Microsoft: Dead serious about giving Windows Phone customers best personal assistant on any smartphone

Yesterday the Windows Phone community went into a tizzy over the possibility of Cortana making her way to iOS or Android in the future. We then later saw a video with the full response to the question of whether or not Cortana should stay on Windows Phone. The comments come from Marcus Ash, who is the group program manager for Cortana on Windows Phone.

Ash has now taken to Twitter where he left a Tweetstorm giving even more contest to his remarks. Before that Tweetstorm, he left a really big comment on the post from yesterday. A comment worth highlighting and bringing to the forefront of the communities attention. Comment after the break.

First up, here's the giant response that Marcus Ash posted on our site. Don't worry, the account is linked to his Twitter account so the authenticity checks out.

"Since I am the guy that made the initial Cortana on Android/iOS comments, I thought it would be good to jump in. And for those who wondered, yes people at Microsoft read these forums and comments because we care what our customers are saying.First, as many commenters have pointed out, we have a lot of work left to do to make Cortana awesome on Windows Phone. We are in Beta and we are in the US and we know before we do anything else we need to scale and get Cortana out to more customers. This is our absolute top priority. This means actually launching Windows Phone 8.1 to our broad consumer audience through new phones and official updates. And getting Cortana to more countries as quickly as we can. What is being left out of the recap from these talks is that before the questions about Cortana on Android/iOS, we spent time talking about how important it is to get to more countries. Half of our customers in the Developer Preview are from outside of the US. That is amazing and is a testament to the strength of our community and the fact that we built something interesting.Our top priority and showcase device for Cortana is Windows Phone. Any discussion or commentary about us giving up or abandoning Windows Phone is crazy talk. Our top priority is to make Cortana so fantastic that it pulls customers to Windows Phone. Period. No debate, no controversy, no throwing in the towel on our current Windows Phone customers or potential future Windows Phone customers.After we push crazy talk about abandoning Windows Phone to the side, we have started THINKING about what's next for Cortana. And again, this is about planning and thinking and wrestling with questions about what the future will bring AFTER we make Cortana awesome for Windows Phone customers around the world. Our product design and engineering resources are being applied to making Cortana awesome for Windows Phone. So what's next is about thinking and planning, not a statement of anything we are committing to do. And unfortunately none of us have a crystal ball so this is where we will be patient, see what is happening with our customers, talk to our community and do what we think will make the most sense for innovating through products that Microsoft customers use.We are actively thinking about what it takes to expand Cortana to Windows devices. Nothing official to report but we want our Windows device customers to experience Cortana at some point in the future. And we want the experience to be fantastic which means you have to start thinking about how Cortana should work across multiple devices. Working fantastic and being the best end-to-end experience for customers that have all Microsoft devices will be the natural first step. Our ideal future state is going to be that a customer that has a Windows PC, Windows Tablet and Windows Phone has the absolute best Cortana experience. Period. Again no debate, no controversy.As we THINK (again, this is about thinking, refer to the above about Windows Phone about what we have committed to DO where my team is spending design and engineering time) about the future, we want to figure out what we need to do so that a Microsoft customer who has a PC/tablet but a different phone can have a great Cortana experience. We THINK we will have lots of customers on PC/Tablet in this future state that haven't seen the light and come over to Windows Phone. And we want these customers to have a great experience because if they do and we show them an even better experience on Windows Phone, there is a better chance of having them to switch to Windows Phone. If they have a bad experience on a PC/Tablet, there is no chance they will consider Windows Phone. Like it or not (I have worked on Windows Mobile and Windows Phone for 10 years so I hate hate hate it...) we are a challenger in the mobile space. This means we need to consider ideas and alternatives to breakthrough and be flexible and adaptable based on what we learn as Cortana comes to Windows Phone customers. But to be 100% clear, this is only AFTER we build something so incredible that scales to more countries on Windows Phone (where we are spending our engineering/product time) AND we make it available to even more customers that have a set of Windows devices (which is where we are just beginning to figure out our approach.)On behalf of my team, we love the passion of our Windows Phone community. You have done an amazing job of supporting us in the early days of Cortana and it gives us motivation to continue to build something great for you. There is no substitute for action so watch the next four months and you will see that we are dead serious about giving you the best personal assistant on any Smartphone, something so great that you will convince everyone you know to get a Windows Phone. And if that happens, then we can stop early future speculative talk about Android/iOS :)Thanks again for engaging in a dialog.-Marcus"

You can then head to his Twitter (@marcusash) timeline to see a few tweets that are condensed versions of his giant post above. You should also really be following him on Twitter if you're not already.

What do you guys and gals think about his response?

Source: Windows Phone Central comment

Thanks for the tip everyone!

Sam Sabri
  • That's much better. Seems faster too.
  • Ok response.  Almost had to say something...
  • As they should! Couldn't let things boil over. That sounds wayyy better in context and shame on all the websites just looking for a good headline and clicks by only telling half the story.
  • I honestly didn't see the need for all the brouhaha over this by the fans. If anything, having Cortana on other platforms will only make Cortana better. WP marketshare is still minute comepare to Android and iOS. The more platform Cortana's neural network can propagate, the better it will become better at its assistant job. Imagine when wearables like smartwatches begin to take off, Cortana will be better prepared. And if MS is smart, they can hopeful dominate the wearables market with Cortana and have a better market present with it than what they have now with WP. Technologies doesn't just stop at smartphones, it will be smart-everything in the very near future and Cortana could be the central-core for all of them. Cortana will be on your fridge advising you with healthier eating habit, imagine that.
  • Exactly. It can be good on WP and on other platforms. MS is a corporation and has to be always looking to other ways to make money. Cortana opens doors for that.
  • And you ever wondered why Siri or Google Now ever made it to other platforms? Google, who will be more than happy to get ANY data about a customer to "enhance" the customer experience, never released it on other platforms. Not because they don't have resources, remember that. Those voice assistants are more or less something special for their eco systems. Not to mention, those assistants follow whatever design principle followed by their eco systems. Cortana, as a voice assistant can be entirely successful if she was made platform independent. But what value add for Windows Phone then? If cortana is successful and is available only on Windows Phone, that's different right? How can you convince anyone to buy a Windows Phone if it doesn't have any special cases added to if?
  • Actually there is a watered down version of Google Now on iOS.
  • That's why Google Now is best to be on Android as that's Google's signature feature for the platform. But MS is now making Cortana good on its rival platforms too which is a grave mistake.
  • "But MS is now making Cortana good on its rival platforms too which is a grave mistake."  Thinking about it and actually doing it are two different things. On top of that, thinking about it doesn't mean it will happen. Marcus Ash said they are thinking about it; just thinking about it. He states, in so many words, that it isn't even on any of their roadmaps yet. Let's try nor to freak out about it until MS actually commits to the idea.
  • Hey❕ .. How about,, NO!... Yeah!
  • Here is a simple answer. No it will not make Cortana better. Would it make it better is Siri was on other platforms. Ask Apple... This whole thing about Cortana being on anything other than Windows make me say. You know what, F*ck it. I'm tiered of defending Microsoft. They seem to be out of touch when it comes to product loyalty and why should I continue with its products, maybe I should move on to PS4, Android, and Apple if that's the case. Microsoft seems to be one of those companies that seem to cause their own marketing problems, they did it with the Xbox One, they done it with Bing, they done it with Windows phone and now Cortana. Bad enough that they make Skype a better app on competitive phones..
  • Very very well said +920
  • Exactly!!! Everyone defending the idea of Microsoft moving Cortana to iOS and Android need to explain why Apple hasn't migrated Siri & iMessage to other platforms.
  • Because Apple doesn't want to become a Dinosaur Brand like Microsoft and Nokia have proudly become.
  • "product loyalty" because heaven forbid someone own products from different companies, blasphemy! I love the crud out of Windows Phone, not a big fan of the Xbox One. Would rather have a Playstation 4. Does that make me a bad person? 
  • Nope but unfortunatelly sony won't develop a good companion app for the WP :( I thought about it many times, the only reason why i'll be getting the xbox one is for WP integration =)
  • Bro,I respect your thoughts but.... this is microsoft they know what they are doing.They will do what is best for windows phone.
  • The problem everyone has is that MS seems to be always ignoring common sense and put its star products either first on other platforms or giving them more features compared to the products on its own platforms. I really can't see why Skype and photosynth are better in IOS/Android. Why can't Skype be better on Windows 8.1 or WP8.1??? I am baffled by these decisions as well as office touch being released first on IOS and then on Android and then on Windows. It's like giving away your weapons. People are afraid that WP will not have any differantiating factors if they keep giving every single "exclusive" feature away like this. I might seem insensitive but I really don't give a flying f***k about the experience of customers who have a PC and an iPhone. It's Apple's business not MS's. Yeah I know how MS is now a devices and services business. But I also know that they have their own customers and products to support first.
  • Maybe, because MS handicapped their own phone's abilities until 8.1, they cannot make Skype any better for now?
  • I disagree it is not smart based on the popularity of Halo and it is not smart for this to come out before the damn OS is even released. I had a avid iPhone user call me up and say he was switching if Cortana calls him "Chief". Then there is the point that cortana will just serve as an app on those platforms and will not be integrated in the OS itself and will encourage disuse among users. The experience they're talking about will cater to a smaller group of users and I don't think it is a good idea it is almost as good an idea of putting halo on those devices as well saying "well the xbox has it, but would if someone has an android phone or ios device and not a pc we want them playing it there too" and that kind of kills the incentive of owning the device any way you look at it. Cortana appeals to gamers which is are a pretty large demographic in my opinion it is unwise to through that exclusivity away.
  • Even it makes Cortana better, the end beneficiary won't be WP.  It is like handing over your gun to enemy and it turns aound to shoot yourself.  Cortana is a feature instead of a service.  MS can not monetize it in any way like selling Office365 subscriptions.  There is no benefit for MS to gain.  It can only hurts.  It is absolutely crazy for MS even to talk about it now before the Cortana is released.  The MS' priorities now should be: 1.  Get the Cortana out and prove it works 2.  Port it over to all languages 3.  Make it available to Windows 9 4.  Make it available to XboxOne/360 Don't even THINK about IOS/Android until Windows 9 grabs 60% of OS market share and WP9 grabs 30% world market share.  WP is small and shaky now.  It doesn't need to be shot at by its own gun.
  • +1
  • I like this idea. I would love to see Cortana integrated into more of Microsoft products. I actually wrote a thing explaining how voice search should work on Windows Phone like it does on the Xbox.
  • Finally, I want Cortana on W8; if I get a Surface more so. I want Cortana on an Vista Laptop at home, yes it still works. I want Cortana at my SmarTV, yes it's Samsung. If I could I would want Cortana at a Wii, I barely play games if not with my daugthers. Then I may change my Galaxy S4 for a more expensive WP, not the other way around. So what I see is WP fans becoming iOS closed minded fans, yet a lot of Windows users switched to MACrap after instaling iTunes on their PCs, which caused their PC to be filled with bloatware!
  • Wise words! Exactly my thoughts too. What the hell is MS doing!
  • Then MS should just focus Cortana on their MS platforms instead of on Android or iOS. I don't see Siri or Google Now on Windows Phone. Every platform needs a signature feature. I thought Cortana is the signature feature but great, thanks to MS, is no longer that way now. Guess what? I'm starting to think that MS is not even serious about Windows Phone at all. This who extended services to other platforms as well thing is going to bite MS back very soon.
  • I will dare say the bruhaha is very important as form of fans engaging Microsoft. It helped deside the name to call this personal assistant and if Microsoft was planning to appeace android and ios folks before, which most management do to test employees by releasing rumours, this brihaha helped reshape msft thought.
  • Let me say again what I said on the last post and now that you are speculating, let me give my 2 cents: You don't have to make sure Cortana is awesome on iOS and Android. Even on the PC, a personal assistant that doesn't know about all your habits (because you are using something other than a WP) can do a whole lot of very interesting things. ("Create a new Word document in the root of D: please" or "search for 'sales stats' Workbook"). You throw in a personality and "if I was on your phone, I could have told you more about this" too, and you got enough people intrigued to try a Windows Phone, so the PC and Tablet running Windows can help WP a lot. Not having Cortana on iOS and Android WILL NOT make her "suck" on Windows, rest assured. On the other hand: if you consider giving 80% of what Cortana does to iOS and Android users, you will be hurting WP, and not for a good reason. Xbox won't be hurt by a "bad Cortana experience for those who don't have a WP". Neither will Windows. You have the lead in those areas and a little Cortana can put you even farther along the way, compared to the rest of them like Sony and Apple. So Windows won't lose. Xbox won't lose. Windows Phone, however, has A LOT to lose. Let's not forget Cortana is not going to make money for Microsoft. Cortana is a great help for OTHER products to make money for Microsoft and the one product that needs the help, is Windows Phone.
  • +920
    Totally agreed
  • Do you think MS will hear somebody, even such reasonable opinion as you do? No. Smartglass. Photosynth - where are they after IOS and Android adoption? Formally dead. Because no one cares MS services using iPhone or Android phones. Did they back to WP after that? No. The same will be with any service except Office.
  • Did you not read the article above? That's exactly what they are doing. They aren't even moving to the PC yet. Not until Cortana is available everywhere on the Windpws Phone. Come on, folks, chill out a bit.
