Microsoft admits that Windows is only on a small percentage of devices

Microsoft was a little humble today as it agreed with recent statements from the research firm Gartner that the Windows platform as a whole can only claim to be installed on a small percentage of the total worldwide device market, which include PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Windows is by far the most installed operating system on desktop and notebook PCs, but today Microsoft used data that Gartner released last week as part of its Worldwide Partners Conference keynote that offered a broader device picture. According to Microsoft, Gartner's numbers showed Windows installed on just 14 percent of devices in 2013. In fact, a more exact percentage is 13.9 percent, with the Windows platform, including all versions of Windows PCs and Windows Phone, installed on 326 million devices out of 2.334 billion worldwide

windows graph

Android was number one in 2013 with 38.5 percent and 898 million devices. Windows is second, followed in third by the combined total of iOS and OS X devices from Apple, which total 10.1 percent. Gartner has "other" platforms grouped together for 2013 with 37.5 percent. For 2014, Gartner believes Windows will be installed on 13.7 percent of all devices worldwide, but that number is expected to go up to 14.4 percent in 2015.

During his keynote address, Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin Turner told the WPC 2014 audience, " ... we have to have a new mindset. Because when you're in a 90+ percent share world, you have a 'protect and preserve' mindset. When you have a 14 percent share, you have to have a 'challenger' mindset."

Turner claimed that Microsoft will increase its total device market share with three factors in mind. One is offering market disruption, while another is making sure that Windows products are sufficiently different than their competitors. Finally, Turner said speed would be the third factor, as they get new versions out into the market faster. He even allowed for the fact that some of their efforts could fail but added, "... if we fail, we have to fail fast and learn fast. But do it, try it, fix it."

Based on Turner's statements, it would appear that Microsoft gets the message that it cannot rest on just dominating the PC market and that it needs to have Windows expand to other platforms, and it must do so both quickly and with enough differences to make it stand out compared to Google and Apple's offerings. What do you think of Microsoft's new attitude in the platform competition arena?

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • Better late than never..Realisation dawns upon them..Lol!!
  • Indeed. We can hope they succeed, but then if they do we must pray they don't fall back to that protect and preserve mindset again.
  • I have a feeling that Microsoft is going to try to just put their services on other platforms more aggressively, rather than try to regain the lost percentages.
  • Release apps on iOS and Droid along with WP and port their apps alongside!!
  • This article is wrong. Wpcentral sucks, fire Rubino. These numbers are shipments. The installed base of Windows is huge, more than a billion of PCs. Correct this immediately. We are the smallest community but we deserve better editors.
  • LOL. John is the writer and Microsoft is the source.
  • Check the chart, It's in the legend, "Worldwide device SHIPMENTS 2013". They couldn't understand a simple message. Wpcentral has awful writers and editors. The platform is growing I think we deserve better.
  • Read the says they dominate PCs and notebooks...I mean are you an idiot or something? Don't call for heads being on the chopping block without reading the f#@&#-$ article /r
  • The writer is taking these numbers as stats about the installed base, but Microsoft and Gartner are talking about shipments a very different metric. The editor approved this post, so the editor as ignorant as the writer.
  • I agree. Daniel Rubino is editor in chief of WIndows Phone Central. He has in the past explained to me that he has way too much going on to proofread his own articles, let alone the bloggers he is supposed to be editing. At one time editor used to mean that someone actually 'edited' another 'reporter's' articles. I don't think that is the case in today's blogosphere.   Windows Phone Central (and Mobile Nations) is merely a vehicle for delivering advertising, along with some over-priced product sales. I have no problem with this.   You may have noticed, but most 'articles' on Windows Phone Central quote other authors/web sites/tweets/etc. You very rarely see an article on WPC where a source has actually spoken to the WPC blogger. WPC usually quotes Mary Jo Foley, The Verge, and others. They rarely have a direct line to a source.   WPC and Mobile Nations is all about putting advertising in front of eyeballs. They are not about true journalism....if such a thing exists anymore.
  • I think you're right.
