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Mark May 21st for the next Xbox to be revealed, here’s what we know so far

The next few months are shaping up to be super busy around here at Windows Phone Central. The Lumia 928 is right around the corner for Verizon. Then we have Catwalk in June, followed by EOS in July. And that’s all just from Nokia. We’ve got E3 in the first part of June and BUILD towards the end of that month. And on May 21st we’ll be learning about the next Xbox for the first time.

If you own a Windows Phone, it’s hard to ignore either the Xbox 360 or Windows 8. So you’re probably just as excited as we are to hear about the next Xbox. Will it require a constant internet connection to play games? What’s Kinect 2.0 going to be like? Will gaming on Windows Phone somehow benefit from the next generation console? Will current games be backwards compatible? So many questions.

Here’s what we do know about the next Xbox, all rumors and leaks we’ve reported in the past. We’ll highlight the main things and you can always go to the past articles for more in-depth information.

The CPU at the heart of the next Xbox is expected to be using x64 architecture, with 8CPU cores (each running at 1.6 GHz). The GPU inside will be utilizing a custom D3D11.1 class 800MHz processor, boasting 12 shader cores that will provide a combined total of 768 threads. At peak performance it will issue 1.2 trillion floating-point operations per second.

We should be getting 8GB of DDR3 RAM inside the next Xbox, with 32MB of embedded SRAM. Game discs will be using Blu-Ray.

Xbox 360

The controller will be a “natural evolution” of the current 360 one. Which is a good thing in my opinion since both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 controllers are in the running for best damn controllers ever. Unfortunately, 360 controllers aren’t expected to work with the next Xbox, which will apparently be using a new wireless technology for its controllers.

Kinect 2.0 will be crazy (so they say). It will apparently come with every console and have high enough fidelity to allow finger tracking and the ability to read facial expressions/recognition.

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On May 21st, on the Microsoft Campus, the next Xbox will be shown off for the first time. The event is open to select press, but you too can attend… virtually. The special event will be streamed globally via, on your Xbox through Xbox Live, or on Spike TV in the US or Canada. 19 days later they’ll highlight the big games coming out at E3.

Anybody else excited for May 21st? We get the next Xbox, a new Daft Punk album, and my birthday. It’s going to be a great day.

Sound off below with what features or games you're wishing/hoping/dreaming of finding out about next month. 

Source: Major Nelson

  • I'm ready!
  • My body is ready. 
  • That'll do Sam that'll do
  • ^^^^this
  • LOLZ
  • Mine too, I've been hitiing the gym hard everyday for this date.
  • Will it have a start button?
  • You're too dumb to need a start button on a Xbox... haha
  • My wallet's ready.
  • Perfect reply
  • Sam?
  • Sorry to high jack....but Sam I think you meant x64 and not x4
  • No need to apologize, you are right.. thanks for the correction and for apparently being the only one who actually read it ;)
  • Take my money already! Not, PS4 ftw.
  • I will try to get my wallet ready, due to Brazilian taxes. Also need approval from my wife. 
  • Just got email about that, only 27 days left, cant wait
  • I just saw an ad on Xbox 360 an hour ago for this.
  • will it have Bluetooth?
  • I sure hope so!  By doing that, MS could open the xbox up to use by bluetooth keyboards and possibly even mice.  Also, that would allow them to easily let windows phone use the next xbox controllers.
  • I am still hoping for the day when we will be able to use keyboards and mice on consoles... just like on a PC.. real gaming :) I hate the controlers, especially for FPS or Star Craft kind of games...
  • You can use keyboards to type since xbox 1. I had a ps/2 keyboard with an adapter to plug into the xbox giant usb port. On the 360 you can use any USB keyboard. But yeah, no keyboard / mouse to use instead of the controller in-game...
  • Haha can you imagine that? The console gamers that play with controllers would be destroyed by the keyboard + mouse gamers.
  • For me this sounds like cheating. Consoles were designed to play with controllers since a long time ago.
