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Marketplace registration officially official

It's been more than a week since we first told you Microsoft had opened Windows Marketplace for Mobile to developers, brought you the first look at what's prohibited, and uncovered confirmation that Windows Mobile 6.5 will work on non-touchscreen devices.

Now, Microsoft officially has announced the Marketplace open for business on the Windows Mobile Team blog (opens in new tab). Nothing new for the average user, however. No word on when the Marketplace (and thus Windows Mobile 6.5) will be available.

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  • Too funny. Microsoft is having glitches in all manners, particularly when out of the USA companies or developers try to sign up. Microsoft responded like this: "# re: Marketplace Registration Open!
    Tuesday, May 12, 2009 11:17 AM by EricN
    Unfortunately, we are not accepting currency in all countries at this time. We will be adding support for other currencies soon. Please stay tuned. Also we are working to resolve any outstanding glitches that some users have observed. Thanks for your patience!" With continued problems and some understandable lack of patience, it lead to one person stating the following: lol... :) The irony. Microsoft wants us to get *our* mobile software tested yet they can't even lead by example with how poor this whole Mobile Marketplace is going. No wonder the mobile carriers themselves are building *their own* app. stores.