  • I read the article.  And it is ambiguous and misleading.  The numbers touted are for current shipments, not total number of devices worldwide, old and new, that run Windows.  People don't buy a new PC every year.  And most don't get a new phone every year. Once you factor in the billions of home and workplace PCs that have some version of Windows (from XP through 8.1) and then add in Windows Server products, Windows Embedded, and Windows Phone, Microsoft can be described as nothing short of dominant.
    What makes MS look bad in these figures is the shear number of Android Phones and tablets that flood the market thanks to cheap prices, and iPhones and iPads.  I mean, when you can buy an Android prepaid phone at Walmart for $39, or an Android tablet at CVS Pharmacy for $99...  But quanity does not equal quality.  Or ability.  A manufacturer that my company works with just released an iPad app for use with clients, so my boss went out and dropped roughly $900 on an iPad.  It won't do anywhere near as much as my $499 Surface Pro.  Even he admits it was a huge waste of money, and he views iOS products as toys.  Neat toys, but limited toys nonetheless. What does kill me is teh low marlet share for Windows Phone.  It's funny...  The general public doesn't seem to be awre of it, or they have a herd mentality that Android and iOS are better.  But I work in IT, and in those circles where people ae technically savvy, Windows Phones seems to have a significantly higher use rate than in teh general public.  These are tech people, who rely on their tech to make a living, they can have just about anything they want, and many choose Windows Phone as their preferred device.  I wish someone would do some actaul objective analysis of this scenario and report the results.  I think people would be surprised.
  • Current sales figures are more important than install base. It shows what's trending. Just because someone already owns a Windows PC doesn't mean they are going to buy one again. Complacency based on the high install base is the reason why Microsoft has lost so much market dominance.
  • I agree, but the point is that the article uses the two terms interchangeably but they mean two different things. The author either doesn't know the difference or is intentionally misleading people. For example: "For 2014, Gartner believes Windows will be installed on 13.7 percent of all devices worldwide" Instead, I think Gartner believes Windows will be installed on 13.7 percent of all devices shipped worldwide in 2014
  • kb4000, do not confuse established install base with complacency in most cases.  Current sales figures are worth noting, for sure.  However...  There are billions of Windows PCs in use both in homes and businesses, that as yet have users with no compelling reason to upgrade.  It's also costly in business to upgrade, which is why many companies operate on a 5-7 year refresh cycle, if they have one established at all.  Most private users just do web browqsing, email, music and pics with their PCs, and thus, there is no real difference to them between XP and 8.1 in terms of usable functionality.  They can do anything they need to do with either OS.  Same goes for many businesses.  However, when it is time for an upgrade on computers, what is established is exceedingly predictive of what will be bought.  Especially in businesses, where there is a wider network infrastructure dependent upon or requiring Windows usage.  In the home, most people don't really get much of a choice.  It's Windows or Mac (not counting that miniscule Linux share).  And in that case Windows wins hand-down due to MUCH broader hardware selection and price points.  Even if Windows didn't already have roughly 94% of home PCs sewn up, people tend to stick with what they know.  I think many of us agree that iPhone owes its continuing success to that very mindset.  It is also that mindset that has Windows Phone fighting an uphill battle.  It is every bit as good, and in some cases better than the other two alternatives, yet iPhone was first, and people will stick with it because that's what they've already learned.  There's also this ridiculous "brand whore" mentality that has iPhone seen as a status symbol of the hipster crowd, but that is finally starting to fade a bit.  Apple hasn't radically improved or change iOS in some time, it's showing it's age, and thet fact that the 45+ crowd has moved to it hurts its street cred with many younger folks.  I think that is where MS is missing the mark.  They should be marketing Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 to the younger crowd.  Why in the world they don't play up teh "three screens" aspect in their advertising is a complete mystery to me.  I love the fact that I can easily keep my phone, home PC, work PC, and tablet all in sync and have a consistant user experience.
    I also fond that more thna handful of people I know have dropped having a home PC altogether, as their smartphone allows them to do most everythig they used to do on a computer.  It's not a pervasive movement, but I was surpised to find that 3 people (out of about 42) in our office solely use a smartphone now.  Printing must be a bitch, but everything else, especially with the advent of "the cloud" and automatic backup to it, makes it easier for anyone that is no longer in school and who does not do work from home to just opt out of a home PC.