  • I seriously hope that they use Bluetooth. It would allow you to use the controllers with Windows Phones just like you can use PS3 controllers natively with Android, this would be a huge bonus imo as you can make your tablet or phone a portable gaming machine with little effort. Not to mention the possibility of bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo.
  • Even if they don't use it for controllers I hope it has it.
    As an audio output device for phones and tablets so they can be bridged wirelessly through the home theater system for people who don't have this in their recievers.
    As a quicker Xbox SmartGlass communication line for second screen interactivity.
    As a way to transfer Kinect Pictures and Video from those entertaining game moments to your smartphone or tablet.
    We'll see.
  • If the controllers don't have BT how will I use them with my Surfaces' / Surfi ? . Come back to me.
  • The USB wireless reciever works on the Surface with the existing 360 controllers.
  • What Ordeith said, and I hope the next-gen Surface will be able to use Xbox (8 or 720?) controllers without needing the reciever, but lets not make it a Bluetooth one so it'll be a Surface Exclusive™ feature.
    Oh that'd be sweet. :D
  • I like the idea of using something proprietary so that the Surface will get more appeal from people.
  • that would be awesome if it was bluetooth. integrate xbox live better on tablets and pc's so you can swap out controllers and keyboards on the fly :) suck it apple
  • Bluetooth is fine so long as it keeps IrDa for universal remotes...
  • I'm ready.  Deep breath.  
  • Sorry started with 360 this Gen ended with ps3.. Sticking with Sony on ps4, I care about games not about ordering pizza or flying through countless ads or apps when I have tons of other devices for that. (ie: Netflix etc..)
  • Trolling eh? ¬_¬
  • He actually has a slight point.  MS has been trying to tout Xbox as an overall media entertainment device.  And it certainly is that.  I find that 95% of my time on xbox is watching movies from Netflix, Crackle, or Amazon.  The problem is, I can also watch all of those on my $50 Roku which does it faster, for less power, and no annual fee.  The one thing that gave my Xbox a leg up was the unified voice search through Kinect.  I could say "Xbox, Star Trek" and see all the different services that offered Star Trek.  But I had to disconnect my Kinect a while back because of too many false positives.
    So what I hope to see from MS on May 21st, as far as media is concerned, are a couple of things:  A new version of Kinect that is WAY more accurate for voice.  A MUCH faster interface that lets me access Netflix and other apps (almost) instantly.  Lower power consumption when acting as a media box.  Instant boot.  A general improvement to the movie search I mentioned earlier, perhaps at least listing prices next to results so you know which service is the cheapest.  And finally, a new Netflix app that doesnt frustrate the shit out of me.  I still accidentally select a movie just wanting to read the description and end up having to wait 20 seconds while it buffers for the first time.
  • Would be nice if they could find a way to price Xbox Video rentals to be competitive with RedBox.  I would never RedBox again.
  • Every now and then Amazon has $1 specials for movie rentals.  I wish MS did the same for Zune Movies or whatever they call it now.  But yeah, if online movies became the same price as redbox, that would be a game changer.
  • Charging to access other companies content is the exact reason I'm not ever buying a Microsoft console that has this in place. The unbelieveably horrible UI is just icing on a very sad cake. They refuse to acknowledge this policy is bullshit, and they refuse to acknowledge that every app they've written for the Xbox has an awful UI forced on the user. Neither are good policy, and both drove me away from their platform. Doesn't help that almost nothing works together correctly inside their own ecosystem. There's a reason they've been complete failures in the media consumption/buying arena, and it looks as though they still haven't gotten it after Apple and the iPod cleaned their clock over 10 years ago. They keep going from one horrible idea to the next, and pretty much leave every effort to die and wither each time the try something new.
  • We all know Itunes is in first place for media sales. But do you know is in second? That's right, Xbox music and video. They are doing alright.
  • They are incredibly far behind Apple content wise, being in second place means nothing. They are nowhere near being relevant in that market and never have been. 
