Mass Effect: Andromeda now Xbox One X Enhanced (update)

Updated November 6, 2018: Mass Effect: Andromeda is now Xbox One X Enhanced. The game just received a 1.68 GB patch and now appears to be running at or near 4K resolution.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was supposed to be the definitive Mass Effect experience, as it moved towards an open-region structure. While the exploration and combat were great, the basic plot and performance issues heavily detracted from the experience. Even months later, it still stuttered on Xbox One. However, what was most upsetting to gamers was that fact that it left a lot of plot points unresolved.

Despite how you may feel about the game, it hasn't stopped EA from working on it. BioWare Montreal may be no more, but there's definitely a team still tweaking the game. I was randomly going through my Xbox One X Enhanced titles, and noticed that Mass Effect: Andromeda was now appearing on the list. I opened the page on the Microsoft Store and sure enough, it said that the title now supported Microsoft's new console. While it's unclear what the enhancements are, more may be revealed on November 7, 2018 — N7 Day. Alternatively, Microsoft could be saving this announcement for X018 on November 10.

Mass Effect: Andromeda follows a group of human explorers as they try to find a new home in the Andromeda Galaxy. However, there are other beings on the journey too as each species has its own space ship, known as an "Ark."

If you haven't played Mass Effect: Andromeda yet, be sure to check out the game at retailers. Despite its problems, the game is an exciting sequel to the original Mass Effect Trilogy. Plus, the game is available at a substantial discount now so it's the right time to jump in.

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