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Microsoft is aiming for around 70 Xbox One X enhanced games during launch week

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Games with Xbox One X pre-patches have been hitting existing Xbox One consoles a little at a time, with Gears of War 4 and Killer Instinct already available for pre-download for transferral to your shiny new 4K device. The full list features 162 games in total, with more on the way, detailing all sorts of enhancements from 4K resolution, to improved textures and effects, to increases in frame rate. In some cases, like Rise of the Tomb Raider, games will have different graphics options on the X, prioritizing either resolution or effects based on a user's preference.

Given the huge amount of games on the way, many have been wondering just how many would be available on launch day. In a series of tweets, Xbox's Senior Director for console marketing Albert Penello clarified that Microsoft is gunning for around 70 titles during launch week.

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When asked to clarify what "around release" means, Penello stated that the latest information points to around 70 titles during the first week, subject to development changes. Still, that's a very encouraging number.

We're in the process of reviewing the Xbox One X, which touts 4K gameplay as its biggest selling point. Achieving gaming PC specs that can power Xbox One X-like experiences at the console's $499 price point is extremely difficult, especially when you throw in UHD Blu-ray playback and other features. Having seen games like Assassin's Creed: Origins and Gears of War 4 on the Xbox One X with enhancements, I'm not sure I could go back to standard HD if I had the option of 4K.

Stay tuned to for all the latest Xbox One X coverage.

You can pre-order the Xbox One X at Amazon or Microsoft for $499, ahead of its planned November 7, 2017 launch date.