  • I don't think saying that you're being charged twice specifically for the content you want is a fair assessment... Unless you only paid for Xbox Live for Hulu, or Netflix, or whatever. Gold is built around multiplayer gaming, and entertainment options were added second. People always used to complain that they needed to offer more incentive to get Gold, so they started by bringing Netflix in under their paywall and everything else followed. This doesn't mean I agree with their decision, but the subscription fee was built for people to play games online. I personally hope they remove Netflix and such from Gold restrictions in the next console... But I stick by my statement that its unfair to say you're paying twice if you've chosen to buy a subscription just for that.
  • I didn't say anything about it not being okay if you bought gold just for Netflix and so on. I said requiring Gold to even get access to that is customer unfriendly, and completely unnecessary because it costs them literally nothing to implement. The licensing is an unkown quantity, but they are literally the only company that offers this capability to charge for it, so I highly doubt they somehow got a raw deal with Netflix. Everyone else does it just fine, but Microsoft sees fit to charge people to access content they don't own, distribute, or negotiate on. That's a serious dick move on their part. Two completely different scenarios, on which I never commented on. One way to entice me to buy a Gold sub is to offer the capability to watch Netflix etc *for free*. They are charging a fee to get that capability so you are paying for it twice no matter what your reasons for buying Gold were. 
  • I don't really care about paying for XBL since its only $30 a year for me and I know its sole purpose is not to just give me access to Netflix. MS practically invented the modern console multiplayer matching system and its that superior service that people pay for. My only real complaint with XBL is that it is annoying for people that own multiple Xbox units. Right now I have to use a USB thumb drive to transfer my account between my Xbox's if I want to watch Netflix in their respective rooms. They should come up with a better solution for that. But more importantly, your rant seems to make it clear that you hate Xbox and probably don't use or own one anymore. So are you an Apple troll that is just here to bitch? That's not very constructive and I would ask you to stick to your iArticles and we will stick to our Windows/Xbox articles.
  • Well that's the beauty of it we order our pizza while play our forza 5 chatting with our facebook-twitter-live friends and searching smartglass for a movie all at the time you have to use at least 3 devices to do that. TROLL.....
  • only one box for ads and only plays sound when you scroll on it. 
    Everythign else on the screen is in regards to xbox games or content. 
  • We know very little about the PS4, and virtually nothing official about the next Xbox and you've already sealed your allegiance? Seems a bit hasty....
  • I agree with this post just wait until announcements are made then do as you see fit but to bash due to preferences is childish. And to the guy arguing that Ms has made a dick move just remember that Xbox is the best selling console those are facts as well. So clearly not everyone or better yet millions upon millions of people don't mind paying for gold if it offers a better experience for them. Ps is still a good console though.
  • Looking forward to it
  • May 21st might also be my daughters first birthday :).  Question is, am I more excited about the Xbox announcment?
  • Tough call
  • That's a tough one
  • Might? You're not sure?
  • Well babies dont always come on their due date :)
  • Congrats hon!  Being a parent is fun, if tiring. =)
  • Im moving away from sony to microsoft... Hell i have the desktop, tablet, phone, now just the games console to complete the circle of life! :D
  • Ain't no Vita here ;)
  • I am very excited
  • Bring it on.
  • I think you mean "Bing it on." :P
  • Let's hope Microsoft doesn't disappoint! I'm excited.
  • Daft Punk baby. (insert emoji here)
  • I hope we get the option to pre-order....
  • Here comes the Cole Train Baby!
  • I've never used any console. Is it really any better than games on a PC?
  • I mostly play my games on PC.  It works much better for me for FPS and obviously strategy games.  But I do actually prefer the xbox for laid back games like Mass Effect where its nice to slouch on the couch while soaking in the story line.
  • I agree, which is why it would be awesome if Xbox 720 would feature BT and keyboard/mouse input for FPS.
  • Hell yeah.  Lets take it even further.  If the next Xbox is really built off Win 8 core as the rumors claim, MS should allow an easy hack to all access to the actual system and desktop.  Basically making it a real computer when you want it, but dedicated gaming machine when you dont.  Why not?  I'm even starting to imagine that the xbox interface is just a metro app with Windows 8 in that "kiosk" mode that was revealed in the latest leak.
