Microsoft may acquire Mandiant, a cybersecurity firm

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft acquired cybersecurity firms throughout 2021.
  • A rumored Mandiant acquisition discussion may hint at Microsoft's 2022 kickoff to major cybersecurity firm buys.
  • The report about said discussions comes not long after Microsoft's mammoth $70 billion purchase of gaming company Activision Blizzard.

Microsoft has deep, deep pockets, and if recent news is anything to go by, it won't stop spending until it's gobbled up any company it deems worthy of attention. Last year, it acquired CloudKnox Security, RiskIQ, ReFirm, and a host of others. And now, it's back in the forest, hunting for game with its big ol' money rifle. At least, that's what's happening according to a recent report.

As told by Bloomberg, cybersecurity firm Mandiant could be Microsoft's next acquisition. The deal would help Microsoft bolster its ever-evolving efforts to keep customers safe and protected.

According to the report, involved parties are only in the discussion phase, so an offer has yet to be placed on the table and isn't even guaranteed to happen.

One need only look at Microsoft's history in the space to estimate the likelihood of an offer and eventual acquisition should the involved entities be keen on making something work. It's not like Microsoft's strapped for cash. Just recently, Redmond dropped a $70 billion bomb in order to acquire Activision Blizzard, a gaming company that was struggling with an unending string of sexual harassment and toxicity complaints.

If you want additional perspective on just how much money Microsoft is willing to dole out for businesses it takes an interest in, check out the company's top ten most expensive acquisitions.

We will update our coverage as the Mandiant discussions develop and additional details surface.

Robert Carnevale

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  • can they please acquire something related consumers mobile i want them back
  • The intune/endpoint manager team needs help too. (Still no mobile remote control. / glacial dev pace)
    Security need to be in E1 and E3 not E5.
    MS need to be on the front foot to secure windows not use Windows many holes to sell a security layer (an expensive one at that)
    Grrr 😉
  • What security are you not getting in E1 or E3? Especially if you set up, and automated alerts on active from the admin portal for Endpoint manager, in addition to outright policy locks if the Mobile device does not meet the requirements you set for joining your domain?
  • I actually have experience working with Mandiant (back when they were FireEye, Inc.) on several security breaches in the past.
    They are excellent and have top-notch people (and tools) for this kind of work for both Enterprise and Mobile issues (and most importantly, where they intersect.) Microsoft is aiming to apply this acquisition to their Azure Infrastructure FIRST, and consumer products later on as Azure is the Cash-Cow right now due to explosive growth (and trust me, it NEEDS the security help right now, and I speak as an Azure Admin in my company.) This is great news as far as I am concerned and hope MS goes through with the acquisition.