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  • Xbox One X at #15 on Amazon top 100, was #7 earlier in the day today. It also was #18 over the weekend. PS4Pro currently at #85
  • Nice!
  • As said in the article, once you see it in 4k, hard to go back. Samething happened to me with a new TCL P series 4k TV, watched some 4k stuff via the builtin Amazon app and now 1080p looks soft and/or slightly blurry....
  • That's my best way to put it. I've had the lg oled for a month now. I've watched 4k and I know streamed content is compressed. But still k could see how 1080p looks a little blurry when compared to 4k. With a native 4k content pushed to my screen, that's when looking really see the difference. I've been playing halo 5 since it came out. The game is gorgeous. But with the 4k update, since I know the game so we... I'll probably really be able to notice the differences there
  • *United States and Canada only
  • Not just that but the Xb1x is coming in few days, the PS4pro launched more than 1 year back. It's so stupid comparing it to a console that was launched 1 year back. It's almost sounds like desperation... LOL
  • Like PS3 and xbox 360 where they launched a year apart?
  • These 2 consoles have and will be compared to each other until the next console generation. It's not desparation, it's what happens in technology. The latest and greatest will always be compared to what used to be the latest and greatest.
  • What else would be a direct competitor? That is what you compare things to, competitors. Are we supposed to compare it to the switch, which is in a completely different class?
  • To the 3 guys who replied me.  This is a NEW console coming out in few days. The Pro is a console that was out more than 1 year back there will OBVIOUSLY be more demand for the new console. MS/XB fans have been waiting for this for more 18 months!!!  Those who wanted PR could have bought it in the last 12-13 months.  There will be more demand for the X RIGHT NOW. That is like stating the obvious. What's funny is when some people come here and celebrate this obvious news as some sort of a victory and try to make it sound like some kind of success. That's what I call desperation... Compare it to Pro sales when Pro was launching last year, that would make a LOT more sense.
  • Feel free to compare it then. What where the comparible numbers to the PS4 Pro near launch compared to the numbers with the Xbox One X now?
  • That's not really a fair comparison when you think about it. No one likes the PlayStation 4 Pro. Heck, Sony doesn't even like it--that's the most reasonable explanation as why they refused to talk about it for weeks before and after the launch, and hate advertising it. Unlike the PSFro, Sony likes the PS4. They advertise it. And it's WAY higher on the ratings (possibly more so than the Xbox One X, and I have to assume the Xbox One S). People like it too (even if I, personally, am more excited about the XB1X).
  • To be fair, Sony hasn't been talking much about hardware. They mostly talk about GAMES. Did you see Paris Games week conference yesterday!!! Games after games after games. It was crazy.... I don't know about you guys but I buy consoles/PC to play games. Games are my priority, 
  • And the good news is that there are plenty of games coming to Xbox as well.  They showed 40+ back at E3 and they have a nice list of the 160 and counting games (both new and old) that are getting enhanced for the X.  Sony is talking about games and MS is talking about games AND hardware.  Nothing wrong with that.  Link below for the enhanced games.
  • I was actually talking about new games, new announcements. MS are talking about enhanced mostly old games... I was talking about the PGW conference of Sony which was for me better than what they showed at E3. When you compare what MS showed for XB1 at Gamescom there was just no contest for me. And let's not even talk about there is still PSX to come. I wish MS would invest in making more games for it's gamers... and I wish their gamers actually ask for more games...
  • I'm not sure what you are talking about.  Although I agree that Gamescom was booty for Xbox - hence why I didn't mention it - there were a bunch of new games announced at E3 with a good chunk being exclusive to the console.  I'm all for MS making new IP but the games coming to the Xbox in the future, regardless of being 1st party or not, are looking great as well.  Both Sony and MS have nice things in the works and unless you have very specific tastes in games (in other words, Japanese only) there is a lot to look forward to on the Xbox.
  • "at E3 with a good chunk being exclusive to the console"
    There were zero games exclusives to XB1. There were few console exclusives: 
    The yearly Forza. The Ori sequel and super Lucky's tale (which might still also come on steam). All the rest were cheap timed deals with small indie studios. Last E3, besides the yearly Forza there was just another indie State of decay 2 (which might still be going on steam like the first one) Yes, there are 3rd party games but all platforms gets these 3rd party games.  Why is it whenever I say "I wish MS would invest in making more games for it's gamers...".
    I see a XB1 gamer defending the line up and the lack of games made by MS? The thing is even without Japanese games the PS4 has way more exclusives or console exclusives that will never come on XB1. It almost seem like you guys are satisfied and don't want MS to make games for it's gamers. Quite surprising...
