Microsoft also unveiling Windows Phone 8 at event in Spain

Microsoft is set to hold an event on October 29th for Windows Phone 8 in Madrid, Spain. The company plans to unveil the next version of its mobile operating system to the world, which will pave the way for hardware to be released and carriers to begin rolling out new plans for Windows Phone 8 devices. Much like Munich, Germany and Milan in Italy, Microsoft appears to be attempting to synchronise each event to progress simultaneously.

Windows Phone Central will be heading along to the events that are being held in San Francisco and merry ol' London, so be sure to stay tuned to our feed and homepage for all the details from the day.


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • The WP8 event in USA is in san Francisco, not NYC -_-
  • +1 for the bay!
  • Fixed :-P
  • Well there's just Paris missing. 
  • Why hold so many events around the world if in our modern age of computers, it can be held at one location and streamed worldwide? :P
    Ahh whatever, keep it comin Microsoft. You're a strong grasshopper now
  • even with modern technology, you can't get the hands-on experience while streaming at home :P
  • It's the difference between watching a movie at a theater or at home. Even if you have a 60" screen, 7.1 surround sound, a 5-quart bowl of popcorn, and a two-litre bottle of pop at home, it's just not the same.
  • I'll be watching the live stream on my 60" TV this Monday, LOL!!
  • No live event anywhere near me... I'll bring the popcorn!
  • I'll just stream on my 23" pc screen :-(
  • Different Languages Perhaps?:P
  • +1
  • Yuju! ^_~
  • I have to ask the Europeans.  How bad are things in Europe?  I keep wondering how people can afford to buy expensive phones when it seems that governements are going full-blown austerity, and there is high unemployment.
  • Well in France it's just like in USA! If not better...
  • Well, it's so bad that the European Commission wants money from Microsoft for that whole no browser choice bullcrap. A sh*tload of money... the fine can go as high as 50 billion EUROS. I'm not sh*tting you. It's Ri-fracking-diculous...
  • It is called extortion. Little better than Mafia tactics. You really should vote out all those EU parasites. Oh, that's right, you can't.
  • You can ask americans how they can afford to buy iPhones past three years while country has been in deep shit the whole time.
  • Because Americans aren't being taxed to freaking death (yet) to pay for all that spending. We just borrow from everyone else! ;)
  • Europe isn't in a great shape. There are some countries like Germany that are unscathed by the financial malaise but they rely on the rest of Europe and the world to take their exports so this is going to affect them. Spain, Greece, Portugal are pretty hard hit with unemployment and consumer spending power. Ireland too. Britain and France are going nowhere so I suspect consumers are wary. As long as the Lumias are not on exclusive expensive plans like on EE in the UK and are reasonably affordable, smartphones will still sell. But look at hard hit Italy. Android has taken hold there, WP is at ten per cent due to cheap Lumia 610s or 710s. So it's different depending on the market.
  • In Germany we've been sitting on an island literally. We have lowest unemployment rates since we bought eastern Germany 20 years back and the last few years economy was growing quite reasonably. So actually we're doing quite well. Which will not change in the near future if one can believe all the analyst research for next year.
  • Pretty good in Switzerland. We're not in the EU, so while all the other European currencies are turning to crap, the Swiss Franc is holding on strong, making all these gadgets and gizmos even cheaper :D
  • ... making so many Swiss buying overpriced fruit stuff without thinking ... ;-)    (Not joking, the iPhone is practically a standard here :-( )
  • Speaking of iPhones being a standard, I went to Hong Kong on a holiday last week and I can tell you that it is the same there with only a handful of people sporting Android phones (mostly Samsungs). But I did spot somebody at a cafe with a Lumia 900. Lucky chance, I'd say.
  • Most of Europe != Greece or Spain for that matter thankfully. The world is in similar situation to be fair
  • Things are no better in the US: lots of debt taken on by government and individuals.  I understand the economic situation is different in the Northern European countries compared to the Club Med members.  It's funny when you see the 910 is sold out in Italy when they have currency controls, and Microsoft holds events in Spain and Greece when these are the epicenters of the EU fiscal crisis.
  • Microsoft holds event in Greece? Source?
  • Spaniard here. Well, life is getting real shitty so people turn to technology to make it all a little more bearable. I know I'll be drooling to get a Lumia 920.
  • First of all, that question should be asked about the US as well, but then ofcourse if you live there you probably (hopefully) have the answer already :) Basically the EU as a whole is in as deep  sh*t as the US but you kind of have to look at each countries separatly. Some EU countries are in more trouble than others and some seem to be in no trouble at all. The reason people are still blowing money on these things is because either:
    A: They have a good financial situation and they don't have to worry that much or
    B: They haven't realized the sh*tstorm that's about to hit us so they live their life as usual The people that are the worst off see the problems because they live the problems, but the people who are not yet hit are not yet aware of the problems because, as usual, the politicians are keeping the charade going. This sluggish state of the economy (US and EU) will be going on for as long as the politicians can convince the people that "This time we have found the ultimate solution!" (never mind that this is what they have said on numerous occasions before). As soon as the majority of the people THINK there is a crisis, there WILL BE a crisis. To wrap up: lets cross our fingers that people are as ignorant as they currently are and that the lies of our politicians are as good as ever (for at least another decade) because I would love for all of us to get our hands on that beautiful L920, and all of the future Nokia flagships for that matter :D
  • We can afford buying expensive phones because we spend our hard earned money wisely and don't buy loads of crap on credit. Not purchasing a marguerite maker is really simple you know. And most people buy phones on contract. Also, our real estate value bubbles haven't burst yet.
  • What? No Amsterdam love? Dammit...
  • Never any Anchorage love either. [Sigh]
  • They should air it live on tv, at least on G4
  • Windows Blog just posted that they're going to have the event streaming live too, so those of us who can't attend in person can "tune in".
  • I just wish they would unveil to me that my Surface has been shipped!
  • ditto
  • I want the Sdk more than I want the OS I think. Not that I have time for the 3 in progress projects and the 2 abandoned ones
  • +1
  • wp8 event going be great. Put some events in LA, CA
  • Fuck LA, you guys take all our water!
  • Woohoo im going to SF see you there wpcentral folks!
  • Hey rich, Are you going to WP8 in London? is it onlu open to the media? and do you have a meet-up after the event in london?
    I kind of want to head to London on monday just for that.
  • Another Spaniard here... Microsoft holding an event here in Madrid? I really don't get it... Things are not so good here and it doesn't seem like they'll get better any time soon... Still, some people are stupid enough to spend what they dont have in a new phone... Until last year companies would give you a high end device on a 2 year contract, but that isn't happening anymore, but as I said, you'll still see lots of people buying new phones, specially iphones
  • Well things are bad, but still some 20 million people working, so they have money to spend, I can't stop all purchases, people need things to be happy....
  • Seriously WHERE THE fuck is this London event held at?? With every announcement of new launch venue I've asked this and no one wants to tell me :(
  • Nokia 920 will be good.