Master Microsoft Excel with this in-depth training bundle, now just $19

If you’ve worked in an office at any point over the past thirty years, chances are you’ve at least dabbled in Microsoft Excel—that ubiquitous piece of software that can be found at the heart of companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 conglomerates.

But you’ve likely only scratched the surface of what this incredibly powerful program can do, and having only a baseline understanding of Excel in an increasingly data-driven world isn’t going to cut it.

The Complete Excel Pro Tips Certification Bundle (opens in new tab) will transform you from an Excel novice into a full-fledged pro, and it’s available for over 90% off at just $19.

With six courses and over 100 lessons, this bundle will teach you how to take advantage of the more advanced and in-demand elements of Microsoft Excel.

You’ll learn how to create captivating visual presentations that break down complex data analytics, how to gather and work with large data sets, how to create automations that can drastically cut down on your work time, how to create number-crunching formulas, and more—all through instruction that uses hands-on examples.

Give your resume a boost with the Complete Excel Pro Tips Certification Bundle for just $19 (opens in new tab)—over 90% off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

WC Staff