  • Yeah exactly!They believe that by having millions of apps they have a much better os and phone!They do not understand when you prove them wrong!
  • If you disregard Windows on servers, then it might be significantly lower.
  • The issue msft has had, perhaps for the last decade, is speed. They need to be faster to market and certainly faster to react. Yes they have the pc market but pic sales are nothing compared to the "device" market. That IOS number is as high because of the iphone, iPad, ipod having ios installed. MSFT has windows, windows rt, windows phone etc. What's selling? They have great products but the description of msft as a lumbering beast - that had to change. And of course android is as huge as out is: Samsung produces so much spam devices lol
  • Well done
  • Yes!... I love this new attitude.. That's going to work❕❕❕
  • What's that 'other', equal to the chunk of Android?
  • Linux, UNIX, etc
  • Not really. Only a very minor percentage is Linux and UNIX. I think the majority is Android ports and other separate device OS's native to China and other places. Think of things like Xiaomi devices with their Android-ish software and systems like Nokia Asha and I suspect Gartner counts S40 too, which still hold a huge market share in upcoming markets. Samsung has similar software you will only see there. Symbian is still very present in some markets and so is Bada (strangely enough). Remember the remnants of blackbelly counts in those markets too. But even for all those minor partys together the 'Other' section is way too large. I'm actually thinking Gartner took the device market a little too broad. Looks like they split the Android ports a little too much. Edit: So apparently this Gartner research also counts all normal cell phones. That's just sad and useless. It does show great market potential, but fortunately Windows Phone has been strong, very strong, at the entry point of the smartphone market (yay Lumia 520). It's a little annoying to count dumbphones too, it doesn't put the numbers in any useful perspective. I dislike Gartner a lot for pulling crap like this just to get the spotlight. Happens too often with them.
  • Lol to blackbelly. WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • Hey! That ain't funny, man❕
  • Are you from Japan? Because only Japanese say Blackbelly instead of Blackberry. :P
  • You, dear sir, made me giggle. But I sincerely thought they say Brackberry!
  • Yeah... followed by; "Oooo baamaaa" (in a samurai accent)..
  • It's Chinese. Do you watch lethal weapon movie? Uncle Benny said "flied lice". Mel Gibson said " fried rice you #&#%&#".
  • All the other versions of phones such as dumb phones and the os's they run as well as linux and stuff of that sort.
  • There's no equal to android. They're in all the same markets but Android's just different though, I feel they'll always be there. The necessary counterweight to motivate.
  • Aaha!
  • Finally they started to think. Kevin Turner is actually saying things correctly and thinking like the way we think what Microsoft should do.hope they stick do these 3 points and one day dominate every market
  • Microsoft will now wake up and think then propose which will take about 3yrs , in the meantime Apple and Google will be light years ahead of Microsoft..
  • Ahead of them in what way(s)?
  • In market shares, technology innovation, features etc..for eg Microsoft was thinking about bringing interactive live tiles but apple just delivered it with IOS 8
  • What technology are Apple and Google light years ahead in? They have some features that Microsoft can easily add in an update. I don't see any technology or feature that puts any platform light years ahead. The only thing the other platforms are truely ahead in is developer support. THat is where Microsoft really needs to concentrate. Keep adding users through budget phones and then use the higher user number to get more developers onboard.
  • What are you talking about? Apple didn't do anything interactive with their icons. They're still just a grid. I think your thinking about the concept that was shown a few months ago.
  • They have implemented actionable notification center..You can reply directly from notification center without opening the app
  • Lumia Android phones will definitely help MS increase their market wait a second........
  • Yeah the idea to make android phones has got to be one of thier more retarded decisions
  • Its no dumber then kin but my guess is they have to finish nokia's r&d roadmap like Google had to do with Motorola due to regulatory conditions
  • Kin was genius. It just fell to pieces in the execution stage.
  • They needed carriers to make cheap data plans for it but just didn't have the leverage, I guess.
  • What's "other"?! Taking up the second largest chunk is a bit odd for that kind of subgroup. Can someone elaborate?
