Microsoft: Acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services unit will close in April

Nokia and Microsoft both expect the acquisition of Nokia's handset unit to close in April. The two companies sent out their own press releases moments ago announcing an update on the acquisition. The regulatory process is expected to close sometime during next month. As we previously reported, the two companies had hoped to finish the deal sometime before mid-April. However, rulings in India and regulatory pause by Asian parties over potential patent abuse slowed the process.

Back in September, Microsoft announced plans to buy Nokia’s devices and services business for $7.3 billion. The deal will see around 32,000 Nokia employees go to Microsoft. In addition, Microsoft will acquire manufacturing plans and license Nokia’s patent portfolio.

“The completion of this acquisition will mark the first step to bring Microsoft and the Nokia Devices and Services business together. Our acquisition will accelerate our mobile-first, cloud-first imperatives”, said Brad Smith, general counsel and executive president at Microsoft. “We’re looking forward to accelerating innovation and market adoption for Windows Phones and introducing the next billion customers to Microsoft services via Nokia mobile phones.”

Nokia’s press release stressed that the tax proceedings in India will have no impact on the timing or closing to the deal.

Announcement at Build 2014 or a little bit later? Place your bets below.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab), Nokia

Sam Sabri
  • Annnd windows phone 8.1
  • wpc is like dead since two days...
  • Yeah, it's called a weekend.
  • lol, well played :D
  • Strange, doesnt seem to happen on imore, android central or crackberry
  • You must be new here, welcome to the Weekend news, it is quite slow as not much happens. :)
  • Ever heard of real people having real lives outside of their jobs?
  • Everyone learns that over a boring few weekends...
  • Hopefully we will see a MS Windows Phone by the end of the year.
  • I don't think it makes much sense
  • What doesn't?
  • If MS makes their own WPs then why would they license it for other companies ? I guess it was mentioned in an article here before
  • Because diversity? MS makes Surface and yet there are many other W8.1 tablet manufacturers. Is there any problem with that?
  • Well, there is actually...
  • And that is?
  • You really need to ask? I didn't think it was necessary to spell out. Don't you remember the comments from the ACER CEO? Haven't you seen how manufacturers have switched to making Android tablets and even Chromebooks in favour of Windows. A lot of that came from MS introducing the Surface. I agree with you diversity is good and that shouldn't have been a problem but it has been. And I guess some people would say, "well if you like diversity you should also like the option of Chrome and Android"...
  • Well, google has its own line of android smartphones and tablets yet no one is complaining. I don't think this has much to do with OS manufacturer making it's own line of hardware running their OS nor with diversity. More units = more money, easy as that.
  • Google HAD its own hardware. They sold Motorola to Lenovo.
    It only took Samsung one year and a threat to move to Tizen to force Google to sell its hardware division.
  • +1
  • Don't need to go to Acer. Huawei's CEO has said the same. And unlike Acer, Huawei has produced WP devices in the past.
  • Huawei ...Acer...duh
  • The Nokia's goodwill should be there. The name nokia should be there.
  • You know what? I kinda agree with you. Mostly for the sentimental reason.
    I would rather see the Nokia name stay on future phones.
  • They are legends...Nokia is the one who introduced mobile phones all around the world...they are I want their name to stay
  • So does that mean that future Lumia phones wont have "Nokia" brand on them? :(
  • That's right. It'll probably just be called Lumia.
  • I have no problem with that..... Lumia is perfect... Well, I always wished they would've chose a cooler name in the first place, but it's the name now, so whatever.
  • Wish somehow the deal gets cancelled and Nokia continues in the mobile phone business.
  • Why? What kind of wish would that be? Are you an Indian, you want the stupid ridiculous taxation on every download made on a phone manufactured in India too? Sorry, that wish will never come true!
  • Harsh and racist. Not a good combination.
  • Isn't racism hatred towards a particular people? I didnt see racism in the post. It was no more racism than saying asian people eat rice...try not to be ultrasensitive people.
  • Dude, racism is NOT needed. If he has a opinion that's his choice, he's gunna have a reason for that. Don't take it out on him.
  • So you're saying that being racist is fine?
  • It seems so, from his opinion!
  • whoa, whoa..dude..u need to chill out. What makes you say that every Indian wants the deal to be cancelled? And what is with the stupid perception of you regarding Indians? Everyone here uses Windows Phone and and it is Windows phone alone that brings us here. Harsh comments like this hurt feelings and creates an unhealthy atmosphere. So treat ut WP brethren with some regard, bro.
