We're just running into everyone today, including the legend that is Brandon Foy aka the creator of the fan-made commerical that went viral. In fact it caught Microsoft's eye (we hear Watson's) and it was pushed for him to go further and make a bigger, even better commerical. 

That video premeired today and can be seen on YouTube. With enough views (pegged at 200,000) Microsoft will turn it into a TV spot.  We spoke with Brandon briefly and found out it took him 2-3 weeks to create the original ad and about 1-2 weeks for the new one (sounds like he has the forumla down now). So why did he do it? Simple, as a creative person with an eye for the visual art, he fell for the Metro design on Windows Phone and did what he does best: evidently creating rocking videos with hip French techno  (seriously, 'Danger' is awesome).

We hope to see more work from him in the future and we think he has quite a bright future. Make sure you check his website BrandonFoy.TV for more info.