  • +630  
  • If they think they need to have Cortana on other smart phones, then why not on other computers with different Operating Systems? Android or Mac?? Because it will hurt their business for Windows. Most people will not have all Microsoft tech, but having exclusives is why people switch. Not to give in to people because most have Android or iOS. It doesn't make sense. I can understand some apps MAYBE, but not things that help sell the device. We might as well be giving iPhone and Android 41+MP cameras made by Nokia.
  • +1020 yes why do not give away 41 MP camera or pureview technology to other device
  • I think seems faster could hurt the comment section for wpc...
  • I'm sick of it.. People need to be more original instead of following everything the crowd does... Come up with your own lines people!.. It's not cute, or funny, anymore❕❕❕
  • It was wack from the first times it was being used.
  • Lol!!!.. Yes, it is very wack.
  • Was it wiggity wack?
  • Yes❗❗
  • Wacky wiggly.
  • People do it to get a rise out of you. Ignore it and it'll go away.
  • Ok. The new thing should be "Aardvarks will reign supreme."
  • Lol!.. Ok!
  • Somehow I really believe this guy. And now I can go back to drinking sweet tea and watch TV with a renewed hope that Windows Phone and Cortana will rise again. Don't mind
  • True. Ok ignore the seems faster. This guy is thinking so generously like he want to kindly give what Windows Phone have for it exclusivity that is Cortana. But looking back, he said "AFTER we make Cortana awesome for Windows Phone customers around the world". So, really hope this word come true. Looking forward for a better Microsoft.
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  • Yours also isn't working?
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  • I guess it's on WPC's end..
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  • Cortana is amazing but let's pretend its not so it never goes to Android or iOS
  • Lol!!... That's counterproductive.. You're thinking to hard dude❕ ... You've entered into a paradox of irrationality.... How about we not do that❔❔ ... Lol❗
  • "awesome for Windows Phone customers around the world" is a code word for "not even when hell freeze over" isn't it?
  • Yep, the "around the world" thing is the bit that windows phone is seriously lacking, they have the majority of their development and marketing effort focussed in the USA while the majority of success is in Europe. Get windows phone to the #2 slot in europe (or US) and it will give WP billions of dollars worth of free marketting and development around the world.  
  • Which shows you how brand loyalty to Nokia was a more important factor to many people than getting a windows phone.
  • Or maybe Nokia were better at selling to Europe than others, if it was brand loyalty to Nokia though then Microsoft need to play the swap over well to not lose customers (using the Lumia brand strongly in Europe sounds a safe strategy, ideally with Surface as the "Microsoft" variant.
  • WHAT seems faster? You just writing that for the heck of it?
  • It's just a WPC meme. Lol
  • Lulz funnie maymayz :^) xD
  • Made the whole "Cortana on other devices" news very clear. Must say that I was one of the people who went aboslutely crazy over the news but now that I've done some research, I'm a lot more releived.
  • Yes. If he would've just said "Our top priority and commitment is making Cortana the best VI for Windows Phone. Perhaps, in a year or two, we'll look into it." That would've kept us calm. Instead of trying pander to the masses, so to speak. But it does feel a lil like lip service. Hope I'm wrong, but the "Civil War" company doesn't leave me with much faith.
  • I think yes he said it : "AFTER we make Cortana awesome for Windows Phone customers around the world" Let's keep this word and see if this will come true or not.
  • Lets hope the word "World" means the "Entire World".
  • Yes. Spreading Cortana to every country with WP is essential and urgent. The world is not just USA + Canada and maybe Mexico. Europe, Australia and Asia are also included.
  • I have this gut feeling that he actually means once its available on all Windows Phone devices when he refers to an awesome Cortana experience. I hope that really isn't the case. I just hate the whole idea.
  • Same here
  • So what have you learned? Control yourself. Research. Then speak :P
  • Really don't see the problem regardless. Nobody buys iOS for for Siri. Nobody buys Android for Google Now. Although, I think it's a waste of Dev time supporting that many platforms at once.
  • Why DO people buy iPhones and Android devices? It is about an aggregation of these features.
  • Thank you very much for this explanation. It seems Microsoft has been thinking pretty much what I thought they'd be thinking. Hopefully we can now stop with all this drama. Good to see Microsoft is still committed to improving the Windows Phone experience and isn't planning to abandon the platform as many people here pretended. This said, I look forward to future development, particularly Cortana on Windows (even though I don't even use Cortana on WP I figure it would be very interesting to see how it would work out on a PC).
  • What makes you think they wouldn't claim they were committed right up until they weren't? No one saw Sega abandoning the console market coming until it happened.
  • Exactly, or any console price drop. Policy the ship is going straight until a press release says they're making a turn. Though this is a lot more than a comment about a rumor.
    I like wp, because I like wp. That's that. The OS works the way I like it too. I don't like WP because it has Word or Cortana, those are just bonuses.
    Though I'd really like app list folders and settings to be alphabetized.
  • I had windows phone since Lumia 800s release date
  • Ummm, a lot of people saw Sega leaving the console market. The ps2 buried them so deep. In fact I thought they need to abandon the hardware model immediately after the ps2 started taking the lead because their software was their key to success. I've said the same thing about Nintendo since the Wii, and just can't understand why they don't see it.
  • And if the Wii-U is anything to go by.  I think the only thing keeping them afloat in the hardware section is the 3DS.
  • I'm not talking speculation, I'm talking concrete evidence. You know, like some dum dum thaty works for the company publicly making suggestive comments. That's just not the way you run a business. Twitter is evil. It encorages people to type before they have a second to breathe and tuck that comment into their back pocket and sit on it.
  • MSFT is known for flip flopping at the last minute. Remember the Xbox one launch? And the windows 8 early PC layout?
  • I do expect them to invest ressources into WP for at least one more year. WP 8.1 hasn't even been officially released yet, at least one update is still to come later this year and many official apps have arrived in the past weeks. Things have already been worse for the platform, it would be stupid not to make at least one big final effort.
  • Reassuring to see they are committed to WP, now back the talk up with updated apps / services MS!!
  • There's drama?
  • On the internet? Never. (You're lucky you skipped this non-controversy.)
  • I like the VIP treatment now :-P
  • +1520.3
  • Gotta love it. Waiting for November and the new flagship to land on T-Mobile. Exciting!
  • Boy, me too!!!
  • Me too... but on AT&T
  • Me too....
  • This is why people should listen!! and pay attention to videos. said the exact same thing in the video
  • I think whoever is on this site is listening and paying attention and for the most part are here to learn more about using their phone to the fullest. I want to believe their comments about WP first and that they are only thinking about the future for Cortana. @Marcus Ash - I dont't entirely believe your comments.  MS must cross develop to stay relevant even if most of this site would prefer otherwise. I would use Office as an example.  How many comments have been posted that the touch experience on an iPad is already better than on a windows based tablet?  How many comments also included that now they are back to using their iPad more because there is not an equal experience?  A better touch based Office for windows tablets is lagging becuase the other mobile platforms have more users.  Develop away for WP and then Windows whatever, but thinking that developing for another platform will bring them over to more of a windows experience is a fool's errand or more likely, not the long term goal.  If my experience on another platform is good and then significantly improved, why would I move from that comfortable experience.  However, if you can show a kick ass feature that surpasses what is available on another platform and everything else is equal, then people will switch for the "one screen to rule them all" concept.  But do it soon, people join what seems popular and the crowd that is left will not be enough to sustain your plans.
  • You are wrong and Satya Nadella is wrong. There is a shift that is possible. Microsoft is inovating the most out of all the tech companies. If they gave us their one philosophy on all devices some what of what apple apple is doing with continuity in  ios8. There exists a window of opportunity to seize market share in phones tables pc xbox one. The real problem is the Microsoft culutur they have no faith and im sue many people working for the compant dont even use Microsfot products. Ballmers vision was a grand vision and would work Satya Nadellas compromizes with getting in bed with the competetitor is asinine Ballmer would of waited to release office for IPad until an equivelent or better product was first developed for Windows. Satya basically destroyed windows RT and the Surface with that one move. Sure In the short term microsoft will see gains but I cant tell you how many people didnt know what the surface was and how Microsft didnt make a enough surfaces in the second year when demand was they left millions on the table. Microsoft as a company has no faith in their products and it shows in the current moves they are making. Instead of making massive gains in the next couple years They are taking the easy way out but will hurt their hopes of having a devices devision. The nokia aquisition will be a huge albatross hanging from their neck. If I was in control this year would of been the year of the phone last year was surface which is being recieved well. I would of released at least two high end flag ship phones this summer with the new update. They are waisting valuble time as that window of opportunity is closing and they are exasberating it by theses concessions to the competitor. Microsoft has the chance to be the next Apple but they royaly with the culture inside and lack of faith in their own products. That are by far superior to must things on the market Innovative sexy and new. The word just neds tol be spread to the consumer and they have to see people with these devices to see what they can do. Your far superior product will prevail overtime. I cant tell you how many of these phones have terible cameras and how everyone wants me to take pictures with my Nokia 1020. You dont think in a couple years when they are due for an upgrade that they wont at least consider it. People are out their now consideing it. Windows 8 in my experience is being much better received than at Launch, Why? Because it is a far superior product and people come around to realize that. I was able to predict what Ballmer was doing when he was Ceo and what Microsoft was planning internally, but I have no Idea what Satya is doing and so far every move hes made I have not agreed with. This next windows update Im sure he had a hand in as well which is going to confuse the customer base even more not to mention hurt their "ONE" philosophy and device sales
  • The only thing you should bring cross platform is watered down versions of your best stuff to entice people to make the switch to get all the full features  
  • Ahh, okay. Now I get it. Makes sense.
  • This just in, people on forums overreact! Lol
  • Lol
  • That we also grateful for the explanation from Microsoft
  • Really!!?? Is this true!? Someone say it isn't PLEEEAAAASSSEE :P
  • God I hate xbox music, skype on wp. I don't even want to listen music on my phone.
    Cortana? What's that? It will come sooner to IOS and Android than to wp users in europe. One thing I like about Apple(ios) they are trying to give the same experience to everyone outside US. And tell me please how is it a premium experience on wp if Skype is better on my sister's phone(android), that is even making me to go towards other platform if things I like and use every day are better on other platforms.
    That is the problem, not that Cortana will be available on other platforms.
    If they can make their services and the total experience work like magic on their own platform for everyone(yes there is a world outside of US, we are people too like you guys), then try to give people on Android and IOS a taste of what they can experience if they use microsoft products, than there wouldn't be so many pissed people on this site.
  • If the entire world spoke clear English, then Microsoft would release it world wide. Dialect is one of the hardest things to program for. I agree with you on Skype though.
  • Yes I agree with you. English is not my native language and not even my second, but most of the Europeans have no problem speaking and understanding English. Well imagine in the future Microsoft releases cortana for IOS and Android or Windows/Xbox, are they gonna do it just in US or for the rest of the world too? 
  • I don't buy this argument. I'm German and I speak English like we do... However when I set region/language to US/English to try out Cortana on my WP8.1 device I find that it works better than I expected at first. The software understands what I say almost to 100%, and it even returns reasonable search results. Which is weird because it's Bing you know. Which isn't exactly stellar outside of the USA.   So I think they handle the accent thing already fine. Also please don't forget that not even Canadians get Cortana at first. Do they speak English so much different than eg people in Seattle, WA? (Which is fairly close to Canada if I'm not mistaken.) Also to make it worse, they have announced that Chinese would be supported.   So I think their prios with regard to rolling out Cortana world wide are a bit strange. Maybe, hopefully, the new CEO will fix that.
  • In this case though it's also a barometer for passion and enthusiasm for the platform which is more important. Enough so to get a personal response. Key for me was "people at Microsoft read these forums." That's healthy and good to know its not just hollow petulant whining that goes on in here.
  • I'm pretty sure this is all self explanatory. But people just had to freak out.
  • Indicates you don't have a clue what's actually going on.
  • 4 months. FOUR MONTHS? it's_happening.gif P.S. Not sure what exactly, but it is P.P.S. Thank you Marcus very much for so detailed reply ;)
  • Yup, the four months stood out to me too. So was the omission of XBox as a platform they want to bring Cortana to.
  • Well, better for him his team and microsoft to clarify all this situation!
  • How does offering an awesome exoerience on another platform sway anyone toward windows phone? Umm they wouldn't need a windows phone to experience it. This would make MS look weak. Just saying it has made them look weak. How do you get people to buy into your plan when your own faith is in question?
  • the on Android and IOS and Windows is the same BUT the user experience is not there. therefore, for the best integration and also a flawless user experience Windows is the best
  • The way I see it (and the way he described it on the video) was not to provide the full Cortana experience on iOS and Android but rather to provide the background tasks that learn about your from what you do on your phone. This information is used to enhance the actual Cortana experience on Windows OSes. Therefore users can experience Cortana's potential on Windows, but if they want to actively use Cortana on their phone they need a Windows Phone.
  • You're overestimating the depth of the average user. The average user is superficial and the mere sight of an Ms product on their platform looks like MS is throwing in the towel. Even if it only looks that way on the surface, sometimes that's enough to bury your reputation.
  • Yes Nik, I think that has strong potential.   They did mention that on the video and it might work as a compromise to ensure a good Cortana experience on MS OS's PC/tablet/Xbox while still being exclusive to WP as a full digital assistant.   No doubt there are considerations to work through, but I would expect that is one of the more likely scenarios.