  • I wish that this deal closes as soon possible
  • Microsoft has a checkered history of success with acquisitoins ... here is hoping for the best, but i remember when Skype actually WORKED.
  • I don't. The reason this deal's a good thing is because phones, like the 520, wouldn't take an extra few months because the software didn't have enough time to catch up with the hardware. Why mention the 520? Because it was in this very situation where it could have been released months prior to when it did because Nokia and Microsoft didn't talk 24/7 like they can when they're under the same name. Microsoft is going to have the same people do exactly the same thing, but more intuitive talking between the the hardware and software, so, again, phones like the 520 can come out sooner, rather than later.
  • They will continue, just under a new banner.
  • Same here bro :'(
    Why cant Microsoft and Nokia makes phones individually
  • If Nokia didn't sell to MS, they would sell to someone else. Nokia wants out of the hardware business, so a wish of this sort is really wishing that Nokia had a workable, modern smartphone plan in place years before they began using Windows Phone. It's pretty silly to wish to change the past, since that's impossible. I'd rather wish that Nokia finds success in its new identity, and that MS can continue the momentum of Lumia sales so that Windows Phone can remain a viable third option.
  • Right on with the well wishes, but MS isn't shooting for 3rd best.
    Would you?
  • Do you think Windows phone has a realistic chance of catching ios or android? Competition makes all platforms better so i wish for a more balanced marketplace, but the front runners seem to be too far out in front. This is tech though, things can change quickly so i guess anything can happen.
  • I submit that the act of wishing itself is silly. Therefore, wishing for something in the past to be changed or wishing for something to happen in the future are equally silly. ;)
  • The word silly being used in a sentence is :D
  • +9500comunicator
  • Me too, but im not holding my breath.
  • Yeah hopefully MS phone. Surface phone!!! Damn that is gonna be so coool!
  • You mean the Lumia Icon (in white)? ;)
  • Lol! Maybe... white is nice.
  • No he doesn't, but I'm typing this message on mine and it's great
  • My bet is on it being finished after BUILD (but maybe another update to where it currently stands during), and another event maybe mid, late April. 
  • The deal not being closed yet will allow MS to introduce their own surface phone just like Nokia introduced the X android line
  • Does tht mean all the phones released after April will be under Microsoft's name..?
  • It might, but we don't really know Microsoft's intentions on this one. They might want keep the Nokia branding as marketing.
  • Maybe have this next set of phones (the x30 series) be the last Nokia Lumia brand, then have it go from there as just Lumia's? We'll find out all of that in a couple weeks (oh so excited!).
  • They should IMO. I bought my 625 primarily because it has Nokia on it. And I think a lot of people did, too. Especially in emerging markets.
  • As they should use the very well known Nokia brand for marketing.
  • They can't. Microsoft doesn't have the right to use Nokias name on any smartphone.
  • I wasn't sure if that was the case, so thanks for clearing that up! :) What about the Lumia branding?
  • The Lumia brand will be property of Microsoft as well as the Asha brand. So those they can use. And they can use the Nokia brand on phones under the S30 and S40 series (dumbphones and Asha). But not anywhere else.
  • You mean Nokia made dumb phones, "No"! Say whatever you want, but Asha should fall into the dumb phone category as well because it couldn't and didn't take the European market, Android did; So while all of you so called fans of the brand say you purchase Nokia's WP device on name alone, why didn't you all just continue buying the N8/N9 since the Lumias are just a rehash? It has to be the for the OS since according to most Europeans, The 900 line are the same shell as the N8/N9.
  • Can't you read? Did I say Asha was a smartphone? I wrote dumbphones and Asha to differentiate the Nokia 208 (S30 series) from a Nokia Asha (S40 series). Also, yes people buy phones on the brand. And for your information, the N8 and N9 sold really well in Europe up until the moment Nokia prematurely took them off the shelves to make way for the Lumia devices. Android took the market for several reasons none if which is the OS itself. It took it because almost all OEMs under the sun started to use it, because Samsung created knock-offs of the iPhone through TouchWiz, because the phones did more and were cheaper. Those are all reasons why Nokia should have gone Android to maintain the dominant position. Giving more for a lower price. They didn't.
