Manga Blaze gets updated for Windows 10 with a new design and more

The developer behind the Windows Phone app Manga Blaze has released its UWP Windows 10 version for PC and Mobile, allowing users to access their online manga collections.

Here's a look at the many features of the app (via WinBeta):

  • A large variety of settings, configure the app the way it best suits you
  • A configurable live tile, with various display templates and data options
  • Download chapters to read offline • Resume reading quickly from the last page that you were on
  • Keep track of your reading progress • Data synchronized between devices
  • Multiple manga sources (17 so far and more are coming): - English: MangaReader, MangaFox, MangaHere, Batoto, GoodManga, KissManga, MangaEden, MangaPanda, Mangable - Italian: MangaEden, Batoto (Italian) - German: Batoto (German) - Spanish: MangaHere, Batoto (Spanish) - Russian: ReadManga - French: Batoto (French) - Portuguese: Batoto (Portuguese)
  • Browse each source by applying various filtering criteria (genre, release year, status, alphabetical)
  • Quickly check the recently released manga chapters on each source
  • Easily update all your favorites or just a part of them
  • Find new series either by name or author • Backup your data and easily restore it if you need to
  • A background agent to notify you of the latest releases for your favorite series
  • Bookmark specific pages, so that you can quickly get back to them
  • Set custom posters for your favorites

Manga Blaze is free to use, but also has in-app purchases to get rid of ads and unlock some extra features like permanent live tile customization options and the ability to disable the safe content filter.

Download Manga Blaze from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Manga Blaze

John Callaham
  • Oooh, even though there are a few bugs this is one of the best manga readers available. Gonna have to check out the update.
  • Try manga's universe, is an uwa with automatic synchronization.
  • Great app. The dev is pretty good about responding to feedback too.
  • Try manga's universe is an uwa and it also has automatic synchronization
  • Any idea if manga blaze plus is also going to be updated?
  • I asked him on his twitter he said YES it will be updated in two days he is doing the final touches. He said no need to pay for this one if you already paid for it before. 
  • Thanks for the quick reply...appreciate it..
  • This 14393.67 update has me can't download anything
  • Me to I'm gna have to hard reset
  • Maybe the AU will fix all, hopefully
  • Did a hard reset and everything running great now.
  • Went through alot of readers until I came across this one. It's the best I've used and really glad its now a win10 app. This dev is really good.
  • Try manga's universe, is a uwa and it has also automatic synchronization
  • Will take a look but really invests in MB already but options is options. Thanks
  • Man, do I love this one ...
  • When the windows manga reader app is better than the android ones...
  • Haahahha true
  • The android one has also comments and a community that can make questions and other cool things, btw our manga's universe has also automatic synchronization because it's a uwa so we can say that both os have they personal features.
  • I see no app in Droids and Iphone that can rival this one. Been usin' the app for like 3 years already. Awesome!
  • ZingBox!
  • Really awesome App!  Anybody knows how to scroll a page up/down with the keyboard? 
  • Awesome app!