  • So....basically a PC then?
  • I wouldn't say its better, I personally have games on PC that I would never want to play on console and vice versa.
  • Depends on what you play. The only good FPs on console was/is Halo, the rest are pretty bland to cookie cutter. Racing games are about even because no e will ever be as accurate as PC sims on a console, but the arcade ones are pretty awesome. Real time strategy games are almost non-existent. If you want to own games consoles are a dead end. With places like Good old games and Green man gaming you actually own the games you buy, the rumors of online always are very real too so if your Internet is crappy you have a big decision to make. If you want a huge selection of awesome games for cheap no console holds a candle to Steam on the PC. You can literally buy 15-20 very good games for less than $100 on Steam while one used popular title will easily run you a third of that used. Not to mention that all console makers and game developers are trying their damnedest to stop you from selling your games after you're done with them. They seem to think that they should own the game in perpetuity and that the customer is only paying for permission to play the game, not actually own a copy. The implications of this being incorporated into the next Xbox is huge, and something to think about. Oh, and if you care about how games look, consoles will never look as good as a PC, not even this coming generation. A really good PC can be built (its actually very easy) for around $800 and the money you save on cheap games on Steam will make up the difference almost immediately. Plus you can plug that custom built PC straight into any TV and Steam has an interface made specifically to mimic the console experience.
  • Lol u seem to be steam fan aahh we love the download screwing especially Yu
  • It's also the same day the Star Trek Online expansion launches! *nerd*
  • I hope the new controller is a little bit fatter around the bottom "wings" where you wrap your pinky and ring fingers around it. My pinky fingers always hurt after an extended gaming session due to the way my long fingers have to grip around the bottom of the controller.
  • Hey Sam, that's MY birthday too. See if you can hook us up with a couple of those consoles. :)
  • Most likely, it won't be released until Fall just before the holidays.
  • I'm a big MSFT & Windows Phone fan but only own a ps3 right now. Jury is out on which way I go for the next Gen, will be watching closely for comparisons between ps4 and new xbox. Ps controller is better though :p
  • Lol. Sure it is...
  • Its a good thing you can compare both next Gen controllers...
  • I have personally never been able to stand the PlayStation controllers. I am hoping there will be a way to use my wireless SpeedWheel with the next gen box for Forza.
  • Boy am I excited!
  • Don't forget the possibility of Instagram coming to WP in May.
    it will be May-hem! haha clever right?
  • Go away and take that instagram with you!
  • Right? COOKIES
  • I'm up all night to get lucky
  • What are you saying? Chicks dig insomnia?
  • Apparently.
  • I knew it. Beauty sleep was a lie all along.
  • I'll probably never get an Xbox unless they remove the requirement of having to pay to play online.
  • then you are not getting an xbox.
  • My wish list for the next xbox.
    1. Wireless charging plate built in for my 920.
    2. More power through usb port to charge devices via usb.
    3. Be able to play current xbox games.
    4. Smaller power supply. The current one is huge!
    5. Able to play windows phone games on the xbox. Unity.
    6. Portable tablet version to play xbox games on the road.
    7. bluetooth keyboard/mouse support.
    8. Open/edit office documents
    9. Different xbox live plans. Maybe one plan that bundles netflix or hulu plus...
    Hope my current xbox does not die before then.....
  • Windows 8 mode... that will destroy the competition
  • My guess is that there is a < 10% chance of any of those being in the next xbox.
  • 1. Not gonna happen, Microsoft wouldn't even build that for their own hardware. No point when almost no one owns any Windows Phone from any manufacturer, much less Nokia.
    2. I'd like this as well. Would be nice to have ports that actually do something. Then again, most of the Xbox is built around not doing anything.
    3. It will. They'd be stupid not to include this. Then again, they went with PowerPC garbage last generation so who knows if they'll allow it.
    4. Most likely will happen because the parts they have in the 360 are incredibly slow (even when new) and built on very old manufacturing processes. It'll probably be cooler and quieter as well.
