Marvel launches mediocre Avengers Initiative game for Windows Phone 8

There’s a new Thor movie dropping this weekend. So you might want to check our Avengers Initiative for Windows Phone if you’re needing a Marvel fix before then. The game just launched today for Windows Phone 8 users and it looks to bring a few of your favorite Marvel characters into an interesting looking combat game.

Details and video demo after the break.

The game has been out for a while on Android and iOS, but we won’t let that ruin our parade. Avengers Initiative lets you take control of either the Hulk or Captain America. Sorry, no Iron Man or Thor in this game. Here’s what the developers say the game offers:

  • Visceral Combat –Experience raw, super-powered combat with blazingly responsive swipe, attack, and combo controls in a complete gesture based action game.
  • Stunning HD Visuals – Battle huge boss-sized enemies, experience amazing special effects, and visit incredible and icon Marvel locations.
  • Unique Customization –Fully customize Hulk and Captain America to play the way you want to play. Acquire exclusive costumes, unlock incredible super-powered abilities, discover explosive augmentations, and upgrade the combat stats of Hulk and Captain America.

Marvels Initiative

We spent a few minutes playing with the game to get a quick hands-on impression with it. We’ll have Paul or George do a proper review later this week. So what’s our initial reaction? We’re somewhat underwhelmed with the overall experience. Gameplay is fine, but read the second-to-last paragraph to learn about the download woes you’ll face if you want to get it.

Like we said, gameplay is okay. Once you’ve installed the app you’ll be playing as the Hulk before you unlock Captain America. Graphics are pretty crisp and we didn’t notice any stutter in the game itself. This is a combat title and you’ll learn the mechanics in the first few minutes of playing. You swipe to perform different attacks. You can also have your character sidestep an attack or block one.

Marvels Initiative

The app clocks in at a download size of 763MB, but you’ll need about 1.6GB of free storage to install the game. Speaking of which, it took us about 15 minutes on Wi-Fi to download and install the game to your Lumia 1020. And that was on a pretty high speed FiOS connection. Oh and when you first launch the game you’ll get a message saying you need about 4GB of storage free in order to install additional assets. This game takes up a lot of space for a $4.99 video game that isn’t an Xbox Live title.


The first thing you see when you launch the game.

The game is only available for Windows Phone 8 users and goes for $4.99 with no trial. Yup, you’re probably going to be a pretty dedicated Avengers fan to grab this one. Want it? Head to the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.