  • Probably stiff like UNIX, Linux, etc
    Major of it is on Server and handset or that kind of stuff(tvs, vehicles, blenders etc)
  • I'm guessing various Linux and Unix distros along with Tizen, Symbian, Blackberry, etc
  • Or maybe it's the growing storage category on WP8 and below... Jk.
  • Dumb phones
  • They are already listed under IOS.
  • Made me laugh, made my day :D
  • Thanks
    that's what I'm here for.
  • btw, there's a new update to Facebook Beta
  • This idea that "speed would be the third factor, as they get new versions out into the market faster." doesn't seem to carry over to Windows Phone. They've been taking their sweet time with device releases and app/software upgrades.  The sad thing is Windows Phone was already "sufficiently different" than the competition. But they abandoned Xbox Live gaming, screwed Xbox Music/Zune completely both as an app and as a service/store, and Skype and Word have flourished on competing platforms while languishing on the home team.
  • Dude Zune was so cash... Or dope. I mean just awesome. Then the put out the WP8 crossover BS. It's one of the reasons the experience fell off IMO. WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • Yep, everyone says it because it is true. Eg, we still can't wireless sync like we used to. It's like MS wants to lose market share.
  • This is exactly why Microsoft needs Windows Phone to succeed. The world is moving towards mobile devices. If Microsoft did jump into bed with Android, it could be the end of Windows as a consumer OS. I don't believe Microsoft will ever let that happen.
  • Would you like to see Microsoft die a terrible death as Blackberry or exist as a company by joining hands with Google and using Android. Coz personally, I love MS and I wouldn't like them to perish just like BB. And the only plausible thing to do right now is manufacture Android phones using the hardware division they just acquired from Nokia. At least they could survive that way. They could still keep WP alongside that.
    Posted via Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Manufacture android phones?? Please take a step back and think lol. If you still see logic in that, than there is no hope for you :P lol.
  • Why not just make one such device and see what happens? If it succeeds, it could open a new world of opportunities for MS. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Even one device, it would be a PR disaster. The mainstream media deems all android as "Google android" they make no differentiation between GMS android and AOSP android (forked android). Not to mention they will piss of all their OEMs who they just convinced to make windows phone and spend money in bringing them to market. As they will feel betrayed as it will show that even MS doesn't believe in its own platform. I could go on, the list is almost endless, but I don't want to type a novel. So I have kept it brief.
  • BB didn't perish. Palm perished. Blackberry still lives, just in a shadow of its former glory. MS needs to stop with the BS and put the devices out there. Flood the market and stop offering incremental upgrades. 920, 925, 928, 930. Come on bro. WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • Blackberry is currently on a list of companies that are expected to be out of business by 2015!
  • You suggest Microsoft should avoid the fate of BlackBerry and at the same time suggest Microsoft should follow in BlackBerry's footsteps by working with Android.
  • I suggest them to use their hardware manufacturing capabilities to make a "fully functional" Android phone with Google services and watch sales soar high. Not follow BB and do half-assed work. If BB forgets its OS and makes a great Android device, it could succeed. Obviously marketing has to be top-notch. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Microsoft isn't Samsung.
  • That's what MS should learn to be. I hate Samsung but look at how they are performing. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Samsung is a simple hardware company. Microsoft is more than that.
  • That should give MS an edge over Samsung. But look at Samsung... It's even preparing its own OS. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It's preparing its own OS because that's where the money is. Microsoft will gain nothing by abandoning Windows Phone to become another Android manufacturer.
  • I don't know about the profits from the hardware and software segments but then there are a plenty of Android manufacturers who exist very nicely as a company today. At least that doesn't make them lifeless like BB. If MS keeps on moving like this, they shall soon be moving towards the fate of BB. And I wouldn't like to see that at all.
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  • But manufacturing phones for Android, even if wildly successful, would be a short term fix. At the same time it would totally gut Microsoft as an OS manufacturer, by first destroying Windows Phone, and then, as the world moves towards mobile, its Windows OS as a whole. Whereas if Microsoft ensures Windows Phone succeeds, it will regain its position in the OS market for years to come - and you can bet Samsung will want a slice of Microsoft's pie as Google's market share slides.