    5. If they haven't done it by now, it's probably not going to happen. Almost nothing works inside their ecosystem, and that's why they've never been successful at anything related to music, movies, or other content. They simply can't find anyone that isn't a complete moron to run this division. 
    6. No thanks, touch sucks and games would have to be completely rewritten to work. I rarely game on my iPad because a touch interface is for 5 minute pick up and put down games, not something you'd drop XBLA money on.
    7. Microsoft will never allow something they can't completely fuck over every customer on, or charge ridiculously high licensing fees for. HDD prices being the perfect example of Microsoft having no problem being incredibly customer hostile. Would be nice, but probably won't happen.
    8. What? Why? The absolutely horrible Xbox interface would make this a nightmare, and Microsoft doesn't employ a single person that understand UI design outside of Windows Phone. Even then there are some seriously dumb design choices. This would be a pretty terrible expereince on something made for entertainment.
    9. Never going to happen. The Xbox is literally useless without Gold, and they make too much money screwing people over making them pay a monthly fee to access content they have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with. This is the exact reason I'm not buying another Microsoft console. There is no reason for them to charge money to access anything other than their own servers, but they love to rake in the money they take from people for no reason. I will never own another Microsoft console as long as they screw their customers over with this, and I have never bought a Sony console in my life. Live Gold is a complete ripoff and Microsoft makes way too much money being a middleman to stop. This won't happen simply because they like screwing people over and putting a huge handicap on their system just to get that money. To be clear, I fully support a fee for multiplayer gaming and related content, but not other content like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. They don't deserve a dime from that because it isn't their content to charge access for.
  • Two new audiences?
    Adults looking for a media center box to replace Tivo and cable boxes. DVR capabilities with and without cable. Multi tasking user windows running different app sessions as a tru server Running Office and legacy apps to Second Screens
  • How awesome would it be if they could set a release date? They would win over so many more customers just by having the next generation console out first.
  • I want my Windows 8 start screen to automatically sync when I turn on the Xbox for the first time, and I want the Windows Store with all its apps. Arma 3 is never gonna happen, but that would be fucking awesome if it arrived for the console.  
  • Arma is a better PC game in my opinion... Too indepth for a console controller...
  • It would be great if Microsoft booked Daft Punk to sample their new album at the event.
  • Awesome, can't wait!!
  • I prefer PC gaming and haven't bought a console in a long time but I think that Kinect 2.0 will win me over this time.
  • How so ?
  • Sorry but I am more of a Play-Station buddy.
  • I think you mean, will the games be forward compatible OR will the hardware be backward compatible. Unless you really are asking if new games will run on old hardware ...
  • THE GODS OF TECH ARE COMING (Even though, I use PS3, just because I grew up with Sony)
  • Just bought my slim so I'll wait awhile on this. More interested in confirmation of the always online and used game blockage rumors.
  • Same here in regards to those rumors 
  • What if it sucks? 0.o Anyway I hope I can preorder it soon... I don't want to wait 5 months to get it since they seem to always run out!!!!
  • Omg so excited!!! ^.^
  • Very, VERY exciting. I am really interested in seeing how MS leverages it's other properties: WP8, Surface and Win8. Very exciting.
  • Xbox is the most successful piece of hardware that Microsoft have ever made and stuck their name on. I don't think it will disappoint no matter what they bring to the table. Im just looking forward to next gen gaming. 10yr xbox live veteran Madmike03.
  • Xbox Infinity:
  • I'm only interested if it doesn't require always on internet connection. Although everything is going the way of being tracked. Damn world.
  • In before all the whining about the "always online" rumors...
    Too late.
  • Where do you see any whining about the always online rumors? Because if your referring to my post and the post I responded to, I'd hardly call that whining. I think for a piece of hardware that cost a s&^tload of money, you probably wanna know all you need to know about it.