Sam Sabri
  • Nice.
  • I would like to think of myself as a Marvel fan given the number of games I own for XBox and PC plus DVD movies in our collection. The first thing I have to say is that we are looking at essentially gaming on something comparable to an Atom processor, which you wouldn't try to do on a desktop/laptop. I really wish mobile games would focus on not trying to be so serious (4 gigs, really?), but rather simply time wasters. I realize that's just my opinion, but it really shows when the entire game (based on what Daniel said) is cut scenes and then swiping around to dodge/attack. I would imagine the moves are graphically similar to one another, but with different all means, correct me if I'm wrong.   That said, having just finished the campaign for Lego Marvel Super Heroes, is it is really depressing that a game so big only allows me to control two characters vs the 100+ the Lego game. I really love the idea of a Marvel game on my phone, but not when it takes up so much space and costs so much money for doing so little in variation. I would almost rather they made a Marvel version of that Lego Brain Factory game or whatever it is called.
  • 1GB RAM required?
  • Lets ignore the bestselling Windows Phones that have turned around the platform's marketshare, the Nokia Lumia 520/521.
  • Not that I want this game since it has no achievements but ya I'm starting to get sick of the 1 gb game requirements as well.  My Xbox 360 doesn't have that much ram and the games look far better than any game on a phone that needs a gig of ram.
  • And space as well... Microsoft needs to fix thos storage issue coz its annoying me alot...
  • I was wondering who was gonna be the guinea pig for this since it was $4.99 no trial ;)
  • Tru dat...thanks Sam! If your in NY, you got a drink waiting for ya, on me ;)
  • You could use that drink money to support a dev in the HOPES that the WP app ecosystem improves as more devs release software for WP..... or not...:P
  • yea, i'll pass
  • Sorry but I pass my turn for this time. Takes too much memory for me.
  • Ouch too much memory, not worth it. Maybe if it was Xbox live, good to have it on WP tho.
  • Yeah, they'll probably pull it before long =(
  • For 5$ and without trial? Sorry but no.
  • Great a mediocre game!! Can't wait to try it out!!!
  • Mediocre game for a mediorce (at best) film. Seems there's a market for it.
  • At best? If I was dead, I'd be rolling over in my grave. :P
  • This game is so good, I bought it 3 times!
  • Lol
  • I'll wait until all those pre requisites are fixed and there's a trial version in tow.
  • You'll never see it, since they feel they have virtually NO incentive to do so. =[
  • Only thing good about this is that we're finally getting Infinity Blade engine games. Otherwise, it's pretty lackluster and repetitive, even on Android (My son plays it on our Nook HD+....when he can get it to work). I don't get why developers jack UP the prices of games for Windows Phone for titles that have been out forever elsewhere. It's heavily pirated on Android and still only costs $1.99.  Worse yet, after you pay the money, it STILL pesters you for in-app purchases. There is no way we should support this kind of practice.
  • Okay, first of all this is the very FIRST app by Marvel Entertainment on the Windows Phone after the dozens they have for everyone else...WHAT?!? PAY that money and DL the game, we need Marvel to be shocked and flabbergasted at the level of response, give them every reason to feel that they were DEAD WRONG to ignore us for so long! Second, get on every comm line available to reach out to them asking for more, they need to hear it from US True Belivers!! Who's with ME?!!! @_@
  • Yeah...well...I've got to go take out the trash. See you later.
  • Don't see how the game is rated mediocre if it plays well and looks good. The memory issues are unfortunate but don't make it as bad as is being made out. People complain devs don't consider WP and still complain when they do. Strange.
  • It's a repetitive Infinity Blade variant that adds in-app purchases ON TOP OF a a 250% price increase from other platforms where it's been for months and months. We should reward the Rovios who give us comparable prices and day and date treatment with other platforms, not studios like this who throw leftover meat that's going bad.
  • I know right, Marvel doesn't even think Windows Phone is worth the trouble to begin with, why shouldn't everyone prove them right? Only punishing the rest of us... =/
  • While we should support new developers and bigger titles, it's worth noting that they barely support this rather average title on Android or iOS. It's released as just functional enough, and then they sit back and wait for IAP revenue.  Not the greatest developer, even if it's a "big name" title.
  • You really are completely clueless, aren`t you? Take a walk into the play store and see how much it costs and how long it`s been there, or even the apple store. I make it a point in my life to not eat other peoples garbage, even more if i have to pay more than double that others do. But by all means, feel free to fork the fiver and the near 6GB and download it.
  • Uhm trial first and then.... maybe....
  • I want BATMAN!!!
  • There is a Batman game right..? O_O
  • Indeed,  I shall wait for a DC game :)
  • I want the 929
  • While i wont buy the game, its good to see the support for a very popular Infinity Blade rip off on our platform. Good news nonetheless, hopefully more big titles keep coming.
