Lumia Denim update for Lumia 1520 starts rolling out in Hong Kong

After quite the delay, Nokia Lumia 1520 owners in Hong Kong are finally getting their first taste of the Lumia Denim software update.

The update was supposed to hit unlocked Lumia 1520 devices in Hong Kong last week, but was held up over deployment issues.

Per an email sent to Windows Central Forum member terencechan:

"The Denim OTA delivery to Lumia 1520 Hong Kong Country Variant, OS version 8.10.14234.375 and Firmware version 02540.00019.15053.26006 had effectively started over a week ago, but I just received confirmation from our software updates deployment responsible on the Technical Support Operations team in Finland, that some unexpected issue is blocking the chain."

Initially it was expected that the update could take a few days to clear and get released, but numerous forum members are reporting that they've started receiving the Denim update themselves. To download it for yourself, open Settings, drop down to Phone Update, and then tap on 'check for update' to start the process. Users in the Preview for Developers program will be able to download without any fuss.

Lumia Denim brings the requisite fixes and tweaks to Windows Phone, as well as several new features like Hey Cortana passive listening voice commands and Lumia Camera 5.0 support with HDR, Dynamic Flash and faster shot-to-shot times.

Thanks to terencechan in the forums for the tip!

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • Got it yesterday on my 1520 here in Sweden. Unlocked
  • Cant wait I have a HK1520 in the UK bought from amazon. Still waiting for the update, but now very excited :)
  • Stupid Microsoft and Nokia, same thing happened to the roll out of Black update on 920
  • Got mine a few weeks ago. Don't worry, about ten seconds after you get it loaded you will forget all about the wait.
  • Here, watch this.....
    Microsoft Employee recounts Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview Release Day
  • Whahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha x{D
  • H.I.L.L.A.R.I.O.U.S !!!
  • AT&T in the house!!!, oh wait.....
  • We already got it.....
    Guess that "by the end of February" date flopped...
  • Yes it did: #pimpmythread
  • Stop waiting then...
  • Yes Finally!!!!
  • Still waiting here. Hopefully something will happen today. Got to experience denim on my Mum's 1520 and it was excellent so very keen.
  • Finally, I have received it some hours ago, great improvements!
  • Finally our pals from Hong Kong will enjoy Lumia Denim -Happy AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 owner)
  • And, the camera shots are extremely sharp now, with minimal effort❗ Loving the brighter capacitive buttons...
    Nevertheless, I wish I could adjust Cortana's listening sensitivity... Hey, Cortana could be much better.
  • Everything you've said is good for me EXCEPT the capacitive buttons part... When using the phone in the dark it feels like there is a car in front ...the brightness should go hand in hand with the display brightness
  • It's noticably brighter but I think people are blowing it out of proportion, though I wish they'd put it back or offer customization
  • Like many many many many more things with WP we should have an adjustable option.
  • It is disturbingly bright. Now, when I look at the back of my phone while in the dark, I can see an area of the plastic lit up like a flashlight shining I the only one? I always wanted a toggle. All we can do is battery saver which limits things.
  • Lol.. It's not that bright.
  • Yes sir. Look at the back of your phone in the dark. I found a big spot where the light is shining through the plastic. I should add a pic...if looking at the back, it is on the bottom, left hand side near loudspeaker.
  • I see....
  • Really...I see it when I read a book in bed while the lights are off or low...i was surprised. Nothing is loose, so it may be the light source. Idk. Did you really look?
  • Lol.. No, I didn't really look.. I don't think it's that big a deal, and Im not having any issues with mine.
  • Rod..I'm asking...turn the lights off and look at the back...
  • Allllllllright... Damn you❗ If I remember when I get home I will.... I'll mark your email notification unread.
  • Rod, relax in your recliner in Arlington and let me know.....:)
  • Remember...."don't"...?
  • Like many more things with WP we should have an adjustable option.
  • I don't think there is adjustable brightness for the buttons because they just turn completely off if you have battery saver brightness on when the battery drops below 20%
  • Yes... Yes, we know.
  • Make a small pause between Hey and Cortana. She picks up the command much easier I've read.
  • Lol.. Thanks for the tip...
    But, we're not talking about workarounds..
    Nevertheless, I know you're trying to provide a temporary solution, and I will try it.. Thanks❗
  • Wow❗❗❗❗ It does work better.. Cool! Thanks❗❗
  • Oh snap I didn't even notice that, takes for pointing that out
  • Pointing what out❓
  • Try retraining her. That fixed the issues on my Icon.
  • Hey does anyone know if there is any benefit to flashing your "proper" ROM to your 1520... Mine was a HK variant but I flashed the Finland ROM and everything has been okay. But I get weird issues with swiping on wordflow and some strangish lag here and there. Anyone else experiencing this? Other than carrier or region apps, does the HK ROM work any differently than Finland ROM??