  • Well, Microsoft haven't even remotely tried to deny it, and there's been a handful of first sale court cases so its a rumor that has validity to it. It's a terrible trend the gaming/media industry is headed into at breakneck speed so its not far fetched to think it will happen. If it does it won't go over well. Always online will kill Xbox sales almost immediately because people don't like having to ask permission to play games they bought. If it does happen, I'll be boycotting all Microsoft products for life because I don't do business with companies that treat me that way. The industry wants everyone to pay for a license to use media, and not buy the media itself. That won't ever make me a customer of any company that uses this policy.
  • Ok. Later troll.
  • Why would it matter just wait for official announcement you have remotely no idea what they are gonna do.
  • Why would it matter? Because it means that Microsoft would treat you as if you don't own the content you buy. They would be telling you that you have no ownership over the hardware and software you paid them for. They haven't even remotely tried to deny they are implementing this system, and you don't care that you're possibly going to be treated this way? You'd be perfectly okay that Microsoft would force you to ask their permission to play the games you bought on hardware you bought and if something doesn't go right they can deny you the ability to use it? That doesn't matter? Everything written about this possibility has been met with nothing but silence from Microsoft. That to me is incredibly worrying because it means they are trying to decide if they are or aren't going to do it. That's HUGE for the concept of owning all media, not jay games. 
  • You don't. Just like you don't own the copy of Windows on your PC...
  • That's a different type of software license. It's a one time activation, and transferable between PCs. I've used my Windows 7 license on three different PCs because I've upgraded or built a new machine. Windows doesn't require a constant connection to function, and I can give that PC/Windows install away, or sell the PC with that license still attached to it. Windows doesn't require that I inform them when I want to use my PC, and they don't require me to be connected to the net all the time to continue using it. The way gaming is going now you can't play a lot of games without a constant connection, and big publishers are trying to make it so you can't resell your games. There's a big difference there that you're either ignoring to fit your argument, or you simply have no working knowledge of the difference between media licenses and operating system licenses. You also forget that Microsoft does support pirated version of Windows with updates and fixes, games don't do that. Maybe brush up on the subject next time...
  • Why does it matter to you troll, anyway you won't buy it.
  • Oh man can't wait
  • I've previously purchased 3 PS3's, mainly use them as media centers - with bluray in the new Xbox I'll be making the jump and closing the gap on the MS eco system in my house! Psssst, don't tell the wife!
  • I wonder if it will run Windows 8 apps? Every arcade game could be a Win8 app. That would boost the market place big time. If those arcade games would run on tablets it could be huge. Start a game on Xbox, take your tablet with you and play when your away. I think it would be a good idea.
  • "Here's what we know about the next Xbox: Nothing"
    End of article.
  • I am so pumped!! Hopefully there is some Destiny news.
  • I believe all audio/video will be powered by Skype too.
  • Personally, it all depends on the release titles will be if i buy it on day one. Same with the ps4 but at some point, i ill have them both (i have a 360 and PS3 now)
    Will it support 4k/Ultrahd ? (in the next 2years this will be the big year for 4k tvs, it will be like 3d is now). Wil it play back 360 games ?  What configuratins will it be released as (smaller vsrion for $$ or top packages ? What will be the price point for the basic and the top package ?  How many and what titles will be on the release ?
  • Super excited !
    Although i won't buy one until the next Grand Theft Auto is announced for it !
  • I believe that Rockstar said GTA 5 will be for current consoles, not for next gen. So are you going to wait for GTA6 2-3 years from now ?
    I hope they release GTA 5 for the PC, so I can get better quality than the PS3 or 360 right now... Yea PC gaming grapics are way better than 60 or PS3 but, the next gen will make it questionable..
  • Yea , GTA V is gonna be for Xbox 360 & PS3 (no word on PC yet) ! I sure hope so its 2 - 3 years from now & Not 4-5 like between GTA IV & GTA V ! College is taking all my time & i only have access to the Xbox in the summer vacation (i go to college in another country & my father refused to let me take the xbox with me) I agree with you , PC have better graphics , but the consoles are cheaper than building a powerful PC & much cheaper than a Powerful laptop ! Also there's no guarantee that you will get all the games ! *cough*GTAV*cough
  • Can't freaking wait am about to get ready to sell my 360 I honestly don't think I can do such thing tho:-\
  • I just shipped my pants
  • My cousin and I were just talking about that commercial lol
  • •Online connection to play games.