  • How long were they being offered by Nokia before the WP deal 3yrs ago? Even if it was one year, if a product is well received by consumers, ir would have sold enough to have gained major market share, preventing Nokia from the joint venture with MS. Facts are facts even if they're hard to accept sometimes.
  • No, not completely true. They can use it for nokia x and ashas, which more smartphone than feature phone Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Asha isn't considered a smartphone in terms of the deal. And the Nokia X isn't contemplated in the deal either so Microsoft cannot use the brand on them either. Additional licenses,will be needed for that to happen.
  • Was it considered a smartphone before the deal? Can the Asha devices send/receive email, text, connect to the internet, obtain apps from an app store? If so, its a smartphone!
  • Microsoft cant. They have licenced nokia brand only for feature phones, not smartphones. Lumia has been licensed though, so that's the brand for future.
  • Surface Phone?
  • Maybe...Surface is a cool name for a phone. But we will still know there will be a lot of Nokia on the phone built.
  • We need to remember that MS originally used the name Surface for large touch screen devices.. As in a large Surface... Surface really wouldn't make sense for smartphones that have a relatively small surface area for touch... I seriously doubt that MS would use their Surface name for anything smaller than a 8" tablet... Lumia is the brand name for smartphones... If anything it would make more sense to continue a separate line of Lumia tablets... Using Surface for only pro tablets.. IDK.. I could be wrong.
  • Not being big business saavy will this be a massive advantage for Microsoft and ultimately the WinPhone user?
  • Yes because they bring the whole team under one roof and family instead of working separately also they get big advances in patents and design helps both companies out
  • Thanks Devmer, Hope Microsoft handles the former Nokia in the right way. I'm a big fan of the hardware in addition to the OS. Will this union keep Microsoft phones in the game by lowering device costs for the user?
  • Basically means they can talk a lot more often. :)
  • No. Microsoft never needed a hardware division to make an OS. That's utter bullshi*t. They won't produce anything faster or slower than until now.
    They will however lose the Nokia brand power which is what even allowed WP to survive. Not only that, they'll be pushing away other OEMs (Huawei already stated they don't like that Microsoft is getting an hardware division and therefore WP will never be a priority for them)
    So no, there's nothing good in this deal, neither for Microsoft and even less for the consumers.
  • Ok, good to hear. The plants will not help with manufacturing xbox, surface, ppi, keyboards, mouse etc. Msft makes a lot of hardware Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • No one here is talking about any of those products. We're talking about mobile phones.
    Also, the plants won't necessarily help produce other hardware. Plants aren't a restaurant where the chef can cook anything. The machinery required to produce an Xbox isn't the same as the one needed to produce a phone.
  • In my opinion no. What nokia and Microsoft had going was a really strong marriage. They had individuality and team work. Nokia filled some voids Microsoft left behind. It was like having 2 personalities that worked out well together and one has just opted out.. There is a chance its for the better but my gut tells me otherwise.
  • Gonna buy a few last flag ship Nokia branded phone for collection.. Who know may worth heaps in 10yrs time
  • Wanna buy my old Motorola StarTac off me for a few Grand then?
  • Personally,I don't want Nokia D&S sells to Microsoft,I just a Nokia fan,
  • Same here :(
  • Same, slowly just moving away from all WP news. 
  • This isn't racism, but you name brand fan boys are stupid
  • So the same people keep making the phones, but you are just obsessed with the logo?
  • The same people are making the phones but it's a different top of the food chain that decides what phones are made. I would be incredibly surprised if we get any more "niche" design phones as they simply don't sell well enough for Microsoft to care about them.
  • I have mixed feelings about this. Cannot decide whether its good or bad.
  • Was the same, until I read all of the people currently employed are moving over to Microsoft as well. From the people who plan the phones to the people who make them (well, hopefully the 800(0?) or so that is at the factory too).
  • Well, not ALL the people. Some will leave for other companies. Atasari, who designed the L920 and a few other Lumias, left Nokia in November after announcing his resignation the day after the deal was announced. Like him, others have followed suit and will very likely leave after the deal closes. And some may probably even move to Microsoft and then leave. We all know how good Microsoft is at losing talent to other companies.
  • Dude, do you own a business? Or do you work for someone else? The same thing happens when Samsung purchases Motorola, Blackberry's demise began, and more. Turnover, career changes, and people leaving companies happen every day. Honestly, in the last few years, I see Microsoft as cleaning house and rebuilding much like basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer teams do. Re-tooling
  • Is that what you tell yourself to convince yourself that Microsoft doesn't lose talent to other companies for no reason?