  • Idk, all I know is denim broke some things. I had to use the nuclear option on both of my 1520's
  • Finally!!!
  • Norway to. :)
  • Omg.. Finally downloading.. Hehe
  • When for US :'(
  • AT&T already released Denim
  • Both AT&T and Verizon released their denim updates.....LOL have you been living under a rock this past month? xD
  • Wen in Belgium / Netherlands I ask!
  • Same question. Waiting desperately. :(
  • Wen in India?
  • Still not available for Lumia 1520 country variant Philippines... :(
  • Denim was supposed to be full released back in February. ¬¬'
  • For most it was.
  • It was initially supposed to be released by Q4 2014...
  • Tried of waiting
  • Unfortunate if you're from the Philippines... Got tired of waiting.. Yeah Android fragmentation but this is worst.
  • What a joke - How is this worse than Android?  How about you go tell all those low and mid Sony Xperia users that they aren't going to get lolipop, whereas us Lumia guys still get updates, and see how they feel?
  • Im downloading it right now...
  • I hope they update Denim on Nokia 920 in Hong Kong one day... Can't believe yet... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Count me in
  • Got it here in Norway.
  • I checked for updates and it still says that my phone is up to date.
  • Have you opted out of Dev Preview. The updates won't come through if you are still signed up!
  • If you read the article it says this won't make any difference, preview for developers should be able to download with no problems....
  • Yes, but you still need to switch off Dev Preview, otherwise your phone won't be able to see the standard update servers. This has been the story across every Denim update so it will be no different here.
  • That sucks! If I had thought of that last night on WiFi instead of sitting at work with shocking signal... Oh well, we will see if it works! Thanks bud haha
  • If it makes it more palatable, the update only comes to around 90MB or so since it's only the firmware that is being delivered. The actual OS is already up to date (the firmware is just the key that unlocks all of the goodies such as the faster camera etc).
    Anyway, I have a little device envy right now. My 1020 is feeling a little long in the tooth - and I'd have dearly liked a camera speed upgrade :)!
  • Woop, download came through but has been stuck at 0%, then came up with the message "You need to be connected to wifi to download this update... Balls!! 
  • If im not mistaken, i think they said that all phone must have denim update by the end of February?
  • I'm beginning to feel as if the 830 - the first Lumia promised Denim, will be the last phone model (ATT) to receive the actual Denim firmware!
  • What are you talking about? The 830 shipped with Denim.
  • It did ship with Denim but it needs a second "denim" update to get all of the cool camera stuff.
  • Yea, it might say "Denim" but it's not THE Demim we were promised.  Heck, my 1520 on ATT said it was running "Denim" for a good month before it actually recieved Denim. ;) I should know better than to buy a product as a gift for someone before it actually gets the features promised.  By the time it actually gets the Denim we were promised, I could have saved $100 or even $200 just by delaying my purchase until the features promised were delivered. I feel used, stupid and "taken for a ride."
  • That's what every woman of the night says!
  • How many WP users are there in Hong Kong? I thought Microsoft basically lost all of Asia?
  • I think anyone who bought one online... A lot of them seemed to be HK variants.
  • Yup, this is the big deal here. Many third party sellers online sell the HK variant of unlocked Lumias, making this one of the most common non-carrier Lumia 1520s around.
  • I have been wondering about that for a long time, Daniel. Thanks for clarifying.
  • just got an update on my lumia 1520 from pfd but i see no changes any one else i have the 940 model
  • That is the ATT model, it should be working. Did you check extras+info?
  • checked everything had denim from the first day ATT rolled it out
  • You mean you don't have some of the features like Lumia camera?
  • like i said i had denim from day one of ATT roll out
  • Try opting out of the Dev Preview. That then allows your phone to find the standard update servers where the proper Denim firmwares are found.
  • I don't get what your issue is. Denim is not Windows 10, it is a small update.
  • i don't have any issues try reading and understanding i have the full denim update already but i also got a next update which was two days ago and saw no change just wanted to know if anyone else got it
  • I had to disable DP to be able to see and download it. It works fine anyway.
  • Ditto
  • Difficult to focus on new camera update, pls fix.
  • Ok, I'll get right on it...
  • In New Zealand and received Hong Kong variant this morning. Finally able to use Lumia camera :-)
  • Thanks goodness, at last, a ridiculous and painful wait for an update on an expensive phone. Anyhow, at last.
  • Got yesterday the Denim update for the Nokia 1320.
  • Had to turn off my preview for developers to make it work.
  • You're going to enjoy it!!
  • "After quite the delay, Nokia Lumia 830 owners in the Americas, who were sold a phone on features it was supposed to have when released but still doesn't have them, can still go fuck themselves for the Denim update."