    •Blocking used games.
    • Requires Kinect sensor in order to play. If this Xbox has ANY one of these requirements, I will go to the PC. I've only used the 360 and PC and I love the platforms, but most DRMs have become draconian now. And I have friends in rural areas who don't have broadband. If it comes with a very big hard drive, then I'm okay with an install games requirement. But if any of those three are confirmed, then it was fun being on Xbox. But I know Microsoft has been watching the feedback, and these dick moves will alienate more gamers.
  • try to think if it makes sense for Microsoft to put those requirements in games.
    answer is NO.
    1. online connection to play games, its obviously required if you will do some kind of online activity. so its obvious it will require it but not always.
    2. blocking used games, why would they even block them? its not like developers are putting a gun on Microsoft head and asking to put that feature. if Microsoft doesnt add blocking games, they will will develop games for Xbox because PS4 and Wii U dont have that.
    3. really you think it needs kinect sensor?? when you have a game that support kinnect, cant you play it without it. answer is YES. you can play games that support kinect, im not talking about kinect games (obviously) im talking about games like mass effect 3 that let you use your voice.
    so again, open your eyes and your brain, and try to think if its logical or not.
    also talking again about used gamed, game developers/publishers can implement something like they do on PC, put a serial code and you activate it online and it will be linked to your account forever so it cant be used by someone else. just like Steam, GFWL, Origin and any new pc game in recent years. they can do that, Microsoft doesnt need to do anything in order to prevent used games to be played if a publi/dev didnt want to.
  • You'd be surprised at what game companies and publishers are doing. I loved the Diablo games but I refuse to buy III because I prefer to stay offline than have to deal with any online factor. Blizzard's response wasn't the best move. CD Projeckt spoke the truth about piracy: pirates will always find a way around DRM and it's too pervasive. I'm not tooting my horn here, I'm just saying how I feel. And when rumors fly, they tend to be true. I pray they're unfounded. I'll remain pessimistic on this one. "Expect the worst, only then can one be pleasantly surprised."
  • I just glad these new consoles are coming. This current generation just went on for far too long. I put my Xbox in my loft as I just grew tired of it but they could possibly win me back if they announce a Mirror's Edge 2 as an exclusive launch game.
  • I'm getting the ps4 I think, but ill have to see what this has to offer. Should be interesting.
  • Can't wait to find out more. Our 360 is our absolute fave out of the big three and we own them all. Still don't know why people complain about paying for a gold subscription though, since MS maintains it's own servers and that isn't cheap.
  • Hopefully have wireless charging for the controllers and bluray discs, with ability to run apps from both WP and win 8 merging the app stores
  • I'm a big Xbox and Microsoft fan but I think I'll wait to get the full picture with these two consoles before officially deciding. It really has a lot to do with how many friends will buy which console, the exclusives (very important), and cost. You have a good combination with those three things and I'll buy that console.
  • Ive had a gold subscription since before Sony had any viable online network and have always thought it was worth it. Cant wait for the nextxbox. While I'm mainly interested in it for gaming, Ive been putting off getting a blue ray player and dvr since I figured the new xbox would have those areas covered as well (although had I known it would have been this long of a wait I probably would have gotten a blue ray player before).
  • this is bad cause i have a ps3 and i don't know whats my next console is going to be :( i wish microsoft and sony could come together .
  • First world problems, I guess.
  • DO YOU KNOW HOW AWESOME THAT WOULD BE??!?!?!?!?!?! Best hardware (Sony) + Best software (Microsoft)
  • It is true Microsoft does not need our measly $60 a year just to use the Xbox, and yet, they just watch as people switch to the play station. I hope it goes like so and M$ gets to change...
  • I'm ready, can't wait!!!
  • Paying nearly $2000 in child support, getting new hardwood floors put in, and being recently diagnosed with heart disease will not stop me from getting the new Xbox.