  • Sales of what? Low margin devices that promote the Google ecosystem over MS? What does MS gain? There is very little money in the hardware unless you are Apple and wildly successful in the luxury, high margin side.
  • In that case, MS could keep both the WP and Android segments running if that's possible for the company to handle.
    Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Doesn't Microsoft make more money from Android than Google? So why would they go fully Android?
  • Shhhh! This is the internet... on the internet the sky is falling for Microsoft. And they are on the verge of folding and being bought by google or samsung every other week Or no wait, they are going to be bought by motorola.. yeah that sounds even better!
  • @ avigyan  This may appear off topic, have you worked in sales? edit: rephrased question.
  • Are you asking me? If so, then no. But I know how it functions to some extent. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Yes, I was and the reason why I asked because if you did then you would have understood Brand Conflict or Brand Identity Conflict. In simple sense Windows is associated with Microsoft, Google is associated with Android ( same applies to ios - when some say's ios we all know they were refering to Apple's tablets and phones), the two simply don't mix. No amount of marketing spin you put on it, you will never change the Brand association which has been hammered and built-in everyone's mind set by previous products and marketing done throughout the previous years. Furthermore when the X series was unveiled, the mainstream media totted it as the "Nokia Smartphone running Google's android" when it is technically far from the truth. As I said before there are other reasons, why an andoird lumia or windows phone running android apps would not be good news. These articles explains some of the reasons more indepth: Android apps on Windows Phone would be an ugly capitulation | Ars Technica Neither Microsoft, Nokia, nor anyone else should fork Android. It’s unforkable. | Ars Technica    
  • I would love to see the end of Windows as a consumer OS. Make it business only. That's where Microsoft shines.
  • That makes no sense. Why business only? That would limit its potential. I think Windows is more accepted worldwide than WP and that's what MS should target right now to save their lagging business. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Microsoft ignoring the impact of smartphones is what got them into this mess in the first place.
  • MS should just keep WP and Windows intact and make a couple of proper Android devices and check which succeeds more. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • You do realize that Samsung is the only Android manufacturer that really makes good money right? Remember why Nokia went WP instead of Android? Even HTC is barely surviving.
  • @lippidp - I'm not sure if your being sarcastic or serious lol.
    If you are serious then they will not last long with just one avenue of profits. Ending windows as a consumer o/s would most likely mean ending windows phone for the general public as they both share the same kernel, plus is soon to be merged with RT (which is the windows runtime running on arm without x64 / x86 capabilities).
    Not to mention concede the consumer market to mac, chrome o/s and linux.
  • That would be the beginning of the slow ending of MS. MS does well in the corporate world because people use it at home and are familiar with it. When you lose the home users, people will be wanting to use Macs, Chromebooks, Android tablets and iPads at work instead of their work PC. You still have servers, but without the desktop base running windows, the Windows server for Windows apps could be replaced by free/cheap Linux, IBM, Oracle, etc. MS has no choice by find a way to survive in the consumer market.
  • Excellent point. Ok, they better start busting their asses then!
  • That would suck. I would have to use one of the other crappy OS.
  • I think they could move from their Android handsets to make a better kin successor ie bring their hiptop os back in a big way minus the walled garden of old modeled after blackberry
  • It's good that they have come to term with reality and started to really play catch up
  • I dont believe for a second that this has never occurred to anyone at MS before. This is just the first time they have said it in public.
  • MS can talk all they want... they are not delivering. WP has seen a painful lack of progress - in many ways, it has even regressed from 4 yrs ago, which is an eternity in tech.
  • They do need some leading edge phones, quickly!
  • They got a lot of things to "get right" but being humble and facing reality is definitely the right first step. They have great products and excellent design, it just needs serious polish and marketing, with follow up products getting better and better.
  • This ^^^
  • Took them long enough, how long have we been saying the same thing....
  • Its not like they just woke up and realized this. Its just the first time they said it in public.
  • Their actions speak differently, if they were more pro-active there wouldn't be such a big gap for them to close.