  • Because it'll be better on Windows Phone? How is offering a bad experience to your non WP (but Window and/or Xbox customers) going to pull anyone to WP?
  • Because, on WP you can access Cortana from anywhere in the OS, while on Android and IOS you can't. Cortana also integrates into first and third party apps in WP that want to make use of voice tech from Cortana
  • And the average user is going go have this thought process? I highly doubt an Android user is going to say "I better get a WP if I want the complete Cortana experience", when they can just use Google Now, which is already integrated. I see Microsoft's thinking here, but its not a thought they should move forward on. If any thing, a lack luster experience on Android or iOS will turn users away from WP because they'll just end up thinking their crippled version of Cortana is the complete experience.
  • Exactly. MS is desperate.
  • Making it "better on windows phone" would blow up in their face. A lot of the MS haters out there hate them because of their monopolistic ways of the past. The last thing they want to do is force (or even slightly nudge) people into ANYTHING.
  • MS has never been a Monopoly, nor did they have Monopolistic ways.
    They made deals with OEM's that made their choice to go with Windows, they weren't forced to do it.
    They had the choice to sell whatever OS's they wanted. OS/2, Linux, Windows. If you want to say Anti-competitive ways in the past, ok, maybe.
    Apple is for more anti-competitve than MS has ever been, and has been since day one. But you always had a choice, still do. It was the consumer choice to purchase PC's with Windows, or from X OEM vendor.
    No one forced anyone into it. If you educated yourself, you could build any PC you wanted and installed whatever you wanted. You can't do that with Cable, or the old Land Line phone services.
    Try finding a different electric company in your area. That's a monopoly. Ma Bell was a Monopoloy, Cable Companies are in fact Monopolies.
    When you move into a new neighborhood, you are lucky if you have 2 choices for cable. So, stop the BS.
  • Are you serious? They were literally convicted of being a monopoly in court. Lol.
  • I don't think you understand how laws work, nor do you understand what being a monopoly actually means. Being a monopoly isn't necessarily illegal. If you're the only product that people are buying, then you're the only one they're buying. The government can't force people to buy other brands. What Microsoft was convicted of was ABUSING their monopoly, in that case (which I think got overturned after it got appealed), they were giving away a product to the point that others couldn't compete a.k.a. anti-competitive. Its actually very similar to what Google is doing with Android, which has got them in some trouble with the EU.
  • I think they were nailed more on things like, if I recall correctly: Not giving full access to third parties of things to make their software run better on Windows Default install of IE starting with Windows 95 (maybe 98, getting old) Forcing OEMs, in the agreements with them, to have to purchase a Windows license for all computers they make whether or not they had Windows installed on it. Stuff like that...
  • They were found to be innocent in that first case (assuming you're talking about Novell), the second one was what I was referring to, and I think the third one was over patents that they owned that were used on Linux. I'll be honest and say that I don't know about that one, but considering how most Android OEMs pay Microsoft for patents and the Chinese government has OK'd Microsoft doing it, I'd assume they were found innocent on that too.
  • Halo or Gears of War as exclusives on the Xbox are a "nudge" to buy an Xbox.   The consumer is quite used to that type behavior.   Those people with a super strong antipathy to Microsoft just ignores the exclusive and buys another product. But I am afraid you are overstating the case against "nudging."    The real question is how to nudge and how well does it work under particular circumstances.
  • Think about it this way: currently people associate Microsoft with boring software, big Corporate rooms, WORK. Microsoft's image next to young adults, know, the people that actually buy most of these in the mud. (There's no point bringing Xbox into this because half of them don't do consoles and from the ones who do, at least half of them are on the PlayStation).   By allowing a great Cortana experience on other platforms where the majority of users are, Microsoft will also be showing those users that Microsoft CAN do cool stuff and that the Microsoft they are used to think about no longer exists. The fact that those users get great experiences with Microsoft products on their own Android/iOS devices, will make them more prone to actually giving Windows Phone a serious thought the next time they go to buy a phone. The idea is that those users then think "Wait...I have this and this cool thing from Microsoft on my phone...I wonder what other cool things I can find on their own phones" and then they pick up a WP. Is it a shot in the dark? Yes. Is it a way to get people to get reacquainted with Microsoft's software products? Definitely.   Now...Is it annoying that things like Skype are now better on Android and iOS than on WP? Hell yes. And that's the part in this all multi-platform thing where Microsoft is currently failing with their own users.
  • Did... Did.... Did DJCBS just say something positive about Microsoft's chances in phones?? Did hell freeze over? ;p
  • I guess so, since it's hot as hell around here lol In case you didn't noticed, I was pretty pleased about WP8.1. I just now lack an OEM to offer me great phones to use it in. But I keep my fingers crossed that Sony steps in so... ;)   (By the way, when I wrote "on their own phones" I meant in Windows Phones. Not on Microsoft-produced phones. Just so we're stance on Microsoft Mobile remains the same ;P)
  • This. I wonder when Sony wil step in. It's SOOO logical or them to invest into WP
  • I do have to point out that even by DJCBS's breakdown he's decided that 25% of the teenage population's experience with the Xbox doesn't matter.    That's GIVEN only 25% of the teenagers have Xboxes.  
  • You're really anal-retentive regarding numbers aren't you? The concept of logical assumptions is completely strange to you isn't it? Here's a tip: drop the Math books and pick up some philosophy ones. It will enrich your understanding of arguments and free you from your limited mathematical view of the World ;)
  • You have that totally backwards.  I don't like numbers, I find talk about finances boring.  However I have had multiple classes in philosophy and have been doing philosophy of sorts for decades.   So figuring out that you were discounting 25% of the teenaged population was sufficiently easy for me to grasp.   However having an intuitve grasp of argument and underlying tendencies or assumptions is something I have practice at.   That said, I realize everyone including myself, can make mistakes.   Noticing them and not rationalizing them away is a step towards fixing them.
  • You make many good points. For starters, the generalized association principle. While I happen to agree that Microsoft/Windows is associated with the workplace, it is the Microsoft of yester. The overpowering lynchpin in that association is more than likely Windows XP and a 2 version behind of the current Office. Is it even possible to break that association at this point?
    Unknown. As more industry begins deploying newer SW, the association changes. Those rollouts take time and reach limited personnel depending upon their position in the cycle. Maybe they could spin off the consumer side of their biz under a new name... Maybe even a different name in every region. The Chinese are making a huge stink about Roman words polluting their language. It could score them some huge points with officials overseas. As to the other issue of addressing other platforms first, this is to be expected. They're chasing new customers whom haven't yet bought in. For instance, Microsoft's corporate office in South Florida still has all the old insignia plastered not only inside but on the street as well. It's business management of resources... Not failing at all, just prioritizing. Personally I'm a fan of what they're doing and enjoy my wp8.1. So what if they port their creation to reach a larger group? Even if its executed differently or "better", so the fyuck what? I digress though because I understand your vent. We can take some solace in hearing somebody from MS confirm they're reading our gripes, thoughts, & general dispositions...
  • It might have a greater effect for the Microsoft brand, generally, than just Windows Phone. Most people, i.e. not the people you'll meet here, think of Microsoft as a dinosaur with no new ideas and shitty, bug-ridden products. If they can bring a top notch experience to iOS, that is better than Siri, then maybe (just maybe) iSheep will begin to realize that Apple is fallible; and that their software is not the best. If people see Microsoft in a new light, it could have a lasting impact on how they perceive all of their products; Windows Phone and otherwise. I don't think that Cortana alone will have that dramatic of an effect, but if they do it enough times, it just might.
  • I'm all about Microsoft innovation and initiative, provided they actually show some. They really do need to pick up the pace and stop moving like the glaciers of old (or at least give that appearance).
    Also, iSheep will NEVER realize Apple has flaws. This is what makes them iSheep to begin with...
  • I've never owned an Apple product as they are so expensive and I am a gamer.  However "iSheep" like Apple because they build nicely designed hardware and I expect have decent software.   It's not good to underestimate the "enemy".
  • You obviously didn't read his explanation, did you. Fact is, not everyone in the world is going to use a windows phone, but those on the fence won't even consider a windows phone if implementation on Windows is half baked because it doesn't have the great data that's acquired via mobile devices. If they get a "good" Cortana experience on the IOS our Android device paired with their Windows PC/tablet then they're more apt to consider a windows phone in order to get a "premium" Cortana experience.
  • Do me a favor and compile a spreadsheet of the parts of his response that would even give you the inkling that I didn't read it and map them to the part of my comment that the comment refutes. Feel free to use Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Good response, but they need to stop talking about other platforms. Shut up and ship.
  • I do agree to some point that now that they've gotten a bead on the response, I don't think I'd talk about iOS and Android having full versions of Cortana for quite some time. On the other hand, I think that MS is to some degree trying to move away from "shut up and ship" to a more moderate position.  I realize they've had difficulties with talking about features only to not execute on them and disappoint their customer base, to which shut up and ship was a response.   However, I think that an iterative conversation with your customer base could be very important to both them and us.   We can suggest what we'd like to see and they can float ideas.
  • Now if only Microsoft was commited to bringind the best Skype and OneNote experience for Windows Phone it would be even better. I still hate how Skype for Android and iOS can send files (or in case of iOS pictures), while WP can do neither. They must allow WP 8.1 to send and receive files asap! Also they need to unbundle Office and OneNote from WP so they could be updated as regularly as on iOS and Android. Right now iOS version of OneNote has more features than WP version.
  • I'm sure they will update Skype to send files as WP8.1 rolls out. The real reason that the WP apps aren't is good is the restrictive API.
  • Agreed with you they have to make their own apps better on WP first before giving cortana away to convince android and ios users to WP.
  • Still a silly move. 
  • All Microsoft has to do is make Android phones to but with all Microsoft support instead of Google so then they have their foot in Android too
  • May I gesture you to Nokia X series :-)
  • Microsoft should made Cortana for ios and Android and after 2 weeks of usage a window should pop and say For the full experience get a windows phone. And the app should force shut down
  • Or put ads into the IOS and Android Cortana advertising the MS ecosystem. That way people are aware of WP, Windows etc
  • that's a lot of work for a two week experience
  • Lol the drama on WPCentral. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Agreed. Wpcentral REALLY needs to rename this website to a more open name, it's clearly causing confusion here and other people
  • They are, Daniel said to look out for a new name in the coming weeks.
  • Where?
  • With all the "other" options available they better show some appreciation to us early adaptors. I love Windows Phone but quit yapping about Apple and Android.
  • You need to watch what you say on camera dude.
  • This.
  • Microsoft are simply doing what Google and (especially) Apple would never consider: being open. They have repeatedly said that they are a devices AND services company. This allows them the freedom to develop for multiple platforms while having their own be on the table. Just like Nokia's beautiful, boundary-breaking hardware, if Microsoft's services are equally fantastic, more people will consider Windows Phone.
    Let's face it, most people who read this site are Windows Phoners for life. They have to start getting everyday average consumers to put down the Samsung Galaxies and iPhones and ask, "Hey, I've heard good things about Windows Phone. What are they all about?"
    More people who view Microsoft as a whole favorably, the more people we'll get to "see the light," so to speak.
  • So, people overreacted? I'm shocked!
  • Made sense the first time. Don't know why people get so worked up about these things. Bringing cortana to more people on amy platform is a great idea
  • Cortana, Lights, 50%.............................Nothing!
  • Nice to hear, but that's all we have gotten lately from Microsoft...lip service. Show us and in a timely fashion. I bought into your line because of things like Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Game Hub, etc. Went out and bought phones, PC's, Surfaces, and Xbox's. Then you guys destroy almost all of that and have dragged your feet for three years and then TELL us that your going to fix them. Well...its been pretty damn lackluster. So after breaking what did work (all the way back to Zune), you turn around and announce that you are releasing things like touch Office on Android and iOS devices first, and then will get around to your most loyal costumers at a later time.
    To sum it up, you broke what worked, are giving away what little still does, and are handing out the newer stuff to everyone but Windows Phone owners. Then people wonder why some of us mentioning bolting on you?
    Stop talking and actually show us.
  • Well, he did say in four months, so at least we have that on record to hold to.
  • This!
  • True!
  • Exactly. Based on past deeds, all this supposed 'crazy talk' as he likes to point out several times, isn't that crazy. We've been burned before.  
  • Believe it or not, I've stopped counting. If you've been w/ MS as long as I'll realize this too. Yet, somehow I'm still here. I guess in the is what it is. It'll be interesting to see if this pans out like the way we want it to in the future.
  • Preach it! I'm tired of non-Windows users getting VIP treatment. Tired of fancy speeches and promises of a better tomorrow. I don't believe it anymore until I see action.
  • Exactly. I buy the tech for my whole family and if they dont fix this and deliver on the promises they made our next purchases won't be from Microsoft.
  • yup.fix Skype on Windows Phone first,don't forget.
  • I'm fine with this, just make it near perfect on other platforms, otherwise it risks creating a devil effect..
  • Great news!!!
  • Sorry for my earlier comment,Sam(which is deleted now). Didn't read the article carefully enough.I'm sleepy after watching Italy VS England at 5:00am. :p Sorry once again. Yeah that's a very good and detailed response :)
  • And yet windows phone users still get a shitty experience with all ms services that are much better on other platforms until u actually prove you are committed to windows phone this is all talk its like having smoke without a fire get it done Microsoft
  • I can see those dead serious eyes :P Cortana is ready to slap everyone who isn't dead serious........ Aw dammit! Got slapped with this non serious comment. Btw if u don't like WPhone, then Eff off :)........damn, slapped again. :(
  • Death stare to you my friend. Use Cortana or else she will find you.