  • Serious question:  How many games should Microsoft be making for the Xbox?  I already said I'd be happy to see them make more games but you act as if not making as many games as Sony equals not supporting the console at all.  And if you are going to complain about MS showing off Indie games and 3rd party multiplat games along with their first party, Sony just did the exact same thing with a number of their 1st party games being trailers with no release date and the others being on PSVR.  I'm not seeing where Sony is bringing it as big as you are implying.  All I'm seeing is that your PERSONAL preference of having a bunch of games made only by the holder of your platform of choice are being satisfied and a lack of understanding that Sony has no choice but to keep pushing out games because they don't make as much off of their offerings as MS because they are all single-player. For me and many others, all we care about is that the system we play on has (1) plenty of games and (2) is consistently updated with features and services.  The PS4 and Xbox both check #1 but the PS4 lags behind horribly on #2.  It's not only about the games, it's about the whole package and getting a good bang for your buck.
  • Personal preference? 
    Are you kidding? I'm not talking about quality but quantity so preference has nothing to do with anything.  Did you see the difference this year? What did they do this year in term of console exclusives? 
    Halo wars 2, A next Forza, Voodo Vince, Cuphead, Super Lucky's tale, Tacoma? Do you want the list PS4 list? 
    Countring roughly they have like more than 60 games. I'm not even going to talk of the VR games... Because unlike MS who hardly invested ANYTHING to support kinect and let it die miserably, Sony is still trying with the VR... I won't even talk of the upcoming lineup. 
    Crackdown 3 was first announced in 2014 and Seat of thieves in 2015. There are many games that were announced for the PS4 a lot later and are either already out or will be out early next year. You'll really have to be dishonest if you don't admit there is a CLEAR difference in the number of games. And also PLEASE PS4's console exclus are not ALL single player games. If anything they probably had more console exclus that had multiplayer than MS. LOL The problem is you think I have a "platform of choice" but no that's not the case because I game on multiple systems. I have my Nintendo system, my PS4/PS3, my 360 and my gaming PC with win10. So for someone in my posistion it's ALL about the games. So how many games should they be making? I would say A LOT MORE.
    For me they should be competiting with Sony and Nintendo when it comes to investing in games to make their system attractive. I'm really sorry but MS is MUCH richer than both Nintendo + Sony and I find their investment pathetic when I compare it to the other 2. It's absolutely astonishing that whenever I say something like MS need to invest in making new games, I get people like you who are satisfied with the gap in number of games and do some damage control. 
    I'm not even talking of features or whatever. I'm just asking for more games. I'm not attacking MS or their fans... 
    I'm glad you are happy with how things are going, but I AM NOT. I really want MS to invest in making more games. If MS makes more games, I believe it's gaming and gamers (like myself) who will stand to win. I don't want MS to rely on third party studios. MS has a lot of money, they make a lot of money thanks to gaming, I want them to put back a big part of it back into gaming and not in the pocket of their investors... Oh and about the last paragraph you wrote. I would say, the Xbox1 lags behind horribly on #1 and the PS4/XB1 both check #2.
  • So where are all the naysayers (Sony) that swore no developer would put in the extra effort to take advantage of the extra power when the PS4 Pro was good enough.
  • Really Sony said that? Do you have a link?
  • LOL asking for a link or proof = downvotes... Looks like MS/XB fans don't want people to know the "truth".
  • That's not quite what he said.  Jim Ryan said he thought developers would aim for the lowest common denominator and used the term "supposed power" when refering to the Xbox to downplay what it's capable of.  Here's a link below but there are multiple other site that also cover more of his statements. However, it is true that the X is getting more support out of the gate than the Pro from devs.  The Pro is not bad but Sony did their fans a disservice by not putting more into it to make it worth the upgrade from the base PS4.  It's like they only ever intended to use it to push PSVR which is a shame.
  • Sony occasionally fails to deliver on promised PSFro-performance patches (like Prey at launch), on top of a hands-off policy of "Well, it's up to the developer." Which is their approach (too bad they aren't doing well even at that). I don't think the PSFro was ever going to break ground on that area. 
  • What is PSfro? 
  • when does the embargo for XOX reviews will be lifted?
  • Just few days now, and still no actual benchmark showing the power vs PC.  Most of what we were shown so far are comparison with PS4pro of games that has a deal with MS... I would have thought MS would be proud to show off the POWER and show all sort of benchmarks... I guess not... lol
