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Mega now testing universal Windows 10 version of its privacy-focused cloud storage app

Privacy-focused cloud storage service Mega is apparently working on a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of its app. Spotted by Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia, Mega has started testing its new universal app as part of a private beta, which should be especially good news for anyone hoping to use the service on PC.

The app's features currently look to cover the basics of what you'd expect to be present in a cloud storage app. There's a Cloud Drive section that lists all of your files, along with a Rubbish Bin that collects your deleted files. The separate Transfer Manager section is where you can manage and monitor your downloads and uploads and view those that have been completed. There's also an option to automatically upload photos as they're taken.

Mega itself is focused on providing secure cloud storage, only allowing your data to be encrypted and decrypted by client devices and not the service itself. That means only you have the ability to decrypt and access your files, making them more secure. Mega Privacy has already been available as a Windows phone app for some time, but a universal app would definitely be a welcome change for PC users.

The universal app is currently in the midst of a private beta test, but you shoot an email over to to apply to be a part of the test. Otherwise, you can check out the current public Mega Privacy app for Windows phone on the Windows Store now.

Thanks to Philips for the tip!

Download Mega Privacy for Windows phone at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • I hope this turns out good. I'd love to use the heck out of this.
  • It's good so far, but pretty basic as expected for a beta/preview thing 😁
  • mega is the newest supplier, I would like to see more magnet progz. can not get torrent on locks network ??!!
  • Build or buy your own server and store your own files, no "cloud' to stand in your way.
  • What is the need for this? I already have a Mega Privacy application installed on my system and a very useable icon in my system tray. It is also integrated very nicely into explorer. What the hell do I need another useless app on my system for?
  • needz movies galore
  • I have endorsed for some time now and contributed thoroughly. mayhem and kaosn reined in my seezed mind the day the site went down for some while. I will not like any other uploader, this I know.
  • Isn't this the one created by Kim Dotcom who's previous cloud service was shutdown for (guessing on memory here) illegal activities? And isn't Kim Dotcom some kind of notorious hacker? Good luck using this service peeps! Oh and the in-app purchases range from $3 to $350. Lol!