  • Guess it doesn't help when the likes of what you would regard as premium windowsphone apps like Xbox music etc etc are all available on Android and iPhone and that all the so-called major apps seem to miss out the windows marketplace leaving only either beta versions of 3rd party options (not saying their any worse)
    Unless the thinking process changes and the devs are convinced of the windows OS, nothing will change and that pie chart will not get any better. Example, I subscribe to Amazon Prime (was LOVEFiLM) I could manage my account via a very good 3rd party app on W7, Amazon bought out LOVEFiLM, killed off the 3rd party app, no app available on W8 or W8.1, Amazon app available on Android and iPhone store....Amazon not interested in bringing app to the WOS.....and unfortunately that is a typical example of the differences between the operating systems.
  • That is probably because they want the third place in the market, I doubt the fire phone was a fairly new concept in their road map.
  • M talking about this passively every where in every post regarding Microsoft.
    I guess after tunners guidances for this results, now they should buckle thier shoes to take resp position of domination against andoiphone.
  • Stunning. I'll never understand how they so thoroughly missed the mobile bandwagon. Truly stunning.
  • They were actually ahead of the curve with Windows Phone. No one expected the disruption that would come with the iPhone - multitouch UI and the app store ecosystem. Google was much more nimble in their response as they had no existing user base to keep happy. They did take WAY to long to bring out WP7 though. They squandered their lead in mobile by resting on their laurels.
  • Not me, remember 64k of ram is enough for anyone. That statement in itself way back when by Mr gates showed the Ms mentality. Thank god they are still around to fix the ship. I would hate to have to use IOS or android.
  • That 640k statement is an urban legend
  • They were ahead of the curve with Windows Mobile. Some say they waited too long, but whatever at least they had the balls to start all over and have succeed with it.
  • They were, but windows mobile had a horrible UI (it was xp for mobile imo) it needed third party layers like HTC Sense to make it more appealing to the mass market.
  • Aaaaaaand, what has android become??
  • The open source allows Android to simply dominate. Apple and MS really fight for their piece while everything else is a competition from scraps. WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • I dont think its "open source". Its a free OS and tons of free services that come along with it. Google is doing a IE-Netscape on the rest. Its hard to compete with free. Of course, the downside is the data collection and ad filled world it takes to support it.
  • It is open source.
  • Android is open source yes, but Google hasn't updated AOSP since 1.5 i think and they are proactively migrating more and more functionality into GMS leaving AOSP as a barebone husk. So to get Google play, you have to have the whole GMS suite.
  • Yes, AOSP is open source, but that is not the reason why Android is dominating.
  • I shall wait and see, the COO has said the right things however its the implementation that counts. Once the teams have been organised, which will take time given the insane amount employees they have now. We should start seeing the results of the acquisition next year.
  • I would really like to know the details of "others". If dumb phones are included in that category, that's just... Dumb!
  • Yeah, if you remove are greatly reduce "other" by throwing out bogus devices, MS could be #2. Still, thats not a super-dominating #1 like they have been used to for decades.
  • How is that adding every Windows Desktop (XP, 7, 8, ect) + Windows Phone + Xbox One's (Core) not higher than 13% of total devices? iOS + OSX are combined so is the chart wrong or is that actually accurate. -EDIT: Oh mis-read sorry "Microsoft admits that Windows is only on a small percentage of devices" is completely mis-leading as its actually a chart about "SHIPMENTS" in 2013 ..
  • That's a good question because plenty of people still use previous versions of Windows. WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • This makes me sad. Society these days...... Windows is the best desktop/laptop OS in the world. So many awesome features. So much more than a Mac or Chromebook. Surface is the best tablet. Like c'mon. Kickstand, laptop power, USB ports, built-in flash for games. The pro has so much more in everything compared to iPad or Android tablets and the RT has more in hardware. Windows Phone looks way better than iPhone, has good features, is fast 'n fluid, has no viruses, and just works when you need it. Compared to Android it could still get more.... Yet Windows is only that much? Sad. Why do my favorite companies have to die? Why? Always. My favorite games, etc. Society sucks.
  • You are like me. Just can't understand it.
  • I'm the same, but all they need to do is get over the negative shit that's being put out online about them. I don't hear much bad stuff about them from people in person.
