Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond revealed for Oculus by Respawn Entertainment

What you need to know

  • At Oculus Connect 6, a new trailer revealed that Respawn Entertainment and Oculus have collaborated for a new VR game called Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.
  • The Medal of Honor series has a long history at Electronic Arts, with the last game being Medal of Honor: Warfighter in 2012.
  • Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is set to be available sometime in 2020.

After being on ice for several years, Medal of Honor is returning. A new entry in the series was announced at Oculus Connect 6, a collaboration between Oculus and Respawn Entertainment, who are owned by Electronic Arts. You can check out the trailer for the game below:

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is set to release sometime in 2020. You can find more information on the game at the official post here.

Samuel Tolbert
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