MetroTwit and Rowi "Nesting" together

Developers of MetroTwit, a Windows-based Twitter client, and WP7 Twitter client Rowi, have teamed up in an exciting new venture.  'The Nest', as they have named it, is a cloud-based framework that will allow users to sync data between both applications across platforms.  The first iterration will focus on column configuration and unread tweet state, though more features are expected to follow.  Another benefit to users is that since state data will be synced, The Nest will also serve as a client backup of sorts for multiple installations or reinstalls. 

The great thing about this partnership, aside from just being a straight-up cool idea, is that it takes development to new level.  While most developers either specialize in a single platform or try to own them all, The Nest let's each stick to what they are good at, while offering a great solution to the end-user.

Source: MetroTwit; via: IStartedSomething

  • Rowi and MetroTwit siting in a tree...S-Y-N-C-I-N-G!
  • This actually prompted me to try out MetroTwit and wow, I can't believe I've never used it before. The UI is spot on and there are several features that are actually pretty clever (the Tweet conversation feature for instance).Best of all, it's the first twitter client I've found that can handle attempts to scroll using a Windows 7 tablet, absolute keeper
  • This is cool. I'll have to get MetroTwit. Does anyone know what happend to the 'Follow' button on Rowi? Mine doesn't show up anymore.
  • I've never heard of MetroTwit, guess I'll be downloading it tonight though!
  • Does anyone know what happend to the 'Follow' button on Rowi?Mine doesn't show up anymore.