Lumia Cyan update begins on a provisional basis in Finland for the Lumia 925

Don't be too jelly when we tell you all that the Lumia Cyan update is rolling out to those with the Lumia 925. You're not jealous because you have a Lumia 925? Well you should be, this rollout is for those with a Lumia 925 AND in Finland. The pilot version of the update is rolling out right now.

Again, you'll need to have a Lumia 925 in Finland to get in on the action, but it's a good sign that the rest of us should hopefully be seeing the update soon.

What's the Lumia Cyan update bringing to your Lumia? Well it depends on which handset you own, but look forward to enhancements to Creative Studio and Bluetooth 4.0 LE support for accessories like the Nokia Treasure Tag. You'll also get other firmware improvements like increased control over your display brightness.

In Creative Studio you can look forward to five new filters. An updated Nokia Camera app will give you a new interface and a revamped image library with image browsing, editing, and sharing directly from the photo library with a single touch.

Anyone in Finland with a Lumia 925? Let us know if you see the update!

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Source: Nokia

Thanks for the tip Jesse!

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