  • Why use synthetic benchmarks when you have the visuals that we have seen through comparisons to he PS4P and even hands on experiences? I got to play a bit at a local Microsoft’s store, and got to use it myself. Even if they did release benchmarks, you would complain that they were performed by Microsoft and find some tin foil hat conspiracy theory to claim that they mad elsewhere up the numbers. In your comment you cast doubt on what they have shown, so why would benchmarks make a difference?
  • well, all benchmarks would be real world, unless someone released a console gpu benchmark app. Either way, the embargo should be up soon (console releases next week!!!) so, 3rd party video comparisons should be popping up sooner rather than later. I expect the likes of Digital Foundry and others comparing XB1X games to their PS4P and PC counterparts.
  • @ashram Yes, I think third party video comparison will be coming soon, so that's great. But I'm surprise MS didn't let it happen. 
  • Comparison vids are everywhere I think? Just head to DF.
  • Yep haters gonna hate.
  • @7770 Asking for benchmark = hate?  You MS/XB "fans" are so weird... LOL
  • @nohone  In case you didn't know benchmarks gives a true story. It just gives a true comparison between different hardware.  I understand that MS/XB "fans" don't want people to know the true power of this console that's why they downvoted my comment, but I'm here asking MS to show it so that people know the difference and can make their choice wether to upgrade their GPU, buy a pro or a XB1x depending on their budget.. 
  • There is no such benchmark that runs on both console and PC - it simply doesn't exist. Direct game comparisons? Sure, head over to Digital Foundry: Plenty of PC andf PS4 Pro comparisons there to choose from.
  • No, benchmarks do not give a true story. Benchmarks give some idea of what performance is, but it does not show what real life performance of the device is. For example, there is a benchmark that shows that an iPad beats even the best intel based machine. Only one benchmark, all the rest show the Intel computer being better? Why? Because the one benchmark suite the iPad wins is because it heavily tests encryption, and the iPad has hardware specifically for encryption. Now what good would an encryption test be for a game console? As for your claim that it is unfair to compare to the PS4P, first, why should they not be compared, it is comparing to the other best console on the market. If you want an exact comparison then maybe Sony should have waited to release their newest console instead of rushing to market. But this argument is used every time the non Microsoft product will win. It is OK to compare the newest Mac to An older Surface, if the Mac wins. It was ok to compare the PS4P to the Xbox One. But when Microsoft has a new product, no, that can’t be done. You yourself are asking for a comparison when you demand benchmarks, you are asking for comparisons when you ask for visuals comparisons. But somehow those comparisons will be unfair when they happen. Finally, you ask for proof of visuals. Those comparisons have been given. On this very site there were comparisons of visual quality (I think by digital foundry) of the same game, comparing the graphics of the PS4P to he Xbox One X. And it showed the Xbox winning hands down.
  • Like I said most of these comparison have been done on games that has a deal with MS. I will never trust MS and their deals... They really need to show neutral 3rd party games... Benchmark gives a true indication because it gives numbers. You can't bs numbers...
  • deal with MS... so did Ubi rushed out a shixxy AC-O ps4pro build because they had a DEAL with MS? Is Wolfenstein ps4Pro version a shixxy build too?
    Did MS pay devs to do a shixxy build for ps4Pro in order to demonstrate xb1x's power? Source? exactly what ashram had said... ps: Totally no respect to the developers.
  • Its great.
    The only problem to me, its i living in Asia country where no official xbox, so ebay and local retailers hope delivered fast my x1x)
  • Can't wait for my Scorpio Edition to arrive in 7 days =)
    I'll probably move my old Day 1 - Xbox One to my mom.
  • I got the C7 55, I am currently using it with me Xbox One S, it is beautiful with HRD gaming mode enabled. I went ahead and purchased the LG SJ-9 which (witch because its halloween today just kidding) also supports Dobly Atmos from the Xbox One (needed a firmware update to support it however). The TV supports Dolby Atmos too (and dolby vision along with HDR) but the sound bars Atmos sounds better.   Also just a note you might want to add a good quality (can be inexpensive still) HDMI cable. I wasnt able to do HDR at 4 K until i got a better cable, the older cables would only allow me to do 1080 with HDR (movies only with the Xbox One S). I do have the Xbox One X coming on the 7th.
  • The included cable with the X is a high-speed HDMI and that apparently makes a world of difference, so it makes sense.
  • of course I meant HDR gaming silly typo. I am still looking for a inexpensive 4 way HDMI switch that does 4k with 4:4:4 with at least 60hz or even 100 or 120
  • eat this Sony.
  • lol... I think Sony are doing their own thing. I mean did you see PGW conference? Nothing to do with what MS showed for XB1 at gamescom... LOL MS is focussing on enhancing mostly old games and on ways to play real old games BC, gamepass.... Sony is focussing on all these new and upcoming games...  Two different approach. I know which one I prefer as a gamer... :)
  • Will Microsoft be taking a loss on 1X hardware sales like they did with the original Xbox?