Market share results indicate AMD is gaining traction in the server sector

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What you need to know

  • AMD and Intel have been locked in a long battle for server market share.
  • AMD has recently been climbing the ranks in this sector.
  • The company just had its fastest server-side growth quarter in 15 years.

AMD's been on a hot streak lately. Between gains in corporate partnerships and overall consumer interest, the tech company is reclaiming ground it lost less than a decade ago. Now, as of Q1 2021, it's seen its fastest growth quarter in the server sector since 2006.

According to Mercury Research, AMD's server market share just saw its biggest single-quarter spike in the past one and a half decades (via Tom's Hardware). This is good news for the company as it fights Intel for control of key CPU sectors, of which servers are a core pillar.

Q1 2021 wasn't as much of a success for AMD in its other sectors, be they mobile or desktop, as the research firm's results show. Still, record gains are record gains, even if they're isolated to a single space.

Outside of Q1, AMD's been upward-trending more or less across the board for some time now, showing its dedication to consistent improvement. It's not only been iterating on its hardware but has also been working to convince its customers that adopting AMD technology is a good move on the software side as well.

Though server-side CPU gains are AMD's victory of today, don't forget that the company also produces great GPUs, some of which are among the best graphic cards for gaming. And even if you don't own data centers and servers, AMD also puts out strong consumer-grade CPUs, such as the Ryzen 9 5950x.

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