  • Dude you really need to get your priorities right!
  • ;-)
  • Mhm.....
  • Here's hoping its more exciting than the PS4 announcement
  • MS can announce a turd and it would be more exciting than the ps4 event :)
  • Would be great if the implement wireless charging to the controller. Just place it down and it's good to go next time.
  • I'll be on a short vacation in Spain on the 21st of May. Definitely checking now what the Wifi facilities are in the hotel! :P
    Would not miss this for the world!
  • I'm always confused when I read Xbox: Is it the console, the WP namesake or the online service?
  • In this context, it is the console
  • Never played Xbox in my entire life. Hope the next Xbox becomes my first
  • If there will be xbox illumiaroom it would be better then oculus
  • Looking forward to always on :)
  • For the love of god no always online DRM please Microsoft. Don't shoot yourself in the foot. Learn from Sony's failings this current Gen and don't think you are too good to fail. Other than that, more integration with WP8 would be great.
  • GDR2 and Xbox are going to coincide.. hmm.. Looks like updates will be included in either GDR2 or WPBlue for (much) higher levels of integration with the console. Who knows maybe Xbox Surface Tablet too (Hoping a bit too much) :P
  • The specs just seem too out dated in my opinion. We've had 8-core's not an upcoming "wow!!" anymore. I'm over them :/
    I would have expected them to jump ahead with amazing specs to blow the PS4 out of the water with.  Also the 21st is just a couple of days before my bday so they should send me one for my bday :)
    (I'll keep quiet about it until it launches ^_^)
  • Really looking forward to it. I hope the always online rumor isn't true. We'll see.
  • wooo! My Birthday! Best present EVER!
  • definitely thought this was going to be about the ESPN announcer "Mark May"
  • The gaming capabilities aside, Microsoft will need to offer an Xbox Mini or Lite at some point, for media capabilities only, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other streaming, without the Xbox Live Gold membership fee.
    Paying twice for the same content, once going to Microsoft as a Netflix gatekeeper, is a bit silly IMO.
  • Also, the new Daft Punk album is released. Gonna be a good day. =D
  • SPOILER ALERT! the the new 360 is shaped like a lumia 920 and the controllers have super sensitive touch!!! Also updates are going to rolled out once yearly and they're selling Halo to Sony. True story I heard it from a friend of a friend of mine
  • I like ps3 I like Xbox. I got a ps3 on a wory of a red ring. I eventually revived a red ring. Dismantled cleaned CPU/GPU fixed and red ring was gone. I will buy the new Xbox. No ps4. Unless a new red ring comes. I only need one consol to play the few games I play
  • More first-party games! Microsoft needs to get Rare out of the gutter and bring back some of their old IP's.
  • Yes Next Box here is hopping that there will be backwards compatibility with games from 360 and being able to play used games.
  • I love my Xbox, but I don't know why they are continuing the Kinect. I've had one since day one, and it never gets used except for when my nieces and nephews come over. Outside of workout games, rail based shooters, and some minor novelty things, there really isn't much value there for games or navigation. I'll still buy the next Xbox, but I'd rather they had put the research money elsewhere or cut the price down. Hopefully it will work better as a media center extender as well with the increase in memory.
  • Because it sold like crazy and MS put a lot of R&D money into it. Also, it has a lot of potential as an extra input mechanism (maybe even windows 8 integration). I don't know if they would ever even consider not including it.
  • Taking sunk costs into account when deciding whether to continue developing a product is not a good thing. That's business 101. But whatever I guess. If it has good games then I'll buy it anyways.
  • It would be if the kinect didn't sell. It, in fact, sold like crazy. Why wouldn't they continue selling it?
  • You guys ready to get your minds blown? What if the console had a Qi wireless charger built into the top of the console for charging controllers and phones. Maybe even an NFC chip for pairing random devices (I guess this can be done with Bluetooth only, but imagine how cool and futuristic it would be). Especially if we're looking for this console to last 8-10 years, I hope they try to future proof it.