  • nuff said, thank you sir so everyone move on, nothing to see the way I love Cortana.:)
  • Just a basic principle of Charity begins from home.
  • because Skype on Android and Ios is way much better,they never listen to us wp user about how broken skype in their own devices.i really dont know whats the point of buying windows phone if they want to port cortana to android and ios.
  • the reason why WP's Skype is bad is because of the APIs. they were restricted, but now WP8.1 since it's more open and access for developers, they can FINALLY make the Skype experience on par with Android and IOS. Excited for this month when we will see some WPs and also BIG updates to Facebook and Skype
  • the reason why WP's Skype is bad is because of the APIs.
    SMH that is just a horrible excuse. They could have used internal SDKs and the like to build what they needed to. The functions that were opened up in 8.1 are what functions are available to the public.
  • Am I the only one who never got my panties in a bunch over this?
  • Nope. Except I don't wear panties.
  • Commando?
  • This
  • Cortana hasn't seriously changed to the "newer" version yet on my 928.
  • Nice response. But I think all that passion should got towards first: Fixing Xbox Music and bringing more apps to WP. You're going to loose your customers while trying to bring more over with Cortana..:/
  • He's not on the Xbox music team so he doesn't speak to that
    He speaks about Cortana because Cortana is his job
  • This. Only geeks care about Cortana. General public wants a good music and video player, nice Facebook and Twitter apps, and more apps in general.
  • LOL.
  • I caught something Marcus said in his reply...that there are folks at Microsoft that are not wanting people like him(Marcus) on forums like this discussing these things...? Who...if transparency is actually the goal,who's fighting against it?
  • I think back in Longhorn days MS was talking about some of the features they were thinking of only to strip them out or find they took too much work or whatever the particular problem was, so they moved to the idea of "shut up and ship".    There's also the issue of revealing your development plans in advance to your competitors.    However on the other side it really is good to have a relationship with your customer so that MS and their customers can iterate through issues together.    So, there's some level of balance they need to find. Personally I'd argue for as transparent as possible without telegraphing too much to the competitors.    That may simply be contradictory goals though.
  • Damn it, Marcus...I was enjoying the online-peasant revolt! =P lol Oh well. I guess it was necessary as people were taking it way out of proportion.    "yes people at Microsoft read these forums and comments because we care what our customers are saying."   Good to have a Microsoft employee actually confirming that. And I do hope my many many criticisms have had even the slightest effect on incentivising you people to work better and faster to prove me (and others who share my criticisms) wrong. Don't worry, I will not start singing you praises from now on. Unless, of course, you deserve them. As you did with 8.1.
  • Tell me about it when you make windows phone the best alternative first. I am just tired of having the worst experience even with MS products. This is just a desperate explanation to the WP community.
  • Now that's much more clear... We'll see how it'll be then
  • On every phone but WP7. Shameful! Cortana on old ass iPod and Android but not wp7
  • NOPE. Old iphones, ipods and Anroid phones are not going to get Cortana. most likely the most lastest OS
  • It obviously wouldn't be on an "old ass iPod" moron. It can't run on old hardware.
  • Then please, execution.
  • Yeah I went berserk but I'm glad he came back n put everything in context. I can rest easy now lol
  • Sounds familiar to a comment I left...
  • In the past, Microsoft has shown many times that their own platform isn't as important as other platforms. Time and time again, their own apps and services get new features first on competing platforms. Touch first Office is the latest example. Why should we believe Cortana won't end up the same way? I'd love to see VIP treatment for customers that are "all in" on the Windows platform. The experience when you use Windows across all of your devices should be superior. Otherwise Windows is inferior to the competition and there's no reason to switch. I fully support bringing a great (but not superior) experience to other platforms as an entry point for new customers. Actions speak louder than words, so I won't believe anything about Microsoft giving their own users and fans VIP treatment until I see it happen.
  • I'd love to see VIP treatment for customers that are "all in" on the Windows platform.
    Trouble is, there's no "Windows platform" to be all-in on. I loved the concept -- it was seductive as hell. But then I get into the reality -- there is no "Windows platform," just a bunch of marginal, incompatible software environments branded as "Windows," along with the super-mature Windows desktop that dominates the old-line PC business. There is Windows RT, and Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.X, and they're all incompatible with each other. Sure, "universal apps" have been promised, but few have been seriously delivered, and most of the store content is still tied to a particular proprietary branch of "Windows." And even after "universal apps" appear, they're not going to be all that relevant to the 1 billion people or so who are running 7 or Vista, which are the lion's share of "Windows" and completely incompatible with all the other incompatible-with-each-other versions of "Windows" like RT, 8, and Phone 8. Had Microsoft delivered on "One Windows" with universal apps a year or two after the iPhone started kicking butt -- delivering fully on the promise by 2012 -- this would be a far different discussion.  But it's 2014 and "wait for us, we're still working on it" ain't gonna cut it. The only way Windows-style consumer-facing services like Cortana survive is if they're ported to the platform with momentum -- principally Android -- and perhaps iOS (though its long-term future is also in doubt).
  • iOS, like Mac, will never die. Apple goes into hibernation cycles, sure, but when they release a new and innovative product (iPod, iPad, iPhone) they make sure it ties back into their existing ecosystem so tightly that it drives sales in the rest. An i(product) on its own isn't much to anyone, consumer or Apple... But tie an iPhone sale... To an iPad which allows more immersive content... To an apple tv for better presentation... To an iMac to serve content to them all... To an airport with time machine for seamless backup and one press setup of the rest of your now apple ecosystem, and you've got a home that works flawlessly... And apple has a good 4000 dollars.
  • Now with Continuity and iBeacons the Apple ecosystem became super strong.
  • A lot of what you are saying is correct.  It certainly would have been better if MS had delivered a unified ecosystem across Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 & Xbox One at the launch of Windows 8 (if not earlier).   But clearly that wasn't in the cards and probably would have required a SUBSTAINTIAL wait, in fact we'd still be waiting.   Oh, I am sure the "could have/should have" list is massive, including my disappointment at the paucity of WP devices launching with WP8.1. However, they are still working on the idea and we shall see how well they excecute on their plan.    Having a unified ecosystem will be valuable. Finally though I am not sure I agree that  "the only way Windows-style consumer-facing services like Cortana survive is if they're ported to the platform with momentum -- principally Android..."   I think that remains to be shown. 
  • And even after "universal apps" appear, they're not going to be all that relevant to the 1 billion people or so who are running 7 or Vista, which are the lion's share of "Windows" and completely incompatible with all the other incompatible-with-each-other versions of "Windows" like RT, 8, and Phone 8. Had Microsoft delivered on "One Windows" with universal apps a year or two after the iPhone started kicking butt -- delivering fully on the promise by 2012 -- this would be a far different discussion.  But it's 2014 and "wait for us, we're still working on it" ain't gonna cut it.
    And one thing that Apple does right in universal apps (they have apps made for both iPad and iPhone already) is that they push the same design language. iOS on the iPhone looks the same as on the iPad, iPod Touch, etc. Meanwhile, Metro on Windows 8.X looks nothing like Windows Phone other than the use of some icons and Segoe (and they don't even use them the same way. They don't even interact the same way, the animations are completely different, what they focus on as UI is completely different, and how the system flows is completely different. Where WP focuses (or now, used to focus) on typography, clarity, content display, and tying everything together; Windows 8.X hides any cues, typography is ignored as an aesthetic, content is just placed in tiles because all people seem to know about Metro is TILES, panorama doesn't even flow over to the beginning, pivots are completely gone, accent colour serves no purpose, chrome is added where it's not needed (i.e., everywhere), splashscreens are back, things are inconsistent in the UI all around, and some things are just plain bad - non draggable elements, search bars because they hide the search button, inconsistent tile sizes, inconsistent animations, no context underneath the buttons, inconsistent font sizes, the sole use of Segoe UI Light, the ugly desktop with Aero-era iconography, the lack of depth in the UX itself. On the other hand, OS X Yosemite looks, feels, and acts consistently with iOS (and not to mention awesome features like continuity).
  • They hide what now ?
    Ok I agree with most of what you said, BUT windows 8.x is different from everything that has been released before. It's the start of uni-windows everywhere, sure its too little too late but there has to be a starting point to execute the plan. Shoulda been sooner but it wasn't and whining about it ain't gonna change it, so !
    "When" is not as important as "how fast" they can execute the plan.
    I hear you buddy, I too have been waiting for MS to make its move for so long now I almost gave up. But it's clear for me now what MS is trying to accomplish. Once again I have faith in them and in their plan.
    No doubt apple is good, frankly, they probably have the best product quality there is. You get what you pay for. That's good but apple is no longer the only company who's capable of doing so.
    Microsoft is now trying to do the same. I know it's too late, but should we support them now that they have a solid plan or should we give up on them coz they were late.
    MS is doing a good job now and they are moving fast, I'm telling you they are heading to the top once again.
    Have faith and wait my friend, there's not much left.
  • When there are 250 million iPads you don't hold back Touch Office just so Windows can get it first. That's just DUMB.
  • I agree. If they had it ready, there is no sense in holding it back artifically for the sake of Windows. However, they should have had their own platform ready to support it so that they could develop both at the same time. Then, they could have released the Windows version a week ahead of the iOS version.
  • How about death serious in giving every Windows Phone user cortana as soon as now !
  • And I am so dead serious about changing platform
  • Cool. Bye.
  • Windows Phone is just junk. Microsoft proves it
  • Matt john2 is dumb. His OP proves it.
  • Dude did you realize how Microsoft doesn't much care about Windows Phones. What a fanboy
  • If MS doesn't care about WP why did they have over 15 OEMs backing it then?
  • I said doesn't much care not completely doesn't care... And really they were sharing Cortana for the sake of Microsoft not windows phone
  • That guy's as troll, leave him... No use talking.I doubt he has a WP
  • Well, if we're being honest, from those OEMs, more than half of them are regional OEMs with absolute no relevance in the bigger picture. I think it would be a bigger win for Microsoft if they were able to commit Samsung and HTC to WP and bring along LG and Sony to the WP market, rather than to have 13 small OEMs that no one's ever heard of beyond the borders of the countries they're in and even there...
  • To say that the other OEM's are "absolutely irrelevant" is a big statement. Yes the big boys of the smartphone market being committed to the wp platform will surely help a lot in climbing the Mt. Fuji of smartphone marketshare but to say that the smaller oem's are irrelevant is bellitling them. Here in the Philippines majority of Android marketshare is due to Asian smaller oem's who sell their devices at cheap prices.If they can be on board with regards to wp platform i dont see any reason that they can't help to increase wp marketshare. Msft needs all the help they can get and i am an OPTIMIST guy who sees the positive with regards to the infux of smaller oem's.
  • Alot better! Thanks for clarifying! Lets fuck shit up now ;)
  • Microsoft isn't going to just abandon Windows Phone.  They'll continue the policy of benign neglect, including underinvestment and glacial development, that has been suffocating it, while ensuring the best of what they have makes it to iOS and Android. As a result, few will notice when the plug is finally pulled on WP.
  • Clearly they could have been faster at some things.   However they certainly are working at doing quick releases of Music & Video etc.   Note that just because I said quick releases doesn't mean they are done or don't have important things to do.   They are working at it.    Also, they did just buy Nokia's Devices and Services division and clearly have plans for it. Walk away short term, no.   Maybe three to five years out if they haven't made significant strides, perhaps.
  • Microsoft knows they can't exist in the capacity that they exist now without their MOBILE FIRST approach which the the CEOs mantra knows that if WP doesn't succeed they will fail as a company. They wont let WP die, they can't afford to.
  • "Mobile-first" doesn't mean "Windows Phone first." It means making sure that Microsoft products and services run well on the *dominant* mobile platforms -- principally Android and iOS. If WP vanished tomorrow, that wouldn't change.
  • The thing I'm wondering is what his bosses end up telling him to do. It's fine and dandy for him to say we're going to give windows phone users the best experience of cortana but it's funny that they haven't did that for any of the other apps. Skype, office so on so forth.
  • And yet we wait....we'll see what happens in the future.
  • Whatever happens, as long as it increases WP's market share.
  • +920 I'm hoping McLaren and futher work on WP features and continued pushing on apps and 2015 will be brighter than 2014.   I am hoping significantly brighter.    Then perhaps when WP 9 is ready to release MM will have a raft of fine phones ready to go at the same time.
  • Must bring it to all wp in all country before sending it to other smartphone devices.
  • Finally some crystal clear response! Thank you so much! Thats how I like Microsoft to be in the Future: TRANSPARENT. It ' ll help them get better Feedback from the Community. I was one of the guys who freaked a little. BUT you made it crystal clear how you and your team feel about this. Its a good Move for MS to consider bringing Cortana over to iOS and Android. Actually, about the whole Community FreakOut: I think it has more to do with Frustration the WP Community has because of MS treating them often like 2nd class Citizens (Skype and Xbox Music being supbar experiences for 1+ years) than with Cortana being cross platform to be true. Good Tip: Start caring about your ecosystem. Think about customers that switch to your Ecosystem. They are used to solid MS Services not lacking ones.
    It'll make your customers happy, exactly what you guys need: happy loyal customers. :)
  • Yes Microsoft treats us windowsphone users like the red headed step child they don't want!
