Meet your new favorite web browser – Internet Explorer for Xbox One

While Internet Explorer isn’t the world’s most well received desktop web browser, it can certainly do its job on the Xbox 360 and in Windows 8 mode on touchscreen devices. Despite IE already being a great console web browser, Microsoft is set to revamp your experience on November 22 when you grab your brand new Xbox One.

Microsoft is touting that “the sites you love on the web” will now do more than “just work”. Ironically, the Trident web engine that the company has been using for its backend hasn’t exactly been known to “just work” with many websites, so it is interesting to hear that Microsoft believes that have surpassed that point.

Internet Explorer for Xbox One will include support for modern web technologies including HTML5 and CSS3; these new technologies will help present day websites be presented exactly how they were intended by the developer – all on your big screen.

In addition to new web technologies on the Xbox One version of IE that Microsoft has claimed increased their previous standards by over 200%, the new software that ships will provide a goliath of new features to try out. According to Microsoft, they have added “browser features that you know and love from your Windows PC” including the ability to pin websites to the Start screen, multiple tab browsing, Cookie blocking, and Private browsing (you know… for private stuff).

If consumers are going to reach out to the Xbox One as a way to access the internet they need a comfortable, convenient, and easy way to do so; the latest console from Microsoft and its integrated software is promising just that.

You will, of course, be able to use the web browser via the controller, but who wants to do that and type in every single character of a URL with a thumb stick? The familiar way to browse the web, via Microsoft’s SmartGlass technology, is back and improved for usage. Not only will you be able to use your tablet or smartphone to control the browser on the television, but you will also be able to easily jump between Internet Explorer on your Xbox One, smartphone, and tablet.

Browsing Reddit on your tablet for cute cat pictures and want to share it with your friends? Easily send that webpage to the Xbox One and everyone can enjoy on the flat screen (because seriously, who doesn’t love LOLcats?).

The biggest addition to your internet browsing experience will be newly added Kinect integration. Using the Kinect’s voice recognition, you can easily use commands like “Browse to” and “Click On” to get around your favorite sites. The system automatically knows what sites you visit most, so when you say “Browse to Windows Phone Central”, it will know exactly where to go.

If speaking to your television set isn’t exactly your thing, you can take advantage of new Kinect gestures to browse the web. Simply reach out your hand to “grab the page” and have full control of your content. A simple hand movement can help you pan around the page and pulling in and out from the screen will zoom your content respectively.

Want to click on a link? That is easy also, simply reach out and click on it! If the page has too many links grouped together (making it difficult to click), the Xbox One will automatically recognize the situation and zoom in for you – another thing to worry less about.

