Marketplace now alerting you on Windows Phone Tango compatibility

It's no secret that there will be compatibility issues with some Marketplace apps running on Windows Phones with only 256mb of RAM (like the Nokia Lumia 610). Up until now, finding out which app is or isn't compatible with the 256mb Windows Phones was done by word of mouth.

Not sure when the switch was thrown but now Microsoft has added an asterisks under system requirements in the Marketplace (website) listing for any incompatible app or game. Any app or game that won't run on 256mb devices will have "*Not available for all phones" listed beneath the required operating system.

There will be a link for more information that explains,

Some processor-intensive apps have memory requirements, and won't work on phones with 256 MB of RAM.

Some developers (such as Rovio and Angry Birds) are working on updates that will optimize these apps and games for use with the 256mb devices. Hopefully the number of asterisks on the Marketplace will start to decline.

Still the notation is nice and may prevent a little frustration when shopping for apps and games.

Thanks, Alex, for the tip!

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Not surprising.. But glad to know that it's there for sure
  • It has been there quite a few days or weeks
  • That's good for users to know.
  • Doesnt Change the fact that 256 MB devices are bad idea at all. They could have cut down the camera, GPS or something like that. CPU as done is also ok. But the RAM? Still makes no sense to me
  • Hopefully the bad press about them keeps to tech blogs and the public don't hear the 'can't even run angry birds' rubbish that the trolls are spreading. If the salespeople aren't pushing WP and the people are hearing bad things about it (even though that only applies to 2 devies), 256MB might just kill Windows Phone off.
    Someone that settles for the 256MB phone isn't going to be springing $0.99 for a silly game, even if it is Angry Birds, haha.  I got a notification today for downloading an app on my Samsung Focus, it doesn't have a gyroscope.
  • i got that to trying to get PHOTOSYNTH
  • You said this same nonsense on the other article, just stop.
  • Your right.  They shouldn't have raced to the bottom but gone for the top end first.  Now you got the dreaded fragmentation of what devices can run in the market place.
  • i dont agree, too many apps use gps/camera, lower cpu might make the system choppy, RAM issue can be dealt with much easier than other omissions
    fact of matter is many current devs are used to coding wasting too much uneccessary resource, this tango limitation might actually make them better devs in the end, besides, i know too many ppl who got a smart phone for day to day tasks instead of being app whore and when they go on the cheap, they will usually accept some limitation
  • Exactly. Not surprising, all of the built-in apps appear to work fine with 256MB RAM. Just because you have a boatload of memory, doesn't mean that apps should squander all that memory. This might actually force some apps into working better on all devices.
  • Well its good to hear we are warned now. Not that it mattered on my 900 at least until wp8 apps and games :P
  • I really hope we don't get too handicapped when wp8 comes out... This phone is awesome. I'd be really bummed.
  • Ya I love it. I hope they wait till wp9 before they mess with it :P
  • it also tells you if you dont have the proper HW like gyroscope!!
    I got that pop up msg today trying to get that photosynth app from MS.
  • To those that are complaining about the prompt for Photosynth... You can still install the app by pressing Install. I think this is a good move. It allows for high quality lower end phones for those on a tight budget, while also letting the user know in advance.
  • 256 MB should be enough for anybody.