  • Cortana on android and iOS would make proper business sense too: Cortana means Bing means ad revenue. Just as google now and Siri have no ability to use custom search engines (Siri uses Bing as well) the precedent is established for Cortana too. From a revenue point, it'd be stupid not to put Cortana on the 97% of devices out there.
  • They got Bing on IOS and OSX. So IOS is all good. They also have China's Xaiobing. which wll appear on China's messenging platforms
  • Sure, except I never use Siri on my iPhone for search. I use spotlight which defaults to Google on OSX and iOS. I use Cortana over google search via IE on my Lumia because its a better assistant engine.
  • in Spotlight for IOS 8 and OSX Yosemite. When you type in something in the search bar. universial results, including Bing results. So that alone generates market share for Bing and data for MS
  • Oh, heck YES!!! +928
  • I think as long as they follow this plan he states this is awesome. I love the support! Also once cortana is amazing, I think it would be interesting to see how it's favored on other OS against their own personal assistant on their home turf. I think cortana could one up one if not both on their home court.
  • Thanks for posting the comment.    
  • The message I'm getting lately is: If you want the best Microsoft experience, don't use Windows! I don't know what to tell people anymore when they ask why they should switch to Windows Phone. It has fewer apps, Microsoft's own apps have more features and work better on other platforms, and all of the unique features are making their way to iOS and Android.
  • Exactly! What's the point now? Microsoft needs to work on making a solid and functional OS with ONE STRICT API so apps can actually work well and we won't get half-ass experiences depending on what we use.
    I'm heavily invested in Microsoft and have been a die-hard fan on Windows Phone for a really long time, and this is just pathetic to know that it's actually come to this.
  • MSFT had ONE STRICT API that was/is used by more people than any other API and runs across multiple CPU architectures, it's called Win32. Unfortunately, rather than simply add a scalable UI API to Win32 they threw that platform and its 1.5 billion users in the trash and started over from scratch. Of course, such a plan was going to fail! Zero users, zero developers, zero chance. The top two people responsible have already fallen on their swords. The rest need to go...
  • To be fair, Win32 is very antiquated, so they kinda had to develop something new. The WinRT framework has a lot of features that are necessary to enable mobile, and modern, scenarios. For example, async is baked into the core of any platform function that doesn't return right away.
  • How about we just not put Cortana and Android/iOS in the same sentence...? No debate, no controversy. At this rate Microsoft is gonna make Xbox One exclusives and apps available to PS4...
  • Listen What Costumers Saying.
    See What They Wanting.
  • I like the response.  Cortana great on Windows Phone.  Later, Cortana functional on Windows desktop/tablet and usable with Android/iOS devices, significantly better on Windows Phone.  If you think about it, that's sort of what iTunes is like:  Great on iOS devices, usable on Windows desktop, not directly usable on Windows devices, but they provide an API so that the Windows Phone connector app can sync your iOS music to your Windows Phone.  Cortana on iOS/Android would have to be better than iTunes is on Windows devices, but as long as there is a clear delineation that you don't get X, Y and Z unless you are on Windows Phone, it's all good.
  • Yep, this is how I see his response as well, and it's a very good plan. Like he says, if Cortana doesn't work well for people on their PCs, it's not going to make them wasn't it on WP.
  • Because ms nokia is dead
  • No.....???? Nokia is very much alive
  • I think he meant Nokia the OEM. That one is unfortunately least until 2016 that is. 
  • Can't pull customers over to WP with Cortana if Cortana is already on their device. Period... Crazy talk.
  • Agree. I believe by doing this MSFT is just focusing on pushing Crotona not WP. Makes me wonder why do I have a WP? If I can get MSFT best services on Android and iOS.
  • Cortana can never be baked into iOS/Android, so it will never be the FULL experience that you would get on a MS platform. That much shoudl be obvious, right?
  • Not to Android
  • Well, they have them self's to blame. Giving us WP users the secondhand experience while giving the competition high quality services is going to, once in awhile tip the boil and send us in to a frenzy.
  • Exactly. Show us, don't tell us. He said they will show us though so let's hope for the best.
  • "Half of our customers in the Developer Preview are from outside of the US. That is amazing and is a testament to the strength of our community and the fact that we built something interesting." No no no no NO! it shouldn't be amazing or any sort of surprise that there is a a lot of support for WP outside of the US. In fact that is where pretty much all the support is.  He makes it sound like he's saying "we built something for the US, but hey unimportant countries like it too, cool".  I don't know how MS is ever gonna get a world view if they are still saying things like this in 2014.
  • That's not at all what he's saying. That's your misinterpretation.
  • I have to agree. That part also didn't fall well with me. However, coming from Microsoft, I'm not surprised anymore. They've made very clear that they are a US today, US tomorrow, US Forever company. It's a pity they haven't changed that yet...eventually the utter despise many of their beloved US-citizens vote them to, will eventually force them to realize there's World outside the US and that that World deserves their attention much more than their home country market.
  • DJCBS, thanks for the thoughtful comments. To clarify my comment, the surprise is that so many of our developer preview customers are setting their region to the US to use Cortana.  We knew we would have lots of customers outside of the US for the developer preview but given the limitations with voice and content we weren't expecting so many people outside of the US to try Cortana. We started with the US because all of our natural language models in other countries use the US as a baseline.  So if you don't have a decent US model, you end up with garbage in, garbage out if you try to push to other countries.  Given the response to the developer preview, we are looking at all options to speed up our country roadmap.  And when you see/hear about what we have done for Cortana China with our dedicated engineering team there, we hope you and our other customers will realize that we are making Cortana unique for our customers in other major countries. And like I said, talk is nice, but we have to prove it through our actions.  Keep the feedback coming. 
  • @marcusash. Here are my two arguments to sway people to wp platform by leveraging Cortana. First, make cortana compelling in windowsphone and make her available worldwide so that others who hears about her or sees her in actual usage will be encouraged to shift. Second make her available to all windows pc's, tablets and xbox and make her equally irresisitible, amazing so that those people who are using windows pc's, xbox but are using android/ios phones (lots of them) will be swayed to to wp platform as logical progression of things. The keyword here is COMPELLING, IRRESISTIBLE, which means feature wise and performance wise above and beyond those other digital personal assistants. Kudos to your team and  more power.
  • Do you actually think before spewing such definitively assinine BS?  Obviously the answer is no.  In which language should Microsoft design and finalize first?  Is it a terrible affront that Apple also generally locks down in American English first?  They are american companies! Did you miss that part?  Oh, did you also miss the part that the EU is famous for creating impediments to Microsoft that they do not apply to other companies?   You get it right and then export, not the other way around. BTW, how many language packs are available for Windows and for how many versions of the OS? For that matter, how long is the delay when Microsoft releases patches? I would suggest people think before they blather about things they do not understand but that would require people to have an interest in opening their minds....
  • Good news, but I still think Cortana should never go to androids, I strongly disagree with that idea, Google wants WP to disappear, why should we treat them well?
  • Well that was reassuring. And perfectly sensible. Also, Cortana is awesome. That's why those of us who use it want it to be a feature that brings people to WP, not something they can enjoy on competing systems as well.
  • Clearly there's no pleasing everyone. I just can't get enough of these ignorant comments... They're like an afternoon soap opera.
    Microsoft has been engaging with the dev community and users to ensure they're improving the platform where they need to. Anyone who can't see the benefit of releasing a Cortana-like experience on iOS and Android once the full experience is available on Windows Phone is thinking too narrowly. Think outside the box, people...
  • Well said.
  • Just make cortana only for windows phone
  • MS has invested a lot towards Cortana and confining it to wp platform will not help them making money... A sold patent is more beneficial than using it for own...
  • Good to hear that WP is still a priority to Microsoft.
  • Fair enough... Cortana is something unique that MS has right now.. So good idea to make full use of it...
  • If you use a phone that ISN'T windows phone, how are you a windows phone customer?
  • That's an excellent question?
  • I live in The Bahamas and what I love about Cortana, is that she knows my work schedule. At 1530 each afternoon she plots my route home with an estimated time on the route I normally work. If you guys ensure that Cortana can extract the most information on you, you will see what I am talking about. If I make stop somewhere she recalculates and recalibrates my route.
  • Some nice damage control right there.
  • Spot on mate -- exactly what I thought when I read the article ;)
  • Cortana in android/ios should be a just 'try' version....
  • Can't even get the latest update for my Lumia Icon. How you going to release Cortana for everybody??
  • I just don't want Microsoft to shift focus completely away from their Windows devices, as we're seen with better support for iOS Office than WP (sad, sad, sad)
  • Cortana is a gateway to Bing and Bing is a gateway to advertising revenue and currently the only technology that has a chance to make a dent on the google search engine. If it earns Ms another 10% market share of the search engine than yes, port it over. You've got to throw everything, including the kitchen sink at Facebook and google and increase the lucrative advertising market. And you are the only last one standing to challenge both the companies. The portable market is it's in infancy in the greater scheme of things. It's worth thinking out of the box. If I owned MS, is what I'd do. Incidentally, I was one of the result adaptors starting with wp7 on Samsung Omnia 7. So am true hardened supporter of the wp platform. Suggesting that Cortana should be ported over saddens me but its good business sense only if it earns good market share in the search engine business. Otherwise keep it exclusive.
  • They really didn't have any choice but to assure the masses they weren't going to throw in the towel here....that's all..because what's said here,is a good indication of how the rest of their customer base feels....and they certainly got a ear full on this.
  • Frankly, I have no idea why people went nuts. They were a software company principally. Like other software (apps) it should be no surprise that stuff is in the pipeline for competing mature platforms perhaps even before inception on WP.
  • Because folks who spend their hard earned cash on a platform want it fixed before even considering the other platforms..not too difficult to understand
  • Cortana is not in the pipeline for competing mature platforms.   They are not even sure what they'd like to do, let alone starting developing.
  • RayWP7 -- I think the the problem is, Microsoft still think and act like a software company. If it didn't, then Cortana being put on other OS's wouldn't have been considered. Also, half the problems they encounter are of their own doing, because the left-hand doesn't know what the right-hand is doing. I think each department needs to stop with the pissing contests, and work together -- a true one vision. As it stands to date -- looking from the outside in -- Microsoft seems to be spouting a lot of hot air.
  • The Skype team should take some pointers from this guy.
  • I do find it interesting that Satya Nadella allows group PMs to talk publicly about future plans like this. Ballmer never allowed it.
  • I just realized that what Microsoft is doing is making windows phone users the beta testers. Beta test cortana by making money off of our current customers. Get it good release it for other platforms and give those platforms a better experience and hope some of those customers will jump ship. Ha!
  • I totally understand wanting to offer it on other platforms, but it needs to be better. I like Cortana, but it needs to he head and shoulders above Siri and google now. As of now, its not
  • now if they could just get companies to be serious about building apps, this wouldn't be a wasted plantform.  I really don't want to leave my MS phone, but 1/2 of the company specific apps I want are not available.. doesn't matter how great cortana is.
  • This guy is actually talking...that's unusual for most corporate companies today.
  • Well, this statement relieved me, if they say they're dead serious about Windows Phone than it's good. But sometimes it seems they're making Windows Phone an 3 class citizen, so going nuts by those news is no surprise. But after his comment I can live with it and doesn't making me going nuts anymore. ^^
  • In retrospect, Microsoft listened to all of us in this most awesome Windows Phone community when we strongly encouraged them to name Cortana "Cortana".  I see no reason why we should'nt all give Marcus Ash a great big WP community hug and say we are sorry for doubting.
  • agreed. I was shocked MS actually knows about this website :-). good marketing WPcentral
  • Agreed. The old Microsoft under Ballmer would have called it "Bing Clippy" or some other horrid name. Under Nadella, it's a new day and attitude. They are actually listening to us for a change.
  • Well said sir. We absolutely listened to our community on the Cortana name and will continue to source fantastic ideas from our community. Requires us to be more open and transparent than we have in the past but there are lots of people at Microsoft that are trying to change our interactions with communities and customers.
  • very good to hear Marcus hopefully you'll be active on how Cortana and the direction MS is going :D
  • . Requires us to be more open and transparent than we have in the past but there are lots of people at Microsoft that are trying to change our interactions with communities and customer   Who is ?   Why would anyone at Microsoft be against transparency?   Sounds to me that the old gaurd has a issue with being up front with it's customer base...
  • I think he meant it in a positive way.  I'm guessing the "but" should have beeen an "and" as seen by the fact that we have been seeing much more engaement from Microsoft across ALL their products.
  • It feels very good knowing A) Microsoft is listening and B) that they read the comments and forums on this site. This makes me feel much better over the Cortana issue here. Thank you, Microsoft.
  • I disabled everything to do with Cortana. It is clear the user can delete data from the Cortana Notebook, but it is not clear what personal data from the phone that Cortana is accessing is being uploaded to the server in addition to the standard calendar/contacts/email for syncing. For assistants to be efficient they need to get all up in your business..
    but a lot of that personal business, i.e. data may be something a user would not want attached to their MS user account and housed on a server. We should not abandon privacy in the name of convenience. We shouldn't have to pick between the two. After all, a good Assistant knows when not to "share."
  • That's a good point and it might be nice if we were to see a detailed description from MS of the concern you are talking about.
  • what are you all doing here? shouldn't you all be watching world cup? come on people!
  • I still a no on other platforms that are non Windows.