    Look, you may be the highest Microsoft fanboy there is. Fine. Just don't try to deny facts. Microsoft has lost many talented people these last two years. And they'll lose talented people from Nokia too. Plain and simple. It's not "re-tolling". Its business. They have to either change to prevent those from leaving or deal with it and be happy with the second or third best thing.
    However, you don't see this amount of top talents leaving the likes of Google or Apple. There's something wrong within Microsoft that has to change. But it's simply not realistic to say that everyone from Nokias d&s will remain with MS.
  • Not a fan boy, just pointing our facts. Yes Microsoft loses talent just like every other company like I pointed out above, let me repeat myself, Apple, Google, Blackberry, Motorola, Amazon, and many more lose talent, by firings, company and career changes, etc. I'm not a fan boy, but logical thinker, you on the other hand are a fan boy if you're purchasing a device because of the name alone without researching the OS.
  • Just wait and see what happens. No use worrying over something you can't control.
  • I think it's gonna be good unfortunately Nokia was bleeding money in the mobile phone market and having Microsoft buy it saves them from a blackberry like fate
  • Thank you, I said this months ago, but blind fan boys would rather Nokia go the way of Blackberry or seems like.
  • And what about xamarin? Are they going to buy that or first close Nokia's deal?
  • The Xamarin thing is still just a rumor at this point, so that's likely to be a ways out still, and on an independent timetable regardless. The two deals (if there is a Xamarin dbuyout) wouldn't directly impact one another.
  • I'm not sure if this is a good idea, mainly because in my country there aren't any Microsoft new products like surface and if you can find any they are really expensive, and I don't know if that will be the case with phones after the deal finishes.
  • What country are you from?
  • Surface isn't officially available too in Indonesia. But we can find them in the black market (brought from Singapore mostly) at almost double the original price. No way I'd buy it, and I'm happy with my Lenovo Yoga 2 anyway.
  • That is the main thing msft is buying, the people and the factories, distribution etc. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • my guess mid april
  • I'll go with 15 April (tax day here in US).
  • They could've filed for an extension lol
  • Now more responsibility on Microsoft. I hope they keep the nokia employees. Nokia has strong marketing here in India. So Microsoft should allow them to work independently otherwise it will take the process very long
  • Somewhere, DJCBS is crying in the corner.
  • I guess he's in mixed feelings
  • Don't worry, I'm drowning my tears in your mommy's bosom while picking up my future Android device ;)
  • How is the old hag?
  • Holding up decently considering her age...:P
  • She's been dead since 1998.
  • Well, why don't you stop commenting in the WP forum and go on over to Android Central early?
  • Because I don't do anything just to please neither minorities nor majorities. When I don't wish to read your comments, I skip them. Unless you provoke me. Then you're clearly begging for it.
  • For months you harped in how you were leaving WPC and buying an iPhone/Android if this deal became reality, yet here you are crying and trolling.
    Have some integrity and stick to your word, we'd all be better off.
  • Bullshit... you know your getting a gold iPhone, you probably have one already.
    I can't figure out why you aren't sticking to your word and leaving WPC, actually I can, you're the very definition of blowhard.
  • If you say I'm getting a gold iPhone, then I'm getting a gold iPhone. Anything else master would like Dobby to get you? Perhaps some brains? Or manners?
  • Like I said you're just a blowhard, Nokia fanboy blinded from reality.
    If you had a shred of integrity you would have left WPC by now, but you don't. You're just a whiny troll.
  • Oh please, children stop. However much it annoyes you guys, DJCBS does have a very well reasond view of the deal. It just may happen to be different from yours. I thought the point of discussing these things, were to compare different points and views, not a pissing contest. And to show DJCBS my support, I happen to think very much along the lines. Nokia was unfortunately forced to sell, which is not going to do the Windows Phone any favours. WP is already moving ahead waaay to slow, and has me considering also switching. Shame, because I like Nokia phones, especially Lumia and WP, but it is just taking too long.
  • I don't care about his views and whether or not they are wrong.
    I've talking about a petulant fanboy who whines all the time, makes bold statements and doesn't stand by them... I think that makes him no better than a troll.
    All I'm asking is, why is he still here?
