Oh, Apple ... Sure you make the trains run on time, but are the peasants truly happy? It seems that there's a bit more unrest being spawned from Cupertino.

First comes word that Microsoft is poaching wooing retail store managers away from Apple in preparation for its own line of retail stores. [Ars via TiPB] Nothing too strange there. These things happen. But for Apple, it's hardly a new trend.

But top that with new of a possible employee walkout on Oct. 3 at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, Wash., and this could turn out to be a full-on to-do. Losing the managers is bad enough. But if you can't keep the worker bees happy, they'll go elsewhere. And not even Fake Steve Jobs can stop that.

And with a couple of exciting new products already in the wild (Exhibits A and B), and presumably more on the way, Microsoft couldn't come calling at a better time.