  • Just... LOL
  • I had to reinstall the update because the screen wouldn't rotate. Seems to have happened to a couple. Not sure why it happened to me.
  • Purely subjective view in the last 6 months I see a lot more Lumia phones in my travels around Asia - still not big percentages but significant changes - previously it was a novelty to see one - now daily multiple times
  • F*** USA carriers. This crap is annoying
  • Hey don't forget Canada and Latin America!
  • I got Denim finally today, in Canada !
  • On what, an out of country variant?
  • I don't understand your question ?
  • Since the 1520 wasn't available in Canada I was wondering why you made reference that you got the update in Canada, maybe it's my bad and misunderstanding.
  • I made reference that I got the Denim update because I got the Denim update in Canada.  I don't understand your question ?
  • You made it sound like Canada was rolling out Denim for their variants, I know this thread is about the 1520 but you did not specify what phone you received Denim on other than you were in Canada, many people do pipe in when they are using something other than the subject matter at hand so it was slightly confusing... Hope you see my point :)
  • Denim is rolling out Denim for the 1520.  Are you in Canada, and if so what part of Canada ? As of a week ago I was on Cyan, now my 1520 says Denim.
  • I'm in western Canada and do not have a 1520, as far as I'm aware the 1520 was never available in Canada unless as you said, bought it online, presume it is unlocked as well. What I'm getting at is "no" Canadian variants are getting the update which is contrary to how I took your post, you did make a point of specifying Canada after all.
  • Did you buy your phone from a Canadian outlet/carrier or did you buy an unlocked Country Variant from a foriegn land?
  • I bought the phone from an online retailer.
  • Sow now one of the last country's in the World to Be still waiting is our own 3rd world country The Netherlands.... We also don't have Cortana, quit hours etc etc...
  • How about lumia 820 user?
  • Great. I bet there are alot of people with this one. My phone is Finnish now tho. Couldn't wait.
  • lol got it from Windows Phone recovery tool weeks ago
  • What about brazil? I'm done waiting for an update :(
  • Will 6snap get removed due to the reinstallation of apps after updating?..since its not in the store any longer?
  • Got it today.
  • Still waiting, L1520---Philippines
  • Uncheck preview for devs and check for updates again if your enrolled.
  • Hmm. :-\
  • 1020 in Italy pls!!!!!
  • I've just received the "2nd Denim" update for Hong Kong Lumia 830 cv.  Currently installing... hopefully Lumia Camera now working
  • Camera is getting lousy
  • Waiting for 730 (Denim) in India..
  • Got it today, one day after giving in and enabling Developer Preview and downloading the beta. Now to play!!! Muhahahahaha!!! ​ ​ ​ ​
  • To which model?
  • RM-937 Hong Kong u​nlocked.
  • I suppose next is Windows Phone 10 in October !
  • When the Lumia 1320 will get denim update in India
  • Got it days ago Frome recovery tools.
  • Freaking finally...been waiting to try out the new camera
  • When it come in India wp Lumia 625.
  • Even I m waiting for Lumia 625,bro
  • What about 1320 in India
  • In Bangladesh, Lumia 520,820,925,1020 has not gotten denim. MS plz provide us denim! We r thirsty for denim. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
  • Even 920 Thailand is not got denim update
  • Hope Denim update will be available in the philippines too. #Team1520
  • Hope so.
  • The only one visible difference to me is that the navigation keys are now brighter than before ... Which is a bit anoying ...u cant change their brightness unfortunatelly and the auto brightness is not making them less bright...strange feature
  • Microsoft cheated Indians, didn't provide update for Lumia 1320,I regret buying a windows phone.
  • You will get the update. Wait.
  • It is not cheated, but Microsoft just can't meet their promise.
  • Tough luck Philippines.
  • Just installed lumia denim here in the Philippines for my lumia 1520, HK variant.
  • I have a​ 1520 Hong Kong model but use it in India and still no update yet even though both the countries have denim available. So I thought I could use PFD for denim but no use. Some one help me out. I also had to get my cyan update from a Nokia service centre. And they asked for money for it. I think they stopped the feature of over the air updates so they could earn some money for every update. I'm going nuts please help.i need the denim update
  • If all else fails backup your phone and use the Lumia Software Recovery tool to flash it yourself.  Warning you loose all data on the phone this way as it wipes the device clean so make sure you backup first.
  • ​hey thanks. But I got the denim update minutes after my comment. One of the previous comments gave me an idea that it helped if you turn off. Preview for developers and it worked for me. Cheers!
  • I couldn't wait so I used the software removal tool to get it last week. Loving it since. I knew that the update would be available somehow but knowing that you could still get it made me more curious. Even though it was a full clean up, I backed up everything and everything went great. :D
  • What aboute lumia 1320 in india, any idea for denim update ??
  • Finaly
