Maybe Microsoft is poaching Apple employees, or maybe they're jumping ship

Oh, Apple ... Sure you make the trains run on time, but are the peasants truly happy? It seems that there's a bit more unrest being spawned from Cupertino.

First comes word that Microsoft is poaching wooing retail store managers away from Apple in preparation for its own line of retail stores. [Ars via TiPB] Nothing too strange there. These things happen. But for Apple, it's hardly a new trend.

But top that with new of a possible employee walkout on Oct. 3 at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, Wash., and this could turn out to be a full-on to-do. Losing the managers is bad enough. But if you can't keep the worker bees happy, they'll go elsewhere. And not even Fake Steve Jobs can stop that.

And with a couple of exciting new products already in the wild (Exhibits A and B), and presumably more on the way, Microsoft couldn't come calling at a better time.

Phil Nickinson

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