  • Many families buy 2nd, 3rd and 4th tablets for the kids. They buy cheap Androids by the bucket load, why, because they do the basics and they are CHEAP....
  • Yeah, everyone is stupid except for you.  That must be it.
  • I never said anything about anyone being stupid. Thanks for supporting me on my claim that society sucks.
  • There is no society,.. i call them sheeps...
  • Sounds like Palm...
  • Great plan.. Now to effectively execute it! I believe that they will.
  • This is Ballmer's legacy. A total pooch screw. Unless MS gets its Tablet interface fixed and learns how to market to individuals it is in deep, deep trouble
  • Dear Microsoft:  Update my ATT Lumia to Cyan and this won't be an issue.  /sarcasm
  • Doesn't end my world. My phone works great. Love my Lumia 1020, Surface, Xbox one, desktop PC. Do these devices include Xbox???
  • Me too. I love the whole ecosystem and do not understand why they are not kicking ass.
  • Microsoft and trial and error? That would be a huge change, but both good and bad. A more opportunist approach and rapid adaptation has its benefits, but could result in more Google like affairs which sometimes result in abandoning service. I like the way Microsoft is engaging more and opening up its eyes and ears, but they should remain wary and hold onto "from the moment we decide to do it, we get it right" albeit a tad bit later. For at least a bit that is. I wouldn't like a rogue Microsoft. Rogue Microsofts make killer machines that take over the world and dominate the galaxy way too fast imho. Whew, that escalated quickly. I meant the first part though.
  • Why does it seem that things are getting more and more complicated and worse for MS with each passing day whereas it should have been simplified after WP 8.1 where they have addressed most of people's grievances and done a commendable job?
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  • If they only counted PC's Windows would have been on first place. Android wins because they counted smartphones also...
  • That is for shipments - not all devices in the wild. MS has a much larger install base than that chart suggests. As does Apple and Android. That chart mearly shows Android shipped more devices - which is a known fact as it is a free OS. MS made money on most of that 38% too.
  • well i wasnt looking at it that way... they dominate the intel powered devices, but that market is so little compared to the huge amount of little arm devices, it may seem that google is dominating in total numbers, but i always say better quality over quantity, most of those google digits are just cheap droids and google doesnt have any power over them at all, and people change phones every year so just as fast as symbian once owned the market and then exploded into oblivion, the same can happen to android
  • I'm the only here who think it's pretty stupid to put Desktops and Laptops numbers into the same category as mobile devices?
  • Yes :-/s
  • exclusives = slow updates = no advertising = lackluster support from Microsoft = slow sales state side.
  • Just accept it that windows 8 was a disaster and go back to the drawing board. Eliminate the clutter and make it easier for the non techies to use. Shouldn't have gone thru a drastic change but rather implement new features slowly.
    Start button was your advantage so utilize it even more into the system rather than abandoning it.
  • So, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume you've never actually *used* w8/8.1... right? Easy as any other Windows PC as long as you're actually trying to use it and not letting idiots tell you it's "difficult".
  • At least he's making valid points. This is where you are now; the question then comes, "How do we extend our current market while retaining current customers?" These questions are what every company must analyze and study in Strategic Management and Marketing. I'm not worried; Microsoft still has kept me a loyal customer since DOS and Windows 3.1. That won't change ever!
  • Of course, there is a difference between android (low priced devices) and desktop PCs (expensive devices). They shouldn't compare mobile and desktop. Everyone knows Windows is the business choice regarding desktops, and Windows reigns supreme. The research really isn't fair, and again shipments don't reflect the popularity and use of devices. I know Windows Phone has a small user base, but it's still third. And with desktop, Windows is first. It's bad statistics!!!
