Marbelous, a marvelous bubble-burst style Windows 10 game with a twist

Marbelous is a bubble-burst style game for Windows 10 that offers four gaming styles, each putting a challenging twist on the traditional gaming style.

Graphics provide plenty of color and gameplay has ample challenges to test your skills of strategy, speed and luck. Marbelous is a fun game to spend a little down time with and offers a refreshing approach to a classic gaming genre.

Marbelous is a free game available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Windows 8.1 PC and Phones (including low-memory devices).

The main menu for Marbelous provides options to jump into gameplay, to view your high scores and to access the game's options. There are also buttons to mute the sound, music and visit the game's Facebook page on the main menu.


Gaming options are brief and include settings to mute the sound/music, choose your marble style and turn on/off the one-touch marble setting (more on this in a second). As far as gaming modes are concerned, Marbelous has four of them, each with the same primary objective – locate adjacent matching marbles of two or more. Each game involves a grid of marbles stacked on top of each other. The size of the grid varies dependent on the gaming mode.


To collect your marbles, tap on a grouping of two or more and the number of points available for the group is displayed. Tap a second time and the marbles are removed from the grid. If you choose the one-touch marble setting in the options, you can remove the marbles with a single tap and the points value is not displayed.

Marbelous Gravity Mode

There are four gaming modes available with Marbelous. Three of the gaming modes allow you to rotate the playing grid of marbles. Directional arrows are to the left, right and above the playing grid.

Two are level based with power-ups available as you remove marbles from the game. In these gaming modes, the power-up meter is displayed to the left of the grid and the level advancement is to the right. As you collect marbles, the meters increase and when maxed out, you advance in gaming levels or have a power-up available. The power-ups are activated by tapping the blue orb and include removing adjacent marbles to your match, removing all the marbles of the match style and more.

Marbelous Limited Mode

The four modes break down as follows.

  • Gravity: In this mode, the marbles collapse as you identify matches or rotate the grid. Gameplay is level based with power-ups available.
  • Tumble: Here the playing grid rotates randomly. Gameplay with Tumble is also level based with power-ups available.
  • Limited: Gameplay is limited to ten rotations of the playing grid.
  • Original: See if you can clear the playing grid of marbles without having any grid rotations.

Gaming modes other than the Original mode periodically resupplies marbles to the grid from the top of the screen. If you run out of matches in any of the modes, the game is over.

I like the one-touch option and it makes the flow of gameplay a little smoother. The larger the match, the more points awarded. I'm not sure it is needed to know the point value ahead of time.

Marbelous Original Mode

The four gaming modes help give Marbelous a little longevity and each mode has an addictive pull. Unless you inherently hate the bubble-burst style games, don't be shocked if you start playing Marbelous only to realize fifteen, twenty minutes has passed.

The free gaming title is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, along with Windows 8.1 PC and Phones (that would include low-memory devices too). Marbelous is an entertaining spin on a classic gaming style and worth checking out.

Download Marbelous for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

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