  • I played this a lot on my iPad 4. Its a good game. I'm surprised at the title of this article and he response from the readers about memory and price. I think it is priced too high since it is an old game BUT it is a premium game that has come to WP and even though old, are WP users against paying more money for games in general and against games that use more GBs? If we, the users are against games that take up premium space and have a premium price tag, as a developer, I would avoid making premium titles for windows phone. If I did make would be last and not with much effort. I'd toss WP some sloppy ports with low red textures since users will complain about the storage that the graphics and sound need and then put in a sloppy effort so I can price it cheaply as users may not buy it for more than $1.99. This isn't iOS or Android where there is great developer enthusiasm and a wonderful financial opportunity for developers..if I was a dev and read the comments, I would reconsider WP development. To clarify, I believe $4.99 is expensive for THIS title at this point in the titles launch history but I do see this as being a testbed for developer and user interest and spending habits.
  • I think we do show that we are willing to pay for premium titles with the Angry Birds Series, Halo: Spartan Assault, Rayman Jungle Run and Asphalt 7 Heat. This is a less-than-premium title that happens to have a big name license. It's not the most industrious studio, either. Look at the reviews for both of their games on Android. Lots of crashes, failed downloads, and the like. Not updated too often. I have this game on Android. It is rather buggy.   
  • You really are completely clueless, aren`t you? Take a walk into the play store and see how much it costs and how long it`s been there, or even the apple store. I make it a point in my life to not eat other peoples garbage, even more if i have to pay more than double that others do. But by all means, feel free to fork the fiver and the near 6GB and download it.
  • Ok...Im clueless even though I addressed your concerns about the price of the game AND the fact that the game has been out in other stores for a while....I even complained about the price twice in my original comment. "I played this a lot on my iPad 4....
    I think it is priced too high since it is an old game....
    To clarify, I believe $4.99 is expensive for THIS title at this point in the titles launch history" Hmmmm.....
  • Marco, stop being mean to others. And don't copy and paste the same reply to multiple users.
  • 763MB download?  This is the problem with having 16GB phones, even with a micro-SD.  Where's My Water? 2 took up about that much space on my Lumia 822 before playing it.  I ended up uninstalling it.  I would really want a 32GB phone with a micro-SD card.  If you want to install a bunch of these large games, you really need the extra on-board storage.  Unless they allow apps to be installed on the micro-SD.  Rumor has it that the Lumia 929 will not have a micro-SD.  That is disappointing.
  • This! Ive been saying this all along. Games are getting bigger and bigger and require additional free space to install. 16gb is inadequate, 32gb should be minimum, 64gb should be standard for higher end devices.
  • I would be fine with 32GB minimum on the higher end phones, with having 64GB options as well. But, there is no reason the larger phones don't have a micro-SD slot. Rumor has it that the 5" 929 will come with 32GB, but no micro-SD. Then you have AT&T stripping the 1520" down to 16GB, but at least it has the micro-SD. I am fine with them selling a 16GB option, but give people the choice of a 32GB version as well. I bet more people would buy the 32GB version.
  • Hmm... requires about 5.6 GB to install and play? Does it come with a 32GB Lumia 925? Looks like it would be fun, but with Hulk-sized heft (and no trial) I'm gonna have to pass.
  • I see what you did there, cause I'm clever like that.
  • They grandmas gonna buy it for that price plus 4 gigas of free space! GOOD LUCK!
  • Have it on android, not that of a wow game
  • Looks like a blatant Infinity Blade knockoff wrapped in a Marvel theme. And with poor responsiveness and crap framerates to boot.
  • On the video - gameplay this game looks like for 0.79£ only. That's many things why this game isn't worth this money.
  • Can we stop with the it was been on ios...MOST of us don't care if its on ios android or windows mobile before coming to WP...
  • No try no buy
  • HULK!!!!!
  • SMASH!!!!!
  • I'm getting the Windows 8.1 version instead. :)
  • I came here to tell others this game just launched on Windows 8.1 too, but I agree with them it should have a free trial. That's the reason I still haven't bit the bullet and bought Babel Rising 3D: I just want to try it out to see if I like it better on Windows Phone or my Surface RT. What is with developers not including a free trial!?
  • thought this could be the mediocre Injustice game.. yeaa i was confused by which mediocre games iosers talk about. pass.
  • Would pay that for Super Street Fighter 4. Not this!
  • Instead of this sh*tty buggy/laggy games that are overpriced on WP (iOS 1.99$) we need XBOX WP department to stop being lazy and release more AAA games per week!
  • how do i pay for apps and games if i don't have a credit card  and only a debit card? can someone help, i'm in south africa
  • For Christ's sake, MS. Not everybody in the world has lightning fast wifi. With large files like ths one, we need Over The Cable download. Even WP7 has it (with Zune). Let's progress, not regress!