  • On WP, do you have the major apps you need? Does the OS run smoothly with little to no issues? Do you thinks wp8.1 will address most of your problems with windows phone? If the answers to the majority of these questions are yes, the stick with it, if not, move on.
  • Quite right, nicely put. But it isn't so easy: the majority of apps are there, but comparing to the ones on my iPad, the apps are not as good. WP OS is brilliant, a lot better than iOS or Android, but is lacking features that were there already on Symbian. I'll be most certainly sticking with it until WP8.1 has been released and we can see what it really bring, because I like Nokia, I like WP OS as a whole and I like the idea of one Microsoft. (I just need to get an Xbone...?)
  • I don't really want the name NOKIA to disappear from new devices front and back...
  • yes agreed :(
  • Yeah right. The name matters.
  • I'd say the chance is 50-50. Let's wait and see.
  • No, there's not. Unless another licensing deal is done, Microsoft will not be allowed to use the Nokia name on smartphones, as per the terms of this deal. And since the deal prohibits Nokia to license their name until may be read as impeding Microsoft to license it too.
  • I'm not sure if you're a lawyer or a kid from many of your posts. You speak professionally sometime, but often revert back to a childlike state.
  • It depends on the person I'm talking to. If I'm talking to kids, there's no point in trying to use reason. Same thing when talking to people with no manners.
  • Nokia is going to go away. Lumia will stay for at least a little while longer.
  • Yeah, I agree with you. Though I wish for the Nokia name to be left on future phones. People know what a Nokia is = a though, long lasting phone.
  • Do they? If the name was so great, as you guys put it, "what aren't people buying the phones because they say Nokia"? Okay, start blaming it on the OS. Funny how Samsung and Apple's names seem to be the only one selling; if Nokias name is so great, why isn't it selling??? (okay, here comes the OS blaming)
  • No, the OS is only partly to blame. But you can't say it is doing any favours on the matter. Nokia lost the plot about the time iPhones came out. Nokia had prototypes of all sorts, but due to decisions made at the time turned out to be wrong or too slow, they lost the momentum to iPhone, which is ingenious as a concept, and later to Samsung and Android.  
  • Because the majority of people don't do any research on what is a good phone. They follow the crowd and fo with a branded name, like iPhone... Nokia may have been around a long time, but every person who's older than 24/25 must had owned a Nokia phone. And they know that Nokia phones a) very reliable and b) it can be dropped into a toilet and the toilet breaks. :P
  • Nokia smartphones were never popular in the US. Most people here had BlackBerry or Palm in the early days of smartphones. Nokia was a feature phone only for the most part here. It never was popular like it was in Europe and Asia.
  • Not every person. I had a bunch of NOKIAS (Unlocked E71 being my favorite) and I don't consider them reliable at all. I tried a Sony Ericson and that wasn't reliablel(reboots, static on calls, etc.) either. Gave the Focus a shot and fell in love with my experience. Sold that because I didn't want to pay those outrageous DATA fees back then and bought an unlocked Omnia 7. Since I LOVED the OS, I figured I'd give NOKIA another try. Thought it may have been their software which was the issue. Also wanted to show off WP so, I bought a yellow Lumia 920. Got the Gears of Death, gave it away, bought maself an ATIV S. So, in conclusion I'm here due to the OS, not the brand. I like WP and to be honest, don't know if I would be here if it was only NOKIA phones. I like Sammy due to their Super Amoled screens and my experience with them. But if they stop making them, I may give someone else, like HTC a try. Haven't had any experience with them yet. But we'll see. Maybe even SONY, even if my experience was subpar, it would be a different OS.
  • Well why should carrier names disappear? You do purchase them at specific cellular stores.
  • After this deal closes. Next mission to buy xamarin if money is there for Microsoft to invest in that or else they should invite blackberry to get merged with them.
  • They invited BB two years ago; they declined.....look what happened to them. Nokia made the right decision no matter what the "name fan boys say"!
  • From fish, to power generation, to electronics, to mass communications.  Nokia has come a long way.  Wonder what they'll be known for in 50 years time. 
  • Fins have played a major role in the fishing industries.
