Invites rolling out for Microsoft's Windows Phone 29th October event in Milan, Italy

It's coming. Windows Phone 8 is coming.

Microsoft plans to hold an event in Milan on October 29th for the unveiling of the next version of Windows Phone. The company is slowly reaching the release date for its mobile platform and we're set to see exactly what's what (as well as hardware pricing and availability) at the end of the month - just in time for the holiday season.

We've also got an event in the UK and the US on the very same day, which Windows Phone Central will be covering. Be sure to stay tuned to our front page on the day for all the announcements and some hands-on action.

Source: Plaffo; thanks, Dario, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • OK Now I can feel it actually happening LOL!  Bring on WP8!!!!!
  • Anyone else think that is the new Surface phone on the picture? Invitation Renders are usually not that detailed.
    the shutter button, the on/off button left and the volume right. Nice front facer, and in the screen it says 4G...
    MS did not want other manufacturers to present WP8 cos MS wants to show WP8 themselves in combination with their own phone.
    What better way to show off WP8 than with your own Surface phone?
    Also, MS used to use the Lumia's for this right? Why not anymore?
  • I'm pretty sure thats just the emulator model. 
  • No, they have always used black screened "faceless phone". Nokia might be their closest partner, but still showing Lumia on a onvitation is a bit too much. They yse Lumia's a lot ontheir demos, and demoed WP8 for the first time on a Nokia prototype.
  • The more the better, Microsoft needs more phones in the market. The more brands and models, the more everyone will sell of each one.
    People's buying habits fall in to to categories; leaders and followers.
    Leaders will buy a product because they have decided they want it
    followers will buy a product because it is a safe choice
    As seen by the market there are about 80% more followers than leaders.
    Microsoft needs to lead the industry with a quality product and have as many companies sell it as possible so that no matter where a follower/shopper shops they will have overlapping products to choose from - everywhere.
    AND Microsoft needs more stores. ;-)
  • They also used the original Samsung focus phone too, for everything because that was the most popular design.
  • You might be right.. They might show off a phone along with all wp8 features..
  • Microsoft isn't playing games!! All around the world, all eyes will be on Windows Phone 8 that day, I LOVE it..
  • WP8 is almost here! Can't wait! Looking forward to upgrade my WP7 if the price is good.
  • interesting three windows phone events in the same day
    they should make an event in china since its the biggest smartphone market
  • Why is Milan famous for these kind of events?
  • Cool place to hangout?
  • That too!
    But the main reason why Italy gets an event too, is because Italy has the  biggest marketshare concernaning WP7, 10-12% I believe!  
    And why Milano and not Rome, it's because Milan is a very modern, and active...economicaly! 
  • +1
  • That calls for a visit someday
  • What's up with the RTL battery meter? Has it always been that way in the Euro devices? Since I'm planning to buy the international unlocked 920 this could be interesting... Nowhere close to a deal breaker, just something I'll need to get used to. When you got the hands-on, look for custom messaging tones, please. As an avid gamer it mystifies me that a phone with built in Xbox Live wouldn't have a way to make the achievement sound happen for texts. I'll never get tired of that sound!
  • Nope not like that on my UK 900 anyway. I'm beginning to think they purposely make mistakes in mockups on generic phone shots like this so people can differentiate its not an actual device.
  • Does the phone in the picture exist?
  • I was wondering the same thing. It looks really nice and I would buy it provided it was a good size and had good specifications.
    Looks like a Qualcomm developer model without the big ugly qualcomm sign. Or a BB10 phone. lol
  • Yes, it's the wp8 surface!
  • Becouse italy share market for wp is 10 %
  • Same kind of event here in Munich / Germany
  • Uhuh! I'll be there! i don't know why Milan is chosen for those events,asus too unveils there padfone 2. :D
  • Grey Lumia 920 only for Europe Market , anyone know if that will work with Atnt. Looking to buy an unlocked Grey.
  • October 29 is Christmas, right? Actually whenever I get my WP8 it's Christmas ;-)
  • I haven't gotten my invite... Or complementary plant ticket... Or accommodations... I must have forgotten to give Ballmer my new address. I'll have to give home a ring... ;-)
  • Woah, they're giving out plants? :)
  • The battery icon is backwards, isn't it?
  • Yep. Dunno why though
  • Yep Italy should get that red 920. It'll go well with their Ferraris :)
  • OFF TOPIC: is it possible to send and recieve music over bluetooth on the new Lumias/ Windows Phones?
  • Assuming he's sending copyrighted music :P
  • Why not?? Who said sending copirighted music was illegal? Maybe I bought and paid all the songs... in that case I am allowed to copy the music from device to device and burn loads of CD's - as long as I use it privatelly and for myself only! So, will it be possible to send music files with WP 8 or not??
  • Shoot I'll be in Milano on the 2nd!
  • That phone is damn sexy!! DO WANT!!
  • Yebba, its the 8x in black.
  • I will either buy a Nokia or MS wp8 device.. I guess only these two companies are innovative. Wonder what happened to HTC.. I had touch HD , then hd7... I was in love with HTC.. But now I feel nokia phones are much better.. Just my thoughts.
  • You had HTC devices but now feel Nokia is better, out of the blue? Weird, totally.
  • Looks like all the events are happening at the same time worldwide (but a half hour earlier in Milan? Is that to make sure the Italians get there in time for the actual event to start? :). ). Sounds good to me!