  • For those whose phone doesn't have denim, the Nokia (now Lumia) software recovey tool has it on their servers. Just back up your phone, download the software, plug in your phone and let it do the rest. I did it last week for my Hong Kong variant L1520. Too easy.  
  • Still waiting on this. Hong Kong phone in New Zealand. :(
  • I updated to denim and the only thing im not happy with is the screen rotation so slow D: I hope they fix this
  • Me too. That's the only thing is pissing me off
  • Hi-red photos taken by my 1520 don't get backed up in OneDrive after updated to denim, anyone has the same issue? Already selected to back up best quality in my phone setting
  • I just got the denim update for my Lumia 630 dual SIM ...greece
  • Still no denim update also for L1520 here in Philippines. :-\
  • Finally got my Denim update here in UK on my HK 1520, I was starting to think I wasn't gonna get it
  • T-mobile Germany finally pushed Denim for Lumia 925 & Lumia 1020.
  • Still waiting for demin from three uk on my 1020 ....
  • What about update for Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows phone 10
  • That one you'll have to wait for a long time
  • What about hey Cortana for Nokia Lumia 1520 in India?????
  • Changes to UK language or US one. For me am in UK but using US Cortana and hey Cortana.
  • I think it works ... But one thing what are the change in settings to be made ...
  • Nothing much. Once you change the keyboard, region, and speech. Restart you phone and all will work proper
  • Finally!!!! ;)
  • Microsoft PH is a fail.
  • Hi. although i have PFD i am longing for the official Lumia 630 Dual Sim CV in Portugal. just to have correctly the live tile for Windows Store. At the moment I need to switch the region to US for example to have the windows store live tile but then i start seeing the apps from US instead the ones from Portugal. Any news on the PT update?
  • Camera 5.0 is not as good as expected. Without manual focusing close up mode, I can't take any picture within 30mm.
  • I think you need to watch Lumia camera video on YouTube. Then u will know why this camera is better than the rest
  • Denim. Is this still rolling out? I gave up.   L930 BR CV + Cyan
  • Same here. I flashed it with the Colombian version some time ago. No problems so far, only I lost the warranty. Therefore I will go back to the original BR CV, when available. For me it was worth it because of the enhanced camera features. It don't know why MS is holding back the CV version, CLARO and TIM are already available. 059W2X4: RM-1045 VAR LTA BR CV BLACK
    059W2X5: RM-1045 VAR LTA BR CV WHITE    
  • Plz Microsoft release the update in Bangladesh for Lumia 520,820,925,1020 plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
  • I updated to Denim last night. I had great battery life be for I updated. And now its only 2 hours after my last full charge an im at 57%.. Is anyone else experiencing this.. My battery setting haven't change. I only allow a Max of 5 apps to run In the background even in battery saving mode and im always in battery saving mode. I have a Lumia 1520 RM-937 CV Hong kong
  • Many problems after denim update on 1520, I was thought MS is weak in OS update but who knows nokia getting worse.
  • I think is just your phone... Coz mine is even more faster than before. The camera is amazing and hey Cortana fantastic
  • Will 920 see denim update in the middle particularly in Oman. It was the last one to get the cyan update
  • It's like waiting for ages for the Denim update for L920. Thank you microsoft aka Nokia. Pls continue this for other colors update until your loyal customer slowly getting upset and run away.
  • Getting the update now. Sooo happy :-))
    It really was a long wait :-(( On to Windows 10 Preview ;-) Hope the wait for Lumia 1520 availability won't be that long.
  • Just got it this Morning here in New Zealand on the Vodafone network. Finally. My Mothers Hong Kong bought 620 got it some time ago here.
  • Did you have to do anything special? I still haven't got denim update on my Lumia 1520 in New Zealand on Spark network. I thought the carrier shouldn't have anything to do with it coz its a country variant from Hong Kong? :-(
  • Yeah, I'm not that patient.
    A number of weeks ago I turned to the good ol, Nokia Software Update for Retail, and it came to the rescue for me. Australia's 1520 had rolled out Denim a while back so I just reflashed my HK CV to AU CV. (It's still the same region - apac). This saved my head blowing up in frustration.
  • Update for 920 for Malaysia has also come out. Got mine updated last night.
  • I got it yesterday here in UK. I hope the next updates don't delay like that. I waited last week to get it even wanted to use the camera in a wedding but it didn't happen. Now is here. I just love hey Cortana.... Am happy now
  • Yepps, finally Lumia 1520 got also Denim in Sweden.
  • Has anyone updated their 1520 with Denim found their reconnection to WiFi spots (like home and work etc) will not automatically connect anymore and will throw a 'Cannot connect to this service at this time try again later' (or something like that..). It actually takes a reboot of the phone and then it easily connects. Everywhere I go that I normally travel and have access (as I say to Home Work at the various locations at work), 95% of the time to connect if I've roamed out of an area and gone into another, I've needed to reboot. Anyone else?