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What you need to know

  • Several Surface devices just received their May 2021 firmware update.
  • These include the Surface Laptop Go, Surface Book, and Book 3.
  • The changes are minor and mostly pertain to stability and security fixes.

May 2021's firmware update for the Surface Book, Surface Book 3, and Surface Laptop Go is here. It's nothing exciting; just an assortment of minor stability and security tweaks, as well as some pedestrian tweaks such as improved battery reporting for the Surface Laptop Go. Here are some of the patch logs for each:

Surface Book 3

  • Addresses display flicker issues and improve graphics stability (display adapters).
  • Addresses critical security vulnerabilities and improves connection stability (network adapters).
  • Improves stability when connected to an external display via Surface Dock 2.

Surface Book

  • 1.62.321.1: Addresses security updates and improves system stability (software component).
  • 92.3681.768.0: Addresses security updates and improves system stability (firmware).

Surface Laptop Go

  • Improves USB 2.0 stability and device reliability (firmware).
  • Improves device stability by addressing critical bugcheck (hub driver).

The full firmware logs can be found in the embedded links up above. And if you're not already an owner of one of these products (in which case, what brought you here?) and you want to learn more about the devices, check out our reviews, such as our Surface Book 3 review.

Two in one

Surface Book3 Reco

Surface Book 3

Power on the go

The Surface Book 3 is a quality laptop that's still receiving firmware update after firmware update, meaning if you go with it, you'll have the latest in security and stability improvements.

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