Mandiant ends up with Google, not Microsoft

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What you need to know

  • A report indicated that Microsoft was considering acquiring cybersecurity firm Mandiant.
  • The report said talks were early on and that no proper offer had been made.
  • Now, Mandiant is off the table for Microsoft as Google has purchased the firm for $5.4 billion.

Though Microsoft already has a host of cybersecurity firms under its belt, it appears Mandiant won't be joining Redmond's collection anytime soon.

Early in February 2022, Bloomberg reported that Microsoft acquiring Mandiant was a possibility and that discussions were happening, though the report specified no offer had been made.

Now, Mandiant itself has spoken up with a press release that confirms it is going to be acquired by Google, shutting down speculation that the firm could be added to Microsoft's roster of cybersecurity outfits, which includes the likes of CloudKnox, ReFirm, RiskIQ, and others.

The value of the all-cash deal is approximately $5.4 billion, which translates to $23 per share. Mandiant's release offers additional details on the acquisition: "The offer price represents a 57% premium to the undisturbed 10-day trailing volume weighted average price as of February 7, 2022, the last full trading day prior to published market speculation regarding a potential sale of the Company. Upon the close of the acquisition, Mandiant will join Google Cloud."

This purchase represents further ammo for Google Cloud in the ongoing cloud competition headed by Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet. The three giants often find their services in overlapping positions as well as competing for contracts and business. The competition has, in the past, gotten heated enough to bring about years-spanning lawsuits.

The trio of cloud providers also find themselves lumped into the same category when it comes to various governments' regulatory concerns.

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