Xbox One is four days away – are you ready to jump in?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • NZ get this first and ill be at the launch party, yay
  • I don't think I ever used the browser on my 360. It felt like more of a hassle without a keyboard. I would always just use my phone/tablet/computer rather than bothering with the IE app on 360.
  • You never used it, but you felt like it was a hassle? hmmm   Well, I was actually surprised at how Microsoft adapted it for controller use. It works pretty well for scrolling around pages, clicking links, and entering text. I would say it's usability features are pretty underrated for a console browser.
  • Sorry, I guess the proper way to word that would be "it seemed like it would be more of a hassle....." Controller typing is anything but quick compared to a tablet or cellphone sitting next to me on the couch. I'll have to give it a try when I get my Xbox1 at midnight.
  • Try out the SmartGlass app then--you can use your phone or tablet as a keyboard.
  • I attached a chatpad to my 360 controller and problem solved. Can't wait, 4 more days till I get my shiny new Xbox One Day One console!
  • It was definitely better than the ps3 browser which would freeze and lock up the entire console and was slow
  • Cool
  • Will it support Adobe Flash? ( yeah is not death yet!!!!)  
  • I hope NOT. Don't want any more attack vectors than what's already there on my console.
  • Still the worst on desktops 
  • and how is it the worst? Give specifics. Tells what the other browser do that IE can't. I hate these kind of post that add nothing to a discussion. How do you reply to post that just say something is crap without saying why. If you can't give real examples, the only thing that's crap is your comment.
  • Is it really necessary to tell why? just Bing it or google it, whatever.
  • Two things I want to see and know. #1. Will it support flash? #2. Will someone post a video using Nokia beamer being used in "Snap" mode on Xbox One?
  • 2nd one seems very helpful
  • #2 is an idea and a half
  • As with Surface RT/2, I really think MS should support Silverlight on the XB1 Browser. With so many media apps missing, Silverlight support on those platforms would aid with media playback such as Lovefilm on Surface and SkyGo on XB1 in UK. Of course, they won't do it, which is idiotic imho.
  • You do realize that Silverlight is dead right? In IE11, Microsoft has added features that the W3C collaborated on for DRM enabled HTML5 video, rendering Silverlight pointless. Netflix already uses this on IE11 on the desktop. The sites you mentioned should either create an XB1 app, or update the sites to use the new technology.
  • I hope NOT. Don't want any more attack vectors than what's already there on my console. Silverlight isn't necessarily dead. It's been rebranded. No longer will it be known for a browser plugin.
  • Yeah, it's not dead, it's now running Phone and Tablet apps on Windows Platforms. It's but not really used as a browser plugin any more.
  • Silverlight is now WinRT. Not to be confused with Windows RT. 
  • While you are right in saying Silverlight is something MS are no longer pushing, it's not exactly dead as they have committed to supporting it for another 7 years. But yes, 'native' apps would be nice. Except, for some reason, some companies don't see platforms such as RT a worthwhile platform to develop for. Maybe it is the poor sales? But as their media playback is built on a Microsoft technology, it seems strange that Microsoft isn't taking advantage of that. Hell, they have built in flash support and that has been abandoned by Adobe on mobiles and tablets. What we are left with in something like Surface 2, and now also XB1, are devices that are ostensibly designed for media consumption but don't have the critical mass necessary for all media company buy-in. However is MS leveraged their own technology then they may gain that critical mass as their products would become more desirable to the end users. As it is, we continue to see Apple being the only real option in the tablet arena for media consumption and i find that immensely disappointing
  • You do realize that Silverlight, Store apps, WP apps, and WPF-based desktop apps are all XAML, right? Silverlight is going away in name only, as Microsoft continues unifying the XAML variants.
  • Is it still locked behind a Live Pay Wall?  With such great features it would be a shame to lock non Live customers out.
  • IE 11 is just so slow. It is painful to use on the sureface. The iPad browser is just so much faster, MS needs to do something about this.
  • You must be trolling... Have you actually used the surface? So much faster than iPad...mind you I haven't used the RT version
  • I have a Surface 2 and IE11 is really slow compared to the iPad. Reviewers said this in their reviews. Were they trolling? I don't bother using IE 11 on the desktop so I cannot comment on it.
  • Can you please post a link to any of those reviews? I'm really curious because IE10/11 recently turned to my favourite browser over the last few months (both on desktop and the Surface RT and 2). Of course on the Surfaces it's the primary browser, but on the desktop, it's pretty fast.
  • Most of the reviews shows really high sunspider scores for ie on teh surface. I haven't seen a single review that states ie is slow on the surface or anywhere else. The main complaints was how slow apps open the first time. They open faster subsequently.
  • Actually it is a very good browser.  Are you talking about Surface RT?  If so, that is because the whole tablet is underpowered.  It isnt because the browser is slow.
  • IE on my SP2 is phenomenal... And I have been pretty anti-IE for a while.
  • If it supports flash that would be awesome. Keyboard and mouse support and I probably won't leave my house
  • Web TV lives! I bought one of those for my father in law years ago for $25 on clearance at Circuit City. It served him well.
  • it looks really nice xbox might not win the battle of hardware but the won the battle of services im not ready because they aren't ready to release it where i live
  • I can't wait. Playstation what? I'll have both eventually however X1 is introducing more next Gen features. Its not simply Xbox 3.0 but an evolution of the way we've come to consume entertainment.
  • Quake Live would be awesome if you could install plugins.
  • Is there a good, easy say to share a link to a website with another Xbox one user? Or how about sharing a link to a YouTube vid? I'd use that functionality with my friends pretty often.
  • I'd be interested to see if it supports websockets. A good browser on a console means the possibility of building console games that run in the browser; no certification process there!
  • It knows my favorite sites?? Xbox hide my stuff... ;) Seriously sounds impressive in regards to surfing the web with hand gestures. See what I did there? :D
  • "private mode (you know.. for private stuff)" xbox gesture: your hand go up and down :-D
    i'm looking forward :)
  • Outlook for XOne!
  • Aww mannn seriously can't wait for the One... Still waiting for a release date in the Netherlands, MS!! Make it snappy!