  • aaaand we have a winner :D
  • Land reclamation? Lol
  • Microsoft could just make one top end phone and one medium range phone this year.. Like they do with the surface line ( set a standard). This gives other players on WP a chance to spread their wings. This is crucial as many OEMs are still complaining of future monopoly. A 20MP 5" 1080P phone top end and a 620 like low end phone would be great.
    now that would be a waste of resources but now is the time to spend on R&D. The nokia care centres can be kept busy by introducing :P the surface/surface pro models in those countries.
  • The OEM Nokia, is key.
  • I was still hoping for this deal NOT to go ahead...
  • I think the deal not going ahead would still mean the end of Nokia phones, and likely a severe blow to the future of WP as well. Nokia would still sell their phone business to someone and the name would fade away, and without the #1 maker of WP phones the ability to stay in the market would be tough for Microsoft. While Nokia continuing to make WP phones might have been "ideal" it isn't realistic at this point anymore, and this is a better choice than, say, Samsung buying Nokia and just making more Android phones.
  • In the end, it will be Microsoft who will lose on sales once those 5 letters disappear from the phones.
    We both know that people don't buy the phones because of the OS. Here people buy them because it's Nokia. The same happens everywhere except in the US. Once WP sales start declining, Microsoft will see how stupid they were for allowing Ballmer to scream ahead his whims.
  • Yea right, people would use a phone with an OS they don't like just because its a Nokia ? Too funny. Don't forget that Blackberry at one time had the most market share and their great hardware, BBM service and name wasn't enough to keep any of that market share.
  • Blackberry never reached the level of popularity or brand recognition that Nokia has worldwide. Not in their wildest dreams.
    People buy WP because it's Nokia. The only place I admit it may be the other way around is the US. But then again, the US are irrelevant in the worldwide picture.
  • Almost nobody in the US knew Nokia. US customers had BlackBerry or Palm devices.
  • You might be surprised. I doubt so many people would have bought the discounted 520s if they were Pantech phones instead of Nokia phones.
  • Slow weekend! :|
  • Everyone needs a few days off, even those at WPC. You know, they have to be shut down to get oiled and give their hardware a rest. Good lord (rolls eyes)
  • I expect to see a literal flood of new devices when this is all said and done.  As the song goes, "Christmas won't be the same this year." 
  • I hope. Or just one surface phone only sold at Microsoft stores in 2 countries for over 6 months and they complain about low sales!!!!!! Sell them everywhere !!!
  • Well I hope those devices are waterproof!
  • I like the name NOKIA LUMIA. i don't want it to change to MICROSOFT LUMIA! Hope Microsoft don't change the name
  • They will. They have no right to use the Nokia name on their own smartphones.
  • lol. Let me guess, the OS can be Microsoft just as long as the phone branding is Finnish?. Got cha.
  • plzzzz i dont need any change of brand 'NOKIA' to 'MICROSOFT' :-\ :-\
  • There wont be a change in brand name
  • Yes. There's going to. Microsoft can't use Nokias name.
  • Why don't you"need" a change in brand? Is it too much of a burden for you?
  • Cool
  • Wpc is asleep
  • I love the Nokia quality and design. It's unique and classic. But from the deal going through I would like to see across the board branding so Surface phone would be good, imho. Keeping the same Lumia design and quality is essential, but see this as possible now the two parts become one. Looking forward to new devices whatever the name.
  • Stop crying about a name change man up nothing stays the same.
  • Noooo please:((
  • This is good as Nokia users won't have to wait forever for the official wp8.1
  • Just keep naming their phones Nokia, not only lumia, that's a terrible name
  • This deal has been around for awhile now. Yet people still want to cling to a name, I would be upset if none of the people who made the actual phones weren't involved. Then again people tend to fear change akin to the Xbox One strategy MS had at first. Now if MS fails at this new structure, then bring the pitchforks. Since no one has a crystal ball it's better to wait and see how it turns out. While still supporting the people who have been making phones we love for years under a new brand.
  • My issue is that I can't see Microsoft taking the technological risks Nokia did as a company. I can't see them trying to create the greatest phone camera ever seen, or implementing brand new technologies into their devices (wireless charging). I would absolutely love to be proved wrong though.
  • That's why I'm being optimistic about the future. My hope would be the mesh of software and hardware teams working together well provide enough creative juices that the advances will be bigger and more well received. A good sign of their rejuvenated focus is/will be WP8.1 and what it brings to the table. I think as long they have learned from the mistakes of past hardware. It will payoff in the long haul but I do keep some reservation in mind being a former Zune owner.
