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McDonalds Germany releases Windows Phone app with Wallet support and more

McDonalds Germany has released a Windows Phone app for consumers to download and enjoy. What's interesting to note is how good this app looks, as well as what's sported in terms of features and functionality. Bottom line is: should you enjoy eating at McDonalds, you'll definitely want to check this app out.

So what can you do with the McDonalds app? As one would expect, a restaurant locator is present, which will help you make it to the counter to place an order. Those who have the app installed will be notified of current vouchers that can subsequently be stored in the Windows Phone Wallet. Lockscreen support is also implemented, as well as all three Live Tile sizes. Sounds great.

Product information is listed with nutritional values and allergy filtering. It's worth noting that certain vouchers may only be eligible at supporting restaurants, so check before you head on down. You can download the official McDonalds app from the Windows Phone Store (listed for Windows Phone 8 only). via:; thanks, Sandro, for the tip!

QR: McDonalds Germany

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  • That's awesome! Hope they make something for the rest of the world.
    And devs, if you're reading this, please provide support in your wpcentral app to upload pictures to the forum. And you know Windows Phone doesn't even allow access to FS through the browser. Posting a link is a tedious work around.
  • I second this. More apps, and Jay, give us a way to upload pics to the forums in the app!
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  • Man. That is the best. I just have to hope for an Australian version...
  • From a fellow Australian I hope so too
  • Nice to see a company registered in Germany behind the system.
  • Teamviewer released fr wp8.
  • thanks for that.. great news
  • Incredible i was waiting for this app since I bought my old DVP more than 2,5 years ago. EDIT: Next Teamspeak and I'm 100% happy
  • How could anyone "enjoy eating at McDonalds"? :-)
  • Couldn't agree more. If only one knew what kind of ingredients they use...
  • IDC if its cooked with rat, it tastes good. Having said that, I dont eat fast food often but I wouldn't deny that mcdonalds tastes good
  • I don't care much for taste, I'd rather eat healthy.
  • Well than you are not enjoying life.
    PS I'm not saying that McDonald's tasts good
  • The kind you can eat and not die immediately. Overtime? Who knows, but I'm hungry right now and all i have is a dollar. McDonalds and top ramen can be a god send.
  • Would rather go hungry!
  • Not much to live for, huh? :P
  • This should be an Android app only, it's mass market and atrocious quality.
    WP should have apps for Argentinian steak restaurants only. Nah, more apps for WP the better.
  • I'm enjoying it right now.  Mini mcdouble combo for $3 is hard to beat.
  • Mini mcdouble combo for $3 is hard to eat.
    Fixed that for you
  • I wonder the same myself. Why these crapholes are so popular is beyond me.
  • Please bring a uk version
  • +1
  • +10
  • Looks a nice app.  Would love to have this in the US too.
  • 8x(920+925+928)
  • Cool!!!
  • I think apps like this are great, because they get you to get your phone out in public, and not just when talking on the phone, but more a time when you can be asked about the phone.
  • We had This App in France for 5 month i think
  • Just wondering, why they have not used a green background for the icon ...
  • I hope we get a Canadian version too!
  • Ich liebe es!
    (Not really.  I just lke using what little German I know.)
  • Meanwhile, US WP users are stuck with a bunch of asshole carriers who refuse to support Wallet and can't get their POS ISIS implementation beyond some shitty trials.
  • Surprised this isn't a US app first.. y'know... cuz 'MURICA and all that. :P
  • See, us Americans don't always get everything.. Heck, we just got a official Dominos Pizza app when some of you have had it for years... Just saying..
  • I'm eating McDonalds right now for lunch. Say what you will about them but damn do they make a good mcflurry.  Maybe they will have an American version of the app.
  • Could someone clear up some confusion I have here?
    I thought wallet was supposed to integrate into your online bank account, and use NFC to pay. So you bump your phone rather than swiping a card.
    Is this not happening? Japan has had this since way before 2008 in their subway stations. I have an old Japanese phone that has an nfc-like tag on the battery, and I think you need to manually associate it with a bank account. So afaik the NFC isn't utilized by the phone software in any particular way.
  • I have been in touch with McDonalds UK and they are looking into it. In fact they asked me for more information so I sent them a link to this very page.