Marketplace Phase II launches: You can now purchase apps from a desktop PC

We've talked a little about Phase II of Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Tonight, those changes (or at least some of them) went live. Chief among them for consumers is the ability to purchase and browse apps from a desktop PC. From the Windows Mobile Developer Blog:

Starting today, Windows phone customers can browse, buy and download applications online at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile site. The selected applications are delivered wirelessly to the customer’s Windows phone and install the next time the Windows Marketplace client runs on the device. This creates another way for customers to easily find and purchase applications and gives developers a whole new level of exposure.

There also are a number of improvements for developers, including increased security to prevent app piracy.

Check it all out at

Update: Oh, yeah, you folks running Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 are still going to have to wait a little longer ("later this month") for official Marketplace access. In the meantime ...

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  • Thanks for posting this!!! I hated searching for apps on my phone. This makes things much simpler. It also allows you to view all the screenshots without worrying about the data charges.
  • I don't see purchase or install button, I wonder if it's US only again...
  • To get the buy button it seems you have to do 3 things:
    1. Login into the webpage with your Live ID
    2. Add a creditcard
    3. Sign in on your phone (so it is added as an device) Then I could see the buy-buttons. But it seems that we're still not able to select region, I only see Norwegian programs (saw lots of more applications before I signed in)...but that IS on the way, so I am sure we'll see that soon (maybe together with official WM 6.0 and WM 6.1 support).
  • While this is nice, I still won't be actually purchasing anything from the app store until I can install applications to the storage card.
  • WoW scary how dose it know who I am and where did it get my credit card information? On my PC I taped log in and I was logged in without me interring anything. When I went to purchase an app from the mobile Marketplace it already had my credit card information! Weird!