make me have to rollback to WP8, before I can get it. Didn't MS assure us that if we got the DP we'd still just get the cyan update/regular firmware release, j