cortana coin toss

Microsoft is planning to roll out more features to Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1 to more countries, according to statements made this week by Marcus Ash, the company's Group Product Manager for the digital assistant.

Windows Phone 8.1 users in the US are used to seeing more and more server-side updates for Cortana, such as adding virtual coin tosses or dice rolls. In statements posted on his Twitter account Friday, Ash admitted that Microsoft was slow "in shipping chit chat features that don't work for other Cortana countries." In a follow up post he stated, "Expect to see this change. And we will get you an answer on when Cortana can flip a coin in the UK."

Hopefully we will see those kinds of Cortana updates in other countries sooner rather than later. Which "chit chit" feature in Cortana do you like the most?

Source: Marcus Ash (Twitter) via Neowin