Mango's IE9 browser still trounces iOS5 beta 3 in HTML5 speed test

Browser wars are always fun. Not because they are definitive or slam dunk tests that once and for all decide which is the best browser, but because they induce so much chest thumping about standards, specs and specific environments for testing. It's like saying your football team is the best--sure it may or may not be true, but sometimes it's fun to throw the war paint on and act like it is.

In this case, Derek Snyder of Microsoft demonstrates once again the famous "HTML5 fish test" (see MIX 11), comparing it between a BlackBerry, Samsung Android Charge and an iPhone 4. And once again, Windows Phone Mango clearly beats everyone, coming in at an astounding 50 FPS. But what makes this test more interesting is the fact that the iPhone 4 is running the iOS5 beta 3 (just released) which puts Apple's "fall update" up against Microsoft's "fall update", making it a more realistic comparison.

Your move, Apple. 

Source: WMPU

Daniel Rubino

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  • Whats with Android and all those ugly notifications at the top of the screen? Its so Windows mobile and not pretty.
  • Ugly? What its called is useful. It's better than guessing. It can be disable.
  • WHAT?!?!?!?! When people talk they never have used it. That is the most useful notification system I have ever used! You know how we tell fandroids to get educated, I would advise the same for you!EDIT: I knew I would get marked down for liking their notification system but you cannot tell me WP7 and iOS has a better thing going. That is why Apple is implementing that idea.
  • my windows mobile had all those notification icons so i'm educated as to what they do. And while your at it get educated on WP7. It already has a notification system where by you receive a msg or facebook update etc at the top of the screen and then gracefully slides away once you've viewed it. Apple is copying that. Not those annoying tiny icons which hang at the top and take up precious home screen real estate.
  • And what happens to you when you get a notification for an app that isn't on your homescreen?Thought so.
  • But can it run Crysis?
  • What's up with the imagery on the phones? Look at the text in the upper right.Blackberry Torch: "Return to T"Samsung Droid Charge: "Retu"iPhone 4: "Retu"Windows Phone: "Return to Test Drive Home"I couldn't actually see the text for iPhone 4, but it looks like it is showing the exact same width as the Samsung Droid Charge. You can see the coral on the right side of the screen is cropped the same on the iPhone and Charge.Or look at how much of the coral width you see (I'm eye balling these):Blackberry Torch: 75%Samsung Droid Charge: 66%iPhone 4: 66%Windows Phone: 100%I thought that the phone resolution would be the reason, but it doesn't seem to match:Blackberry Torch: 360x480Samsung Droid Charge: 480x800iPhone: 640x960Windows Phone 480x800Anybody know what is going on here?
  • "Anybody know what is going on here?"Blackberry, Android and iPhone not displaying HTML5 properly.
  • Nice, M$ can easily crush rotten apples, because they have been in the game for longer, even when there were no apple seeds or even apple trees..LOL
  • And that "M$" troll feature has been even longer. I can't see how people see use that!
  • M$. Original. Btw, Microsoft was founded on April 4th, 1975. Apple was founded on April 1st, 1976. Not a huge difference in time.
  • I'm running an HTC Trophy with the Mango pre-release / developer beta 2, and it's running at a steady 30 FPS. I wonder what WP7 device they're running Fish at 50 FPS with? Gimme one!I do think it's kind of silly that they're comparing the 'releases' when the devices are running on different hardware specs. I don't know what kind of hardware the other devices are running, but it's kind of a moot comparison unless you've got three devices running the different OS's on the exact same or equivalent hardware. At that point you can begin to compare software/browser performance.Nonetheless, WP7 is shaping up, and Mango is going to redefine the platform. Watch out iPhone.