A fan of casual conversation? Omicronle is a free app being offered over at the Windows Phone Marketplace that is a simple, anonymous chat application that randomly matches you up with others users.

It's an interesting application in that you are tossed into a conversation with a complete stranger. There are no profiles, no names, no clue as to who you are talking to beyond what is offered by the "stranger". Conversations ranged from the weather to someone pitching their website to the more adult oriented/creepy (e.g. what are you wearing?)

While it had it's creepy moments, Omicronle has an addictive quality to it. I found myself disconnecting from the unappealing conversations only to tap the "talk" button in hopes of finding meaningful conversations. Not knowing if that was possible with such an application, before I knew it fifteen minutes had passed.

The jury is still out on Omicronle. It reminded me of the old party telephone lines, not knowing who might be on the other end when you pick up the receiver.  It does give you the opportunity to meet people but with the anonymity factor, you have to take what is said with a grain of salt.

As with any chat room that is full of strangers, be careful with the amount of information you offer. If you want to give Omicronle a whirl, being a free app makes trying it all the more easier.