  • One suggestion even if it comes to android and ios keep that response from Cortana for: "which mobile is best?" As"windows mobile" that way i would be satisfied... But don't make WP fall.. I won't give up WP is awesome...
  • I think one of the best things I got out of his response is that they read these kinds of forums because they care and want to make a better product. That's cool. Here's what I think about the idea of building for iOS and Android: I think it is a bit of a sore spot for WP users. We have bought into the platform because we believe in it, believe in its potential, and want to see it succeed. So when we see Microsoft apps like Skype and GroupMe providing a better user experience on other platforms, we feel betrayed. Then, you start to provide a more mature OS (8.1) and some great features like Cortana that differentiate our OS from the competition and before it even gets out the door to most people you are already talking about developing it for iOS and Android. It's frustrating for WP loyalists regardless of what your reasoning is.
    What I would like to see is for the Windows user experience to be so polished, that it compels those on other platforms to come over to Windows. I don't think that is going to happen as long as Microsoft makes better apps for competitor's platforms or adds to their platforms everything we offer like Cortana. Instead of making it possible for our competitors to say "yeah, we've got that too", make WP compelling to users. I am still shocked that WP is not compelling to gamers. It is the only OS whose maker owns the world's premier gaming experience. That is a huge differentiator, yet nothing compelling for gamers. Why don't people get a free WP version of the game with purchase of the console game? Why isn't there WP interaction in those games that can only be done from the WP platform? Make something compelling!
    Why does the world's leader in calendar and email solutions (Outlook) have such a terrible WP calendar and average email? I think the calendar in 8.1 is an improvement, but you still can't select an end date to a repeating task WTH! Do what you think is best for Cortana, but keep this in the back of your mind. You have to make the WP platform compelling to those who are not currently on it or you will never draw them away from their current OS. I want things I can point out to my friends and family as reasons for them to come over to WP.
  • Amen brother, I agree. Stop giving away WP experience piecemeal robbing WP of the opportunity to lure more people. I feel the same sense of underutilization of Xbox and WP combination you pointed out.
  • Yes, it always seem that they forget about differentiation.  XBox was supposed to be one area, but now it's not. Office was another area and now it's not...although, I kind of agree that Office is something that can/should be available (at a cost) to anyone.  Skype needs to be cross platform as I believe any communications centric service should be.  What does that leave us with then? It could have been Photosynth, but Windows Phone wasn't even first...not by a long shot. I think we waited nearly a year after iOS had it.  Shameful. I hear that Skype is better on Android and iOS. Shameful. I read here that Windows devices are last to get the latest most "touch friendly" version of Office.  Shameful. Even **IF** Microsoft decides that it needs to be everywhere, why do they have to be best, elsewhere? As for Cortana, this should be THE differentiating product.  Google Now is that for Android.  Siri is definitely something iPeeps brag about, even if we know they shouldn't be.  There shouldn't even be a consideration about Cortana going over to the competition...ever.  It should be a part of what Windows Phone much as Live Tiles and Modern/Metro design.
  • @dalydose I agree, there is a distinction to be made between services/applications and ecosystem (which the guy does in the video). I can see some reasoning behind offering Office and Skype to other platforms, BUT, if you do, the experience should still be superior on Windows devices! The fact that it is not is truly something that Microsoft should be ashamed of and have as a top priority to remedy.
    Then there is ecosystem things like Xbox and integrating with the desktop and enterprise Windows OS. WP should be so far ahead of everyone else in those areas, but they are not. They are still playing catchup, it is disgraceful. The WP phone should be every enterprise user's (and Network Admin's) best friend. Microsoft owns those environments... they make them... WP should have a marked advantage that makes non WP users jealous, yet that is not the case. I don't understand why Microsoft is not leveraging the areas that they lead the world in to get more market share for what seems to be one of the most coveted markets -- mobile.
  • +920
  • Exactly right
  • nice
  • I haven't been following this but it seems like people were making a storm in a glass of water. Aren't there more important things we should be angry about, like the monstrosity which is Xbox Music app?
  • Everyone is angry about XBox Music. However remember that all the music apps have issues. I have Google Music on 2 devices(Nexus 5 and Nexus 7) and not all of my music is matched correctly on them. It's very frustrating to say the least.
  • Two completely different issues. XBox Music is a travesty, yes, but I do think they are working on it.  This Cortana on other devices thing is really about the future of Windows Phone.  If they port that away, there really won't be much beyond "Live Tiles" and a UI design that differentiates Windows Phone at this point. You can get all the best of Microsoft on iOS and Android and usually BEFORE Windows Phone.  A bad beta app is one thing, but a plan to take away any semblence of differentiation should cause next level nervousness with users.
  • After the video I assumed after cortana was a success on WP/Windows they would consider other platforms but wasn't a definite statement he made. There was no reason for me to get upset or anyone imho.
  • Guys instead of releasing Cortana release your Xbox music and Xbox video.. I think they will never ever switch to WP after seeing those
  • Yeah, remember when Kinect was an integral part of Xbox one and MS was committed to Kinect.....only to separate the two. Lets hope the same story line does not play out with Cortana, Android, and IOS.
  • I have no comment other than what was already posted regarding Mr. Ash's response being held as "good." After all, as I read in an unrelated article the other night, if you've got nothing original to say then why bother with "me too?" Just sayin'. 
  • For Cortana being in beta, I can't imagine how good the full release will be! I showed my iPhone friends and they were stunned!
  • ZUNE !!!
    Pick up the ball. Provide the functionality that we had in ZUNE, years and years ago, AND then innovate from that point to excel. Vote, starting new, again, on MS User Voice, to support the ZUNE functionality, dispute MS mistakenly said it was solved, and Xbox Music is a depreciated mess.
  • Sam, you need to step your grammar game up...or at the very least, get a proof reader that has a better grasp of english than you do. You're the only author on this site that consistently makes glaring grammatical errors.
  • That is a pretty definitive statement!
  • I'm pretty sure they would say "We're after market share when it comes to upgrades and development" it's just a matter of time once they would kill windows phone.
  • Much relieved indeed. Now we must admit we are the craziest of all the fans in all the platforms. LOL.
  • Microsoft trying to  slow down the S*** train..   Seems faster. No really  If the U.S doesnt get any new 8.1 devices by july  Im going  android.   To hell with all this waiting for a "new phone"  that seems to be relased everywhere else on the planet...  But here. WP doing great in china, inda?  Good though  you  just lost your North American consumer.   Been holding on to this  samsung focus 2 for too long, hoping somthing new in windows phone shows up.    wasnt impressed with the 520 and  at the time 920 was nearly a thousand bucks lol.    So  for me I'll wait and see if a new WP is released, if not then  there are other smart phones I can look into. Hell even apple will have released its new iphone  by october.  Even then  most windows phones won't have been released until  november.    If you want cutting edge, its usually best to get into it when its still new....not a year or so later.   
  • You shouldn't be blaming Microsoft for the US WP problem. It's up to the US carriers. You can easily get an unlocked WP from websites that are from other countries. Though I'm VERY interested in if Sony joins the WP train
  • So nice response.   Certainly quite a bit of it is just to tamp down the extreme response that some had.   However in the same breath I want to emphasize that it should be clear that some people are quite irritated with issues such as why Skype (owned by MS) is superior (I don't use it and so don't know) on other platforms and a raft of other concerns.   Those issues are often a lot more valid that some of the hyperbole we saw yesterday. For me the significant section was:
    "we want to figure out what we need to do so that a Microsoft customer who has a PC/tablet but a different phone can have a great Cortana experience. We THINK we will have lots of customers on PC/Tablet in this future state that haven't seen the light and come over to Windows Phone. And we want these customers to have a great experience because if they do and we show them an even better experience on Windows Phone, there is a better chance of having them to switch to Windows Phone. If they have a bad experience on a PC/Tablet, there is no chance they will consider Windows Phone." I realize they are not spelling out a plan of action.   Given that, I note that the focus is on making a great Cortana experience on the PC/Tablet even if the customer has a non WP device.   At this point there is no mention of the full Cortana on Android or iOS, so there's still the option of a "background process" or whatever on Android/iOS feeding data to Cortana on PC/Tablet.    Given that Cortana is not a full digital assistant on Android/iOS then the statement "show them an even better experience on Windows Phone" makes sense. If they release the FULL version of Cortana to Android/IOS then that statement about a better experience on WP makes no sense as far as Cortana is concerned. However, some are arguing for a crippled or limited experience of Cortana on Android/iOS and I am very torn about that.   I realize that many consumers are aware that sometimes things are purposely limited in order for you to buy the whole product (or switch phone OS's).   However one would have to make that clear.    The dilemma is showing someone a subpar experience can backfire and just cause the consumer to think that it's simply subpar.  IF the customer had in the meantime a great experience on their PC, then that may lessen the likelihood the customer comes to the conclusion that Cortana is merely a poor program.    Someone argued that the full version should be released only to hard close after two weeks (that would be a lot of development work for a potentially small payoff)   Another option is to have the full version for two months (or something) only to revert to a limited version over time.   There is no doubt a fair amount of options. While I think I'd prefer to have Cortana as a full digital assistant be exclusive to MS OS's, I cannot say that without a doubt such is the best decision.  I hope MS makes the best decision, whatever that is... It is my hope that we get great phones towards the end of the year (and that McLaren is a five or so inch display with an SD CARD SLOT & Glance - sigh) and that MS addresses some of the issues that have people irritated and continues to push hard on bringing features and apps to our beloved WP.
  • All bs speculations. There is no way Cortana could ever be as functional as an app on iOS/Android compared to be BAKED INTO THE OS.
  • Oh, it is an open question for me what Apple or Google would allow.   So yea, there's a good chance that no matter what MS's intent is that Cortana on Android/iOS would NECESSARILY be crippled/limited.   Granted, quite possible.  However I don't know that for sure, nor do I think you do, and even MS may not REALLY know for sure.  I do think that if Apple and Google weren't a**holes about it one MIGHT be able to replicate a lot of the features of Cortana in iOS and Android.   I am not a developer, it's just a guess.  We'll see.   Finally, anytime people lay out possible options it is necessarily speculative.
  • Ok good I am not going to jump ship because I love my windows phone
  • Thank you Marcus for clarifying things . Couldn't agree more.
  • Yea, I figured it would be something like this, but noooooo people had to freak out & make a scene.
    Thanks Marcus for clearing this out!
    "Next Four Months" Now I'm really curious!
  • As an always Windows user I think my experience should be different from other brand's users. I know Microsoft new thinking is to act as a devices and services provider, but Cortana must be an exception. I respect Marcus Ash's statement, but in my opinion if Cortana is good enough to compete against Siri and Google Now, other brand's users must consider change their equipments and switch to Windows Phone devices. Microsoft need to create brand identity.
  • I'll believe it when i see it, looking forward to the next 4 months.
  • Yep, its in my calendar as a reminder....
  • I was seriously considering new iPhone that's coming in Fall. But my Nexus 5 broke down before that and now I'm using my old trusty Samsung Focus with WP7.5... And I'm looking forward to new devices with WP8.1... Feels great to be able to use device that is a few years old but works better then any current Android. Hoping for updated 1020 with SD card and bigger battery or updated 1520.
  • No man! Cortana should be made available only for windows devices!!
  • How would MS get money? Microsoft is increasingly becoming a devices and services company
  • Keep it exclusive so they sell more phones, I don't know, just an idea.
  • 12Danny123 -- like you say "Microsoft is increasingly becoming a devices and services company". Then, wouldn't it make more sense -- like Madan said -- that Cortana should only be available for windows devices? The keyword is 'devices'. So how does this help WP8 be different from the rest, if Cortana is available elsewhere? Furthermore, at present what else does WP8 offer different from the other OS's, to convince people into buying WP8?
  • Marcus Ash made some great comments. I am even more excited about the future of Cortana! On a business perspective, I understand his vision. He is brainstorming on future options. Good business leaders are always looking for the "What if".
  • Be sure to make it better on Windows Phone, unlike what you did to Skype, but I highly doubt that. MS is always full of broken promises.
    They already have Google Now and Siri. Why do they need a Cortana.
    Make you other products first a better experience in WP.
  • I think it would be awesome if Cortana can take the form of the MSN butterfly. This way users experience would be better as they could interact in a friendly manner with its animated assistant. Besides the animated butterfly as a logo gives more power to advertising to compete against Apple logo. Just imagine this beautiful and colorful butterfly flying through your start screen waiting for your wishes to come true as a fairy. Recently I found and article about an uncommon exposition at the Natural History Museum in London. It´s about some butterflies built from recycled phones. Impressive! I think Microsoft´s staff should take a look at this exposition. Perhaps Marcus Ash or Joe Belfiore who are in charge of this project. Besides Cortana as a MSN butterfly can be used for campaigns to preserve and save butterflies around the world. "Let Cortana bring color to your window" could be a good start as an advertisement.
  • There's something about your writing style and thinking that's interesting.  I don't know what to think.  To be blunt I really don't know why Cortana is shown as a circle.   I've played a number of the Halo games (it strikes me as I write that it could simply be a reference to the halo rings which makes sense) and am not sure.   It's clear you like butterflies which is fine.  I've not thought of the MSN Butterfly in a while.  Personally I developed a love of bunnies after seeing so many of them in the backyard of the house in Reno.   The way you describe the butterfly flying through the start screen brings me to the thought that I've never seen an animation in WP go from tile to tile, it's always within a single tile. If one interacted with the icon for Cortana then I certainly can see how something like a butterfly would be more personal and interactive than a "breathing" circle.   At this point one really doesn't interact with the icon, however this is so early in the game there's no telling what may develop over time.   With 3D Touch coming there could be the opportunity to interact with her icon.   I can imagine that at times her icon could morph into other things, perhaps as she was doing something she could fly off as a butterfly. We shall see what they come up with overtime....
