Microsoft acknowledges Surface Pro 4 firmware issue, offers replacements

Surface Pro 4
Surface Pro 4

As spotted by Windows United, Microsoft has acknowledged a firmware issue causing display problems on their Surface Pro 4 devices, which reportedly appeared this past summer. Multiple threads on Microsoft's Support Forum (opens in new tab) point to issues with inking and touch, as a direct result of July's firmware update (opens in new tab) for the 2-in-1 range.

The firmware update created driver problems specifically pertaining to Surface ME, Surface embedded controller firmware, and Surface UEFI, each displaying a "(code 10)" driver error. You can see if you were impacted by going to your Device Manager (right click the Start button, and select Device Manager), and by looking for yellow warning triangles with the (code 10) error.

If you were impacted by the firmware problem, Microsoft is reportedly allowing users to get a replacement via the Surface Support website (opens in new tab) by talking to a member of staff and describing the above driver issues, although further details about exactly what caused the error are still elusive.

Jez Corden
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  • Would love to have more info on This, the original article is in German. I'll guess I'll have to deep dive into forums for the precise info.
  • My battery is worn out 35% since Dec 2015, wondering if a replacement is worth it. I have had both really iffy touchscreen and the complete broken screen ghosting a lot of people experienced this January.
  • Let's do a replacement.
  • I've had different screen issues with my SP4, which was never acknowledged.
    Eventually I purchased a SP5 instead and it was night and day for the better.
    I really think that the bane of the SP4 is the Skylake processor within.
    I base this theory on having experienced an increased amount of issues with another pc with Skylake in it, and while I have only got one 7th Gen Intel device, the experience is sooo much better that it has to be that darn 6th gen's fault >_> And these issues seems to put the nail in the coffin for the SP4 in terms of long-term stability.
  • I heard from a person in the know about surface that for the initial launch skylake itself had so many issues, so would make sense if a lot of issues were fixed with 7th gen since that initial launch was awful (probably didn't help that it was a brand new OS, but the people I talked to didn't have kind words about intel regardless), but pro 5 and 6 haven't seen to have had issues other than standard build material QC.
  • i was going to go get my SP4 replaced because i cracked it. Now I have to replace it with SP4 then a new SP4? couldnt they at least give us SP5.
  • How do i contact them?
    When i try to chat with a support representative through the support website it will ask me to select a device and doing so will give me a message that my device is out of warranty.
    Any way around this?
    And also does this have any country restrictions? Thanks in advance.
  • How about the sp3 screen random cracking! No drops or anything. I think mine happened due to heat
  • Hey Jez. Any idea if this also applies to the broken typecover issue with SP3s? Bios update killed the typecover around September with the only option given by Microsoft to buy a new SP3! Would be great if WC could do an investigation!