  • Firstly need a hip name for this operating system so get rid of the Windows and name it THUNDERBOLT OS or something that will bring excitement. Watch the perception will change instantly just by a simple name change
  • Yeah, I would have been against this jsut a few months ago  but, you may have a point.   People who like shiny objects will be attracted to the new flame and those that have any knowledge of Windows will understand that it is a new interation of the Windows OS.  People see Android/Chrome as new (even if it is not in the same league as Windows.) Perhaps, Thuderbolt (and in small letters "Windows OS").  I do like the name Thunderbolt!  It reminds me of the system being bright and striking, powerful force of nature. I don't really care, I just hope they hirer some of the designers that have done mock-ups of how the OS should really be handled (both how Modern UI could be evolved and the desktop too).  For example, some of the proposed leaks by Microsoft of the new Start Menu reimplemntation don't hold a candle to mockups done by these various outside GUI designers.
  • Most people forget that dumb phones still account for almost 40% of the cel phone market. That is alot of that other. Most of those people are not going to buy Iphones. Those people are looking for something a little better than what they have but not too much more expensive. Thats why Android is doing so well. Apple is not Microsofts problem, Android is. 
  • That's a bit silly data IMO: Android&WP&iOS can be considered as toys, while Windows and OSX actually get the shit done. I take it my LG fridge with the screen and my microwave oven are in category "Other". Yes, this data makes no sense as it is displayed here.
  • What's other???
  • First of all, this is shipment chart of 2013... Second, why would anyone put mobile devices in the same chart with PC devices? The same person very unlikely to change his desktop PC annually, not to mention the differences of prices between devices... Well, but since Microsoft admitted it, I hope they will try harder from now.
  • So what is "other?"
  • John, your article title and content does not match the Gartner report. The Gartner report is about devices shipped in 2013. This is clearly not talking about OS market share as the Windows family has more market share than any other OS. If you don't want to align your article with the actual Gartner report (Worldwide Device Shipments 2013) please finish your title as it is missing the bolded words: "Microsoft admits that Windows is only on a small percentage of devices shipped in 2013" Windows being installed on devices and Windows being shipped in 2013 are two vastly different things. As it stands, this article is a misrepresentation of what Gartner presented and is mixed with quotes that state a factual point but isn't in line with what Gartner reported or your statements. Gartner didn't report on OS Marketshare or even a multi-year shipment history, they only focused on Devices Shipped in 2013 according to the chart. The issue is that this article is leading people to believe that Windows is installed on only 14% of devices instead of the accurate statement that Gartner posted as it being devices shipped in 2013. Even devices shipped in a specific year does not = overall market share.
  • It is good that they publicly acknowledge this regardless of actual marketshare of any one product/family over any number of years. This challenger position really does put them in a more innovative spot and iteration will be what sets them apart from the bunch.  They are already doing much better at this if you consider their history.  Obviously a fanboy, but I still expect more so any progress is progress.  Let's see if they can actually deliver.
  • If you release only a few new model every year, then the condition will only worsen.
  • If they really want to differentiate their products from competitors' offerings, they're sure going about it in a strange way with Windows Phone lately.
  • I like where MSFT is going and I'm impressed by Kevin Turner's non BS style of dealing with the company's current market position. IMO, if there is one detail that Turner overlooked, that would be that MSFT was caught blindsided by Android, who quietly slid into MSFT's market space that was left void in MSFT's battle with Apple. Apple is always going to be Apple, they are happy to dine out in the affluent high profit margin segment and be successful at it. MSFT must go back to its strength and take the fight to Android and also reclaim their corporate status. It's worth mentioning that some good did come out of their battle with Apple and that would the building of their own quality built hardware, even though the Zune and early Surfaces were underwhelming in the sales department.
  • well fix it and stop talking about fixing it.
  • Yawns,...Nothing new... Same old bullshit...
  • F***Ing Android
  • Wow, installed base vs shipments. Many people pointed out the discrepancy, but shipments is the more important number here, not installed base. Marketing people know this. Shipments are tied to revenue and show market direction. So what if you made a $1b yesterday, what are you doing today? The market changed on MS and now they are behind. Windows SE 6.5 competed with Symbian and BB. In the 3 years it took them to go to 7, iOS and Google were born and went through several revisions. MS is the slow moving wheel, they know they need to speed up. They've said it for years. They just can't do it.
  • I think the title of the article should be "Microsoft admits that Windows is only on a small percentage of device shipments"
    The numbers are for device shipments. What is considered other in the graph?