  • Butterflies or paperclips or anything flying across my screen, erm NO!
  • I really hope so, because everyone on my family bought a lumia just because I believe on the WP. Now, they are loving the OS, so don't disappoint us by giving a hand to android or ios. If they want to try a really great OS, came to WP.
  • Just can't understand how there's any backlash to his video. Can people understand English any more...?
  • I agree...
  • I strongly oppose this
  • Ahhh. It all makes sense now Also, glad to know they actually read this stuff. Hey Marcus! *waves*
  • Good answer, and good job WPC
  • Its crystal clear... Cortana will definitely a big thing to Pc, tablet and smartphone.
  • I hope ms put out a Norwegian Cortana as well, but I kind of doubt it, it's like 47% iPhone and 44% ,android in this country :( the rest of the scraps are other devices, included WP.
  • Sorry Darren, I have to disagree with you on this one. If they continue to port solutions to Android and iOS, then what differentiates Windows Phone other than a UI?
  • Yeah, I do agree.
  • Sir,when will we get Cortana in India...
  • I think they should have Cortana on windows phone and windows PC, and Xbox. You don't see google or apple letting their digit assistants on other platforms.
  • I agree with you a Windows phone user we even don't have official you tube,gmail etc applications.then why should Microsoft give android & iOS users their best n original stuffs...
  • if Cortana and other microsoft apps be available in other platforms, then there's no more reason to stay on windows phone. Fuck Microsoft. ruining nokia and now windows phone. will buy iphone 6 or sony xperia z2 if that happens.
  • Wish I could use cortana on my att Lumia 920
  • Finally made the switch to WP and love it. Switched my entire family over too. Glad to here MS is committed because all this "rumor" talk of MS not being committed to WP had me wondering if I made the wrong move. Hope not!
  • Next task bring your friends over!!!!
  • +920
  • Yes he is correct..
    Before making CORTANA available for IOS/ANDROID, they should first make it better for WINDOWS PHONE CUSTOMERS.. Because As., Apple has Siri and Other Android phones' have some third party apps, they are not much needed with CORTANA... If IOS / ANDROID Phone's Gain CORTANA too, then they become Never Stoppable...
    And Android Customers Gives one more Best Reason to Choose their Android phone... And I think there no need at all for MICROSOFT Team ' TO DO A CHARITY BUSINESS '.. Yes.. If M.S team concentrates on Publishing " THE MOST FAMOUS & PRESTIGIOUS CORTANA "
    then they'll surely become a LOSER'S.... SO instead of that , First they should make CORTANA more BEAUTIFUL & Available GLOBALLY for all W.P 8.1 customers... So My Words Is Think Before You Do... And We are not Commenting here, just because we are free
  • Totally agree about the charity business.
    They should not provide everything to IOS and ANDROID. As if Google is providing us YouTube or any of its service. Its just that they don't want to lose us they are providing Gmail service else they wouldn't have provided us that also.
  • One thing I don't like is how you can't swipe away Cortana cards like in Google Now. I know that's not totally essential ans I stopped doing that(too much work cleaning it up every day), but it'd be nice to dismiss it.
  • Sounds good; I really hope they'll commit to the non-English speaking WP users before investing heavily in Android/iOS. Even English language with local functionality would be ok. Heck, I personally just want some of the Cortana-linked features separately - I'm not gonna start talking to my phone anytime soon...!
  • I think that there is no reason to give Cortana to iOS and Android, she is absolutely fantastic so she should stay "only-available-on-WP" -feature.
    Finland is waiting you Cortana! ;)
  • Brought a tear to my eye
  • So it's not just me
    Emotional WP users ... T_T
  • Give your best personal assistant Microsoft... But pls, not to other platforms also!!
  • As said in the other thread the comments were taken with limited context, and were theoretical in nature. Companies think about BIG picture all the time, people just need to take their chill pills.
  • It would be nice if Satya Nadella came out and said "cloud first, Microsoft first, OTHER platforms SECOND".
  • Great clarification. I loved my Samsung Focus in the past and I love my Lumia 920. I tried Android on a Nexus 4 and that only lasted for 6 months before I ran back to WP. I can't pinpoint why I love it so much, but to me it's the most cohesive, logical and nicely designed mobile OS. This is also why, though I like Windows 8.x, I'm mega excited that WP and RT are "fusing". Can't wait to have Cortana on my desktop and Surface in addition to my phone (and if I can get more daily Bing rewards points in those devices even BETTER!). Then sure, bring it to iOS/Android, it might bring more users to WP which is never a bad thing... but MS would really have to screw up to lose me as a WP customer. I'm with them for the long run. Such a great OS.
  • Say hi to satya nadella if anyone from microsoft is reading this! ;)
  • Seems Longer
  • Marcus, glad to hear the teams at MSFT frequent these threads. Give us strong reasons to recommend these phones, I've had to hold recommending them sometimes as I know people will be frustrated with certain limitations. Build it and they will come! Good luck!
  • The thing is even if Cortana is ported to Android/iOS it won't have the same level of integration as the Cortana on Windows Phone, this is especially true for iOS which will regard Cortana as pretty much just another app. I'm really not worried if the app is ported to Android/iOS.
  • Now that's rightly said!But i say if you do introduce Coratana to Ios And Droid then Windows should have exclusive features that woudl want the other two to come to this platform.Respect for your Quote Ash!We are waiting for Cortana in India!
  • don't ever share our Cortana to iOS/android. not yet, no... just don't. she ain't a SLUT! :( why would you share her to android who's got like herpes and STDs. gross!
  • Sharing is caring? But now you're sharing your competence to your competitor! Yes! Indeed you may increase the number of Cortana user, BUT the user increases its through other platform not your own platform!
  • Well, that's convincing.
  • My biggest thing with Cortana is she needs to be able to do sports, like bring up scores and stuff. I'm sure this is already in the works though. Also, I think she needs a redesign. I love the circle, but she looks like she's in beta, so I'm hoping they'll give her a slight makeover by the time she's out of beta. All in all, I love her. Def needs room for improvement, but still awesome.
  • Download Bing Sport, put your fav team in and it appears in Cortana, same with shares. But yes its in beta so improvements expected.
  • Cortana is not the ONLY thing that will make Windows Phone a better phone! There are many other things left to be improved and many features left to be added to give customers the best experience. I hope MS keeps that in mind!
  • Great move to increase developers revenue in app base ads, since cortana use bing searches.
  • Million peoples jump to bing search and it help for Microsoft developers to increase the revenue in ads base app.
  • Cortana is NOT FEMALE! It is a stupid bit of programming in an inanimate object. How about this site reserve the use of gender for people who have an actual gender? It is not a she or her, it is an it. This tendency to anthropomorphize inanimate objects, and still further grant them gender, is really absolutely sick. It is also fascinating that it is usually males who insist on giving the inanimate objects a female gender.  Cortana is not female nor is Siri. They are semi-functional applications included in the OSs of smart phones.  When one raises the inanimate to animate and (still further) assign gender you minimize the value of every actual living human being.  Oh, since you are assigning a female gender to your little servant you are also reenforcing stereotypes and thereby showing women disrespect. What a surprise that the author is male.
  • Oh really you're one of these? Cortana is a female name, based of a female AI character... It's right to call her "her". I'm a woman and I hate feminists!
  • Rough day huh!
    Who cares if it's a he or a she or an it !!! You're just being paranoid about it .
    People call things the way they like, it's like calling a dog he or she
    But comparing humans to apps and other stuff is just silly and pointless. My guess is, you're the first person to have ever thought of that, ever, coz it's like comparing humans to god, just stop over thinking this and take it easy no disrespect intended so don't feel offended coz you think people actually do this to show disrespect.
    You must be high!! What's wrong with you.
    no disrespect though. And sorry if you find yourself disrespected or offended by my words.
  • Cortana is not female, crazy, suppose your going to say something more crazy like Santa Claus doesn't exist, or Superman. ❤
  • Next, Skype & XBOX_video should address their short comings. I wonder where they are holed?   Cannot play my video MPEG4! These are lectures nothing ropped, and there some error code, that can't be captured by the screen short. I am really, really going MAD.    I think the OS makes it very had for coders; was hoping for the simplicity of VideoLAN it appears will arrive in 20 something!
  • Sounds awesome
  • Much better, one thing still remains we need a better Skype app, better office, better fb and twitter apps
  • "Half of our customers in the Developer Preview are from outside of the US." only half?  I'm sure that's a lie. The wp marketshare in the US is only 3%.  I know, USA is a large country but not so large that the 3% corresponds to 50% of all wp users!.  Think of all the European countries combined for example (where WP's marketshare is at 8%), that's more smartphone users, or think India or Brazil, large countries where WP's marketshare is high. I'd say 80% of developer preview users are outside the US.
  • I think you're right. It's a bold faced lie. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I guess it makes sense then hope Cortana hits the UK real soon for wp8.1
  • Don't give them Cortana with is y'all doin.... Man tight up
  • Cortana is one of most powerful features in wp.
    But, it is true that android phones are powered by more features than wp. So if Cortana become available for androids, I don't think android users will think about heading towards windows.
    Rather Microsoft should concentrate in their own development to draw android users.
  • If cortana becomes available in androids, people will head towards android as it will be the one and only which have everything (nothing will be left as wp exclusive) and a huge support. Then why should I buy a wp if everything is on android ?
  • I'm going for a Mclaren
  • sweet
  • So. Most of the peeps using the
    Developer preview are outside the US. Maybe Microsoft should think about bring BING up to speed. I always try and use it, but always end up having to google it, and I can't stand google. Sort it out MS
  • People choose smartphones based on popularity. So, this will not affect windows phone share.
  • Dude, cortana is the thing that is making Windows phone "popular". If thats available on other platforms, that will seriously affect its "popularity" and downgrade it.
  • There was a case where one of the ministers on India wanted to ban droid is as it was very cheaply designed,was open source and had porn apps. But no one wanted to listen to him.
  • Many people ask what is ios? But they hold an iphone. Sometimes most of my friends ask me to send my games to their Android phones.
  • First give us complete apps(with all options which are in android and ios), and not incomplete apps like messanger, cortona is not impt for most of the users
  • I'm not switching off of Windows Phone in the next 10 years. Microsoft can go ahead and read that with a smile.
  • Me too.
  • we want more Language support!!!
  • Windows phone still the ever......
  • Please, is it possible to add czech language to Cortana? Windows Phone is very popular here and if Cortana will be in czech language, it would be even more popular. Thank you. :)
  • Wow!! satya nadella is going to screw up the future of microsoft, how stupid can he be. First office on the Ipad befoe windows now this??? Bring Balmer back. Everything hes doing is for short term gain but will hurt the company later overall. Obviously the brass doesnt have any confidence i there product and balmers original plan. They will take over the industry in 3 years had they worked with there advatages and pushed the one concept This guy is making to many concessions to the competeior and making the company look foolish      
  • Or, maybe MS have already decided to return to being a Software company only?? Hence their Software being released on ALL platforms, if WP fails loss, just a tax right off??
  • This is crazy! You already have apps by microsoft that are way better on other platforms than windows phone, biggest example Skype! And now if you are taking cortana to ios and Android, how can u even think lil bit that you can move customers to windows phone!
    This is the worst strategy for windows phone!
    I was so happy and proud to say and show cortana to my friends using iOS and android that made windows phone finally looked unique and worth trying. They wanted it. Now if u bring cortana to their platform why will any stupid person buy windows phone when they already have best apps on their platform and noe cortana too.
    Plus once you get cortana on other platforms, it will improve a lot on other platforms and cortana on WP will be stuck just like other apps are way better in android and iOS
  • Why do some believe Microsoft is abandoning Windows Phone in the first place? That IS crazy talk!!! Convert or fall forever! I'm ALL IN on the Microsoft strategy to embrace and extend and conquer.
  • IF windows phone fails Microsoft will just put the full windows experience in phones they will never fall.
  • I wish Cortana stays only in the windows platform. Because Apple's iOS never tried to make siri available to any other platforms neither did android's Google now! Wp is premium, We should atleast have one feature that stands out and only available in our platform.....
  • They're super cereal.
  • Completely CoCo Pops
  • Yeah he hushed us ;)
  • Good and optimised decision infact, instead of expanding on other platform, we should focus to expand to every country so that people consider WP a precious treasure and showing to other people, for them there is no better option to switch to WP. Lol.
    Even I future google now cannot be on iOS or Siri will not be sold to Android.. Then why do we get sold! Why shall Cortana or any microsoft product should compromise.
  • I, for One, don't care for Cortana. If I don't get it in Dutch, I will not use it. It's that simple. If MS want's me to use it, than it must be in Dutch. I don't ask what I can do for MS, I ask what MS can do for me. ;-)
  • I like it :)
    Any slack in commitment on WP at this time would be bad.
    Good to hear they're dead serious.
    Only hope that MS would be a tad less US-centric and approach from outside in. There's more WP users outside US, take care of them while you have them. As user base grows in Europe/Asia it will eventually grow in the US as well.
