Marketplace now open to developers

A couple of days ago we mentioned that the Windows Marketplace for Mobile made a brief appearance to at least one user of an early Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM. Over the weekend, the Marketplace opened up to developers and laid out guidelines for submitting apps.

We've already talked to devs about Marketplace and gotten a look at the money side of things. Devs keep 70 percent of sales, it'll cost $99 to submit the first five apps, and every app after that is another $99. Updates will be free.

Most of what you'll read in the Application Submission Guidelines (pdf link) is pretty technical and not all that exciting to anyone other than developers, though it is, at least, interesting to see what goes on on that side of the Windows Mobile world. And we'll follow up on some of it shortly. But do note that the guidelines we're linking to here are a draft, and Microsoft says they will change.

That said, it also means we're chuggling closer to the launch of the Marketplace, and with it, the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5.

Phil Nickinson

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