  • Good point. Zune was a way better product, that was mismanaged and never received the proper advertisement it deserved. The only reason why I knew Zune was better was because I did research, compared and weighed options, rather than just picking up what's popular (apple products).
  • Well hurry up and put an end to this stupid spectacle already. I won't buy any Microsoft produced phone, that's for sure. And since they destroyed Nokia and haven't been able to get another good OEM to produce good WP devices, at this point all I care about is: will the 930 still come under Nokias name (and therefore Nokias responsibility as far as warranty goes) or can I pre-order the Xperia Z2 and be done with WP.
  • If u love nokia so much, form a communication company, and use their network eqiupment. Ghees Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I'm not sure you realize how stupid that comment is...
    Also, I don't need to. Nokia can return to phones in 2016 anyway, by the way of a Nokia-financed, Nokia-ex-employees-owned little company called Jolla. I just have to keep my fingers crossed and wait.
    At any rate...I don't see why you should care since you use Android...
  • If your motivation is to support a company you consider downtrodden, why not get a BlackBerry?
  • Someday MS will touch your heart and you will Repent! Then, you'll become an asset and help spread the MS WP Gospel Brother!
  • I've been a Microsoft customer for over 25 years. They had their chance in every segment with me, be it PC software and hardware, music player, tablet or phone. Actually they just started to lose me once they released WP, an OS so undeveloped and restricted that's hard to believe it's from the same company that creates Windows.
    And they lost me for good once they attacked Nokia. That is something I will never forgive them. I bared and supported WP, despite its many many shortcomings, as long as Nokia was on board. With Nokia gone, I won't put up with it. Unless, by a miracle, they convince Sony to produce a WP device and they don't take ages to release further features after 8.1. In which case I *might* stay around.
  • "Actually they(Microsoft) just started to lose me once they released WP, an OS so undeveloped and restricted that's hard to believe it's from the same company that creates Windows.
    And they lost me for good once they attacked Nokia. That is something I will never forgive them. I bared and supported WP, despite its many many shortcomings, as long as Nokia was on board. With Nokia gone, I won't put up with it. Unless, by a miracle, they convince Sony to produce a WP device and they don't take ages to release further features after 8.1." Ive seen you state in earlier comments above that you will be done with WP as an OS and be moving on to Android when the Nokia brand name can no longer be used with smartphones when the Microsoft/Nokia closes. Now, in regards to your comments I quoted from above, you state you're reasons for doing so, and the main one seems to be the WP OS and the only reason you have "bared" with the OS is because of Nokia and the Nokia brand. Those seem to be valid points and its your choice to move on to Android, but I dont understand your last sentence from the above quotes saying, "Unless, by a miracle, they convince Sony to produce a WP device......." But wouldn't that defeat you're purpose of moving from WP OS, because now, it seems you would buy this Sony WP device simply because of the WP OS, right? In fact it is the only reason you would, its a bit of a contradiction considering you're dislike for the OS and an absent Nokia brand name. ;-)
  • Nothing goes fast when government regulators are involved. If it was up to the two parties involved it would have been completed the day they made the announcement.
  • LOL
    So... Are you leaving yet?
  • As the deal closed already? Is the 930 released outside the Nokia brand?
    Answer these questions and you'll have my answer. But don't worry. I'll install the WPCentral app on Android just so you don't cry yourself to death with my absence ;)
  • What do expect to happen? Its a done deal, it has been since it was announced but your fanboyism has blinded you.
  • Yeah this really suck! Nokias were always historically awesome phone ! There quality,build and design! You guys remember those old Microsoft phones right? They were all junk! Bad battery life, cheap build....oh wait Microsoft has never build phones before....great! Fact is...these new ms phones sure won't be "Nokias"!
  • I will be looking forward to the last Nokia flagship. Will buy it and hold to it as a precious piece of history.
  • Just another bump in the road.
  • As usual, human beings need some change management facilitation.  New CEO, new focus, new strategy.  I think MS should make the WP OS licensing free for manufacturers.  Make money from the store and subscription services.  Be the software giant with the best cloud and you will win the mobile battle.  Lumias will be released more frequently and have the best of both companies at their disposal. 
  • Damnit Elop killed Nokia's future and its chances of innovation 
  • RIP Nokia
  • Hi! Can you please tell me what is the best forum for asking for a solution to a problem with Nokia Lumia? And, like, give a direct link to the "ask a question" section