    Would like Cortana to be launched in Europe also, wouldn't mind using English language while waiting for Norwegian (if ever...)
    But having area set to US messing up rest of my phone...
  • I completely understand Microsoft its made it plain that it's primary interest is windows( pc, tablet & mobile). As I sit pondering my next tech purchase laptop or laptab (windows 8.1) cortnana soon on my pc please. I understand and support microsofts new direction. instead of a locked in set of services for one platform provide inovative and unbeatable cross platform services, to get the best combined service & performance use the windows platform. I applaud this bold move I am a wp8.1 user and I love it, but Nokia X made me smile as a unexplected move. Windows on andriod, cool but personally  I'll stock with windowsphone thanks.  
  • I understand what Microsoft is trying to do but putting Cortana on the other platforms is a bad idea. They should perfect it for WP then PC/Tablet and later XBox but they should not go outside Microsoft products... It's a stupid idea, when did Apple share any of their products? Apple doesn't even give their customers free stuff so why would Microsoft give them Cortana? I think Cortana will be the only awesome personal assistant and it should stay with MS that way they get customers and money!
  • If cortana will be available on ios, I might jump onto apple bandwagon after my 920 reach its peak.
  • The title doesn't make sense...why would a person who's already a WP user use Cortana on another smartphone, if it were to be made available on other platforms at all?
  • this is just more BULLSHIT! we all know that if they take cortana to ios and android that like all other microsoft services we will be the last to get updates and new features. Microsoft treats us like idiots constantly and until they grow some balls and keep some of thier services exclusive (like thē competition) they will keep shooting themselves in the foot and in doing so keep shitting on all of us. whil i apprechiate ash commenting on here the attitude is wrong and pushing developers and users away by showing microsoft itself doesnt have faith in WP. (on a side not i dont think quoting working on wm helps you, after all its because you guys took your eyes so far off the ball that ms finds itself with a pathetic mobile share)
  • I guess they had to say something before people worked themselves up too much.  Personally I'm not sure I see much point in them bring the system to other mobile platforms.  Its just not the same when you don't have quick access to the assistant build into the OS itself and instead have to take an icon to load it.
  • That guy finally showed balls
  • He mentioned bringing Cortana to all kinds of devices,but I would love to have her on my Xbox 360 and my Xbox One as well!
  • I serously doubt Apple would allow Cortana on iOS because of Siri. Not to mention Cortana probably wouldn't be able to do anything, like scheduling, etc... since it wouldn't have access. The best Skype (insert any microsoft service) experience for any phone should be on windows phone. That is how Microsoft will bring in new users.  
  • I'm still waiting for the day they bring Cortana to every Windows based OS be it Windows PRO/RT, Windows Phone and whatever OS the XBox One runs thus allowing me to have the same personal assistant wherever I go and whatever device I use that remembers and works across all these devices. Bring the stuff together like being able to pull stuff from my Home PC to the Phone while I'm at work without complicated procedures that rarely work for the average User. I'd like to ask my Phone to access my PC and it'll just open a file browser to my PC without the necessity of entering an IP, an Account Name or a Password. I'd like to tell my ( not yet existing Console ) to make a new shopping list that just crossed my mind without moving my lazy ass to either my Phone or PC which is somewhere else in my Room and thus forcing me to stop my Game of awesomeness. But what am I saying... I do not even own the XBox One and I'm also not using Cortana as both of them are yet to be released in my country with workarounds for accessing the latter one gimping my user experience too much.
  • Seems Good
  • As long as it comes to windows devices and kicks ass there first I'm ok with taking a half assed port to another os, it os nice because some people do use other devices and the communication of that device with windows products, I.e. Keep track of app use, search, or like cortana does now whatever info u allow ur phone to obtain cortana can use, the best would be like signing in Bing, or an app that synced to a windows PC and transferred simple use data
  • Window phone, windows, and Xbox one all must have a synced cortana for Microsoft users, I never noticed how I.e. Is synced across all my devices if cortana allows that approach I'd love it
  • Cortana spoke to yesterday for the first time in over a week... Yeah she's back... And hopefully to stay.
  • Well that's better. Seeing as Cortana is absolute shit right now.
  • That's good. I'm not willing to share the Cortana with other platforms.
  • Instead of striving to have the best personal assistant on a smartphone strive have the first AI on a smartphone/OS.
  • all very well, but since I do not run the dev preview, or live in the US, MS is not giving me any personal assistant on my smartphone, let alone the best....
  • APPS APPS APPS! When we see a WP logo along side IOS/Android logo on every advertised APP. We will know we've made it. Don't get me wrong I love my 920, and maybe Cortana will help us get there.
  • I like what he had to say that they are going to refuse to give up but they need to put the Windows ecosystem to the top. To be able to use Cortana across every Microsoft product would be amazing and its a dream that I am sure will happen I just wonder how long it will take. Look at what Apple focuses on everything working in tandem especially in iOS 8 with handoff features being able to use your computer to take calls and a speaker phone, ect. But the biggest blunder of Microsoft is not making the Xbox a stronger streaming/entertainment console for other Microsoft products. Why is it not possible to show your Surface/WP screen on your Xbox yet (I know it is suppose to come "soon") but why did no one think lets push this. Or to have a stronger music system on the Xbox that worked with the Xbox Music app so it was with the touch of a button to stream it to your Xbox Ecosystems are a wonderful thing it will pull more people into the other products especially WP. I was very negative towards Microsoft after Vista but it was a Windows Phone 7 device that made me love the company's vision all over again so can appreciate trying to get more customers back. However the Microsoft/Windows ecosystems need to be the priority, everything needs to just work better together. This is my first comment but I just needed to make my case after reading. I own a MacBook because I gave up on Windows but after WP I bought a Windows 8 tablet and want a PC now too but I am waiting to see when they get some of these features.
  • "...something so great that you will convince everyone you know to get a Windows Phone. And if that happens, then we can stop early future speculative talk about Android/iOS" if that happens. that is if the windows community convinces others to buy windows phone?
    I think MS should work more on educating salespeople in retail about WP. Just yesterday i had a salesperson tell me they are not going to bring any newer models of WP devices. He said that it is because of the OS that people are not interested in it. He tried to dissuade me from being interested in WP and to consider Android. Now luckily, i own a WP devive and i know how good it is and what it does. But for the average joe/jane who just needs a new device it wouldn't work that way.
  • Well articulated. Broader picture reveals the scope of their plan. This is good to see a really thought out plan
  • Can't really understand what they are aiming for here. Let's say they put Cortana on iOS and it's better than Siri in terms of features, people would leave Siri not iOS. Let's say they put a crippled version of Cortana on other systems, people would just blame MS for a sub par product, and move on with their already adequate voice assistants. If I would've actually cared about Cortana, I would ditch the WP when it came on iOS. Can someone explain this to me?
  • The internet is very funny place sometimes, especially forum post where fans rage. So cute.
  • Next week I am getting a 1520
  • You won't regret it,I have it and I'm more than happy.
    Btw, I converted from note 3 to 1520 .
    And I'm never looking back on anything else. 1520 is just the best, but careful that ips panel, it's so sharp it might cut your eyes.just love every pixel on it .
  • I can see Apple's first iPhone commercial featuring Cortana and everyone flocking to At&t to get the iPhone.
  • Lol! ...That would be the worst backfire ever, instead of helping WP sales, iPhone sales sky rockets.
    But no, my guess is that will never happen.
  • So WP users are guinea pigs to help prepare Cortana for primetime, aka Android/iOS users. Gotcha loud and clear, MS.
  • I think it should hit all platforms to expand Bing over google. But windows version should always get rights to new features and updates a month before other platforms or something like that. Benefit of windows phone users.
  • Ok I dont think its a bad idea. I have a suggestion though. Cortana on the iphone/ Android should not be given all the features that a windows phone user has. Giving away all features would not make any sense in buying a windows phone. "I have all the cortana features as you why do I need a windows phone". I always believe in the "demonstrate and amaze" stratergy. I have been demonstrating basic things like turning wifi on/ off, turning silent hour on/ off, launching apps, creating a reminder e.t.c and this gets sparks curiosity and interest. Please have more TV adds, more cortana add board that say "how may I help you" please do these things especially here in the Middle East (Qatar) where this not done and frankly some really educated people know nothing about the existance of windows phone 8 or 8.1
  • No kidding. This drives me crazy. Someone at Microsoft nulls over the idea of bringing Cortana to other platforms and tech sites (including this one) hastily writes up articles with misleading titles "MICROSOFT BRINGING CORTANA TO IOS/ANDROID" my favorite is "confirmed...might". So then people from Microsoft like this guy have to send out a message explaining something that really didn’t need to be cleared up in the first place, it wasn't them who made these claims, it was tech journalist. Who keep on reporting on false claims like they were fact. Just my opinion/2 cents. 
  • I still think it's a mistake, if people don't want to buy a windows phone then they deserve an "incomplete" experience IMO.
  • He still does not get it.   Having something so good that people will want to make the jump to Windows Phone, and then letting them have it on another platform kind of defeats the purpose.  The first part of the equation is correct, the second is flawed.  Sharing Cortana amonst PC, tablet, and phone is very smart and a laudable goal, though I would be shocked if Apple is not pursuing the same thing with Siri.  Regardless, if one of the unique aspects of your operating system is suddenly given to everyone else, it is no longer unique, but something they can get anywhere.  Thus, one of their main reaons to make the switch was just taken away.  Obviously, there are other reasons to switch, but if that is something you are really going to hand your hat on, it needs to stay exclusive to MS operating systems.  
  • The whole problem is staring everyone in the face,and no one wants to acknowledge it
    The majority of people hate Windows 8. Apples keynote showed the disparity in this. How many people refuse to upgrade to it on the desktop. Microsoft has to get people to switch otherwise they die. They hope this will ensure they do.
    They only thing they can do us flood the markets with inexpensive mobile devices in hopes they can generate revenue stream in the long run,and in turn draw people on to their desktop systems. They think AND PRAY Cortana will do this. The bean counters at Microsoft still run the company and they will do whatever they perceive is viable,including giving away Cortana,or stop supporting hardware or software that doesn't fit into their goals,regardless what any of us say so,which Ash hinted at earlier.
    PC sales are in the toilet
    Xbox sales are dropping fast
    People are fighting upgrading to Win 8
    WP sales are abysmal and long range projections aren't so bright
    The bean counters are scared....they have dumped millions into the Surface in hopes for a convergence of mobile and desktop,but that is unrealistic since businesses aren't considering adoption of them.
    Yes...the bean counters are scared..
    Where does that leave WP.......between a rock and a hard place..and those in that division are being pressured, don't think they aren't........they have to consider all aspects of Microsoft and what to do to get people to migrate to it and to the desktop. Everything else is secondary to this.
    What the bean counters don't understand is every platform has to function perfect first,on it's own before integration and it takes time and money and developers who can make customers want it,but they can't give away the farm,then expect to reap the harvest.
    They want Apples ecosystem but can't figure out how to get it. Some folks there,have pinned their hope on Xbox...and it won't make businesses happy...and sales have stalled.
    They have no clear choices to make and our phones will suffer because of this
  • Good for Microsoft.
  • The thing that annoys me most about Bing/Cortana on WP right now, is that I can't obtain the same (better) results as I can with my PC on the normal Bing website. Also, the search commands like "contains:PDF" "AND" "OR" etc. do not seem to work as well either. Exactly that PDF command is extremely valuable at times. The problem is however, that I can't even access the normal Bing website, as it ALWAYS reroutes you to the Bing/Cortana application when it performs a search query :(. Such a bummer!
  • I think Cortana should say on windows phone.
  • improve your maps then.
  • Cortana was very unresponsive to me last weekend when I asked for directions or text, why does she NOT listen to me at all, only maybe 10 percent of the time? terrible.  Perhaps it's my 1GB Ram phone???  
  • Kudos to WPCentral for following up on the original article. 
  • There must be something wrong with my L920 8.1 instal. You all seem get way more out of Cortana than me. She never speaks unless it is an incomming text message, never offers anything more than a web search as a reply. Bing was more useful. 
  • I was enraged when I read the first of articles about. The clarification is appreciated.
    I think Windows Phone needs its differentiation and should continue to have it's unique and exclusive assets. While I understand MS is about having more services on all platforms. I think they're going to thin with efforts on Windows products in doing so. I'm glad Cortana is solidly a Windows ecosystem product and hope they stop THINKING about whoring her out to other platforms.
  • Okay, so this was the first time I actually read the info on Cortana being ported over (potentially) to iOS or Android...and that's what I thought they were going to do, just as this guy has so eloquently described. Folks...Cortana is STILL BETA! It still needs TONS of work, especially when involving international laws to get it outside of the country (yes, I'm looking at you, India, Britain, and France lol), and it still has some slip-ups. Plus, Microsoft's priority (and livelihood) IS Windows Phone and mobile devices. ;) it is in it for the long-haul; anyone who has played with or even seen Windows Phone 8.1 knows this to be the rocks!!
  • I'm not a fan of Cortana! I tried doing a simple thing like find me a McDonalds and it goes to the internet and does a google search of Mcdonalds. I want to be able to say whatever store and it'll find the closest one. Hmm kinda like Siri 5 years ago!
  • Lol, they are dead serious about making Windows Phone a dead platform ..
  • That's a lot clearer :P